• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 11- Children's of the dark

Sunset walk away from the dark portal.

She was in a familiar place, but she already expected that, thanks to Daydreamer Shimmer's tip, almost everythingwas already solved in Sunset's mind.

She was in a circular room. Walls made totally of stained glass, and in the middle there's a throne.

In this throne, Sunset Shimmer was waiting.

"Well, finally you did it, fake!" The Sunset in the throne said.

"Yes, finally I'm free of almost everything... There's just you now!" Sunset crossed her arms and answered.

A laugh. The other Sunset was laughing.

"Good, I'm happy that you're so confident! But now it's time of the truth, so... Did you has the answer to my questions?"

"Most of them!" Sunset said.

"Good... I'm waiting!"

"I know who you're not! You're not Sunset Shimmer, you are two different existences, you just assume that form to confuse me!"

Suddenly a mad and familiar laugh began, a crazy and insane laugh.

Coming from the Sunset in the throne.

She just cannot stop laughing.

"YES, FINALLY I FOUND YOU. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." After some time she finally stop laughing and asked playfully, "But there's two more questions, who am I, and who are you?"

"Half of you is the manifestation of the existence know as elements of harmony!" Sunset answered without doubt, and suddenly the Sunset in the throne divided in two.

One of them, is a beautiful woman, her hair has the colors of the rainbow, she wears a white dress, and her eyes also has the iridescent colors of the rainbow.

"And the other you, it's a existence that is exactly the opposite! You are a manifestation of the evil itself, you are the supreme monster..... You are Azi Dahaka!"

The other existence simply stared Sunset back, he don't laugh or do anything suspicious, but he's definetly is a monster.

Three meters, a humanoid form with completely white skin and three draconian heads, his body resembles a human body a little but completely out of the standarts, it's absurdly strong and intimidating.

The manifestation of evil.

"Good Sunset Shimmer! You discover everything!" The woman said with a gentle smile.

"Amazing indeed! I must say, after some time I tought that you won't be able survive and I will need another one!" Azi Dahaka said, his voice is cold and warm at the same time, it was a voice coming straight from the depths of hell, but with a amazing charm and sophistication.

"I tought that the elements wanted me here, not you," Sunset said now with doubt.

"No, I want you here, I laugh in your nightmares, and create a route to bring you here to us," Azi Dahaka said with one of his three heads.

"You laugh... In my nightmares? That dream, the one that I killed my friends and Applejack saw all that horrible things... It was you!" Sunset said now angrily.

Azi Dahaka sit on the ground and giggle for some seconds.

"Right and wrong my child, I made that dream? Yes! I laugh in that dream? Yes! But the one that show to your friend that vision is here!" Azi Dahaka pointed to the manifestation of the elements of harmony with one of his three heads.

The woman said nothing.

"What? Why? You should be at our side!" Sunset asked.

"And I am! That's why I made that girl see that. Those girls are simply too innocent, It is good, and bad. They need to understand what is the pain, to undestand what they need to protect!" The woman simply said, not a single drop of regret cold be felt in that voice.

"That's cruel!" Sunset said.

"In those times you see, the evil some times is not that bad, is it?" Azi Dahaka said smiling.

Sunset said nothing.

Azi Dahaka said with all three heads.

"Now young warrior, you know about her, and you know about me, but do you know about you?"

Sunset looked to the monster.

"Before, I has questions!" Sunset said.

"Enough of questions, answer us Sunset Shimmer!" The woman said coldly.

"Let the young one ask! That was always one of your biggest flaws, you're too impatient! Now go on little girl!" Azi Dahaka said gently.

Ok... That's a surprise! The supreme king of evil is actually a gentleman.

"Why do you almost just act here, inside my dreams, and not in the real world?" Sunset asked.

"That's easy, my true body is still sealed. My children's don't awake me yet! This is just a simple manifestation so I can has a funny talk with you!" Azi Dahaka said with all heads smiling.

"Got it... Not only you, the seal is the own elements of harmony, that's why she's here too!" Sunset said.

"Yes, indeed! Any more questions little kid?" Azi Dahaka asked.

"Who are 'your children's'?" Sunset asked.

"The opposite to the elements of harmony. They are my children's of the dark, their existence is made to awake me, you will recognize them by their pendants, just like your friends and the elements of harmony" Azi Dahaka said without interest.

"And only exists six elements of harmony, and more than that, only the representative of each element of harmony can utilize his respective element! That get us back to our question. Who are you, Sunset Shimmer?" The woman said.

Sunset walk.

She sit on the throne with confidence.

"I'm the opposite of Azi Dahaka. I'm the one made to stop his resurrection. That's my existence. This is Sunset Shimmer. The supreme weapon against the supreme being!" Sunset said with a confidence that she don't even know she has, and Azi Dahaka that was sitting on the ground all this time sudenly laugh.

