• Published 25th Dec 2017
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Changeling Fate - Nightmare Rift

The Changelings are good and feed off of any positive emotion, but happens when one Changling decides to pick one form and never change form again. Night Crystal decided to become an Alicorn forever, but what if someone finds out she's a Changling.

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Chapter 34: Styx

Styx’s POV:
I have grown my power to be able to fully release Sombra’s spirit from Limbo. Which would mean giving him his physical body back. Right now, unfortunately, he can only see the world through my eyes. He has been able to since he died, but for the most part he stayed silent because I rarely left the land of the Changelings to do anything. Now he has seen much of Equestria, as well as the two ponies that vanquished him. Although my time spent festering in my own head has made me stronger, the only way to break down the walls of imagination is to escape the cage Luna put me in after my encounter with her. She was not too pleased to see me, but then again she thought I was just a myth when she found me. However, I am everything but a myth. Living inside your own head is quite interesting, especially when you are still controlling your body. It is like living two different lives at once, just the being is still one in the same thing. Being trapped in your own head is quite an excellent learning experience. After all, your brain power is drastically accelerated, so problems that would take us minutes in real time, only takes about 2 seconds in here. Enough of that, back to Luna caging me in here.

Luna ended up finding me when I played around with Celestia’s head. She was bound to find me sooner or later, but I wished it hadn’t been as soon as it was. I had so many more things that I needed to do. Most of which included shrouding myself from her, so I could be free to roam minds at will. Invading Celestia’s mind was quite interesting though. It showed me how much she is scared that my myth is true, along with all of her feelings about the War of Crystal, and about how she regrets letting that one Changeling young live. Of course that one Changeling is about to become her biggest nightmare. Unfortunately for her though, it won’t be a nightmare anymore, it will be reality instead. That may be cruel to say, but I mean, I don’t like Celestia, so yeah. It may seem like I have villainous intentions to overthrow Celestia and Luna, I don’t. I just need their respect and for them to pay for what they did during the war. I also need them to stay out of my way. Thankfully Cadence and Shining Armor aren’t targets in this plan because I couldn’t very well overthrow them. Since Shining Armor is the brother of Twilight Sparkle, and Cadence was her foal sitter. I don’t mind leaving them be, since they are very nice and caring ponies. Especially now that Cadence is with a foal and is bound to be due in about 4 months now. But I suppose that is just the maternal instincts coming out of me, which unfortunately won’t exist anymore in my body after I release Sombra.

Now, while I am caged within my own mind, I am technically in a weird limbo sort of thing. Not a living being, but also not a spirit. Whereas ponies that go to actual Limbo are living beings; they are simply tied to the world by an object or another being. In the case of the Pillars, they are each tied to a specific object. In Sombra’s case, he is tied to me, both physically and mentally. Now, Limbo is a living entity, a pony in a way. It provides the price that must be paid in order to release a pony or many ponies from itself. I have hidden the price that I must pay for Sombra’s release from him. For if he knew, he would be devastated, he would tell me never to give it up. Unfortunately for him, he has no control over what I do and don’t do. Nonetheless, I must keep up my act for now. Until the day I am ready, which will be soon. I hope you two are ready Celestia and Luna.

Now, we all have secrets; some left better unsaid, and some left better unthought. Many have to come out eventually, for if they fester, the entire secret could be broken down and taken the wrong way when revealed. In order to reveal my biggest secret, I have to break out of here, which is simple. I must reveal myself to all of my friends. Then, all I have to do to bring Sombra back and give up something in return for his release. I am willing to give it up, even if that means giving up the one thing I hold most dear. My ability to feel love for another pony.

Author's Note:

Short chapter, but we are almost at the end so forgive me.

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