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Power Rangers: Guardians of Harmony - Banshee531

Centuries ago, ten Elements were lost. Now a new threat has come to our world and it's up to five young heroes to become our protectors, to become Power Rangers Guardians.

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The Team Unites

On Darklight's ship Heart Breaker and Doom Raizer were walking through the cells, trying to decide which monster they should release in an attempt of taking the Ranger's Elements.

"What about this one?" Doom asked pointing out a monster in one of the cells.

"Weak," Heart said.

"This one?" Doom asked pointing to another.


"Then how about this one?" he asked pointing to another.

"Don't make me laugh."

"You know," Doom said, "this would go a lot easier if you actually told me what each of them did."

"This is boring," Heart said obviously not hearing what he had said, "why don't we forget picking a monster and go down to earth for a romantic walk."

"We have a job to do," Doom said, "where's Cogs? He'll actually be useful."

"Cog's busy," they both turned to see Darklight walking up to them. "He's working on something for me, but in the meantime have you two picked an monster to attack with?"

"I would if someone told what each of them did," Doom said.

"Enough of this," Darklight said before turning to a monster in a cell. It was a giant humanoid turtle monster with green skin and an orange shell. "Shellblast!"

"M...M...Me?" the giant turtle asked.

"Yes you," Darklight said, "you want your freedom don't you?"

"Oh course," Shellblast said, "but I don't want to end up like Crushclaw."

"Crushclaw was weak," Darklight said, "your strong."

"No I'm not," he said shaking before he suddenly retracted his body into his shell, which then shrank to the size of a normal turtle.

"That's his power?" Doom said, "it's useless."

"Maybe," Darklight said, "unless..."

It was another normal day in the city, with the only acceptation being news of a new team of heroes who saved the city from alien attack.

Meanwhile Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy arrived at school. They along with their friends and the new Rangers had all been signed up to the School Support Team, as a cover for coming to the school everyday to help with the Rangers.

The two stepped inside and made their way towards the empty wall. Without even a seconds thought they walked right up to it and phased through, finding themselves in the Command Centre. "Morning," Rainbow said when she saw her friends.

Twilight and Sunset were in the lab area with Celestia and Luna, while Pinkie and Rarity were sitting on some seats watching Flash, Micro and Sandel. The three boys had their Elements in hand and had magic surrounding them, coming from Starswirl's staff as he was muttering something under his breath.

"What's happening?" Rainbow asked.

"Starswirl said he needed to do a little fine tuning to the boys," Rarity replied.

Finally the magic ceased and the boys were released, each looking slightly dizzy. "Head rush," Flash said trying to regain his balance.

"Don't worry," they turned to see Lyra and Sweetie walking in from another room, both wearing aprons. "It only lasts a few minutes...half hour tops."

"Is it done?" Celestia asked walking over from the lab.

"Indeed," Starswirl said, "the boys are in perfect order."

"You talk like we're a bunch of toys," Micro said.

"This is serious," Luna said, "we have to be sure there weren't any complications during the bonding."

"And we had to make sure the enchantments were all working," Celestia agreed.

"What enchantments?" Pinkie asked.

Starswirl explained. "When an Element bonds to a being, they infuse them with certain magics to improve there abilities as Guardians. These magics form enchantments that as you've seen improve the users physical strength as well as reduce how long it take to recover from injury."

"And then there's the one enchantment Starswirl had to neutralise," Lyra said.

"Which is?" Flash asked, wondering what they would want to get rid of.

"Immortality," Starswirl said. "Finding worthy Guardians isn't as easy as you'd think, so in order to make sure there was always somepony able to protect Equestria the Elements would stop the one bonded to them from ageing. If left as you were, the three of you would have remained how you are now forever."

"And that's a bad thing?" Flash asked.

"We don't know how long it'll take to find the rest of the Elements," Luna said. "If it takes years and you lot don't age in that time, it could have drawn suspicion."

"I guess you got a point," Sandel said.

