• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 8- Equestria

Three mares get out through a mirror, Princess Twilight was the first, followed by Sunset and another Twilight.

"Welcome back! I called those two! When I said the name Sunset Shimmer Celestia came faster than my teleport, but Luna was a bit busy, but I bet she's coming," A unicorn said to the alicorn.

"Thanks Starlight. Those two are Sunset Shimmer and the Twilight Sparkle from the other world," Twilight said.

"Wait, what? I understand this thing of other world, but another Twilight is a different story!" Starlight said surprised.

Starlight looked at the two guests, two unicorns, the yellow one was having a hard time to get up, the other Twilight seems in shock state. Not only she went in another world, she's also a unicorn and more importantly, Sunset's unicorn form is simply the most cute thing that Twilight has saw in her life.

"Here, I help you!" Twilight said and helped Sunset. Her wounds and burns seems worst in a quadruped form.

"Thanks, this is hurting a lot now," Sunset said then finally wave to the other unicorn. "Starlight, right? I'm Sunset,"

"Nice to meet you, and you too... Humm another Twilight?" Starlight said confused.

"We surely need to find a way to say which one we're talking about," Sunset said. "Let's call my Twilight simply as Twi!"

"Your Twilight?" Twi said blushing.

"Good, I'm going to see Celestia, Twi wanna come?" Twilight said even if she already know the answer.

"Of course, Sunset stay here with Starlight!" Twi said.

"Humm, maybe that's a bad idea?" Twilight said cautiously.

"Why?" Twi asked.

"I don't know if it's a good idea let a unicorn that slaves a entire village, with a unicorn that almost conquered two worlds..." Twilight said.

"You slaved a entire village?" Sunset asked

"You almost conquered two worlds?" Starlight asked.

And both said together.

"I like her!"

"This won't end well!" Twilight said and leaves with the other self, with mouth wide open.

"Sooo... What happened to you? You're horrible! Looks like you was in the middle of a big explosion!" Starlight asked.

"That too, together with some tortures and murder attempt you has my actual state!" Sunset simply said.

".... I think you should explain a little better," Starlight said confused.

"I will explain everything when Luna and Celestia came!" Sunset said, and uses some magic in herself, to make the pain stops.

"Wait, I know that magic! It interrupted some brain impulses, and that makes the pain go away, right?" Starlight stated.

"Yes, I learned in the school time, but Celestia hate that magic, the pain go away, but the wound stay, and the pain is a defensive mechanism of the brain!" Sunset said.

"I really liked you," Starlight smiled, but soon she stopped. "Hey, there's a string coming from your head!" She said.

Suddenly Sunset screamed.

"My body... He don't obey... I can't control myself... Run Starlight, I'm gonna attack your hoofs!" Sunset said while trying to stop herself, but it's useless.

Sunset used a laser from her horn, but Starlight teleport, them Sunset attached again, this time a tackle, Starlight avoid and uses a laser too, but Sunset teleport above Starlight and attack with a laser again, this time hitting the other unicorn.

"I'M SORRY, PLEASE JUST RUN!" Sunset screamed, every time she hurts a friend on her nightmares crossed her mind again.

"I'm not gonna lose a magic battle!" Starlight said, obviously her pride was wounded. The two unicorns attack with lasers, both in a different tone of green, but Starlight teleport and Sunset's beam passed straight and destroy a little part of the wall, Starlight attached Sunset with a tackle on Sunset's burn.

Sunset screamed in pain, but uses this chance to use a charged beam in Starlight, the beam hits and send Starlight flying through the door.

"Now you did it!" Starlight said angrily.

Both unicorns still fighting through the castle, beam's and a variety of different magic's and spells flying to all places, Sunset attack with a fire attack, but Starlight made a great shield, in the form of a diamond, the fire was deflected, hitting a wall and destroying the same.

Both unicorns continue their duel inside the new room, each time Sunset will attack she advice Starlight.

"Watch out, I'm attaching from above, jump, fall in the ground to avoid! Now I'll use fire..."

The two finally comes to the room with both Twilight's and Celestia, and all the ponies where surprised by the magic duel.

"Starlight, Sunset, what in Equestria you're doing?" Twilight screamed.


Celestia and Twilight tried to move, but.

"DON'T INTERFERE!" Starlight screamed.

Those two are in the same level, but Sunset is wounded, don't wanna fight and all the time she say what she will do before she does, Starlight has fought a alicorn princess, and almost won, a simple unicorn shouldn't be at her level.

Sunset used her horn to make thunders, Starlight uses her telekinesis on the ground and levitate a big piece of stone to make a shield against the thunder.

When the stone shattered Starlight used all the pieces to attack Sunset, and the yellow unicorn build a circular shield, and teleport to Starlight's side to used a cutting spell in the other unicorn.

Starlight's front leg was bleeding, but she won't give up so easily.

Starlight combined the accelero and the similo duplexis spells, and created seven others Starlight's, all of them surrounded Sunset and attacked at the same time.

Sunset uses her telekinesis in herself to fly and use a charged beam on the ground, the beam divided and hit all Starlight's at once, all of them disappeared and only one was left.

Sunset teleport, give a tackle in Starlight and use another beam, her horn already touching Starlight's body, this beam send Starlight in a wall, the wall shattered and Starlight fall on the ground fainted.

Sunset strikes again against the fallen enemy and screamed.


But suddenly Sunset felt her body heavier, her body was still fighting, but become even heavier, Sunset fall on the ground, her wounds opening and bleeding.

