• Published 30th May 2017
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I need help. - Lieral

After months of nonstop nightmares, Sunset just have to decide one last thing, she tell to her friends or fight against it alone.

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Chapter 7- Luna

Band room.

Five girls were talking and simply enjoying the after class.

"Why you're with that journal, Twilight?" Pinkie Pie asked somehow she was upside down on the top of the wardrobe.

"Sunset asked me a favor... She was ashamed that she were ignoring the Princess there's weeks. So she asked to me to explain everything in her place," Twilight said and pushed her glasses to her nose again.

Seeing again the characteristic abit of her friend Rarity couldn't help but say: "I must admit darling, you're really cute when you do that thing with your glasses, I can understand why Sunset is.... Oh, forget what I say please..." She said nervously now.

"What? Sunset what?" Twilight asked genuinely confused.

"Well, you see..."

"We're back!" Sunset said while entering the room while Fluttershy wiping out her last tear.

"Oh, Sunset, I was talking about you, I bring the first aid kit, as you asked," Rarity said really fast.

"Thanks! I really need it,"

"If you need it so much, isn't better a hospital?" Applejack asked while took the dust out of her hat.

"I can't go to a hospital..."

"Why Sunset?" Twilight said while writing on the journal.

"I'm a runaway from Equestria when I first came here, I used some gold coins to buy fake documents. If I end in a hospital, they will discover everything, and who knows what they would do with me? Put me in a shelter? Or a sanatorium? In the worst case, I will be obligated to run back to Equestria!" Sunset explained.

"NO, YOU CAN'T DO IT!" Twilight screamed as loud as she could.

Every girl looked at Twilight, which was blushing so furiously that her face looks like Sunset's hair.

But she was saved.

"Oh, look, Princess Twilight is writing," Twilight said as the journal sparkle.

"Anyway, that's why I need your help now Rarity,"

"Ok darling, I understand. Now, where's your wound?"

Sunset blushed.

"Well... You see... It's on my back, I'm without a bra because it kinda hurts!" Sunset said blushing.

Twilight stopped writing, and look ahead as if the biggest treasure of the world is in front of her, Rainbow Dash cover her mouth while laughing at her friend's face, and the fact that she pressed the pen with so much strength that the pen broke on her hands, but Twilight don't care, the 'one piece' was blushing in front of her.

"Well, let's see this wound!" Rainbow said and wipe out a tear of joy from her eyes.

Sunset turned away and took off her leather jacket.

Twilight hold her breath.

Sunset took off her shirt and all the girls hold their breaths.

In Sunset's perfect back, there are just two wounds, the wounds began in her shoulders, and end in her waist, forming a great 'X'.

"Oh, Sugarcube! what'hec happened to yah?" Applejack asked.

"There's no way that this won't let a scar for all your life, my darling!" Rarity said

"Haha, thanks... Actually, I don't even thought about it before!" Sunset said and held her scream when Rarity touched her wound.

"You're with that thing during all day and we didn't see it? How?" Pinkie said.

"I hide my pain for three months... I learned how to support a thing or two... Ouch, but that hurt a lot" Sunset said, with her back turned to her friends, she was blushing furiously, and was mainly trying to don't think about Twilight looking at her back.

"I hate this... We didn't saw anything, and mainly, you don't tell anything, hide everything from us, as if you don't trust in us. Your best friends!" Fluttershy said sadly.

Sunset sweated cold, her memories in the kitchen coming back.

The other Fluttershy, that cold Fluttershy, someday this will be a nightmare.

"Anyway Sugarcube, can you tell us your nightmare?" Applejack changed the subject.

Sunset holds a scream again. Rarity is cleaning the wound.

"Sorry. But it's the first time I treat that kind of... Wound," Rarity apologize.

"Don't... Worry. I can handle this. Anyway, about my nightmare..."


Sunset was on a street, made completely of rock. It's raining a lot, actually making almost impossible to see at distance, those streets somehow are familiar, she thought. A photo. She remembers, this place is London.

But why? She never thought too much about this place before.

Then, she heard. Metal. Dragging in stone.

Sunset turned around, and suddenly she felt pain on her leg.

"Shit, I almost forgot you..." Sunset said to her thighs, she looked around again. Sparkles. She saw sparkles on the streets at distance. Someone is coming and dragging some kind of dagger or sword with him, Sunset walk as fast as she could, but she cannot run... So, the only strategy is to think.