"Besides," Sweetie said, "eternal youth isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"Whatever do you mean?" Rarity asked, "it sounds delightful."

"It isn't," Sweetie replied, "trust me."

"What do you mean?" Fluttershy asked.

"Sweetie Drop bonded to her Element in nineteen twenty five," Celestia explained, "during the American Prohibition. Because of that she stopped ageing and didn't die."

"But wait," Micro said, "doesn't that make her-"

"A hundred and nine," Sweetie answered.

Everyone's jaws dropped at that.

"Surprise," she said sheepishly.

"But," Twilight said, "That would mean you've lived through the Depression, World War Two and who knows what else."

"Yeap," Sweetie replied.

"Man," Sandel said, "history class must be a cake walk for you."

"Pretty much," she said.

"And in all that time you never learned to properly bake a cake," Flash said. He still got teased for what happened during the Friendship Games, but Sweetie just rolled her eyes.

At that moment, Applejack walked into the room, wearing the same apron as Sweetie and Lyra. "Morning y'all."

"Just in time," Celestia said, "it's about time to get to work." She took out a box and handed it to Flash, who opened it to find a bunch of aprons.

"I thought the School Support thing was just a cover," Rainbow said.

"It won't be much of a cover if people show up and your not doing it," Luna said.

"Rats," Rainbow said, pulling an apron out with everyone else.

As Micro put on his apron, his vision glanced over to a nearby table where an open book was laying. That book happened to be open on a page with the image of a creature on it, which the spectacled teen recognised. "Whose book is this?" he asked holding it up.

Everyone turned to see him. "It's mine," Flash said, walking over and taking it. "Well actually it's my dads."

"The creature on that page," Micro said pointing to it, "that's the one that attacked us in the quarry."

This caught everyone's attention, making them rush over to see.

"He's right," Rainbow said.

"Yeah," Sandel said, "I should know. I was so close to that thing, I could smell its breath."

"That is Doom Raizer," they all looked at Starswirl, "he is Darklight's right hand and was the only one that was able to get through the portal before I disabled it."

"So he's been here for a thousand years?" Flash asked, "and my dad must have encountered him."

Before anything else could be asked, an alarm went off and the holotable activated showing a map. Sunset rushed to the device and started tapping away.

"Do you even know what your doing?" Rainbow asked.

"Twilight and I have been studying this equipment thoroughly," Sunset replied, "we got the basic idea."

"So?" Flash asked.

"Magic energy signatures," she said, "coming from the park."

"It must be Darklight," Lyra said.

"Let's go," Flash said before the five Rangers rushed out of the Command Centre.

A little while later the Rangers were rushing through the park on route to the coordinates Sunset had sent them.

"Over here," Micro said up front as they finally made it to the area. "This is the spot where the signal came from."

"They can't have gotten far," Flash said only for the hairs on the back of his neck to rise at the sense of danger.

At that moment lazor blasts went off, narrowly missing the teens who were forced to shield themselves.

"Well well well," they all looked over at a wooded area of the park, where a small army of Shades walked out lead by a pair of monsters. One was rouge coloured with hearts covering her body, while the other wore dark blue armour with cogs attached. "What do we have here? A group of humans who think their something special."

"Who's this oversized Valentines gift?" Lyra asked.

"Names Heart Breaker," she said, "my associate here is Cogs."

What are you doing here?" Sandel asked them.

"We're here for a meet a greet," Heart said, "allow me to introduce the one who will grant your slow and painful demise. The ultimate unicorn and future ruler of the multiverse...Darklight." In that second a bolt of lightning struck the ground between the two faction, and in its wake stood the one the Rangers assumed was Darklight.

"Well well well," he said growling, "these are the Rangers who destroyed my monster?"

"Power Rangers," Sweetie declared making the monsters laugh.

In that moment Micro spotted something a ways back at the tree line. Patting Flash's shoulder he pointed as said, "Doom, right there."

Flash followed his direction and sure enough there was the creature from his fathers journal. He saw Doom glance at Darklight, before giving some kind of hand gesture which the villain nodded to before the spiky monster stepped back into the forest.

