• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 5- Home

Sunset was sitting on the ground of her kitchen...

"I wonder... they maybe share their lunches with me tomorrow... But they will ask why... What I will do..." Sunset said to herself while looking at the ceiling.

But suddenly she heard... Steps...

That's bad... That's really bad! On her actual state, she can't really fight... What is this... A thief... Or maybe someone Sunset irritate... ok, in this list there's a lot of people.

Then, at her side she saw, the black dagger. She hates that idea.

"But, it's necessary," She said with conviction.

Sunset took the dagger, and again she felt an intense pain as if her bones were cracking.

But it's necessary. Sunset got up hardly. Each second a suffering, she stayed in combat position, she waited and after one minute, she saw a small foot, entering the kitchen.

And then, she attacked.

Six girls enter into the kitchen and were scared by her friend holding a black knife.

When Sunset finally understands the situation, she stopped the strike in time.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" Sunset screamed and let the dagger fall to the ground."WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

"We can do the same question miss Shimmer!" Rarity said with the same tone she uses when suspecting something, and Sunset finally understands her own situation.


"Sunset, did you live here?" Twilight said worried and put a hand in Sunset's left arm.

Sunset screamed in pain with that touch, she tried to walk away, but her right leg can't support her own weight and began throbbing, the girl screamed even more as she fell to the ground.

All the other girls were scared by Sunset's actions.

"What's wrong?" Pinkie asked.

Sunset was holding her left shoulder.

"Nothing..." She tried to lie, but she knows, this is useless.

"Take her jacket!" Pinkie said, and Rainbow Dash obey.

Using her super speed she took off Sunset's jacket.

Her left arm was all in bandages.

"Take it off," Applejack ordered.

"NO!" Sunset scream.

This time Rainbow didn't wait for an order.

Before Sunset could react, her bandages were taken off at once, making an intense pain run through the girl's arm.

The six girls were terrified, a big burn covered all the girl's arm.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?" Applejack asked.

"Only a scratch!" Sunset said avoiding eye contact.

"Darling, this is anything, except a scratch," Rarity said.

When Twilight will approach Applejack said.

"Wait! When you're coming here, you're limping. Took your pants off. Right now!"

Sunset become really pale when she heard this.

"No,no,no,no,no." Sunset tried to stop but Pinkie and Twilight hold her arms and Rarity take her pants off.

The thighs were in bandages too.

"Now calm down darling. Everything will be fin...." Rarity said before holding back her vomit, and the girls behind her do the same.

Pinkie and Twilight get back to the others to see better and almost screamed.

Sunset felt vulnerable. Only with underwear and shirt, all her wounds being judged.

Twilight will approach when something unexpected happened... Fluttershy stopped Twilight.

She walks until Sunset, which was scored in the wall, hold her shirt with both hands, and pushed Sunset in the wall with so much strength that the wall cracked completely.

The five other girls screamed.

"ARE YOU AN IDIOT?" Fluttershy screamed so loudly, that all the girls become even more terrified, they don't even know that Fluttershy can say anything so loud.

Sunset was bleeding from her mouth, and in a shock state.

"YOU DON'T ANSWER ME! RESPOND SUNSET SHIMMER!" Fluttershy screamed again.

Sunset was still too shocked, she can't answer.


Rainbow give one step ahead.

"Move, and you will beg for your life!" Fluttershy's voice was so cold, that makes the Calderon's of hell looks a nice place.

And using the same voice she said:

"Say it!"


Fluttershy pushed Sunset in the wall again, the wall cracked even more. More one of those and the wall will succumb.

"Say exactly what I want to hear, Sunset Shimmer!" Fluttershy said coldly.

"How she would know what you want to hea..." Twilight tried to say but stopped.

Fluttershy using only the side of her eyes gives a stare, a stare so cold, that makes people want to apologize for being born.

Sunset began crying, somehow she knows what Fluttershy wanted to hear, and in the middle of tears and blood, Sunset said what she wanted to say months ago. Two words.

"Help me..."

The time seems stopped. Five girls hold their breaths, one wrong word and somehow they know, Fluttershy won't gonna show a single drop of mercy.