It certainly it's a nightmare. It means danger! Avoid the sword. But how? She looked around, and saw a good cane in a store, she broke the window and stole an iron cane.

The sparkles were getting closer, but the person cannot be seen yet.

Sunset tried to walk away, certainly, it's faster, but not enough, and a piece of paper fell in front of Sunset.

She took the paper and walk away, searching for a place to hide, she found a good store, and hide beneath a table, then, she reads the paper.

'You has your pendant, learn how to use it'

Seriously? An advice? Ok now it's official, this is not one of Sundown's nightmares.

My pendant has some kind of mental powers. How use it against an armed enemy? Sunset thought.

Maybe she was thinking about it wrong.

How did Sunset use magic in Equestria? Her horn! Maybe it's it, simply uses her pendant as a substitute, she already tried it before, but without results, but without a better plan she tried to use her magical powers, concentrating she looked to a specific chair and do exactly like she does in Equestria.

The chair moved alone. It works! But this can't be so easy!, she already tried this before in the real world and failed... It is a dream, some people can control their dreams, she read.

So she tried to use a magic almost forgotten to her, Celestia never liked that magic, but Sunset learned anyway, it's a magic to neutralize some of her brain impulses, so it makes the person (or pony) don't feel pain on a certain part of her body. Sunset used this magic and stand up, it works.

The sparkles are back.

However is this person, she wanted to be noticed. Using the sword to advertise her victims, this person is sadistic, she liked to see their victims... no, to people like that, the others are prey.

Sunset run from the store, so she saw a little of the stalker, a black and long coat, a mask, probably ceramic, nothing that could help the girl to find her stalker's identity.

Sunset just run, she doesn't feel pain on her leg anymore, but the wound is still there, that's the danger of that magic. Sunset now needs some way to attack. She concentrated and tried to use a laser beam from her hand, as she does with her horn.

But it failed, and the enemy wasn't behind her anymore.

She looked ahead, on the rain her enemy was there, just waiting.

Sunset stopped and got in guard.

With an amazing speed the enemy attack with his blade, Sunset blocked with the iron cane, but that person attached twice more, aiming Sunset's stomach, she used the cane to block the attacks but the second strike cut the cane in two.

She looked to the person, she doesn't know if it's a man or woman, but she already understands something, her biggest problem in the school is certainly history, but she remembers enough. "I know who you are," She said defiantly.

The strange person took a piece of paper from the inner pocket and pointed to Sunset.

'Good! And how am I?' It was written.

"You are the biggest fear in London in 1888... You are Jack the Ripper!"

The figure nodded, and taking another paper she started writing something, the great medieval sword at his side, carved in the ground.

'Good. You're right. Did you know how to use your pendant?' It was written.

"How did you know about my pendant?" Sunset asked surprised.

On the cold rain, the person just looked to Sunset, his mask is an impartial face.

Sunset pointed at Jack and tried again to use her magical power.

It works this time, a brilliant green beam, the same color as her own eyes, the green beam almost hit Jack, but he avoids the close range magic.

Sunset runs away... They were just 7 feet's away, how he avoided that? Jack started running too, the sword on his back.

Sunset looked to behind and saw nothing but the heavy rain, she looked ahead and Jack was just waiting for the young girl.

Sunset uses her laser again, and this time she sends Jack flying.

But she understands something.

Jack stood up as if nothing happened.

"You gave me the first paper!" He's way faster than me, she thought and tried to find anything else to say, only to gain time and prepare a stronger attack.

Jack put his hand on his pocket and pointed to Sunset.

Sunset put her hand in her pocket too.

There's a paper.

'Look ahead, never took your eyes from an enemy'

Sunset look ahead scared. Nobody was there, so the girl just run ahead, hoping for the security on the nothingness ahead, but it was too late, a great cut was given on her back, the pain was astronomical, if she stayed in the same place she would have died, but the enemy doesn't stop.

Jack used a tackle hitting Sunset's back with his shoulder and attack twice with his sword, Sunset created a magical shield defending both attacks, and counterattack with a beam, but Jack avoids again.

"I know you will avoid," When Jack was behind Sunset, she used a charged beam on Jack's leg, severing wounding him. "Now I'm the fastest!" Sunset said and put all her magic on her right hand.

Jack strikes and Sunset avoids four slashes and kick her enemy on his stomach, but when Jack jumped to behind, he used his sword on a vertical attack, cutting Sunset right in her burned arm, Sunset attached anyway.

