• Published 25th Dec 2017
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Changeling Fate - Nightmare Rift

The Changelings are good and feed off of any positive emotion, but happens when one Changling decides to pick one form and never change form again. Night Crystal decided to become an Alicorn forever, but what if someone finds out she's a Changling.

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Chapter 9: Decoration of Ponyville

Night Crystal’s POV:
I learned from Applejack that two days from now is Nightmare Night and the whole town is supposed to be decorated for it, including my house apparently. The little fillies and colts will be coming around, house to house, to ask trick or treat. We give them candy and they run off to the next house. The parents very rarely will accompany these fillies because everypony knows everypony. Even me, so basically I am in charge of making sure no fillies go running off into the Everfree Forest or get eaten by Timberwolves that decide to wander to the edge looking for food. I decide to make my tree look like the old Changeling Hive, the one that Sombra always had us gather in. It has since been destroyed, namely by Celestia and Luna after the war. Although, decorating my house will be super easy, since all I have to do is tap my Changeling horn against my house and it will to take on the illusion of the old hive. I plan to do that tonight so nopony sees me in Changeling form. For now I have to go get candy from Pinkie Pie so I can pass it out to all the fillies and colts.

I arrive at Sugarcube Corner to see Gummy sitting on the front step, usually indicating to not disturb Pinkie that Pinkie, unless you are me or the elements. I sidestep him and walk in to see Pinkie in the midst of breaking down in panic. Scattered in every corner of the shop is either candy gelatin or an order paper of various candies for Nightmare Night. Judging by Pinkie’s look of panic, I am going to assume that it is going to take her all day and night for the next two days to fill all of the orders. “Pinkie, do you need help baking candy?” I say cautiously, afraid of her going into deflate mode.

“Yes, that would super dooper amazing Night Crystal! Do you know how, or do you need my amazing super secret recipe? Ooooo, what do you have in your bag?” she says suddenly returning to herself, and somehow realizing I have something in my black saddlebags.

“I have a recipe for a Changeling candy that a friend gave me. It makes it taste like whatever candy the pony wants it to. I planned on making some so my house can stand out on Nightmare Night. But I would still like some normal ones too. I would need a recipe to help you make normal candy, but I would still need the ingredients to take home to make my Changeling candy.”

“Of course you can have the ingredients, as long as I can have a few of the candies you make. Here is the secret recipe for my candies that all of Ponyville passes out,” she says as I start to shove all of the ingredients I need into my saddlebags. Then off to work we go on making hundreds of candies.

We finish all of the orders within five hours. Much faster than if Pinkie had to make them by herself. Pinkie thanks me, I grab my small order of candy, and head home to make my Changeling candy. Thankfully Pinkie didn’t ask to look at the recipe, otherwise I would have been in big trouble. Two of the main ingredients in the candies are one Changeling scale, and a sprinkle of Changeling magic, dark Changeling magic. On top of making the candy, I also have to make my costume, which is going to be King Sombra, or as close as I can get to looking like him. I have to wait until Nightmare Night to learn what all of the elements are going to be.

I lock all the doors, close all the blinds, and put a shield spell around the house to make sure nopony can spy on me through magic. Ah, I love playing with dark magic. I turn into my Changeling form and gather all of my ingredients to make my delicious Changeling candy. As I drop the scale into the bowl, fill each mold with the batter, and sprinkle some dark magic into each mold, I hear a knock on the door. I transform into my Alicorn and open the door to see Rarity standing at my doorstep. I was shocked. “Rarity, what in all Celestia are you doing at my house at this hour of the night?”

“Well, you see darling, I wanted your opinion on my costume. I was either going with Princess Platinum or Princess Celestia,” she says looking torn between which on to do.

“Well, do you want to give a history lesson every time somepony sees you? Or do you want be popular by making a great Celestia look alike costume?” I question, knowing that Princess Platinum was from the origin story of Hearth’s Warming Eve story. However, most fillies don’t know that.

“Well I guess that is true. I’ll do Princess Celestia and wow everypony with my amaaazing sewing,” she says as she leaves, her eyes filling with hope.

As night begins to fall and everypony goes into their houses to sleep, I stay awake hoping to transform my home without being spotted. My deep blue Changeling magic isn’t easy to hide in the dark. Before walking outside, I transform into my true self. I bow, touching my horn to my house, making it take on the illusion of the old hive. Looking back up to see that I had succeeded, I hear a rustle behind me and turn to see the eyes of Twilight Sparkle staring at me. I dash off into the forest, knowing very well if she catches me that I am going to suffer the consequences of my actions, and my lie.

Author's Note:

Yay! Multiple chapters in one day, they were written. Just had to wait for my editor to go over them.

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