• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 10- Daydreamer Shimmer

Sunset opened her eyes.

She was on the school's garden, she looked above and saw a deep red sky, after one minute breathing heavily, Sunset started to calm down, but this is hard. If her plan fails, she will be dead.

After another minute, Sunset finally brought together he courage and shout.

"I'm waiting, you want this as much as me. Let's finish this once and for all!" Sunset challenged.

Another minute.

In front of her a form finally appeared.

"I was thinking you will never ask!" The she-demon said.

Sundown opened her bat wings, and enter in battle position, but before anything, she just saw a fist closing a small distance from her face.

Sunset make the first move, she strikes with a absurdly heavy punch, the she-demon was send flying for meters and meters away.

Sundown lift her face but Sunset wasn't there anymore she only felt another absurdly strong punch hitting her face, after flying away again the she-demon finally stood up, and make a huge fire ball in her hand and throws at Sunset.

A big explosion happened with Sunset as epicenter.

"Stupid girl! I'm a demon, the power of a single human is nothing against me. Now die and give me your body!" The she-demon said triumphantly.

But then the smoke vanished away.

Sunset was there, her arms making a cross, and in front of them two shields, in jewel's shape.

Rarity's special power.

Before the she-demon could say anything Sunset runned in her direction In less than a second she was in front of the demon, and gives a brutal punch on the devil's belly.

When Sundown was hit, her body bow, and with her head a little lower, Sunset united both hands and gives a violent strike on Sundown's head and the entire ground was filled by a huge depression.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack's special power's.

When the she-demon was still on the ground Sunset gives three more monstrous punches, and the own ground started to quake, Sundown teleported to the front of the school's statue.

"Now I get it. In the real world you steal the pendants of all those stupid's girl's". Sundown said with a hand in her belly. "But this is not enough!"

The she-demon make two fire balls, and strikes straight to Sunset.

Sunset used Rainbow's speed to avoid the demon's strike, but when she runned away, two more fire balls come exactly to where she was running.

Sunset avoid by few, but she certainly felt the danger.

"Your biggest enemy here, it's only one. Your brilliant brain, is also mine!" Sundown said.

"That's why you has no chance against me!" Sunset said with a sadistic smile.

Sundown attacked again, this time with punches, three violent blow's, Sunset takes all, the ground already sinking. When the she demon stop, Sunset attached her face with two punches.

Sundown receive both and give another punch, this time hitting Sunset's stomach, and with her hand already touching Sunset's body she used a great fire ball.

The explosion was crazy and Sunset was sending flying, but the she-demon used five more fire balls, all of them hitting the target.

But then the she demon noticed, bellow her feet's, the ground was different.

"Is this confetti?" Sundown asked before feelling a huge explosion on her face and ending in the air, where she opened her wings.

Sundown looked to the ground, the smoke was over all places, but there's no corpse.

Sunset jumped, the she-demon looked above to see a only a bit wounded Sunset almost on her face, the young girl use her amazing strength to give a strong kick, that send the she-demon to the ground, breaking the speed of sound in the middle of the way.

The demon quickly lift up.

" I get it now, you can predict my moves because of the brain connection, but you can't avoid in the air!" The she-demon said and recoil her arm to create another fire ball, but then a great pain, Sundown look to her own arm, and saw a big piece of metal piercing through it.

Sunset used telekinesis to distract the demon, and uses the gravity to help her to use a really powerful punch in Sundown's head.

This last strike has made a earthquake.

Sunset lift her arms again, but when she was going to attack, Sundown used three fire balls at close range, creating a great and powerful explosion.


In the real world.

Twilight awake slowly, the young girl looked around and smiled, five girls were sleeping. It was her first slumber party, and she has a lot of fun...

Wait, five girls?

"WHERE'S SUNSET?" Twilight screamed and woke all the others.

"Hey, calm down, don't awake me like that, what's happening?" Rainbow asked and look around. "Oh, crap!"

"To where that girl goes?" Applejack asked worried.

All the girls started searching everywhere in the big house.

After some time...

"Hey, GIRLS, I FOUND HER!" Pinkie pie screamed from outside the house.

All the girls make a circle around Sunset, sitting on a chair, a great and full moon illuminating the young girl.

Sunset already has various wounds and burns.

"We're late, now we cannot help her!" Applejack said, while sitting on the ground and hide her tears with her hat.

All the girls sit around the amber girl, all with tears in their eyes, all just waiting the end.

Be it good or bad.


In the dream realm.