"YOU'RE FINISH!" Sunset screamed triumphantly and used all her power in a ultra-concentrated beam.

Jack simply stayed, he doesn't even try to avoid.

Jack attacked and cut the own magic.

Sunset was petrified, that's insane, that's not even possible! that's everything she could think about it, then Jack disappeared, and Sunset felt an intense pain on her back again and fall on the ground.

She looked at Jack and saw something strange.

On his neck, there's a black version of Sunset's pendant.

The enemy tried to kill her while on the ground, but despite the pain, Sunset rolled away and kicked Jack's hand sending his sword to far away.

Jack materialize a totally silver scythe and attack, but Sunset teleports herself to behind Jack and kicked his knee with all her strength until she heard a satisfactory crack.

Jack jumped away and Sunset used that chance to take the fallen sword, certainly a better weapon than a cane. Jack stayed in feet with just one leg, and use his magic in his scythe.

Sunset felt another paper in her pocket.

"I will wait for when you're ready for a serious fight,"

That's it.

Sunset put the paper into her pocket again.

"Leave it to me!"

A thunder roar.

The two attacked together.


"AND WHAT?" Rainbow Dash screamed.

"Then, I wake up!" Sunset simply answered.

"No, it can't be over yet!" Rainbow complaints sadly.

"Well, we should think on the important things of the dreams! Can you use others magic's now?" Twilight said, as always the brain of the group.

"I only tried to levitate some things, but it actually works! I just don't understand why it didn't work before..." Sunset said thoughtfully.

"Well, that's a positive thing! But with this scar as a price, you deserve a better reward than that!" Rarity said.

Then suddenly the door opened.

Vice-principal Luna was there, eyes looking straight to Sunset's wound.

"Sunset Shimmer, what in the world has happened with you?" Luna said loudly.

"Look I can explain," Sunset said and put her shirt back, it actually hurts.

"In my room, please?" Luna open passage.


Outside Luna's room, the six girls are waiting, Twilight almost hyperventilating... But inside, there's just Luna and Sunset.

It's a dark room, pretty comfortable actually.

"Well, miss Shimmer. Give me a good reason to don't send you to a hospital immediately!" Luna said sitting on her chair.

"First: I'm a runaway from another world, with fake documents, and this obviously will give more than just a small problem! Second: There's no way I can explain this kind of wound, without being considered a complete lunatic and send to a sanatorium faster than I can say: Jack the Ripper!" Sunset said fast.

Luna just stared. "I must admit, you have good reasons, and in this particular case, we will need to think about it delicately. But in this case, I must ask: How did this happened?"

"Well, you see..." Sunset said and explained everything important.

"I see... You're lucky for survive! Is not any person that can say that fought Jack the ripper and got away with life," Luna said.

"Wait. Did you believe in me?" Sunset needed to ask.

"Well, I may have talked once, or twice with my equestrian counterpart," Luna revealed.

Sunset's mouth was wide open.

"And actually, as you may know, the dreams are her... Actuation area," Luna suggested.

When Sunset tried to say something, a great commotion happened outside, both Luna and Sunset exit the room and take a huge surprise.

There's two Twilight's.


"I'm sorry?" Sunset tried to say.

"OH! I'm sooo better now! Anyway, you come with me!" The princess said.

"Wait, what? To where?" Sunset asked worried as Twilight hold her hand and walk away.

"Equestria! Princess Luna should know something about your problems!"

"Wait, and you decided this alone?"

"I would have talked with you first, but you ignored me there's weeks!" Princess Twilight said already in front of the portal.

"Ok, I'll go with you, but please, Twilight, came with me!" Sunset asked, obviously worried about the situation.

"Wait, what? I mean, sure I'll go with you!" The human Twilight said and follow the others two happily.

The three girls enter inside the portal to another world.

"Well... Now what?" Applejack asked.

The vice-principal Luna sit on the grass in front of the statue with legs crossed.

"Umm, what you're doing?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"I promise that I'll wait, so that's what I will do!" Luna said.

"When did you promise that?" Fluttershy asked.

"Who knows?" Luna answer.

"Well, it's 6:00 o'clock. We can wait too!" Rarity said.

After 30 minutes, all the girls were talking and Luna was still at the same position, then something caught her attention.

At her side, a small black cat sits and stay.