He continue laughing.

A insane, intense and yet calm laugh.

He continue laughing for minutes.

A monster with a intense and insane laugh.


With a calm face the elements of harmony said.

"That's true, but for now you complete your mission. Awake, live, laugh and cry. Discover what is important or not. Just live your live Sunset Shimmer! We will wait!" The woman said gently.

"But before, I need to ask, do I know your children's of the dark?" Sunset asked.

"All of them will be from your school, this I can say!" Azi Dahaka said with a sadistic smile in each head, and Sunset's eyes wide open.

He don't needed to answer, but decide to. And Sunset don't liked that answer.

And then she noticed.

"Jack the ripper, is that woman one of your chosen one's?" Sunset asked.

"Yes and not. She is exactly like you! The seventh gear, she is the existence made only to fight you. That's why she saved you. Kill you is her job!" Azi Dahaka said with pleasure. "But now it's time of your awakening, we will meet again Sunset Shimmer. But until there, live and cry, suffer and laugh, and for now accept my farewell!" He said with a bow before disappear into nothingness.

Sunset looked to the woman.

"Why from my school? Why teenagers? He could choose anyone, why chose someone I know?"

"Exactly for that. The war don't even began and you're already suffering. This don't even begin and he is already winning!" The woman said. "But he is right too, go out there, just live your live, and when the time comes, you will know, until there, accept my farewells too!" The woman said before she disappears.


Four alicorns are looking to a person.

"Well, I think we should let you explain!" Princess Luna said to the woman.

"I don't has anything to explain. All of you already saw, right? what do I possibly need to say?" Luna said calmly.

"We can eliminate a danger to that girl, only by eliminating you, but here we are giving you a chance. So I think it will be wise use that chance!" Celestia said and Twilight and Cadence nodded.

"I don't pretend to explain nothing yet, but I also say, it's not a good idea challenge me here!" Luna said calmly.

"What can you do against four alicorns?" Twilight asked already preparing an attack.

"This!" Luna said and pointed to Twilight.

The alicorn fall on the ground without conscience and Cadence tried desperately to help.

"Relax, I only erase this little part of her memories, she will remember all this dream, just will forget everything about me. I won't hurt that girl," Luna said calmly. "But I think it's my time too. But I will say this, the better thing you all do, is don't tell to that girl about it. Farewell!" Luna said before disappearing into nothingness.

The three alicorns started to discuss the situation.


Sunset opened her eyes.

She was in a chair, outside of Applejack's house, it's raining a lot. Sunset looked around and saw six girls in the rain, all of them are crying.

"C'mon, why the long face? Did someone die and I don't know?" Sunset said with a weak smile.

All the girls looked to Sunset.


"Wait, don't tell me that someone actually die and I don't know!" Sunset asked worried.

The next thing she remember is six teenagers jumping straight in her, breaking the chair and making seven girls fall on the ground.

"YOU STUPID GIRL, YOU PROMISE ME THAT WE WILL GO THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!" Twilight screamed, while shaking the girl by the pajama collar.

"Seriously... Twilight... Stop, that... That hurts a lot...PLEASE STOP THAT, I'M WOUNDED" Sunset screamed.


Sunset just wanted to get back to the dream, the gentleman god of all evil looks a lot less dangerous than her friends now, but soon she felt two strong arms taking her away from those two and Applejack took Sunset away from the others girls.

"Good. Now sugarcube. WHAT DID YAH HAS IN YOUR HEAD? THERE'S MORE THINGS IN THE VOID!" Applejack screamed and shakes Sunset again.

Ok. Now it's official, she will die tonight.

"Calm down Applejack, now Sunset come with me. I will protect you," Fluttershy said and take Sunset away from Applejack.

Ok now she's afraid. A furious Applejack is way less scary than be under Fluttershy's wings, considering the Kitchen event.

But no one attacked anymore.

Everyone remember that kitchen.

No one challenge Fluttershy.

"Good, Now Twilight you know what to do, call Cadance and ask that thing you said she can do. And for you," Fluttershy finish the sentence with a whisper. "Make something stupid like that again and you won't like what I will do!" A whisper from the cold and killer other Fluttershy.

Now Sunset is afraid.

"Anyway Twilight. What is Fluttershy talking about?" Sunset asked.

"There's a possibility... That some of my old experiences... Uhhm... caught the attention of some... Dangerous people and forced us to find a... Doctor that don't make some questions!" Twilight said.

Sunset's mouth wide open.

Hell, she love that girl.

Twilight called Cadence.

Sunset put her head in Fluttershy's lap and relax.

A lot of different and strange girls.

She's in her home.