• Published 25th Dec 2017
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Changeling Fate - Nightmare Rift

The Changelings are good and feed off of any positive emotion, but happens when one Changling decides to pick one form and never change form again. Night Crystal decided to become an Alicorn forever, but what if someone finds out she's a Changling.

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Chapter 29: Finished? Not Likely

Night Crystal’s POV:
Well, that didn’t go as planned. I didn’t get to see where they were being kept, and Queen Nova’s proposition wasn’t good for me, so I left/Queen Nova tried to drown me to get me out of her kingdom. I was told to be diplomatic within reason, I tried that. Now Queen Nova leaves me no choice.

Twilight’s POV:
I hate Discord! He tricked us into coming down here and now we are stuck. Discord was called by Night Crystal back to her location and is unable to help us now. I hope Night Crystal comes and gets us soon. Since Celestia and Luna can’t come into another leader’s domain. We are at least fed three meals a day, but they won’t tell us anything. Whether we are going to be released at some point or whether we are just doomed to this existence until we are rescued by somepony else. The only thing we have been told is that earlier today a pony came asking for our release. Queen Nova apparently gave a price, but the pony didn’t agree to it, so Queen Nova tried to use the pearl to get them to leave. That is all we were told outright, but we overheard some of the guards talking about how the pearl didn’t work on the pony. Instead, the pony simply left, and seemed as if they had no intention of returning. I sincerely hope that they do come back, we need to get out of here fast. For if we don’t, all of Equestria is at risk. When we originally came down here, we seeked an audience with Queen Nova. After hearing what we had to say, she dismissed us and locked us up. She originally was going to use the pearl, but we told her that if we drowned, Celestia and Luna would seek revenge rather quickly. Since we were all a vital part of keeping Equestria from falling apart, or into the wrong hooves of some evil being.

Now night is falling in Seaquestria so all of the lights are being turned off, but our two guards still have lanterns with them. A third guard brings us our dinner and just as the door opens the lanterns go out.

“What the?” I hear one of the guards ask.

I hear three oofs, and then the door squeaks open, being surrounded by dark purple magic. I don’t know where the magic is coming from, because neither Rarity’s nor my magic works underwater. An alarm is triggered, and a red flashing light and a high pitched siren begin going off. Within the flashes of red light I see a dark black sea pony with glowing green eyes. The figure gestures towards a door, and all of us take off swimming. We find the main gates easy enough, since all the lights have come back on; but unfortunately there are at least 30 guards blocking it. As all of us wind up to charge at the guards, a black shadow goes whirling past us. Two guards are picked off by the shadow and the rest of them come charging at us. We rush in and start trying to ram into them to knock them off balance. Problem number two is that even if we get past the guards, the gates are still locked. I hope that black sea pony is going to open the gate, because if not, we might as well just go back to our cage. I ram into a guard, knocking him into another one. I look around to see all of my friends, and even Spike deploying similar tactics. I turn to look at the gate, hoping it has become unlocked, but no. I continue ramming into guards, when the shadow comes flying past me again; this time taking five guards with them. In my time spent looking at the shadow, a guard came up behind me, pinning my fins behind me. I struggle to get free, but the guard started dragging me away. I go to scream for help, but another guard comes and puts a fin to my mouth, silencing me. I look back towards the gate to see that it is open. All of my friends go racing towards it. I see the six specks of them swimming away and up towards the surface. Completely unaware that I am being dragged back towards the cell from which we came.

I stop struggling, knowing that no matter what I do, I have no chance of escaping now. WHOOSH! I am suddenly free and I take off towards the gates, not looking back. As I reach the outside of the gates I hear screams. I look back to see every single guard screaming and writhing in agony. Above them all is the black sea pony, horn ablaze with dark purple magic. I guess the black seapony senses my gaze as it turns and looks back at me. I look into its eyes and all I see are glowing green pools. In fright I look away and begin swimming towards the surface. That wasn’t Night Crystal as far as I am concerned. I wonder who that was, and why they helped rescue us from there. Better yet, how did that pony know we were there to begin with?

Night Crystal’s POV:
I teleport all the way back home, lay on my couch, and await the arrival of either Celestia and Luna, or Spike, Twilight, and her friends. It seems I don’t have to wait long as I hear a knock on my door. I get up and answer the door, but who is in front of me is not who I was expecting. Starlight and an orange stallion are standing at my door instead.

“Where is Twilight?” Starlight asks hurriedly.

“On their way back from Seaquestria last I checked.”

“What were they doing there?” asks the orange stallion.

“Discord tricked them into going there. Who are you again?”

“Oh, my name is Sunburst. I am an old friend from when Starlight and I were foals. We first met again when the Crystal Empire came to be ruled by Cadence and Shining Armor,” he says, his tone falling in sadness at the end.

I make a mental note to talk to him in private later and say, “Nice to meet you Sunburst, I’m Night Crystal. They should be here shortly. I suggest waiting at Twilight’s castle for them. Have a good day.” I slammed the door in their faces, having no desire to continue talking to them. I couldn’t figure out a nice way to stop talking to them, so I slammed the door on them.

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