Princess Luna enter in the room, her horn glowing.

Sunset finally stop struggling.

"Thanks!" Sunset said, still on the ground.

"What have you done?" Twi asked worried and running to the side of the orange unicorn.

Luna's horn stops glowing and Sunset finally can move again, but in the second she tried to lift every wound started to give her a astronomical pain.

"I used a spell to multiply her gravity!" Luna explain.

"Starlight is fine!" Twilight screamed.

"Well, looks like you has some explanations to do right?" Luna said.

But before anything Celestia run to Sunset's side.

"Are you all right? What happened?" Celestia asked obviously worried.

"Calm down sister, let's give to the young one a chance to explain, right?" Luna said gently.


Starlight has waked up, all the ponies were inside the infirmary. Sunset explained her situation to the others ponies, Twi was at her side all the time.

"Understand! That's actually pretty dangerous. But maybe I can help you!" Luna said.

"How?" Sunset asked hopefully.

"But I will told you, this will be dangerous, you need to defeat your dark side in your dream... And if you die there, you will really die" Luna began.

Sunset nodded, she already expected this.

"First I will need a piece of something that you dislike!"

"What?" Sunset asked confused, how something that she dislike could help?

"Preferentially, something made of stone or iron, I will do a spell that will give you a better control of your dreams, and will act as a seal to your demon part!" Luna explain.

"Look to your side princess, use that thing!" Sunset said looking to a nightstand.

Luna look surprised, that thing wasn't there one minute ago.

A small dagger.

"Well, this will be perfect, now, Princess Twilight stay here with those two... And Twi, you come with me and Celestia!" Luna simply said.

"What you will do with her?" Sunset asked desperately.

"Solely a small talk!" Luna answered.

The two alicorns walked to out of the infirmary.

"Don't worry, I'll be back!" Twi said and adjust her glasses with her hoof.

The two princess were waiting outside.

"Well... I guess you're right!" Celestia said to Luna.

"About what?" Twi asked.

"Looks like you has some calming effect over Sunset... But just you... That smile that Sunset has now with the other you is obviously fake, whatever is the reason you're the one tha keep that girl calm!" Luna said.

Twi was blushing without words.

"What I will ask you now will be really dangerous... Maybe mortal," Luna began.

"What is it?" Twi asked.

"I want you with her, on her dream. You maybe let her under control," Luna said.

"Look. I know that we don't know each other, but Sunset lived with me for moons, I see her as a daughter to me. So I beg to you, help her!" Celestia said and bow to Twi.

Twi was without words again, a ultra powerful princess has bow to her.

"I promise, I will!" Twi said with a trust she don't know she has.

"And one more thing. Sunset cannot awake before everything is finished. Doesn't matter how, she can't awake!" Luna said with a really serious voice.

Twi nodded and the three get back to the infirmary.

"NO,NO,NO AND NO, I WON'T LET!" Sunset screamed when she heard the plan.

"It's your best option," Luna said.

"I prefer the worst option, please. You know, the one that I go alone and don't put a friend in danger for nothing," Sunset said.

"Did you just say that your life means nothing?" Twi said with a unexpected seriously voice.

"Compared to your's, it is, without a doubt!" Sunset answered and turned her face away.

"DID YOU HEAR WHAT YOU JUST SAID?" Both Twilight's yelled.

"We can talk about it later... But now take this," Luna said and give the dagger to Sunset.

"Why you asked for something I dislike to do this?" Sunset asked, a bit calmly.

"The hate is a really strong feeling, it's easier you kill a good feeling than a bad one! And for this spell, the object need to has a strong connection with your feelings!" Luna explain calmly.

"Got it..." Sunset said. "Thank you princess Luna, and you too... Princess Celestia!" Sunset said without looking the alicorn on her eyes.

"I think it's time to both of you go... But please, doesn't matter what happens, come back to us with life!" Celestia asked with tears on her eyes.


Twilight and Sunset were back.

Sunset almost fall in the ground, even if her wounds were a lot better, thanks to equestrian magic, she still a little weak.

It was raining a lot, after Twilight hold Sunset, the two looked ahead, in the middle of the rain there's a person and a small black cat.

"Yuki, what you're doing here?" Sunset asked and also looked to the other person.

It was Luna, in the second she saw the pair she got up and walked away to the school direction.

Sunset and Twilight just stared without know what to do.

The pair enter in the school, and five girls were waiting, certainly they were sleeping no longer ago.

"Oh goodness, you're back." Fluttershy said and hugged both girls.

All the girls are talking and wanna know the details, but first:

"Why you're all here?" Sunset asked.

"We sleep here you silly," Pinkie said with a bright smile.

"We are sleeping until now, but vice Luna awake all of us, and said that you're back," Rainbow Dash explained.


"Yes, at midnight all of us decided to enter in the school, and Luna said that she will advice us when you two are back," Rarity said.

"Wait, at midnight? What time is now?" Twilight asked.

"4:00 o'clock!" Applejack answer.

"Wait, vice-principal Luna was waiting for us in the rain for four hours?" Sunset asked.

"Yes... actualy we tried to bring her inside too, but she don't listen, and she was there since the 6:00!" Pinkie said.

"She waited for us for 16 hours?" Sunset asked without believe in her ears. "Why?"

"The first time we asked, she said she promised to yah," Applejack said.

"I don't remember she saying anything like that!" Sunset said.

"We can see that later, but first, what happened?" Rarity asked.

Sunset took Yuki on her arms and took a deep breath. This will be a long day, and probably her last.