• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 3- My past?

Sunset was in the middle of a strange circular room. All the walls were made of stained glasses, with a lot of different colors, but mainly red, gold and purple, in the middle of the strange room, there's a throne.

And that's all. Nothing more. No friends dying, no friends tortured, nothing.

"Ok, what's the trick Sundown?" Sunset asked loudly.

"Well, you called me by my name. I'm flattered," Sundown appeared from behind the throne. "Not only that, you also dare challenge me! What's this Sunset? It's a shadow of your past?"

"My past? I already told you once. My past did not define me!" Sunset answer.

"You know that this is just a lie. That was before the sirens, and then you saw, doesn't matter who you become, Sunset Shimmer, you will always be the seventh gear, for the others you're not relevant... Well, at least, not anymore!"

Sundown looks to one piece of glass in particular and so does Sunset.

In the stained glass, there's Twilight's image, then she appeared in another and other again until at least 15 stained glasses reflects her images, half reflect the princess, and the other half reflects the scientist.

"Why you're showing me Twilight's image?"

"You know very well why," A voice spoke, but it wasn't Sundown, Sunset looked at the origin of the voice. In the throne, there's a beautiful young lady, with a red and gold hair, and amber skin.

She saw herself on the throne, with a disgusting eye in the face.

"So, let me guess, you're the old me, right?" Sunset asked frowned, those nightmares pissed her off enough.

A laugh began. Sundown was laughing like crazy, like as if the day she always dreamed finally become true.

"Seriously, the only missing part now is a sexy blond guy with blue eyes and completely crazy, and everything will be perfect!" Sundown continues laughing.

"You say that now, that person would use you as a toothpick!" The Sunset in the throne answer.

"What is this? Some kind of reference?" Sunset asked.

"You can say that you fake," The throne Sunset said while pointing to Sunset.

"What? I'm the real one, you're the impostor!"

"Are you sure of that?" Sunset simply asked.

But Sunset did not answer.

"C'mon, it's an easy question! So answer me, the real one. Are you sure?" The sunset in the throne asked again.

"Who exactly are you?" The real Sunset asked.

"I'm the past you. But also the future you, I'm your shadow, I'm your true self!" The Sunset in the throne said.

Sunset said nothing, she just waits to see where this will end.

"And I know your secrets because they're mine too. I know you never loved the princess, I know you're obsessed with the scientist. But you still with two fears that both of them give to you," The Sunset in the throne was smiling now, Somehow this smile is worst than Sundown's.

"And what feelings were?" Sunset said sarcastically.

"Envy and mainly fear," The Sunset in the throne said.

And the other Sunset frozen.

"In the end, you still envy the princess that possesses everything you wanted, from wings to friends, she has everything,"

"Yeah, that's true, problem?" Sunset said, she feared that if she lies to the other self, she will become stronger.

"No, not at all. But the best part is always the fear, you know?"

"Okay, I'm waiting!" Sunset pretending to be brave but inside she's almost screaming.

"When the other Twilight appears, you understood. Your paper in this drama, it only fills the hole that Princess Twilight has left behind. Now they have their own Twilight to themselves. They don't need you, seventh gear!" The Sunset in the throne said and pointed at the other Sunset again."Now answer me, are you sure, you fake? And at last also answer: Who am I?".

Sunset needs time. Time to think, to organize her thoughts.

"Well fake. Look's like you need time, and I'll give it to you. Come and see me when you're ready!" The Sunset in the throne said, but her voice was a bit different, more calm and gentle.

"WHAT? That's not our deal. You said..." Sundown screamed.

"I know what I promise, and I never break a promise! So shut up! Your plans will just need to wait a little bit!" Now her voice was back to normal. The Sunset in the throne got up and walk in the direction of the other self, she put two fingers in Sunset's forehead.

"Now awake. But I will say this to you. You can continue living in this illusion you called friendship, but thanks to that, when you wake up, you will still in a nightmare!"