And then...

Fluttershy hugged Sunset, her hands in the girl's hair, and talking calmly and soft as always.

"We always will help you, doesn't matter how. Always..."

Sunset screamed and cried, Fluttershy listen to every word of sorry that Sunset said.

But the others girls still don't move.

Rainbow has finally understood a little part of her childhood.

She tried to save Fluttershy from bullies again, but this time, the bully has 15 years old, Rainbow has 10. It was a massacre, Rainbow woke in the hospital three days later, she lost the conscience while fighting the older boys.

But there's something wrong, Rainbow lost, but the boy has moved from the city, everyone says that the boy was scared, and Rainbow Dash knows that they weren't talking about her...

After that day, Fluttershy, the girl that feared everything, began fearing herself more than anything.

And now Rainbow finally understood! In front of six girls, Fluttershy became something else. A true monster, or better, an uncontrollable berserk.

"Rainbow, take medicine and bandages, they must be in the bathroom," Fluttershy said softly, and still comforting the amber girl.

"Oh, ok, just a minute," Rainbow goes as fast as she could.

Sunset becomes a little calmer.

"Sunset, your mirror is completely shattered!" Rainbow said and gives the medicines.

Fluttershy gets away from Sunset. "Rarity, you're the best of us to do this, please, help her..." Fluttershy said and give the medicines to Rarity.

"With all pleasure of the world," she said and gave a tip in Fluttershy lips, leaving the girl without reaction, luckily nobody saw this, all the rest were looking Sunset, trying to take courage to talk with the girl.

"I... broke him..." Sunset said between hiccups.

Applejack was the first to take courage.

"But why, Sugarcube?" Applejack said and hugged Sunset.

Their pendants touched each other.


Applejack was in the middle of a street. People passing and talking happily, And she saw one of the strangest things of all. She saw herself.

The other Applejack was sitting in a chair, with all the others, including Sunset.

And then, she saw something even stranger.

Behind Sunset, Daydreamer Shimmer (Pinkie called it and everyone like...) was there, but Sunset couldn't see her other self. And then Daydreamer just disappear, and together with her, the sounds also disappear.

Applejack felt her bots become wet, but with what?

"WHAT'A HECK..." The streets were red. Literally red, with the blood, steak, and despair of hundreds of people, and from inside the red, a black dagger was forged, using the blood of people as material.

Applejack hold back her vomit and saw something else.

Strings. Seven strings in all Sunset's body, after that Sunset walked in the direction of the dagger.

And suddenly a laugh began, a mad and also familiar laugh, but she comes from all sides.

Them a sound and a scream, Sunset was screaming while holding the dagger, when Rainbow approach to her friend... Sunset kills her.

Rainbow Dash... Applejack's precious rival and friend simply fall on the ground as nothing.

The other Applejack attack and the real tried to stop.

"Stop, it's not her fault, she's been controlled".

But the other self passed straight and through her.

And Sunset killed her too. The tears were falling from her eyes without stop... And Applejack holds her own tears from falling.

Rarity was the next. After a short battle Rarity falls on the ground, still alive, Pinkie and Fluttershy tried to stop Sunset just to be killed too.

Applejack can't see more than that, she was already crying.

Sunset killed Rarity too.

The mad laugh intensified.

Twilight was the next. The girl smiled and don't move a step.

And Applejack noticed. There's used to be seven strings. But five of them disappear.

The laugh becomes simply insane.

Twilight commits suicide... That's too much to Applejack too.

Sunset cried, screamed and put all the fault on her shoulders.

Applejack has sure now. It's the nightmare that Sunset talked about with the black cat... Sunset can't awake. She screams and cried, but she doesn't awake.

The laugh becomes insupportable.

She knows it will be useless... It was just images of the past after all, but she still screamed.

"Stop laughing and show yourself, I'll kick your butt!" She knows it's worthless, but screamed with everything she got.

"Why?" Surprisingly a voice answered Applejack.

"Where'you are?" Applejack asked.

"I don't need to answer you, creep..." The voice is really familiar.

"So just free Sunset!"

