• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 4- worst nightmare

All the seven girls were in a cafeteria, they were talking happily and without worry about anything.

Sunset was in another nightmare, she's sure of it, but she doesn't know when everything will become a real nightmare, so she was trying to awake before it was too late.

But she didn't awake. Maybe I'm really awake? She thought, but this makes no sense at all. The girl doesn't remember her awakening, and the sound of hundreds of people walking and talking around also didn't help with anything. So the only option is: This is a nightmare.

"Hey, darling, you're not eating, don't you like it?" Rarity asked.

"No, I'm just thinking in my life," She answered with a giggle.

Well, maybe this is just a dream, the first dream in a long time... Probably since Equ├ęstria.

Sunset felt a strange feeling as if she's being observed.

But then Sunset noticed, the nightmare will start! There's no sound, she looked around and hold her vegetarian dinner to come back. The streets were red. Literally red, the blood, steak, and bones of hundreds of people were painting the streets.

From inside the red, a black dagger was forged, using the blood of the deaths as a material. Sunset could fell the madness coming straight from that black dagger, but suddenly Sunset felt a strange feeling, and her body can't obey the girl anymore.

"What... This is crazy..." Rainbow Dash said with a disgusting face. "Wait, Sunset? What you're doing?".

Suddenly a mad and familiar laugh began.

"I don't know! I can't control my body!" Sunset said while her body steps in the sea of red, refusing to listen.

The crazy laugh continues.

Sunset's hands reached the dark dagger, in the second she touched that cold metal, she felt pain, she felt like the bones in her arm was being destroyed few by few, and the girl screamed.

"Sunset, toss it off now!" Rainbow Dash said and put a hand in Sunset's shoulder.

Sunset just turned and used the dagger to cut deep into Rainbow's neck.

The laugh becomes louder.

Sunset screamed. But her body doesn't listen. The tears were falling from her eyes again, and the dagger absorbs Rainbow's blood.

Sunset tried to force herself and think that this is just another nightmare. But she's not sure anymore.

And the madness doesn't stop.

"What have you done?" Applejack said angrily and tried to punch Sunset, but she dodges, Applejack punch again and hit the ground causing a great depression in the streets, but when Applejack look above she just saw Sunset running in her direction and pierced the black dagger through the Applejack's heart.

The black dagger absorbed Applejack's blood.

Sunset screamed again. The pain in her hand was getting even worse. If she doesn't become crazy because of the nightmares, the pain will do it.

The crazy laugh continue.

"STOP, YOU MONSTER!" Rarity screamed and use her magical shield to hit Sunset as harder as she could, and send the girl flying away until she destroyed a store's facade.

Rarity strikes again and this time she tried to hit Sunset at close range, but it was too late, Sunset used Rarity's strike to cut deep in the girl's belly.

When Rarity fall in the ground Sunset screamed.

"Please, someone, anyone stop me, someone, please kill me!" She desperately screamed.

But her body won't listen. Sunset approached to Rarity's still alive body.

Pinkie and Fluttershy tried to protect the fallen girl, but Sunset killed both of them and finally killed Rarity too. The dagger swallowed their blood and only become darker.

Twilight was the next. Sunset thought, 'maybe with her telekinesis she can kill me', she wishes.

But Twilight does nothing when Sunset came closer Twilight was smiling.

"What you're doing? Run!"

"I know it's not your fault. But I'm not worried too. Because you won't kill me,"

"Are you crazy, please run, kill me, just don't let me do this!" Sunset cried.

"Ok, I won't let you do this," She said confidently.

When Sunset gets closer Twilight she put her hands around Sunset's.

"No, no, no, no! Twilight don't..."

Twilight takes Sunset's hand and stabbed her own heart with the dagger, and she fell on the ground as a corpse.

The dagger absorbed her blood too.

The laughter becomes completely insane.

Sunset finally let the dagger go. But she still cried.

But it's all right, now is the part where she awake, she thought.

But Sunset did not awake.

She waited. In the blood of her friends she waited. Hoping that at any second she will awake. But this doesn't happen.

Maybe it is real? No! Please... This can't be real.

And the laugh intensified.

After five minutes, only hearing an insane laugh, coming from all places, she finally becomes desperate, all sense of conscience run away from Sunset's mind, kill all her friends one after another is just too much.

Sunset took the black dagger again and pierced through her thighs in her right leg.

"WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP" she creamed, each time followed by a strike of the dagger in her thighs.

Then she stopped. In her leg, there are six scars now, six lives, six scars, her legs were painted in red.

And the completely insane laugh continue.

But that's not important.

"Nothing is important now!"

"That's what I wanted to hear!" A familiar voice spoke.


Sunset woke, but she was still in her "bed", breaking out in a cold sweat. She doesn't wanna go to the school, she can't face her friends! Every time she will look at their faces, she will just see corpses.

But she promised to Yuki, and suddenly she remembers the "pinkie promises" and giggles. Sunset got up, but fall on the ground, with an absurd pain.

She looked at her leg and saw six scars, without blood, but the wound is definitely fresh. Also, all her body is aching, probably because of Rarity's strike.

Despite the pain, she goes to the bathroom, and after a REALLY painful cold shower, she was in front of her mirror, waiting, Sunset want to make sure of something... After one minute she appeared.

"You look horrible," The she-demon said.

Ignore it Sunset shimmer, she said to herself.