"As I was saying," Darklight said, "you the trouble makers who stole my Elements."

"The Elements belong to no one," a voice spoke out from nowhere. Seconds later there was a puff of smoke, revealing Starswirl in its wake.

"Starswirl," Darklight growled.

"Especially not to you," Starswirl continued.

"My dear old friend," Darklight said, "you thought you could stop me by throwing me into another universe. Big mistake! I travelled all over the multiverse, dominating my way from world to world in my search of the Elements. Over time I amassed an army of the strongest monsters from each world. In trying to stop me you only made me stronger and soon I will have my Elements."

"The Rangers posses the powers of the Guardian Elements," Starswirl said, "the greatest magic of Equestria flows through them. If you try to take the Elements, you will only know you destruction." And with that Starswirl disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving the five Rangers to face the monsters alone.

"Starswirl?" Micro called out hopefully, but no reply.

"It's cool," Sandelwood said, "we got this...I think."

"Not so tough without your precious wizard to back you up," Cogs said, raising his axe.

"Let's finish this," Darklight said as they readied for battle.

"It's Morphin Time!" Lyra said, as she and three other Rangers took out their Magi-Chargers. However one Ranger was still staring off into space. "Flash!" she called, getting his attention and seeing what was happening took out his own.

"Magi-Chargers!" He called out holding his out.

"Ready!" the others said doing the same.

At that moment Darklight held up his clawed hand, as electricity surged through them and fired off magic blasts that caused explosions around the Rangers. "ENERGISE!" They yelled before being consumed by the explosions.

"YAY!" Heart Breaker said with a skip, "you destroyed them."

"Think again!" They looked back to see the smoke clear and five brightly coloured Power Rangers rush out towards them

"ATTACK!" Darklight ordered.

The two sides collided, doing battle with each other.

Micro was the first in holding his blaster and firing off, hitting Shades with perfect precision. Until Cogs showed up, swinging his axe at him. "What's with the distance attacks?" he asked the ranger, "to scared to face me head on. I guess you really are yellow."

"Not scared," Micro shot back dodging an attack and firing off a few rounds, "just don't want to get to close encase your smell knocks me out."

"Oh I'll knock you out alright," Cogs said slamming Micro with his axe, "out of orbit!" The force of the attack sent Micro flying up and then crashing several feet away, De-Morphing him.

"Hold on little buddy," Sandel said jumping in with his Spirit Sabre. The two traded blows for a few moments until Sandel slashed downwards at Cogs, who used his axe to block and forcing the sword to bounce of and knock Sandel off balance. Cogs used that moment to punch the Ranger and send him flying, De-Morphing as he landed.

Meanwhile Lyra and Sweetie where fighting against Heart Breaker, who had summoned a giant staff with a heart shaped hook on the end. "Silly Rangers," she said, "thinking you can take me on."

"Don't underestimate us," Lyra said swinging her Spirit Sabre, which Heart blocked with her staff before disarming Lyra of her Sabre.

"We're stronger then you think," Sweetie said, firing her blaster but Heart grabbed Lyra and pulled her infront of her.

"Hey," Lyra said only to be hit by Sweetie's blast.

"Oh no," Sweetie said, "sorry."

"Here," Heart said pushing Lyra away before slashing her with her staff. The force of which sent the girl flying away, De-Morphing her as she crashed into the ground.

"Lyra," Sweetie said, "you'll pay for that." She pulled out her Spirit Sabre and charged, only for Heart Breaker to use her staff to block and then she spun around and smashed the girl in the back of the legs, tripping her up. With Sweetie on the ground the rouge monster used her staff as a golf club, to smash the girl away and De-Morphing her.

Finally Flash and Darklight were fighting each other. "Man and I thought Equestria only had good looking villains," Flash said as he threw a punch at Darklight who blocked, "at least Sunset and the sirens were nice to look at while they tried to conquer the world."

