• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 1- Blood stained hands

Author's Note:

Well, this is my first fic and I only wish that you guys ignore my grammar mistakes. I'm from another country and learned English alone, so I wish you forgive me.
Finally I want to thank Czar_Yoshi for all the help he gave me to edit this story, and honestly the situation was pretty bad before he helped me!
Anyway enjoy the story.

She was on the ground. All of her friends lay on the ground with closed or desperate eyes.

Sunset Shimmer looked above her, only to see the existence she most hated smiling at her, a demon, another herself that she decided to call Sundown. Sunset gets up and tried to run from the abnormal being that chased her, and tripped on a corpse.

She looked and saw her best friend's beautiful face bloodstained.

Twilight Sparkle was dead, her characteristic glasses missing, the only person Sunset already loved was on the ground without breath. Sunset got up and run away trying not to cry while murmuring.

"It's just another nightmare, it's just another nightmare, it's just another nightmare!"

"Today it's just another nightmare, but soon this will be our perfect world," the she-demon said with trust and desire in her voice while approaching the beautiful corpse.

Sunset stopped and turned to face the she-demon.

"There's no way I would desire this... And get away from her!" Sunset said with fury in her voice.

Sundown touched twilight's face and smiled.

"You cannot protect anything, because my blood stained hands, are also yours..."

"ENOUGH" Sunset screamed with rage, she ran directly to the she-demon and give a punch in her face.

Sundown just patted sunset and she flies away.

Sunset murmured again.

"Just another nightmare, it's just another nightmare, it's just another nightmare"

Right. She just needed to wake up.

Then an alarm clock echoed.


Sunset was in her "bed" covered in sweat, she was in the abandoned factory that she called house

Just house, not a home.

After all, she was a runaway from Equestria, and needed a place to stay, but without this world's money, she couldn't pay for anything.

It was a good place, with kitchen, bathroom and others comforts, but she did not consider it her home, an home is a place where her heart belongs, not a ceiling upon her head. That's what Sunset believed. That's what her mother said, that's what Princess Celestia said.

The last three months had been filled with nightmares, Sunset remembered the camp Everfree, two weeks ago, and Twilight facing her inner demons, and thought about how strong Twilight was.

Sunset got up and started preparing herself to go to school and see the faces she most cared about.

Six faces. Six friends.

Suddenly the images from her nightmare flowed into Sunset mind.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash were two strong girls. Now that they had their magic, there wouldn't be anything to worry about, right?

'Wrong!' A voice said inside sunset's mind. Of course, they are strong, but still nothing against the she-demon's power.

Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Twilight also can't do anything against sundown's rage.

That's why she cannot afford to let the monster inside her mind goes out, if sunset becomes evil again, she certainly will kill all of them.

The strong Applejack will fall.

The loyal Rainbow Dash will succumb.

The warm Pinkie Pie will become cold.

The generous Rarity will lose her natural shine.

The kind Fluttershy will be forgotten.

And the smart Twilight will lose her light.

"Ok Sunset, calm down. They stopped you once, they can do this again, right?"

Sunset said to the mirror.

And the mirror answers.

" Do you really think so?" Sundown was in the mirror. "I am you, and did you make The same mistake's twice?"

"Yes, I do. Over and over again I make mistakes that I already have done," Sunset answered to the mirror.

"Only now. You are weak now. The old you never do the same mistake twice, and I offer to you power, the power to overcome any mistake, a power greatest than anything Celestia or Luna has dreamed about,"

"I don't need this power, I have friends now,"

"But without power can you protect them?"

Sunset did not answer.

"See? You are weak and pathetic, so answer me Sunset Shimmer... What can you do?"

Sunset couldn't answer.

"I'm waiting! What can you do to protect them from an enemy? Or protect them from me? Or even worse, protect them from you?"

"I never will hurt them, even if I need to rip off my own arms, I will never hurt them. Now if you excuse me, I need to go to the school!"

Sunset walked away, and the she-demon say before disappear.

"Ok, go to your stupid school and make friends, but when you lose them, will be worst!"

Sunset takes her bag and go to school, she wanted to talk with the girls, just to know they were all right.


Sunset already could see the school when she heard a familiar voice.

