• Published 4th Oct 2018
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Live like you're loved - RegMoDII

Skydancer is a young filly headed for Ponyville for inspiration. Kuiper Belt, a colt of noble blood who is going in the same direction. What could this result in?

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Walk Like You're Free

Author's Note:

This is our first attempt at writing fanfiction so please give us your opinion, it would be greatly appreciated.
My sister is the one who wrote the original rough draft then she gave it to me to make changes wherever I saw fit.

Live Like You’re Loved
Walk Like You’re Free
Written by: MoonstoneFOX
Revised/Edited by: RegMoD

Rule number one: the ground does not return face high fives.

Gritty and tasting of earth, the stone path of the schoolyard is not particularly good for young fillies; and Skydancer understood this better than anypony else. . .

“Skydancer?” she heard a colt behind her say,

“what kind of earth pony is named Skydancer?!” he asked as him and his friends laughed in mockery.

“Well,” she began, “I’m an earth pony by the name Skydancer. So, apparently me.”

“Yea” the colt scoffed, “apparently.”

Skydancer’s ears dropped, however, she still held the look of determination.

“Why is it only me that you pick on Cloudhopper?” she snapped, “Is it because you think it’s easy? Are you just a coward?”

Rule number two: never challenge a brick wall to a boxing match.

Before Skydancer could even take in another breath Cloudhopper’s front hoof smashed into her cheek. A thick coppery liquid filled her mouth and she realized she had bitten her tongue when he’d hit her. The young filly whimpered in pain and fought back tears as she got to her hooves and started making her way home. Being an orphan all her life she didn’t have any family there to comfort her, and the only thing awaiting her was an old disused shack on the edge of town. Having others around was a blessing that could not go unnoticed; so when the raccoons came around she offered them food, whenever the deer came she offered them rest, and when the foxes came she offered company.

The Everfree forest is a place shrouded in mystery. Even the experts don’t know the half of it. The forest, excluding the creatures from within, seems to be a living sentient being all on its own. It’s been given the call sign of evil and will not be judged otherwise. Guilty until proven guilty with no desire to change that. Within its reaches, terrifying, untamable and unexplainable creatures may be found. Yet sunlight, as well as moonlight, can be seen through the thick tarp-like canopy of branches; and from within these patches of clarity, certain things may prosper.

Skydancer’s cutie mark; a book and quill with the wisps of light blue gusts had appeared while she was reading a story about pegasi weather magic. Despite this fact she never did find a reason to read as often as other ponies. One thing she did get behind however was writing; after thinking about it for some time she had even decided that it made more sense with her cutie mark anyways. Skydancer loved writing and spent all of her free time doing it. Though, sadly, no matter how much effort she put in or how long it took, nopony showed any interest in her stories. She had quickly learned to block out the criticisms of passing unicorn nobles that would sometimes be found at the train station, but when her own teacher gave her a pitiful fake smile her heart had been crushed.

Rule number three: liars are only truth seekers in disguise.

Skydancer hadn’t spoken to her teacher since that day and she still didn’t want to. She was thankful that her teacher had tried to spare her feelings and lied that her story was great, but it was to easy to see through her facade. Despite being a young filly Skydancer still had to work a job, after all, there was nobody else buying her food and school supplies. She had thought about dropping out of school to save money but decided that staying and finishing her education would be more beneficial in the long run. Her boss had given her the weekend off and she’d saved up enough money for a train ticket. After some thought at home, she caught the next train to Ponyville. Perhaps she could write a story about being a princess and all the hardships that came with the title. . . job? Or maybe she could write about the everfree forest; wouldn’t that be interesting. Skydancer had even heard of a zebra living in the forest, hopefully, she could answer questions about the forest for better understanding. Yes, that was by far the better option. . .

“Hey, uh...may I sit here?”

Skydancer’s head shot up and she blinked in surprise at a unicorn colt of probably around her age standing before her,

“Oh! ehm yes, of course,” she said cheerfully.

Then and only then did she realize just how full the train car was; she scooted over and the colt sat down.

He sighed, “Thank you, you have no idea how difficult it is to find a seat around here.”

“No problem.” she chuckled in response.

“So, where are you heading to?” he asks with a friendly smile. “I’m traveling to Ponyville,” he states casually.

“Oh really? I’m heading that way too,” she replies.

“Oh good, it looks like I won’t have to change bus buddies, what a relief.” he sighs jovially.

“Pfft, we’re on a train.” she explains.

“Oh, yes we are… sorry I’m more accustomed to the city” he admits.

“Oh, that’s cool,” she says, “I come from a small town just east of Appleloosa.”

“Oh are you from the apple family?” he questions.

“I’ve been an orphan all my life; so I don’t know from whom I descend,” she explains quietly.

“I-is that why you were on this train all alone?” a look of pity gracing his features.

“. . . yea.” she murmurs half-heartedly, “but, what about you? Why are you riding this train all alone?”

His face brightens immediately, “I am going to start my own life away from my brothers and parents.”

“Really? Why?”

His face grows grim, “My grandmother died recently, and it appears as though my entire family is falling apart.” he pauses to catch his breath, “Everything is about being better than everypony else; but I don’t really feel better than anypony, heck I don’t even feel better than you, and you are an earth pony.”

Skydancer raises an eyebrow at that,

“Oh, shoot! I-I mean you no offense…” he stammers, “I am… sorry.” He takes in a deep breath, “Please don’t hate me, it is just that I've been raised in a household to think of other races as lower lifeforms than myself.”

Skydancer just sighs and gives him a warm smile, “How about we just pretend you didn’t say anything?”

The unicorn chuckled, “Yes, that would be preferable. Oh! My apologies I didn’t introduce myself, my name is Kuiper Belt and I don’t believe that I caught your name.”

“That's because I didn’t throw it,” Skydancer says with a sly glimmer in her amber colored eyes.

“Oh, ha. Ha. you are hilarious.” he retorts

“Skydancer, my name I mean, it’s Skydancer.” she giggles.

“Huh, well I know as a fact that I could watch you dance across that sky all day,” he says quietly.

Skydancer felt a warm blush creep across her face as she started to laugh nonchalantly, “You Flirt!” she exclaims and slaps his shoulder. A mare in the seat ahead of them turns around and scowls at the two, “Sorry” Kuiper stammers in a hushed apologetic tone.

At this point he too was blushing, Skydancer had a hoof in her mouth trying and failing to stop giggling. She looked out the window towards the rapidly approaching train station.

“Oh look, we should be arriving in Ponyville any minute now” Kuiper states as he gestures out the window

“Hey, uhm. . .”

“yes?” Skydancer asks turning to face him.

The blush on Kuiper’s face deepens as he continues, “I was wondering if you would be interested in accompanying me to get some lunch?”

To be continued...

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It's a nice start so far. It needs a little editing for spelling and grammar reasons, and you didn't mention what pony race Cloudhopper is from which makes his bullying of Skydancer a little awkward. Despite all that, this chapter is a good introduction to the characters. Also, did your sister base this off of the Hawk Nelson song?

Yes, I guess it is kind of awkward not knowing Cloudhopper's race.

The name is based on the song

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