• Published 25th Dec 2017
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Changeling Fate - Nightmare Rift

The Changelings are good and feed off of any positive emotion, but happens when one Changling decides to pick one form and never change form again. Night Crystal decided to become an Alicorn forever, but what if someone finds out she's a Changling.

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Chapter 33: The Journal & Parents

Night Crystal’s POV:
I wake up the next morning, and fly to Twilight’s castle. I had a piece of floating parchment greet my nose this morning as I sat up in bed. That parchment told me that Twilight needed me urgently, for a matter of utmost importance. I arrive at the castle to see Sunburst running in and out of the castle doors. Trying to relax his mind, I think? “Sunburst!” I yell, making the unicorn stallion stop in his tracks. “What in all of Equestria are you doing and why?”

“Panicking, but also freaking out of excitement. That book you gave Starlight for Hearth’s Warming was actually Starswirl’s journal. Only issue Twilight and I are having right now is the fact that it is in Old Ponish.”

“Did you ask Starlight to read some of it? Also, where is Twilight?”

“Twilight was called to Canterlot by Celestia. Why would we ask Starlight?”

“Because she can read Old Ponish. So can I, but I’m pretty sure Starlight would love to help you out,” I say, and then Sunburst’s cutie mark starts glowing. “Cutie Mark Map call, you best get back inside.” We both walk inside to see Starlight staring at her cutie mark, which is also glowing. “Guess at least you two are going somewhere,” I say, pulling Starlight out of her staring.

“Yes, I suppose we better go see where we are going,” says Starlight, beginning her walk to the main room at a fast canter.

We enter the main room to see Starlight’s and Sunburst’s cutie marks hovering over a small town. I turn to Starlight and Sunburst for answers, but they both look horrified. “Something is wrong here, why aren’t either of you two wanting to go?”

“Because our parents are there,” they groan in unison.

“Really, hm, you want someone to accompany you to make it more bearable?”

“Would you? That would be amazing! I know the map called us to solve a friendship problem, but having some other pony there for support might make this easier on both of us. Do you agree, Sunburst?”

“I do agree, I think it might be good to have back up. But, you know that you can’t help us with the friendship problem?”

“I know that, but I think your friendship problem won’t be easy enough for me to help anyway. I think you have to solve the problem on your own. I’ll just be there for emotional support.”

“Thank you Night Crystal. I suppose we should be going. I already left a stack of papers in the library on top of the journal with the translation. After Twilight left I went in there and translated. Twilight should know what to do with the journal now. Although I suppose I should also leave her a note telling her that Sunburst and I were called to a map call. Along with telling her that you are with us as well.”

“I suppose that would be best, no sense in her freaking out because she can’t find any of us,” I say, and off we go to the train station.

We arrive at Starlight and Sunburst’s childhood hometown, Sire’s Hollow, and I am immediately confused at what I see. The town looks almost deserted as half of the buildings are closed for. We arrive at the fruit store, and out front is a pony that is selling fruit perfume. The pony sprays Sunburst and I in the face with one, and him and I immediately gag. As a group we walk away from that pony, but hear her yell out, “Thanks for trying a product promoted by Stellar Flare!”

“Darn my mother, trying to bring the town into new revelations,” says Sunburst, sounding the angriest I have ever heard him.

We make our way towards the town’s library. We go to enter it as two ponies block our way.

“Would you mind letting us in to do some research?” Starlight asks the two mares.

“No, you can only look at the books on the shelves. Not touching, no moving with your magic, nothing, just looking,” both mares say in unison, almost as if it was rehearsed.


“This building is under preservation, by order of Firelight.”

“My father, oh my goodness, I knew he would do this to the whole town,” says Starlight, trying to keep her anger under control.

I look behind us to see two ponies arguing. I know immediately that these two must be Firelight and Stellar Flare. One trying to preserve and one trying to renovate. Conflict, needs solution, but I don’t think that is friendship problem here. But I was told not to help, so I won’t, I’ll let them figure it out on their own. In the time spent in my own thoughts I see that Starlight and Sunburst are now yelling at their parents.

“Mom, I don’t need a plan, especially from you. I have my own life now, I don’t need you constantly nagging me!” yells Sunburst.

“Don’t think you’re any better Dad. You constantly treat me like a little filly. I’m not anymore, I am a grown pony. So just start treating me like one!” yells Starlight.

Both of their parents run off crying. I open my mouth to say something, but Starlight beats me to it.

“That is our friendship problem, not them agreeing. Instead, it is us needing to make amends with our parents. How are we going to do this Sunburst?”

“Talk to them, both of you,” I say, impeding on the moment.


“You each need to go talk to your parent and talk about your feelings and what you need them to stop doing for you to come home more often. I’m sure that is all they want. If I had parents that did what your two’s parents are, I’m sure I wouldn’t visit often either.”

“You’re right, and we need to fix this before you two can go back to Ponyville, and I can go back to the Crystal Empire,” says Sunburst.

“Alright, you two go finish your friendship problem quest. I’ll meet you back at home Starlight.”

I teleport back to Twilight’s castle, into the library. Twilight is there, reading over Starlight’s translation.

“Night Crystal, guess what?”


“In Starlight’s translation, there is a spell that can release the Pillars from Limbo!”

“That’s great Twilight! Starlight should be back soon. I am exhausted, so I am going to go home and go to bed.”

“Sounds good. See you later!”

I fly home and walk upstairs to go to bed. Although they found Starswirl’s journal that has a spell on how to release the Pillars from Limbo, they don’t realize that sending a pony to Limbo comes with a price. Bringing the Pillars out also has the same price. A price they don’t know for their situation. A price I know very well for a certain pony’s return.

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