"Darling, you are horrible, did you sleep well?" Rarity asked worried her friend.

"The same as the last months,"

It wasn't a lie, her dreams are out of control there's three months right now. Each dream worst than the last.

"Estrange answer, miss Sunset Shimmer, are you hiding something from me?"

"I don't think so," Sunset said.

"OH, maybe it's about Twilight!"

"What? I say nothing about her, so why did you think it's something about her?" Sunset asked while blushing.

"You always act's different when our little nerd is involved, but don't worry, your secret is safe!"

"What secret?" Sunset asked, even if with the face completely red.

"Right darling, nobody notice. Anyway, why you're so sick?" Rarity said with a great smile.

"Nothing. Nothing happened,"

Fluttershy achieved the two girl's and waved.

"Hi, girls, some news after the weekend?"

"I don't know yet, Sunset don't talk what's wrong,"

"Like I said, there's nothing wrong,"

"Oh, goodness, something happened with Twilight?"

"WHAT? Why did you say this too?"

"Well, Sunset, to us that's not a secret," Fluttershy said.

"Ok, first what is not a secret, and when you say 'us', who is this 'us'?" Sunset asked.

"Well darling, all of us... Except for Twilight. Sometimes I wonder how that girl can be so smart to something's and so oblivious to others!"

"Ok, let's not talk about Twilight for now ok?"

Sunset accelerated the steps, only to see four others girls walking in their direction. Well, three walking and one bouncing around, and one of them were reading a really large book.

"HEY GIRLS, guess what, I make a lot of PANCAKES!" Pinkie Pie screamed.

"That's great, I forgot anything I could eat," Sunset said with a tired voice.

Twilight suddenly tripped when she heard Sunset's voice. Sunset holds on the slightly shorter girl.

"Hey, I really think you shouldn't read and walk at the same time, you know?" Sunset said with a gentle smile.

"Yeah, right, sorry,"

"You don't need to apologize!"

"Yea, sure, sorry,"

"Good Sugarcube, now let's try a word with a little more than six letters, right. I think you can do it," Applejack said while holding a laugh.

"Yeah, this totally should be easy to an egg-head like you, right? now let's try!" Rainbow Dash said while laughing a lot.

"Hey, I can do this, just look," Twilight coughed a little then say with pride. "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis".

All the girls stopped walking and stared at Twilight.

"Now, whata'hec was that?" Applejack asked.

"That's the biggest word in the English language," Sunset said," you asked her a bigger word and she found!" Sunset said while doing a high-five with Twilight.

"I'm not gonna even ask what is this thing, but we probably should be in the school right now isn't?" Rainbow Dash said only to go away from the egg-headed pair.


Sunset was in the math class but she didn't listen to a word, her mind was thinking about the previous phrase that sundown has said.

'Can you protect them?' Sunset tried to say to herself, there's no need to protect them right? What can be so horrible that those six cannot fight?

"You... You cannot protect them from yourself, can you?" This question appeared in sunset's mind, and the worst part is that it wasn't the she-demon voice that spoke. It was her own.

Sunset still in silence, but the voice didn't.

"You, you're the biggest danger that they never would expect, the reformed friend, the brave Sunset Shimmer, they will never see the danger coming right? Only the cold from the dagger in their backs."

"SHUT UP!" Sunset screamed, she looked around only to see that the students were in the lunch, except for two girls, Rarity and Twilight.

"But we said nothing yet Sunset..." Twilight said.

"We will just invite you to came with us, but I think we already know the answer," Rarity said and turned away.

"WAIT, it wasn't to you two, I'm sorry, I just..." Sunset doesn't finish the phrase.

"Just what darling?"

No answer.

"Just what Sunset?"

"I'm sorry, but can we just go to the lunch and pretend that this never happened?" Sunset asked with hope.

"Only for now, we will talk about it later ok?" Twilight said with authority.

"Ok for me!" Sunset answer.


All the seven friends were at their usual table, laughing and talking about anything that crosses their minds.

"I'm making some new gowns that it's just stunning, you won't even believe in your eyes when you see them!" Rarity said with pride.

"Oh, really? I'would never suspect!" Applejack said with sarcasm.

"Sunset, you won't eat your last pancake?" Pinkie asked with her mouth full of pancakes.

