• Published 25th Dec 2017
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Changeling Fate - Nightmare Rift

The Changelings are good and feed off of any positive emotion, but happens when one Changling decides to pick one form and never change form again. Night Crystal decided to become an Alicorn forever, but what if someone finds out she's a Changling.

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Chapter 22: Finding Gifts

Night Crystal’s POV:
“Why is finding gifts so hard?” I moan out loud, mostly to myself, as I am walking around Canterlot. Thankfully no pony around heard me say that, otherwise I would be in some awkward conversations. I look back down at the list in my hooves. Written on it were names of the ponies and their present they would receive.

Twilight: The book: Dragon Customs (brought all the way from a hidden library in the dragon lands)
Rarity: Two rolls of Changeling fabric (color changing fabric)
Rainbow Dash:
Fluttershy: The book: Care of Rare Creatures
Pinkie Pie: A basket of Changeling candy
Applejack: A special recipe for a crystal apple pie
Spike: A basket of rare gemstones
Starlight Glimmer: Spell book of some lost spells- antique store maybe
Luna: A basket of Moon Pies
Celestia: A cake
Discord: don’t care
Zecora: A basket of Black Crystal Roses
Cadence/Shining Armor: A book on the Crystalling Ceremony

Of course that was a long list, most of which I knew where to get. Except I had no idea what to get Rainbow Dash. I asked Twilight for help on that one, and told her to send the letter directly to me. Zecora’s, Twilight’s, Spike’s, and Rarity’s I still need to grab since they cannot be found in Canterlot. I stopped by a bookstore and grabbed a copy of Care of Rare Creatures, and then went into an antique store right next door to find Starlight a book. I ended up finding a journal that had a bunch of spells in old Ponish. I then went to a baker in Canterlot that had a good rating and grabbed a cake and a basket of moon pies. After that. I headed to a newly opened book store that has copies of some books that are found in the Crystal Empire library. Hopefully I can find the two that I need so I can save a trip and not have to go to the Crystal Empire to find them. I enter the store and a bell chimes to announce my arrival in the store. I step one hoof over the threshold and am greeted by a blue pony with a darker blue mane and a white pony with a velvet and white mane.

“Hello, welcome to our shop that was opened with the help of Twilight Sparkle. She told us to make a library that helped ponies learn about the Crystal Empire before they traveled there. By the way, I am Twilight Velvet and this is my husband Night Light. Proud parents of Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor.”

“Thank you very much Twilight Velvet. Now if you will accuse me I have two specific books that I am looking for.”

“Oh, I would be happy to help you find them, o make your trip faster,” Twilight Velvet insisted.

It didn’t make my trip go any faster. It was longer than I intended it to be. All she did was talk on and on about how nice it was to meet another Alicorn and told me all about Twilight and Shining Armor. Did you know that Twilight was foal-sat by Cadence, I sure didn’t. During all the time she was talking, all I was trying to do was look. Unfortunately, I didn’t find either of the books I needed. So, I bid my goodbyes and am now flying to the edge of the Everfree Forest. I pick some black crystal roses for Zecora, then teleport those home, and walk into the Changeling Hive to the cloth seller. The Changeling known as Spinner looks a little shocked to see an Alicorn in front of him. I ask for two bolts of cloth that changes color and watch him retrieve it from the back. I pay him the 120 bits, send them home, and then head over to the candy maker. I could have just made the candy myself but I am too lazy to do that right now. This Changeling says nothing, I ask her one bag of candy, pay her the 17 bits, send them home, and teleport myself to the Dragon Lands.

As I appear on top of a mountain, I am surprised to see a letter hovering in front of me. I grab the letter in my dark green magic and open it. It reads:

Night Crystal,
For Rainbow Dash I would suggest an outfit for her pet tortoise, Tank. If you have any questions feel free to write me back.

Yours truly,
Twilight Sparkle

Well, I guess I will take a trip to Cloudsdale before Hearth's Warming Eve. Not today though, I plan on staying the night in the Crystal Empire. However, before I can go there I must grab the book and a basket of gemstones for Spike that includes his favorite gemstones, rubies and sapphires. I fly down the mountain a little ways to find the cave that holds the library. I am not expecting any dragons since they usually don’t come out this close to the border. I enter the cave and easily find the book I am giving Twilight. I send it home and turn around to see Garble, a troublemaker and annoying from what I have heard from Spike. I turn into a Changeling to hopefully appear more threatening, since I am taller than most standard Changelings.

“What is a pony doing here in the Dragon Lands?”

“Whatever this pony wants, Garble.”

“How do you know my name? I have never met you before in my life. Do you know Spike? I bet you know Spike. That’s how you know my name. So what are you doing in this land, pony?”

“Simply grabbing a book and then going to seal the cave so no dragon can come in and ruin the books.”

“I don’t think so, you have no business in these parts. If you want to get out of this cave you are going to have to fight your way out.”

“Okay,” I say simply, tying him up in a magically produced rope. “How you going to fight me now, huh?”

“Let me out of here you stupid pony.”

“Never,” I say, bucking him off the mountain. I exit the cave and seal the entrance shut.

Next, I teleport myself to the Crystal Empire and begin walking around, looking for the bookstore. I come upon the library and behold, the bookstore is right next to it. I enter and thankfully all this clerk does is nod her head in acknowledgment. I dip my head back to her and find both books that I need within 10 minutes, instead of wasting 2 hours in Canterlot. If you could even call it that, all I found was a bunch of history books and books recently written about Twilight’s discovery of the Crystal Empire. I pay for my two books and transport it all home. I planned to go say hi to Cadence and Shining Armor before I left, but before I even walk two feet towards the castle, I am knocked unconscious.

Author's Note:

Dun dun dunnn. Who captured Night Crystal and why? Well, you’ll have to wait a week to find out.

I know I said three chapters for this week, but I decided to give you guys four. However, due to it being around the holidays my editor has not gotten around to editing the last two chapters for this week. I will update them once they have been edited though. But you still get the story regardless.

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