Sunset awake.

She was in her "bed" again, she sits and looks outside, it was dark, she looked to the alarm clock and saw It was 05:00 o'clock.

Maybe even Applejack was sleeping! Sunset smiled with that though, but she remembers the other self's words.

Why she can't deny them? Unlike what her friends thought, she never, even during one second, loved the princess. She only fell friendship and envy.

And even more right were the words about the other Twilight.

She definitely is in love with her, but still, see her as an enemy. In one second the others could think 'hey, we already have a Twilight, why we need a Sunset?'

Sunset fear that. She felt tears in her eyes just by imagine this situation.

Sunset goes to the bathroom and looked in the mirror while based in the sink.

"Maybe I need some time to myself. I think I'm not going to the school today..." Sunset said, she turns away and leave the bathroom.


The telephone rings. It's Pinkie.

"Hey Pinkie, how you..."


Sunset put the cellphone to far from her ear, actually, she never heard Pinkie curse before.

"Calm down Pinkie. I just am a little sick, so I'm not going to the school today,"

"Okay, where did you live, we're gonna pass in your house and..."


"What, why? Hey, Sunset, where did you liv..." But Sunset turned the phone off.

"Shit, what have I done?" Sunset said.


"She turned off," Pinkie said.

"Okay, that's not normal!" Rainbow said.

"Hum, actually, did someone knows where she lives?" Twilight asked.

"Humm, actually... No idea!" Applejack answered.

"Did someone else noticed that always that we ask about it she changes the subject?" Rarity asked.

"Like that time we're talking about slumber parties?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes, she is really hiding something from us, but what?" Twilight asked and adjust her glasses.

"Without knowing where she lives, there's just one option!" Rainbow Dash said with confidence.

"You don't say..." Applejack started talking, but Rainbow interrupted.

"Girls, take your phones! Let's call and send so many messages that she will get crazy!" Rainbow said triumphantly.


After two hours of constant's messages, emails and a lot more of kinds of stuff from her friends, Sunset finally turn off the cell phone battery.

Sunset was in the main room, watching in a not so old TV, a movie about zombies.

She wanted to think about nothing, so, what's better than a lot of people that can't think anymore? She thought, but when the zombies started riding bikes, she gives up.

"C'mon, they can't even use their brains, how can they ride bikes, that's ridiculous!" Sunset said and eat a little more of popcorn.


Sunset was in the street, waiting for her friends. They arrive after some minutes and Sunset know is better begun with some excuse about where she lives...

"Look, about that thing of where I live, I can explain. It's just..." But Sunset Was interrupted.

"We don't need your excuses Sunset!" Rainbow Dash said angrily.

"What? But I..." Sunset tried to say.

"Actually dear, we don't need you anymore," Rarity said.

"Huh? Wait, it's just a joke right?" Sunset said with a great weight in her chest and tears in her eyes.

"Looks like we're joking, Sunset Shimmer?" Pinkie said.

"But I've made nothing wrong!" Sunset tried to an argument.

"I think our friendship cannot continue Sunset!" Twilight said.

"But I..."

"But nothing Sunset. We don't need a bad apple between us!" Applejack cuts.

"Fluttershy... Fluttershy... You don't think like that, right?" Sunset said with a desperate smile between tears.

Fluttershy stays quiet.


"I also think like them... Goodbye Sunset..." Fluttershy said.

Sunset's heart's almost stopped.

All the six girls turned, and walk away.

Sunset tried to run after them, but she falls on the ground. She observed the girls in the distance and cried, her legs somehow didn't work anymore, She just cried.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please, I don't know what I've done to all of you, but please forgive me. Please forgive me!" She screamed, the tears simply don't stop. "Please, don't leave me alone anymore. I can't handle. Please, please, I love all of you. Please. Don't leave me alone..."

She cried desperately.

Them she felt a little pain in her face.


