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Princess Celestia's Most Faithful Headache - X equals Friendship

In retrospection, Celestia should've known better.

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Chapter 2


Starlight Glimmer saw her friend pase back and forth across the room as she muttered to herself, occasionally burrowing her face back into the same stack of papers as she had been doing for about an hour, or at least, that's when she arrived to see her.

"The released dopamine is suspected to contain high quantities of ether and.. What.. What am I reading?"

Unbeknownst to Twilight, she had begun to see why Celestia was taking the topics written in Kokonoe's report so close to heart. She didn't even see Starlight Glimmer stay there for about twenty more minutes before walking off to go on with her day.

It didn't disregard the importance of Friendship, but the terms it used reminded Twilight of what her friends had said she sounded like whenever she Nerded Out, only much much worse.

The paper spoke of the importance of pony relationships with one another and made a very sounding comparison to the way Changelings fed, something Twilight herself had once hypothesized only for it to be partially confirmed by Chrysalis, but it was all so...


That's the word she had been looking for. The paper sounded exactly like a case study, as if it was studying the behavior of an ability of an animal, a controlled subject instead of a living, feeling pony, it felt like it was written from the perspective of an outsider of pony society, but it was written by a Pegasus and that, Twilight thought, made it seem just the slightest bit creepy.

"So This is where that thing ended up."

Let it be known, that at that moment Princess of Friendship Twilight Sparkle found it extremely important to inspect the chandelier, for she did not Eep in surprise all the way to the ceiling.

"L-Luna? Dear Faust don't scare me like that!"

Luna gave Twilight the most plain look she could muster, as if to say 'really?', if Discord was here he'd have a camera ready, but he decided it was more fun to watch her sister squirm. Not that she blamed him.

"I see you ended up getting the paper Tia sent you by accident."

At this Twilight blinked.

"Accident? You mean this was Princes- I mean Celestia's?"

Luna looked around the room full of books and took a seat right in front of the book fort.

"Yeah. It's actually the four hundredth paper. She probably received number four o' one this morning."

Four hundred one. Twilight's eyes widened.

"You mean she has the entire collection of the notes of Professor Mercury?"

Luna smirked.

"Current, previous and probably future for a long while. I'm sure you remember the 'meeting' Tia had with the professor. Let's say Kokonoe did not take her opinion kindly and she's been sending any and all progress she has in her experiments to my sister, it's been three months already and it hasn't showed signs of stopping as of now."

Luna took the pack of papers from Twilight's grasp and read the title of it to herself.

"What you're seeing is actually one of her side works. Her main theory is currently number 82-M if I'm not mistaken. I'd say Celestia currently has over a thousand works of her alone if you count the many reference notes she sends from time to time."

Twilight was on the edge of hyperventilating.

If she counted this as the average length it rounded about thirty thousand pages. Over thirty thousand pages and possibly even more worth of pure research by one pony was insane. She had heard Kokonoe Mercury was considered a prodigy in the field but this made Twilight, who was a prodigy herself, be flabbergasted at the sheer amount of Progress this mare was achieving.

"I'm actually planning on visiting her later. Would you be interested in comi-"


Luna would need to teach Twilight about double meanings later, even a thousand years back that phrase was so easy to misunderstand.

Author's Note:

Expect chapter sometime!




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This is really interesting and fun to read! Please keep up the good work, I really look forward to what's next!

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