"I need you tell me something Sundown. Who was laughing?" Sunset said directly.

"Of course it was me," Sundown said confidently, but her face changes slightly.

"You're lying," Sunset said with a sadistic smile. "You fear that voice, won't you?"

Sundown makes a serious face. "Maybe you should ask your friends, well, or after this little nightmare, you may want to try a graveyard!" Sundown laugh.

Sunset gives a punch in the mirror, completely shattering him, and wounding her own hand.

"That's not over yet..." Sunset said furiously.

After she got ready to go to the school Sunset went to the kitchen, and took both lunches, until something caught her attention.

A small black dagger.


Applejack was waiting in the school.

She will follow Sunset today, that's the deal. It actually doesn't bother the young farmer, but the hard thing is always the same.

Her honesty. This is a problem! What if for some reason Sunset asks something about what she will do after school, the girl will need to use a lie, and this goes against everything she believed.

"But it's necessary..." Applejack repeat to herself again.

So, the best thing is stays away from Sunset, just for one day, Sunset comes to the school today, she just needs to wait for some time and everything will be over, and honestly, all this secret about where she lives isn't normal.

Then, Applejack saw Sunset coming in the distance, but there's something wrong, Sunset was walking like with every steep she felt an amazing pain.

Then, Sunset saw Applejack in the distance, and suddenly she walks without any problems.

'Maybe it's just mah imagination...' Applejack thought.

"Better Sugarcube?" Applejack ask.

"Yeah, I am, thanks for the worry but there's nothing wrong!" Sunset said without looking into Applejack's eyes, and the girl noticed.

"Well, let's go Sugarcube, the class is waiting..." Applejack said with a smile.

The other girls were waiting in the class, and when Sunset came all of them go after her to ask about her state, and she always answers ' Nothing's wrong' with a great smile. Applejack keeps distance. Now it's official, Sunset can't look in the eyes of any of them, almost as if look in their faces hurts.

"Well, let's begin the class..." The teacher said.

Then something strange happened, when Sunset opens her bag, her face become pale, but she recovered really fast.

Applejack's not a specialist, but she can easily say, every time Sunset has said that there's nothing wrong, all of them were nothing more than a great lie.


The school ended, and Applejack has a mission, stalk a dear friend.

She let Sunset get away, but still in her point of view.

She followed the amber girl for some minutes, hiding behind any car or other things she could find, Sunset is going to her house and Applejack already don't like, this part of the city is dangerous. Suddenly Sunset tripped on a stone, the girl doesn't fall but started walking differently. Looks like with every step, comes an intense pain.

It was not her imagination. Sunset walked normally during all school, she hides her pain from her friends... Again... Hours of pain and nobody notice, Applejack really don't like where this situation is going

Then suddenly Sunset walked faster, she just stops below a big and beautiful tree, with Applejack experience, she can say that this tree has at least a hundred years.

And bellow that tree there's a small cat.

Strange... That street's almost unused, she leads to the worst part of the city, with drugs, rapes and a lot more. Living here is as dangerous as a fight with a monster.

And in this part of the city, there's a beautiful and untouched tree, even in the rest of the city there's not even one tree, that's so majestic as this one.

But more importantly, Why is her friend coming here?

"I'm sorry Yuki, I'm late. A lot of things happened this night..." Sunset said.

The cat meow.

"Yes, another nightmare. The worst nightmare until now... And that's something," Sunset giggled


Sunset leaned in the wall until sit down, and let escape a loud scream, but the streets were deserts. Nobody will listen.

But Applejack listened, she was using all her absurd strength, only to stop herself.

Sunset opened her bag and again a disgusting eye appears on her face. The cat, called Yuki look inside the bag and meow.

"This thing is following me, it always gets back... But here it is, as I promise..." Sunset took a big lunch bag and open to the cat.

What is following her friend?

The cat started eating.

"She called the cat Yuki... She brings food to that cat every day? Why didn't she tell us? We could help!" Applejack whispered, what Sunset is still hiding? After a small walk Applejack already discovered a big nightmare, wounds and a cat... What's next? A flying golden fish? Ok... that's ridiculous...

The cat meow again.

"In my right leg..." Sunset said as if it's answering a question. But nobody asked. "Ok Yuki, see you tomorrow," Sunset said while trying to get up.

She walked away, with pain, stalked by Applejack.


Wandercolts statue.

"You're late, we're getting worried! And if you don't know where she lives I will be glad to be the next stalker!" Rainbow Dash said.

Applejack didn't answer.

"Anyway darling, did you discover?"

Applejack nodded.

"Good, now we just need to follow you, oh, I can't wait. I wanna see where she lives, but don't tell us, it's a surprise..." Pinkie said happily.

Applejack nodded again and turn away, followed by five other girls.


Sunset's journal is shining again, but she ignored.

Sunset has a great confirmation. She's not getting crazy. Yuki saw the dagger too, and that thing is definitely following Sunset.

And more.

Sunset isn't stupid, something was bothering the girl all day.


She was observing every step Sunset gives during all school, Sunset was getting worried. If Applejack noticed that there's something wrong, the rest will discover everything soon.

But there's nothing to worry about now. No one knows where she lives, she has time to think.

She went into the kitchen and opened the Kitchen cabinet... There's nothing to eat.

"I need a job!"


In front of an abandoned factory.

Five girls said all at the same time.

"Please, say you're kidding ".

"No, not even a little".