"Did you care about her?" The voice said, but she was just a little different, like it was the same person, but with other personality.

"Of course!"

"Then I'll give you a present, I wish you like 1% of her pain..."

Applejack cannot see anything in front of her, but she felt two fingers in her forehead.

Suddenly Applejack was in the sweet apple farm.

Granny Smith, Apple Bloom and Big Mac were on the ground, obviously beaten to the death.

And standing in the middle there's a person, with fist's bloodstained. Applejack looked ahead and saw a mirror.

Her hands were bloodstained.

Applejack screams and cried as loud as she could... She was back on the street, that image was there for only one second, and Applejack already falls on her knees.

She saw a desperate Sunset. Suddenly Sunset took the black dagger and screamed.

"WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" she screamed, each time followed by a strike of the dagger in her thighs.

Applejack become desperate... She tried to stop her friend, but she passed straight, her body can't touch her friend.

And suddenly Sunset stopped.

Applejack was crying as she never cried before. Kneeling in front a desperate friend she can't do anything.

"Nothing is important now!" Sunset said.

"That's not tru... AAAAAHHHHHHH..." Applejack screamed. Behind Sunset a horrible being was there.

Sunset certainly can't see.

It has red and gold hair, but her face was abnormal. There are no eyes, only two black and filled with dark worms holes, her mouth was vertical, with teeth's that make a dinosaur jealous. The body is humanoid and also resemble a bug or a monster, and only look at that thing make Applejack want to vomit.

That thing looked straight to Applejack, and the girl just screamed.


Applejack pushed Sunset away from the hug with a scream, and suddenly the memories coming back.

Applejack run, trying to find the bathroom, while covering her mouth, she easily found, and kneeling in the toilet she vomits, Rainbow Dash was the first to came, and she saw her friend vomiting as if there's no tomorrow.

Rainbow take Applejack's hat and hold her hair.

"Calm down, we're here, I'm here..." Rainbow said

"What happened?" Rarity asked, followed by the others, Pinkie and Twilight holding Sunset.

Applejack vomit more, she remembered that creeping creature. But still, she said.

"Sunset, what are you?"

"That's cruel, won't you think?" Sunset said sadly.

"I saw..."


"Ah saw only one of your nightmares, and here ah am... Vomiting, that's the worst thing ah've see in ma entire life," Applejack said. "How long you support this alone?"


"I can answer this," A familiar voice said. From all the pieces of the shattered mirror, they can see Sundown Shimmer. "I make this fool see nightmares like that during months nonstop! It's the best thing I have done!" The she-demon Laugh, her voice echoing in the bathroom.

Applejack vomit again.

All the others just don't know what to do.

The biggest piece of mirror was on the ground, while the she-demon laugh, Sunset destroyed the glass with her naked feet.

"Disappear!" An angry word and the spirit vanished.


The girls were in the living room most of them in the big sofa, including a not yet dressing Sunset, Rarity is doing the first aid in her thighs now.

"Sunset, ah see you... Gaining... Those scars in your dream, that means what ah think?" Applejack asked in the couch, her voice still shaken.

"Yes, if I get hurt in the dream, I also receive the wounds in the real world!"

"That's horrible!" Fluttershy said.

"And this makes no sense at all... How a dream can do such influence on the reality?" Twilight asked with a thoughtful expression.

"Well... I thought in two theories before... One Sundown is strong enough to influence in the reality! Or two the primal power from my pendant is a mental power, maybe it's power is evolving and giving me a closer relationship between my dreams and brain, and brain and reality!

"Well, I think this is the best theory we have..."

"And PLEASE Sunset, we already have Twilight, we certainly can live without someone talking like that! C'mon, it already gives me a headache just by hearing that last part!" Rainbow Dash said with her everyday expression without notice Sunset's hurt expression.

"Backing to the subject... Can'ah see the knife you were holding when we enter?" Applejack asked

"It's at your side there's two minutes," All the six turned to where Sunset said and took a light scare.

Applejack reunite all her courage and took the dagger in her hand, she felt like every bone in her arm suddenly cracked. With a scream, she tossed the dagger and take the bucket, only for precaution.