Four alicorns are watching from above.

Celestia and Twilight were using all their strength to hold themselves and their tears.

Cadence was waiting for the end, hoping that the young human will survive.

And Luna was watching with impartial eyes, she obviously want that Sunset won, but she was already prepared to another results too.

"We really cannot help? We're already here!" Twilight asked worried.

"No, it's her inner battle, we cannot interfere!" Luna said impassive.

"Poor girl, what horrible fate she has ahead, I can feell a profound love coming straight from her," Cadence said and turned to Luna "but I need to ask, why you've made so much effort to bring me too, I'm not really related to that girl,"

"All of us are part of it, and beside, you're not the only guest, she's just a little late!" Luna said.

The other three alicorns looked each other without understand.

But then, something caught the attention attention of the four princesses.

A being with golden wings is descending straight to the battle.


Sunset just stared.

She was looking to a defeated demon.

Sundown was on the ground, at last 15 pieces of raw iron piercing through her body, including places such as neck, heart and others inner organs.

Sunset just stared with cold eyes, at last two ribs are broken. But she don't care.

The cause of months of suffering, the remembrance of years of sorrow, was simply suffering in front of herself.

"... Now you really got me," Sundown said weakly. "The most impressive is... You don't use magic to make this to me... It was you, every time you take a piece of iron and pierced through me... It was you... Not me... Not your friend's magic... It was you..." The she demon said with a small giggle.

Sunset said nothing. She could use her dagger, but it seems it's not the right time.

All the battle was even a little easy, but Sunset can't relax, something is really wrong.

"What's wrong? Won't gonna finish the job?" The demon said now laughing weakly.


"Or maybe your new and actual heart is too pure to do such thing?"

"Nah, I'm holding myself to see you suffer a little more!" Sunset said.

Sundown's eyes wide open, she saw something and laugh a little.

"Look's like this is over!" The she-demon close her eyes and wait.

Sunset cannot understand.

But then a huge golden beam was fired, it has so much strength that simply shatter the demon.

What has happened?

Sunset turned around.

She was looking to another self.

Daydreamer Shimmer.

"I actually don't expect that, but thanks!" Sunset said smiling.

Sunset is Daydreamer... So she never saw to other self like that, seriously, that's really strange.

But Daydreamer was not smiling.

Sunset stop smiling.

"I wish you understand, Sunset, what I will do now, it's necessary to both of us!"

"What?" Sunset asked, and her eyes wide open, Daydreamer was pointing to Sunset.

A golden beam was fired.

Sunset only avoid using Rainbow's speed.

"Are you crazy? You could kill me, kill yourself!" Sunset said.

"When did I say that I'm you? I'm a simply manifestation of the elements of harmony! But I has a better question Sunset Shimmer, you know who I am, but you really know who you are?" Daydreamer said, and attack with a lot of golden beams and Sunset was avoiding and defending desperately.

Again this question.

Who is Sunset Shimmer.

"I will give you a tip. To understand who you are, you need to understand first the elements of harmony!" Daydreamer said.

Sunset used three beams looking for a opening in the new's enemy defense, but Daydreamer defend all the attacks easily, and Sunset used her telekinesis to grab a piece of metal and throw at Daydreamer's head, and she defended again with a small tap, but she don't saw the girl coming closer and giving a strong kick in her belly, follow by a torrent of blows.

After some attacks, Daydreamer strikeed with an aura surrounding her fist and Sunset used Rainbow's speed, together with Applejack's strength to give a powerful blow to counterattack.

A great explosion and a earthquake happened at the same time, and Sunset was sending flying through the school's walls, she tried to run away and think in a strategy, Sunset hide behind a wall, but she can't feell Daydreamer inside the school.

But then she heard, and feared.

A great sound... Daydreamer attacked from outside, she will destroy the entire school, only to smash Sunset.

After a great light...

The school succumb.

To a existence capable to fix holes in the reality, this is easy.

Sunset used a magic shield to try to support the impact, it works a little, but now Sunset's stated was still critical. Sunset looked to the ground.

There's a paper.

'I told you to never took your eyes from a enemy' It was written.

Sunset looked behind behind herself and saw Daydreamer pointing a hand and a huge pillar of light wasthrow in Sunset's direction.

Only three feet's away.

Sunset simply gave up. There's no way she could survive this.

She closed her eyes and remembered every good memories she has shared with her friends.

That's right... With her death, her friends will never be in danger because of Sunset's demons again.

There's nothing wrong with her death.

It will be better to all friends that Sunset loves.

