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A Private First Class in the United States Marine Corps. I am an avid fan of Halo and Equestrian lore, especially Luna's guard and the Sangheili.


An orphaned young filly with an unfamiliar destiny, a noble colt wanting a different life. How different exactly? As it turns out, very. Or that’s how it ended up anyway. She’s an earth pony named Skydancer, who met a run-away unicorn colt named Kuiper Belt on a train. The Everfree forest is not a welcoming place, yet they travel it anyway. Perhaps all foals need a little adventure.

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It's a nice start so far. It needs a little editing for spelling and grammar reasons, and you didn't mention what pony race Cloudhopper is from which makes his bullying of Skydancer a little awkward. Despite all that, this chapter is a good introduction to the characters. Also, did your sister base this off of the Hawk Nelson song?

Yes, I guess it is kind of awkward not knowing Cloudhopper's race.

The name is based on the song

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