"I'll, but not now," Sunset said while looking at the window.

"Well, Sunset. If someone asks me you seem kinda-off recently," Rainbow Dash said also with the mouth full of pancakes.

"Don't talk with mouth full Rainbow Dash!" Rarity said.

"WHAT, Pinkie talk with the mouth full too, why you just said this to me?"

"Well, she's Pinkie Pie, that's normal. But you still need to follow the rules of etiquette," Rarity said with a wave of her hand.

"I don't know how, but that makes sense" Twilight said and push back her glasses. "I also give up on Pinkie, she challenges anything I believed before, why care about it now?"

"I just wanna go home, big mac should be just the lamp of the apple by now," Applejack said.

"To much work to do in the sweet apple acre?" Fluttershy asked.

"Much and even more, the cidra season is almost here," Applejack answer with a tired face.

"UUHUUUULLL. Slumber party!" Pinkie screamed.

"What, nobody said anything about it Pinkie," Applejack said.

"Yeah silly, but we always do it anyway, but this time we already decided," Pinkie says and eat her last pancake.

"You mean you decided right?" Rainbow dash asked this time empty mouth.

"Now that I think about it, we already have made a slumber party in everyone's house, except for Sunset's house," Rarity said.

Sunset froze in her seat.

"Truth," Applejack agreed,"where's your house anyway? ah' don't remember going there even once,"

"Well, we never saw Twilight's house too!" Sunset uses it as a chance to escape.

"This will also be Twilight's first slumber party with us, right?" Fluttershy said to Sunset's surprise.

"Yeah, I have a book about it, but I never participated in one," Twilight said smiling.

Good, I get out of this without a problem, right? Sunset thought.

"Well, it's decided. The next slumber party will be in Twilight's house, and the next will be at Sunset's!" Pinkie said with her smile as always bigger than her face.

The bell rings and the 7 went to their own classes.


After the school end, Sunset was the way to her house, while searching for a movement in the bushes, close to a big and old tree, after 30 seconds she saw. A cat completely black was there.

"Here, little one. Today I forget to make something to us, but I have pancake," She said and give her last pancake to the black cat.

Sunset sits beside the cat.

The cat eats some pancake and Sunset blew out.

"My nightmares are getting worse. I sleep and I'm forced to see what I love most be taken from me. All of them... All of them. I'm seeing their death or despair, over and over again. I'm afraid now. I think I'm starting getting really crazy. I can't take it much longer".

Over and over again. Night after night, she certainly can't support this for much longer.

The cat has stopped eating and just observe Sunset.

"You're strange, you know?" Sunset said giggling a bit. "Tomorrow I'll bring the same as always!" She said while observing the little cat eating the pancake.

She got up and continue her way. The cat just observes the girl walking away.


Sunset enter in her room, her "bed" was exactly the same way she let when she left, her "bed" were simply three drawers together with an old foam mattress on top.

Her pendant from camp everfree was in the nightstand.

She went in the kitchen, to find something to eat, and make something to the next day, to both, Sunset and the little black cat.

She saw him for the first time not too long after coming from Equestria.

A really little cat, a kitten certainly, Sunset was the "bad" Sunset in that time, but without an obvious motivation she just cannot pass straight, she gives to the cat part of her lunch and go away. Again and again, she does that, and now almost three years later she still going to see him. Even at weekend. She never fails with that.

She made her vegetarian lunch and something with tuna to the little cat.

After that, she goes to her room, make the homework and finished the book she was reading.

It was a book about the Zoroastrianism, an ancient mythology, based mainly on the duality of the universe.

Good and evil, creation and termination. Ying and yang.

This religion has a great and powerful monster. He was created by the primordial god of evil.

His name was Azi Dahaka. An immeasurable powerful monster, the personification of the human evil itself. That monster cannot be killed, and only was sealed by a man named Thraetaona.

Seriously, what kind of name is that?

The reason she was reading this kind of book is that they remember a little about Equestria, mythology, magic, monsters, it's almost like being in her home again.

But it was already late in the night, and she cannot avoid her "bed" forever.

"Okay. Here goes nothing," Sunset said with a really tired voice and go to her "bed" face her own inner battle.