She certainly love those girls more than herself.

Sunset just wait for the death.


In the real world.

The six girls are outside.

Walking, sitting, talking and doing everything to distract.

But they can't.

Sunset was sitting in a chair, each second more and more wounds appeared in her skin.

Until a moment that dozens of wounds appeared at once.

"Oh my, goodness, Sunset need to awake!" Fluttershy said and when she walked in the other girl's direction but she was stopped.

"We don't know what could happen!" Twilight said Princess Luna said that Sunset shouldn't be interrupted until the end.

Doesn't matter what happens.

The six girls just wait, with tears running through their faces.

A friend need help more than anything.

And they can't do anything.

They just wait, and felt the cold rain began.


In the dream realm.

"And finally our last guest come!" Luna said with a smile.

The others three alicorns can't believe in their eyes.


Sunset was waiting for her death.

But nothing happened.

She opened her eyes, and she can't believe in then, Daydreamer's magic was slashed in pieces.

And protecting Sunset there's a person.

A black or blue hair, it's hard to say. A long black coat and ceramic mask.

Jack the ripper saved her life.

Sunset has no reaction, using a great medieval sword jack strike with multiples slashes, Daydreamer fly away from the new enemy.

Jack looked to Sunset, and carved his great sword on the ground.

Then suddenly a silver scythe materialize in his hands and Jack attack with a abnormal speed.

Well... at last this time Jack is helping her, the only question is... Do I believe that he won't betray me? But is better than fight alone, Sunset take the sword and uses a 'accelero' spell in herself, together with Rainbow's speed, she was almost untouchable.

She run in Daydreamer's direction, but even with the new spell, Jack was faster than Sunset and attached Daydreamer Shimmer three times and observe the enemy block his attacks easily.

Suddenly Jack jump really high, and Daydreamer almost don't notice the second enemy.

Sunset attached with the sword innumerable times, using a great speed and abnormal strength.

Daydreamer blocked with her arms, but she was bleeding now.

"You're not welcome here, so get out" Daydreamer said and used a great beam to hit Jack, but instead a green beam hit her attack and Daydreamer received a deep wound when a medieval sword pierced through her ribs.

"Unfortunately for you, in my dreams it's me who decide if he enter or not!" Sunset said and give a strong punch that send Daydreamer flying in Jack's direction, and he used his scythe to give another cut in the monster's back.

Jack and Sunset attached, defends and fight as a pair of killers, as if they know each other there's years, and after some time, even Daydreamer's incredible powers were fading. She attack and defend with everything she has, but those two were simply winning.

So she need to eliminate one.

Jack attacked, he gives a great slash, but Daydreamer defend with her shinning hand, but this attack opened her defense, Jack jump back, and Sunset used this distraction to give a powerful punch in Daydreamer's stomach, but Daydreamer hold Sunset's arm, she can't escape now, using her other arm, Daydreamer attack Sunset's face.

Suddenly Sunset was in another place, away from Daydreamer, certainly a magic capable to control the space around, but the other self was holding Jack tight.

Daydreamer take out Jack's mask, and her eyes wide open.

"Wait, but you're...!" Daydreamer couldn't finish the sentence, using the silver scythe Jack gives a fatal attack, from her shoulders to her belly.

Jack jumped away and Sunset only saw a bit of a beautiful feminine face, before she teleport away.

Daydreamer looked ahead and saw Sunset running in her direction passing through a dust cloud holding a small black dagger in hands, and Daydreamer attacked with a fine beam cutting averything on his way, and in one second Sunset's head was flying.

It's over.

Daydreamer Shimmer won.

But the head disappear in midair, followed by the body, and with her defense low, Daydreamer only felt a cold pain.

The fallen Sunset was a illusion.

The real one was piercing a black dagger through Daydreamer's heart.

Daydreamer smiled.

"Good... You pass, continue, and give your final answer!" Daydreamer smiled and disappear.

It wasn't the dagger's power, she chose to disappear.

A dark portal opened, almost looks like it's made of shadows.

"It's time to end this!" Sunset said and enter in the darkness.


"You're pretty good you know? I started to get worried that you won't even come!" Princess Luna said to the person wearing black coat.

"She was in danger, of course I will come. I only has a hard time to find this dream," 'Jack the ripper' said.

"Will you be with us to see the end of this despair?" Princess Luna asked.

"Believe in me. I has some ideas of what's going on here, and all that happened until now, it's only the beginning of the war!" Luna answered with a strange and fearsome smile.