Sunset woke, she was crying a lot, while trying to wipe away her tears Sunset felt the little and almost unnoticed wound, she looked at her lap and finally understand her situation.

This wound woke her. That hurt save her heart.

A little black cat was there in her lap.


Fluttershy was looking through the school's mirror, just watching the rain falling is something she does to calm down.

"It's raining a lot won't you think?" Pinkie said to Fluttershy.


"Why you're worried? Even if I probably know the answer..." Pinkie tried to say with humor.

"I'm still too worried about Sunset," Fluttershy answered.

"Yeah," Pinkie said really sadly. "I'm worried too!"

"It's pathetic that we didn't understand that there's something wrong before!" Fluttershy said between tears of rage of herself.

Pinkie Pie hugged her friend from behind.

"Calm down Shy, we'll make everything okay, right? So please don't cry..." Pinkie said between her own tears. The two girls stay in this way for a few minutes.

"Thanks, Pinkie. You're the best!" Fluttershy said.

"Don't let Rainbow hear that, ok?" Pinkie teased and both girls laugh for a little time and go to they're own homes.


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you," Sunset said while hugging the little cat. "But why you're here?" She said while wiping out her tears.

"You don't appear today," The cat said.

Sunset stared at the black cat.

"Did you just talked with me?" Sunset asked worried with her own mental sanity.

"Yes, that's this pendant's power, right? It just evolved. Now you can talk directly with the mind of someone close to you," The cat said with a neutral face.

"And how did you know that?"

"You talk to me there's three years. I listen you know? That's why when you don't appear today I've been worried. Those nightmares are worrying me Sunny," The cat said.

"You're worried about me? Wait... Sunny?" Sunset said while blushing.

"Of course I'm worried, and don't you like that nickname?"

"No, that's not it, actually I really like it. Just hear it makes me calm down," Sunset said smiling.

"Glad to hear it,"

"Hey, can I make a selfish wish?" Sunset asked

"Just tell me," The cat said with confidence.

"Can you stay with me a little more?"

"With pleasure, my lady!"

Sunset was blushing again.

After some time watching movies with the cat Sunset suddenly asked.

"Hey, did you have a name?"

"Why you ask?" The cat asked back.

"You can talk, it's smart and has conscience. Nothing fairer than calling you by your name," She explained.

"My name is Yuki, in the Japanese language it means 'snow',"


"Make a joke, I challenge you!"

Sunset laughs and laughed more. She laughs in a way she doesn't do since the beginning of the nightmares.

And the black cat just smiled and said:

"Welcome back. My queen!" But Sunset didn't listen.


"I have some things to do, I'll try to get back as soon as possible. But I don't think I'm back until tomorrow," Yuki said late at night.

"Don't worry, we'll meet in the same place as always, okay?" Sunset said.

"It's a promise!" Yuki said, then leave.

Sunset goes take a shower, and prepare itself for the next day.


After class, wandercolts statue.

"Okay, here's the plan!" Rarity said to the other girls. "Tomorrow we won't ask about her house!"

"What? But how we will know about where she lives?" Rainbow asked loudly.

"That's the thing after the school Applejack will follow Sunset. Then we're gonna reunite in the school statue, as always and she's gonna guide us!" Rarity said.

"Wait, why ah'll be the one following?" Applejack asked.

"You're strong, and also you won't let she get away from your view, and you're not so easily distracted as the rest of us," Rarity answered without a doubt.

"Wait, why Applejack, and not me?" Rainbow said obviously hurt.

"Well, darling... Oh, look a wanderbolts poster!"

"Wait, WHAT, WHERE?" She asked as look to all the sides and uses her super speed to try to find her target.

"Sounds good to me!" Applejack agreed and all the girls walk in the direction of her homes, except Rainbow Dash, she's still searching the wanderbolts poster.

Author's Note:

The reference in the beginning is from a anime named "densetsu no yuusha no densetsu".