• Published 25th Dec 2017
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Changeling Fate - Nightmare Rift

The Changelings are good and feed off of any positive emotion, but happens when one Changling decides to pick one form and never change form again. Night Crystal decided to become an Alicorn forever, but what if someone finds out she's a Changling.

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Chapter 30: Hearts and Hooves Day

Night Crystal’s POV:
Twilight has become unsettled in the last few days. It isn’t the fear that I siphoned into her, as it doesn’t affect her daily life around me at all, just her nightmares and daydreams. I suspect it is from the lack of doing anything. I have to bring up the idea that I had to her, the one that stemmed from her friendship journal. Although for now, I am stuck at home because Hearts and Hooves Day is upon us. My most hated holiday since it is a time for couples, special some ponies, or families. Unless of course you don’t have any of those, then you are stuck at home alone. Like me, since all of my blood family is dead, and I have no special somepony. I would spend it with Starlight, but she has Sunburst over, and Twilight is with them, going over books, spells, and other miscellaneous stuff. I locked the door and don’t plan to come out for any reason. Not even if all of Equestria started falling apart around me.

Applejack’s POV:
I have no desire to see Big Mac and his special somepony together, but better than Apple Bloom giving him and Cheerilee a love potion. Regardless, I still gotta do chores today, and so does Apple Bloom and Big Mac. Big Mac doesn’t get off free just because he has a date with Sugar Belle tonight, in Canterlot no less. Courtesy of Twilight, and her never endin’ supply of bits. Which makes sense, she is a princess after all. I just wish this family could have supplied the money for the date, but that’s what happens when ya work on a farm, at least one in Ponyville. Ya get just enough money to keep yourself going, but not enough to do much more. Thankfully this day is pretty uneventful in comparison to Hearth’s Warming Eve ‘cause on that day we gotta deal with Pinkie Pie’s family, who, lets just say, aren’t the most entertainin’ of ponies. I started the mornin’ off by feeding the pigs and chickens, along with collecting the eggs. I then fixed the fence, and now I get to start my apple buckin’ chore with Big Mac and Apple Bloom. Big Mac and I do the buckin’, Apple Bloom does the catchin’.

After five hours we have done a little over half of our biggest orchard. We finish up, head to the house to clean up, and get Big Mac ready to go to Canterlot. We have to see Big Mac off to the station. Although he is just meetin’ Sugar Belle at the station in Canterlot, he has multiple surprises planned for her throughout the night. There are so many surprises that I don’t even know about. Apple Bloom and I walk Big Mac to the station, bid him goodbye, and then head back home to spend some family time with Granny Smith. We also managed to convince Grand Pear to join us for dinner. After we made amends with him about our parents, Granny Smith was all too happy to let him back into the family.

Pinkie Pie’s POV:
I managed to track down Cheese Sandwich again, and invited him to stay in Ponyville, coincidentally on Hearts and Hooves Day. I think it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that we are interested in each other. We are so super duper perfect for each other, and his rubber chicken ended up being my key for the chest for us to be able to defeat Tirek. I do admire him very much for his party planning skills, and his personality. I have an awesome, amazing ‘Welcome Back to Ponyville’ party planned for him. I’m pretty sure he likes me too, but I am still unsure. I don’t know if he realized that I invited him over on Hearts and Hooves Day or not, but I still need to wait for him at the train station. I have met with him twenty times before now, and we have really gotten to know each other.

I bounce my way to the train station and continue bouncing in place as I wait for the train to arrive. I look around the platform to see Applejack and Apple Bloom getting ready to send Big Mac off on his date with Sugar Belle. I would go over and say hi, but I am just toooo excited to see Cheese Sandwich again. The train arrives and I am waiting to see Cheese Sandwich walk off. The train is almost empty and I don’t see Cheese Sandwich yet. Where is he? Just as I start to think he forgot I see a yellowish orange stallion walk out of the train. I know it’s Cheese Sandwich. I leap towards him, pummeling him to the ground.

“Pinkie Pie!” SQUEAK!

That would be Boneless Two. I let him up and say, “It’s super duper nice to see you Cheese Sandwich! Are you ready?”

“Ready for what my fellow super duper party planner?”

“Your Welcome Back to Ponyville party, duh.”

“Actually Pinkie, I was wondering if we could go somewhere private to talk,” he says seriously.

“Okey dokey loki. We can have your party and talk in my super secret party cave.”

We walk back to Sugarcube Corner and go to my party cave. Once we arrive I look at Cheese Sandwich expectantly, encouraging him to talk with a nod.

“Pinkie, I think it’s time we talk about what is between us. I know you meant something by inviting me over on Hearts and Hooves Day. And I want to know what that means to you. What I mean to you.”

“I-I-I really like you, and think I might even love you. Assuming you have the same super amazing feelings about me.”

“And if I do?”

“Then I promise to love you for all eternity,” I say, starting to weep as Cheese Sandwich pulls out a small box, and kneels on his other front hoof.

“Will you marry me?”

Rainbow Dash’s POV:
Soarin asked me out on a date tonight. I never thought that buffoon would ever ask me out. I always knew him to be so shy and timid about stuff like this. You know, romantic stuff. He finally did it though, and I was so excited. I practically yelled yes, and tackled him to the ground in my excitement. I decided to wear the first dress Rarity ever made for me; the one for our first time at the Grand Galloping Gala. I try to maneuver the dress on when I hear a knock on my front door. “Come in Soarin, it’s open!”

“Dash, what’s the matter? You sound like you are struggling to do something?”

At this point I am stuck trying to get into my dress. I hear my bedroom door open and then Soarin says, “Need a little help?”

“I’m fine, I just need to wiggle it around a little bit more,” I grunt out while wiggling. After a few minutes I give up, “Alright, I need help.”

“Hehe,” he laughs, helping to tug the dress down on the side that is caught on my wing. “Never thought I would catch you in such a vulnerable position. You know, the newest Wonderbolt? The coolest and bestest flier in all of Ponyville.”

“Oh be quiet. Thanks for the help. Now, should we get going?”

“Yes, follow me to our private little dinner.”

We leave my house and walk to a small, private, and very expensive restaurant in the center of Cloudsdale. We enter, Soarin tells the waitress pony that he has a reservation for two. She goes and checks, comes back, grabs two menus, and motions for us to follow her to our table. We arrive at our table, and begin looking through the menu.

“Do you want to share a plate of hay sandwiches and share a bowl of spicy pepper soup? Since I know you love spicy things.”

“Sounds like a good plan. Then we can share a peach pie for dessert?”

“Sounds good,” he says as the waiter comes back to take our order. He repeats what we just talked about to the waiter and then turns back to me. He doesn’t say anything, he just looks at me.

The waitress brings out the main meals, we eat, wait about ten minutes, then scarf down the pie. “Thank you for this Soarin. I really did enjoy this, going on date with you.”

“My pleasure Dash, now what would you think about doing this again sometime soon?”

“Of course! I would love to, I think it would be awesome!”

Author's Note:

Ships, ships, ships everywhere. While I didn’t mention all of the ships that I support here, I do like many of them.

I personally relate to Night Crystal’s ideas about Hearts and Hooves Day/Valentine’s Day. No mushy feelings, or hearts, and love stuff.

Hope you liked this little, lovey dovey chapter.

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