• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 2- Gorgeous nightmare.

Sunset was walking on the streets, she was searching for a new leather jacket, when in the distance she saw Twilight walking and reading a new book, Sunset approached Twilight and give a little tap on her shoulder.

Twilight took a slight scare.

"Sunset! What if I have a heart attack?"

"That's a pretty extreme example, won't you think?" Sunset joked.

"Well, scientifically saying, it could happen!" Twilight answer.

"Right, only if you have a heart disease, right?"

"Not exactly," Twilight said with a smile. "And when did I say I don't have a heart disease?"

"Wait, you do?" Sunset asked worriedly.

"Actually, no... But still funny see your worried face!" Twilight said while laughing and pushing back her glasses.

"Ok, you won this round Sparkle,"

"Of course I do!"

"When did you become so confident?" Sunset teased Twilight.

Twilight blushed a little and looked away.

"And now it's 1X1!" Sunset teased even more.

"You cheated me!" Twilight said with a furious red in her face.

Then a loud sound was reared, followed by a great heat and a big explosion. The store that the two girls were in front suddenly explode, Sunset just felt the heat. Suddenly she was on the other side of the street.

She looked around and only see fire, demolition, and death.

She only hears the fire, screams, and death.

She sits down and felt a great pain in her left arm. She looked to her arm and saw a great burn in herself, but that doesn't matter now. Where was Twilight? She lifts up and looked around.

"TWILIGHT, ANSWER ME! PLEASE, WHERE ARE YOU?" She screamed with despair.

Sunset search and search, but she finds nothing, Sunset run to the part with most fire, hoping that Twilight was still alive.

Unfortunately, she was.

"TWILIGHT!" Sunset screamed desperately when she saw the lavender girl. "Twilight, please stay with me!"

Twilight was on the ground, with a great stone in the lower part of her body, the rock certainly destroyed her legs. And a big piece of raw iron was stabbed through her chest.

"Sunset? It's you?" Twilight asked weakly.

"Yes, yes stay with me, did you rear?" Sunset said crying desperately as the fire was coming closer.

"Sunset, it hurts... Hurts too much!" Twilight said while tears began running down her face." Where are you? I can't see anything!"

"I'm here, and don't worry, everything will be fine, I promise!" Sunset forced herself to say those words, but she knows they were just a lie.

"No... I'm smart you know?" Twilight gives a weak smile." I know that I'm dying. But it hurts to much. Sunset, please make this stop," Twilight said while crying." Please, make it stop!" She implored.

"Calm down Twilight, calm down. Soon an ambulance will come and everything will be okay, right?" Sunset said between tears that fall without end.

"Please, Sunset... Please," Twilight implored again."That's my last request, make it stop, I prefer it happening by your hands!"

Sunset finally understand.

"No, no, no, no, no! I never would do it to you!" Sunset screamed as the fire was getting closer.

Twilight looked in the direction of sunset's voice."Please, I implore! Make it stop,"

Sunset doesn't know what to do. She has read that be burned was one of the worst ways to die, but still...

"I implore!"

Sunset understands, it's necessary, she wants it!

"I'm sorry... I love you twilight!" Sunset said while putting her hands around Twilight's neck.

"I love you too Sunset! And thank you!" Those were Twilight Sparkle's last words before Sunset breaks her neck.

Sunset screamed and cried, she killed the person she most loved in all worlds.

She cried and cried until she heard a detestable voice behind herself

"Well, what happened with that thing of 'I will never hurt one of then, even if I need to rip off one of my arms' Huh?" Sundown teased, with crossed arms. "Well, you still with both of your arms, but you not only hurt that girl, you killed her". The she-demon said while laughing madly.

Sunset run in the direction of the cruel voice with a ferocious and fearsome scream. She gives a punch with all her remaining strength, and surprisingly the demon fly 10 feet's away directly to the fire.

But Sunset runs in her direction again. Sundown put a hand in her own face with surprise.

It's impossible.

A human beating a demon alone it's impossible.

Sunset gave another punch, but this time the she-demon blocked with a hand and said.

"Now you did it worn!" And pushed her arm back to create a small and intense fireball to attack the girl she was holding tightly.

But surprisingly Sunset dodges the attack at close range, give a deep kick in the demon's belly and Sundown jump three feet's away with her hand in her belly.

That's right, Sunset thought, who cares about magic. She just wants to make Sundown suffer.

But that's not enough.

Sunset froze in time. Her body doesn't listen anymore, and sundown said:

"That's my domain you piece of shit!" Sundown smiled. "But this time I'll let it pass because I have a gorgeous nightmare just waiting for you," Sundown said with a sadistic smile on her face. "See you later sucker!"


Sunset awake. Everything is fine. It's just another nightmare, or better, everything was fine... Until she tried to get up! She felt an intense pain, coming from her left arm.

She looks at her arm and saw a great and intense burn. The same from the dream.

"Ok, that's bad, somehow my dream has an influence in the reality! But how?" Sunset said with her brain trying work. "There are two alternatives: 1 Sundown is strong enough to influence in the reality, Or 2..." She looked at her necklace in her nightstand. "The primal power from my pendant is a mental power, maybe his power is evolving and giving me a closer relationship between my dreams and brain, and brain and reality!"