"What that thing is doing here anyway? Ah saw it once in your dream, and it was once more than ah wanted for mah entire life!"

"It follows me, doesn't matter what I do or where I go, that thing is always there. That appeared in my bag for sample," Sunset said before holding back a scream when Rarity makes a little mistake.

"Sorry, darling,"

"It's okay..." Sunset forced itself to say.

While looking around, Pinkie finally asked.

"Humm... Changing the subject again... That's why you never tell us where you live? You're embarrassed?" Pinkie asked sadly.

"Only in part, if I told you where I live, all of you will try to make me move... But I can't pay for anything. The last part-time job I have there's months, I'm without nothing to eat today, so I'm sorry, but I can't offer anything too,"

"But we could help!" Rainbow said.

"Yes... help me... I don't want to be a burden... Besides, I lived well alone for three years, I can handle a bit more" Sunset said arrogantly.

The room becomes silent... Three years... This hurt their feelings, and Sunset notice. "Well, Fluttershy can help me now," Sunset said only to make the room more gradable.

"How?" Fluttershy asked happily, she certainly was trying to compensate for the 'little' scene in the kitchen.

"I need two tuna..."

"Tuna? Aren't you vegetarian?" Fluttershy asked confused, while Rarity sits at her side and make the young girl blush.

"That's not for me, it's for Yuki, but we can solve it tomorrow,"

"Wait, Sunset... You're avoiding the subject. You said there's another reason, that you don't tell us about your home!" Twilight interrupted.

"That's exactly the other motivation. This is my house, not my home!"

"That makes no sense!" Rainbow said.

"My mother always told me, 'your home is where your heart belongs, not a ceiling upon your head' and all that place do to me, is remember me from the cruel and pathetic old me... The only thing that this ceiling said to me is: You will always be so pathetic as the first day you came here from Equestria!" Sunset sayd with fury and tears in her eyes.

In the second she stopped, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy looked at each other and nodded.

"Can you show us where's your room?" Rainbow asked.

"Sure... You're already here anyway... Pinkie, can you help me?"


Twilight also help, and Sunset lead the others.

They went in Sunset's room.

Her "bed" were simply three drawers together with an old foam mattress on top. There's a table, used only to homework and write to Princess Twilight.

That's it.

"Everything of value to me is in my wardrobe, in the school. Photos, cards, everything..."

As if receiving some kind of confirmation, Rainbow Dash and Applejack went ahead, and Fluttershy goes to behind Sunset.

Suddenly Fluttershy holds Sunset strongly.

"I'm really sorry, but it's necessary," Fluttershy said crying.

"What are you talking about?" Sunset asked worried with the suddenly attitude of her friend.

Applejack lift her arm, her fist ready to a strike.

Them she punched the first drawer, completely destroying him.

Sunset went in shock state by the second time this night.

Rainbow Dash gives her strongest kick in the second drawer, destroying him too.

Both of them attacked the last one together.

Sunset finally awake from shock state and tried to stop the girls, but Fluttershy was stronger! Obviously her berserk force still active.

Rainbow and Applejack then destroyed the desk.

With their last strike, they destroyed even the pieces, letting everything completely unrecoverable.

Sunset knee on the ground. What have they done?

"You will come with me now Sugarcube!" Applejack said smiling


"You can't live here anymore, you know? So you will need to move". Rainbow Dash said.

"You will live with me, and I can talk with granny smith, and give to you a job with us!" Applejack simply said.

"I agreed," Pinkie said "I'll never let a friend live in a place that makes her sad, besides... We can make a slumber party every time you sleep in my house..." And Pinkie said seriously "And you WILL sleep in my house!"

"Hey, I want she sleeping in my house too, we will have some great nights with girls talk, dresses and everything we want," Rarity said

"We will need to solve this later, cause I want she sleeping in my house too," Twilight said.

Sunset finally understood. They destroyed everything that connects her with that place and gained a place to stay and a job.

Sunset cried. She cried with happiness. And she finally discovers where her heart belongs.

Her heart belongs to her friends. They give their habitual group hug until Sunset stopped her cry and thanks to the amazing friends that stolen her heart.