• Published 25th Dec 2017
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Changeling Fate - Nightmare Rift

The Changelings are good and feed off of any positive emotion, but happens when one Changling decides to pick one form and never change form again. Night Crystal decided to become an Alicorn forever, but what if someone finds out she's a Changling.

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Chapter 5: Visit to Celestia and Luna

Night Crystal’s POV:
As Celestia lowers the Sun and Luna starts to raise the Moon, I land on a balcony outside the throne room and wander around until I can find Celestia or Luna, or someone who can take me to either of them. I walk off of the balcony into the throne room to find Celestia leaning back in her throne sleeping. She must have had a long day, so I gently prod her awake and ask her if she would like me to escort her to her chambers. She half heartedly mumbles a yes, so I help her stand up, give her a shoulder to lean on, and I walk her to her room. She lays down, I pull the covers up over her, say that I will see her tomorrow, and tell her I am off to find Luna. In response she softly snores, as she heads off into the dream realm.

I trot off to find Luna, which goes better than expected as I round the corner of the hallway to see Luna checking to see that all of Celestia’s royal guards were sleeping so that Luna’s guards could do their own guarding without interference. Luna looks up to see me approaching and waves her hoof in greeting. I continue towards her and ask, “Luna, why is it that you are so nosy in the dream world? I mean since you were in mine yesterday night, and yet you continue to act as if I am an old friend of yours. Instead of someone who you don’t trust enough to think that I am telling the truth of my past.”

“I don’t think thee should be asking us those kinds of things, as we only wish to try to understand thy past. Thou is a friend to us, but Celestia also had her doubts about thy past, but so far all we can tell her is that what thee told us is true. We were planning on doing another trip to thy dreams tonight to see if we could find out who granted thee thy horn.”

“Well I guess the only way for you to do that is for me to go to sleep. Do you know where a guest bedroom is that I could sleep in for the night?”

“Of course, down the hall, third door on thy right. Have a good night Night Crystal.”

I enter into the room that Luna said was available for me and slip into the nice soft sheets. I enter the dream realm, prepared to show Luna the truth of my horn, or what she knows to be the truth.

I wake up the next morning feeling as if I am being stared at. I open my eyes to see Luna and Celestia staring at me in utter amazement. I simply laugh like a giggly school filly knowing very well why they are staring at me. They think I am older than both of them, which means my little lie has just been reinforced, buying me more time in the world of Alicorns and friendship. As I get out of bed, the princesses quickly compose themselves, and I say, knowing very well the answer to the question, “So now that you know who it was, care to tell me, since I don’t remember my dreams?”

“It was our mother, Queen Galaxia. Which means, we were wrong to doubt you, and for that, we are truly sorry,” says a sad looking Celestia as she lifts her crown off her head and offers it to me.

“Why are you offering me your crown? I am not fit to lead, I know nothing about doing your job Celestia. And judging by how tired you were yesterday when I helped you to your room from the throne room, I am definitely not prepared for it. I am use to doing very little for others, I am used to only helping myself. You are a wonderful leader Celestia, even though I am sure that there are certain actions in your past that you may regret,” I calmly say as I lift Celestia’s crown in my magic and place it back on her head.

“Thank you Night Crystal. You are right, there are actions that Luna and I regret, but sometimes they are necessary to appease our subjects and to quell the spark of rebellion in others. If you are talking about the War of Crystal. But Luna must rest now, but I am happy to entertain you today or just simply leaving you to wander about Canterlot. Your choice is whatever you want it to be.”

“Thank you, I believe I know everything I want to know for now, so I will wander around Canterlot for the day, and see how the food and shops are.” I bow and wander towards a balcony to fly down to the beautiful, sparkling city of Canterlot.

I land in the center of the city, and immediately feel very underdressed. Almost everyone in Canterlot dresses highly, and if somepony is not well dressed, they are usually seen as outcasts. I don’t know how Rarity deals with this scrutiny every time she comes here. But instead of being treated like an outcast, I am treated as if I am a royal princess, which makes sense since every other Alicorn is a princess of something. Suddenly, one pony yells at the general masses and says, “Everyone, it is the new Alicorn Princess that Celestia and Luna have told us about!”

Immediately, I am being swarmed by newspaper ponies trying to get a good picture and are asking me a bunch of questions. I am so overwhelmed. I do the only thing I know how to do, I vanish under an invisibility spell. All of the ponies step back in alarm and shock. I carefully weave in and out of the ponies and take off into the sky, only taking off my spell once Canterlot is but a speck on the horizon.

I return to Twilight’s castle and apologize to her for running off that night. For the next two and a half weeks we went out and did various activities with her friends and also did some major book reading together.

Author's Note:

Still trudging along, have an essay to write this week so it may take me a little longer to post the chapter after this one. I am truly glad for the support that I get as I write this story.

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