"We'll see who the better looking one is when I'm done with you," Darklight said as he grabbed Flash by the arm and threw him through a nearby tree. The force of which caused him to De-Morph. "Pathetic," he said looking over the beaten humans, "I'm giving you one hour. Hand over the Elements by then, or I'll unleash every monster I have on this pathetic rock." In that second a lightning bolt struck the ground, with them disappearing in its wake.

With the monsters gone, the five Rangers regrouped all holding the aching parts of them.

"One hour before an alien invasion?" Sweetie said, "what do we do."

"We need to get back to the base and come up with a plan," Lyra said. Four of them began rushing back to their cars, but one remained still.

"Flash?" Sweetie asked, seeing the teen looking off at the tree line.

"Darklight and Doom were signalling to each other," Flash said, "I'm going to see if I can find something out."

"Did you not here about the possible alien invasion?" Lyra asked, "we need to get back to the base."

"It doesn't take five people to go to one place," Flash said before running off, "I'll be back in an hour."

"FLASH!" Lyra yelled.

"Come on," Micro said, "we'll just have to do it without him."

"Yeah," Sandel said. The four rangers returned to his truck and drove off, unaware that something new was latched onto the underside.

Meanwhile Flash was trekking through the trees, looking for Doom.

Finally he found him, calmly walking through it. Flash made sure to stay hidden for fear of being seen, until he accidentally stepped on a twig.

Doom stopped and spun around, now facing the tree Flash was behind. Doom then reach up to his shoulder and removed his spike blade as he neared the tree.

Panicking, Flash had his blaster ready for a fight.

"DOOM!" they both froze at Darklight's voice, as the monster stepped out of the treeline, "get over here."

"Master Darklight," Doom said, "is your plan on schedule?"

"Yes," Darklight said, "the rangers were so distracted by us that they didn't realise Shellblast had hidden on one of their vehicles. Once they show him the location of their base, we'll storm the place and take their Elements."

"And they believed that threat about the monsters being unleashed?" Doom said.

"Of course," Darklight replied, "foolish humans. I can control two, maybe three, monsters but if they were all unleashed then even I would have trouble."

"Then we just wait," Doom said.

"Indeed," Darklight said as the two worked off, unaware that they had just revealed their whole plan to Flash.

"Their gonna destroy our base," Flash said, "and everyone along with it." He took out his phone and tried calling, but had no signal. With no other option, Flash rushed back through the forest to his car.

Back at the base the Rangers were explaining what had happened and what Darklight threatened to do.

"We can't give him the Elements," Lyra said.

"But we can't let the city be overrun either," Micro said.

"We didn't stand a chance against Darklight and his cronies," Sandel said.

"Which is why we're here," Sunset said from the lab.

"You find a way to help?" Sweetie asked.

"We think so," Twilight said as she pulled five new Magi-Chargers out of one of the devices.

"Very impressive," Starswirl said from behind her, "you made five perfect Magi-Chargers on your first try."

"And with them we should be able to match those creeps powers," Twilight said handing them out

"What are they?" Lyra asked.

"Sunset and I wrote a code for five new weapons," Twilight explained.

"Once fuelled with magic," Sunset continued, "the Magi-Chargers will give that code physical form. We call it Magitech."

"Sound perfect," Micro said taking his.

"If only Flash hadn't gone off," Lyra said.

"You and I both know Flash isn't the type of guy to abandon his friends without reason," Sunset said.

At that moment Sunset's phone went off. Answering it she listened.

"Sunset," she heard.

"Flash?" Sunset replied before putting on speaker, "what's up."

"Yeah," Lyra said, "how'd you little hike in the woods go?"

"Lyra," Flash tried to say but the teen butted in.

"You know we're suppose to be a team right? Teammates don't go off on their own."

"Would you just listen for two seconds," Flash said, "your all in danger!"

"What are you talking about?" Sweetie asked.

"It was a trick," Flash replied, "Darklight isn't realising his monsters. He had one follow you guys back to the base."

