• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 6- Promise

Sunset opened her eyes, she was in the sweet apple acre. Applejack was sleeping at her side, but she still has a nightmare, in the previous nightmares, Sundown wanted to torture Sunset, every dream was focused in making the girl suffer, but not the last one.

Sunset concentrated, and tested something she understood during her nightmare, she pointed at a water bottle. Sunset commands and the water comes until her, with telekinesis.

So it's true, she was recovering part of her unicorn powers, Sunset wanted to scream with happiness, her biggest dream becoming true... thanks to a nightmare.

Sunset fell on the improvised bed, and she immediately regretted, the wound on her back is almost mortal.

She will need help, and Sunset smiled. Now she has help! She will talk about her nightmare later. Only once preferentially.

Then, Applejack woke too.

"What? Already awake? Another nightmare?" She asked sleepily.


"Why you're so calm, you could have died and..." Applejack said suddenly awake.

"Cause I'm not alone anymore!" Sunset said with a bright smile.

Applejack blushed furiously.

"Well, anyway Sugarcube, good morning. We need to get ready to the school!"

Sunset agreed.


During lunch.

The school went normally, but Sunset avoid touching anything with her back, including her chair, and that's not easy.

"Did you have another nightmare?" Fluttershy asked gently.

"Yes!" Sunset simply answer.

"You said like it was nothing," Rainbow said.

"Actually, it was pretty bad, but my situation changed, I'll tell everything after class, in the band room, but before that, I'll go to some places, I'll find all of you around the 15 o'clock!" Sunset said and the bell rings.

"Oh... And please Rarity. Take the first aid kit, I really need it!" Sunset said and leave.

"She's way too normal for someone that can die in the second that she falls asleep isn't?" Rarity said.

"After the class, I'll follow her, I want to see something..." Fluttershy said to the surprise of all.

"Okay... But... Don't overreact okay?" Twilight said worriedly.

Fluttershy blushed, as she remembers the last night, in the kitchen.

"I'm sorry that all of you has seen that..." Fluttershy said with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry you silly Shy, you're still our little pet lover that you always was," Pinkie said happily with a side hug.

"Yeah, but please never do that with us. I don't know how Sunset receives such punishment without biggest problems, but that can easily smash all of us like we're just a bunch of bad apples!" Applejack said.

"I'm sorry..." If Fluttershy said. Only a bit lower and just the bats would have listened.

"That's our girl!" Rarity said with a hug.

"Cute moment, but all of you are late to the class!" The vice-principal Luna said coldly as always, apparently coming from nowhere.

All the six girls run to their classes.


Sunset was walking after the school, she was on the way to her old house, using a cane (thanks, granny Smith), until she saw, bellow a great tree, a small black cat is waiting.

"In twice today!" Sunset said with a great smile, she opened the two tuna in front of the cat.

Yuki's eyes were shining, and he eats one in less than one minute.

"What happened today? You never ate like that before!"

"I'm being selfish today," Yuki answer.

"I always bring just one, why now you're selfish?" Sunset asked.

"You remember that night, when I said I have some things to do, right?" Yuki asked.

"Yes, but you never told me what are those things..."

"Take the last one, and follow me!"

Yuki went behind the tree, in a hole in the great wall.

It was a small and well-hidden hole, Sunset will have a hard time trying to enter, but after 40 seconds she did it.

Sunset's mouth wide open, it was a natural sanctuary. There are no big trees, but a lot of grass, and flowers so beautiful, that Sunset never heard about, there's a straight line, that end in a small rock sanctuary, almost a tomb.

And in that tomb, Yuki is waiting.

Bellow him, in the grass, seven little cat kittens, none of them were black.

"They're yours?" Sunset asked.

"No, but they are yours, in their own way," Yuki answer.


"I feed those puppies with the food that you bring every day!" Yuki reveals.

Sunset was completelly without words. Her routine saved seven lives, and she doesn't know.

"You're amazing Yuki. I swear..."

"They're not the only ones, you helps me there are almost three years, you saved 13 puppies,"

Tears began flowing in Sunset's check.

Sunset's eyes wide open, she looked at the cat, and just saw a savior. Yuki saved her from her nightmare, and saved a lot of lives, by being starving, and giving his own food to others.

"That's why you can't give up yet, Sunny,"

"Give up? I don't give up yet!"

"Yes, you do. You're living as you know you will die the next time you sleep. But if you die, they will die too!"

Sunset was shocked. She can't answer. Then she understands, she always thought that Yuki's scars were from protecting his territory.

But it was made by humans, the cat tried to stole food, to give to the puppies.

That's why she never see him with others humans. He probably hates them.

"If you die, they will be starving. And I will lose the only human I care and love. And I will be alone again, as when I was a puppy,"

Sunset can't say anything.

"That's why, Sunny, promise me. Promise me that you will see those puppies growing, you will see them growing and having their own kittens. Promise me this, Sunset Shimmer!"

Sunset whipped her tears. And put her hand in front of Yuki's paws.

"Only if you promise me when I have my own home, you will live with me!" Sunset said confidently.

Yuki's eyes wide open, Sunset don't know if cats can cry, but Yuki look's like could cry in any minute.

Yuki put its paw in Sunset's hand and both of them said together.

"I promise, my little savior!"

"I promise, my sweet queen!"

When the two hugged each other, they hear a hiccup.

Fluttershy was there, crying with the beautiful scene in front of her eyes.

Yuki suddenly attacked, but Sunset stopped him.

"It's okay, she's my friend, she's nice!"

When he heard this Yuki stopped, but still in guard.


The two girls were going to the school again.

When Sunset explained all she was doing with Yuki and explain why she can talk with him, Fluttershy hugged Sunset and cried, while saying what wonderful person Sunset is.

But she used a little too much force in Sunset's back, and this remembered her of her wound.

She really needs Rarity's help right now.

And now Sunset has another motivation to fight. She will keep her promise with her life.