Ok, now she talked exactly as Twilight.

Sunset doesn't know how, but she knows something, it's not just a nightmare as before! Now, each dream is a battle for survival.

Sunset got up and started to get ready to school, and she needs to decide something: she tell or not to her friends.


Sunset felt a terrible pain in her arm with each step, luckily her leather jacket hides her new involved in bandages injury.

"HEY, SUNSET!" Pinkie screamed and hugged Sunset tightly.

Sunset felt a brutal pain from her arm but still hide it.

"Hey, Pinkie! How are you?" Sunset said with a fake smile.

"Okye-dokye-lokye," But her smile disappear. "Hey, Sunset, are you all right? You seems really bad!"

"Don't worry with that!" Sunset said.

"But you..."

"I'm fine okay?" Sunset answered fast, but then she saw Pinkie's hurt face. "Oh my goodness, I'm sorry Pinkie, I just don't sleep well, and I'm a bit sick, so I am really sorry okay? Please forgive me?" Sunset said with a smile, not her best one, but closer to a real one.

"Oh c'mon, you need more than that to make me mad you silly!" Pinkie said with a bright smile, and Sunset relaxed until Sunset felt a great pain again when someone gives a playful tap in her shoulder.

"Heyah Sunset. Ya seems kinda out of it won't yah'think?" Applejack said with a playful smile.

"She has a bad night!" Pinkie said.

"Got'it". Applejack said and keep walking, But Sunset stopped, she saw Twilight running in their direction! Sunset's eyes started to fill with tears. She remembers her nightmare and a heavy burden get out of her heart.

"Huh? Hey, sunset, why you're crying?" Pinkie said with worry obvious in her voice."What happened, are you all right?"

"Never better, Pinkie... Never better!" Sunset said while wiping away her tears.



Six girls were in a table, waiting for the seventh.

"It's just me or Sunset is being really strange lately?" Rarity asked to the other girls.

"Totally!" Rainbow agreed.

"Even I think we should talk with her," Fluttershy said.

"Well, we won't need to wait, she's coming" Twilight comment.

Sunset sit with the rest of the girls.

"Sorry, I just needed some time to pack my bag... Okay, why you're all with that face?" Sunset asked worried.

"Well Sunset, we're just worried about you, you seem pretty bad in the last days, and we want you to tell us: What's happening?" Rarity asked.

"Uau, that's oddly directly! But don't worry, I'm fine!" Sunset lied and unconsciously took her right hand to her left sleeve.

"Well, you see... I... Or better... We think... That you're lying to us!" Fluttershy said, to the surprise of all girls.

"C'MON sugarcube, ya can tell us anything," Applejack comment with a calm smile.

"I know, and I'm not lying. I just have a bad night, you know. These things happens," Sunset said.

"Well, at least tell us why you don't sleep well, is something bothering you?" Rarity asked and put her hand above Sunset's.

"It's nothing... Really. I just has a bad dream!" OK, now she's really close to tell about her problems, Sunset just need to decide, tell them the truth or not.

"But it's you that help me with the nightmares with Midnight Sparkle remember? Maybe now I can help you!" Twilight said smiling.

The bell rings and stop the conversation.

"Well... Time to class, sorry maybe we talk more later, bye." Sunset said fast and walk away.

"Ok, whatever she's hiding from us, it's a really serious thing!" Rainbow said.

"Yeah, but let's give her a little time to herself, if the things don't get better we'll need to find the seed of that apple by force!"Applejack confirmed.


Sunset was walking to her house, and soon she saw the little cat. The cat was in the same place as always, bellow a big tree in a almost unused street.

"There you are, hey, that scar is new aren't it?" She said and scratched the cat's neck.

The cat enjoyed the affection, and for him that's just another of the several scars he owned. Without a doubt that cat has a pretty rough life, maybe protecting his territory, and the best part of his day is see Sunset again.

"Here, your favorite!" Sunset give to the cat the lunch she made especially to him.

"Man, I'm with a serious problem!" Sunset took of the leather jacket, mostly to make it hurt a little less and to breath a bit of clean air without worry about someone seeing her bandaged arm. The burn still horrible, but the bandages make it looks just a little better.

The eyes of the black cat seems completely bugged out. 'Must be my imagination', she thought.

Sunset sit on the ground, at the side of the nameless small cat.

The cat stop eating and go to her pocket. He used his paws to try to take something inside. "There's just this here," Sunset said and take her pendant.

She decided to put the pendant in her neck and see if it works in animals, but when she tried to touch him the cat avoid her touch and stares at Sunset with a face of obviously "not now".

"You're strange!" Sunset said with a giggle. "But it's my time little guy, the rain will start soon, bye." Sunset walk away while the cat just observe the amber girl disappearing in the distance.


Sunset finally reached the abandoned factory, and the gates were stuck again, so she just jump over it.

She went inside and saw a familiar shine. Her journal was shining, but she just ignored, if she talk with Princess Twilight now, there's a possibility that Sunset would talk too much.

Yes, Sundown is her problem, not the other's problem, that's why she stay quiet with their friends.

And soon will be time to face her problems again.