"WHAT?" Everyone yelled.

"He's hidden on Sandel's truck," Flash replied, "hurry before he gets the info to Darklight."

"Come on," Lyra yelled. The four teens ran out the room, holding out their hands to take their Elements with them.

Meanwhile outside the school Sandel's truck was in the parking lot. Suddenly a small Turtle shell fell off from underneath, before growing until Shellblast came out and stared up at the building. "This must be where their secret base is," he said, "once I get to the spot Darklight told me to go to and tell him where to go I'll be free."

"Think again," he suddenly spun around to see Flash's car skidding to a stop infront of him. Flash jumped out of his car and ran over towards the giant turtle, "your not going anywhere shell-head."

"Oh no," the monster said, "please don't hurt me."

"That depends," Flash said, "you still gonna tell Darklight where are base is."

"I have to," Shellblast replied, "or he'll destroy me."

"Then we got a problem," Flash said.

"I won't be stopped," Shellblast said, "Shades appear." From out of the shadows came a horde of the hooded figures, brandishing their daggers as they charged at Flash.

With no time to morph, Flash was forced to fight single handed. Pulling out his blaster he fired off a few round into the ones with daggers, whilst he round housed a few others and punching one in the face, sending it flying back into others.

"You won't find me so easy," Shellblast said as he charged and swung its fins around trying to slap or slash at Flash.

Flash managed to dodge the attacks, but as he fired his blaster the monster spun around and caused the attacks to bounce off his shell. "To bad," Shellblast said spinning around and slapping Flash, the force sending him flying off and crashing into the side of his car. "Once I finish you and take your Elements, Darklight will finally free me." He raised his fin ready to strike, only for four shots to appear out of nowhere and strike at his feet. The explosion caused the monster to fly off away from Flash and crash into the ground a few feet away. "WHAT THE!?"

"Flash!" Lyra, Micro, Sweetie and Sandel appeared be Flash's side, "you okay?" Sweetie asked.

"I'm fine," Flash said, "perfect timing by the way."

"So is that the monster who knows how to get to the base?" Micro asked looking at Shellblast.

"Yeah it is," Flash said.

"Flash," Lyra said, "I'm sorry about what I said before."

"It's fine," Flash said, "I shouldn't have left like that anyway."

Lyra smiled and nodded. "So we gonna take this thing out?"

"Yeah," Flash said.

"Then here," Lyra said holding out a red Magi-Charger, "special gift from Twilight and Sunset. They managed to make some new gear for us."

"Perfect," Flash said taking it.

As Shellblast finally managed to get up, the blast had knocked him on his shell, he looked up and saw the five rangers standing there. "This can't be good."

"It won't be," Flash said, "for you." He held up his Magi-Charger. "It's Morphin Time! Magi-Chargers."

"Ready," The other four said, holding out their own. With a click the devices shined, as they placed them in their Morphin Blasters.






"Energise!" They yelled spinning the barrel, "Unleash the Power!" They all pulled the triggers and five different heads flew out and bit down on them, decking them out in their Ranger Suits.

"Power Rangers," Flash called out as they posed and said together. "GUARDIANS!"

"You don't scare me," Shellblast said, but his voice sounded scared.

"Well let's see if these new toys can do that," Flash said as they placed their new Magi-Chargers into their blasters.

"Magitech!" They all yelled spinning the barrel, "Online!" The fired the blasters and out came the heads again, only instead of biting on their bodies they bit the rangers arms. There was a flash of light and when it died down, the rangers were shown holding their new weapons.

"That's not good," Shellblast said.

"I got this," Sandel said as he charged forward, brandishing his new weapon. It was a green instrument in the shape of a wolves head, which he held in one hand with two cone like blades coming out of the mouth. "Fenrir Fang," he said holding it up with his sword, "Spirit Sabre. Spiral Slash," he jumped up and spun in a circle with his arms straight. Doing this caused his weapons to slash at Shellblast, sending it back slightly.

"Why you," the monster said as he leaped forwards to smash Sandel, but Sweetie jumped in the way and held up her new weapon.

It was a pink hexagon shape, with a cats face on it. "Sphinx Shield, block." The attack bounced off, causing Shellblast to lose balance allowing Sweetie to spin around a deal a kick to him.

Shellblast was thrown back, but managed to regain his composure only to realise he was now in Micro's line of sight.

The Yellow Ranger's new weapon was a yellow device in the shape of a birds head, with a blaster barrel coming out the beak. "Griffon Shooter," he said holding it up in his right hand, with his Morphin Blaster in the other. "Morphin Blaster...Duel Shot." The two weapons fired off one after the other, causing Shellblast to be continuously struck.

When the blasts finally ceased Shellblast was severely damaged.

"I'm up next," Lyra yelled as she charged. Her new weapon was a long blue tube shape, with a curved blade on one end and a snake head on the other. "Serpent Staff," she yelled swinging the bladed end slashing the monster who fell back. She then spun the staff around as the snake head opened, and then caught one of Shellblast's fins in its mouth with locked shut. "Alley-oop," she said as she pulled on the staff and sent the monster over her head, just as the snakes mouth opened, throwing Shellblast into the air. "He's all yours Flash."

"Thanks," Flash said as he prepared his own weapon. A large red instrument in the shape of Drago's head, being mainly red with a white jaw with a slot in the back for Flash's right hand. "Dragon Breaker," he yelled as he leaped up to the same spot as Shellblast in midair, "Head Smash!" With all his might, Flash punched Shellblast with the Dragon Breaker sending him crashing back into the ground and causing an explosion.

Up in space we find Darklight sitting on a throne in the main area of his ship. He had just located Shellblast, only to find he had been defeated.

"Useless reptile," Darklight said before turning to another screen, "Cogs!"

"Master," Cogs said appearing on screen.

"Is the new weapon ready?" Darklight asked.

"I just finished the fine tuning," Cogs said, "we're ready at your instruction."

"Then do it," Darklight said standing up and pointing at Shellblast on screen. "Fire the Gigatisor!"

A Shade nodded and ran other to a console before slamming a big red button.

On the outside of the ship a slot opened, before a mechanical arm folded out with a satellite dish on its end. Once at full length, the dish began to spark before firing a red beam at the earth.

Back with the rangers, they were cheering at their victory.

Suddenly the red beam shot out of the sky and struck the point Shellblast had fallen, causing a massive explosion of energy.

"What's happening?" Micro asked. The rangers all looked at where the beam hit and gasped seeing Shellblast, only he was now over ten stories high.

"How'd you like me now?" Shellblast's voice boomed.

"What just happened?" Sandel asked.

"We'll worry about that later," Flash said. He went to his belt and pulled out his Magi-Charger. "Magi-Charger ready," he said clicking it before he threw it in the air, "summon Dragon Zord!"

The Charger flew through the air, growing ten times its origanal size, towards the mountain top where it found its way into the Dragon Zord's mouth.


The Zord's eye opened and the next think everyone knew, it smashed out the top of the mountain and flew towards town.

Shellblast meanwhile was getting used to his new proportions and was ready to squash the rangers, when he suddenly heard a loud noise.


He looked over to see the Dragon Zord charging towards him. "Not that," Shellblast said before being smashed by the Zord.

"Get him Drago," Flash cheered his Zord on.

"Hey," Lyra said, "why should you get all the fun?"

"Your not the only one with a Zord you know," Sweetie said.

The girls went to their belt and each pulled out a Magi-Charger. "Magi-Chargers," they said clicking them before throwing them in the air.

"Summon, Sea-Serpent Zord!"

"Summon, Sphinx Zord!"

The two Chargers flew through the air, growing as they did so, before flying off in different directions.

Lyra's Charger flew to the ocean and dived beneath the water, into the mouth of something.


The creatures eyes opened. A second later it broke the water's surface, revealing it to be a giant blue robot snake. It had three sections, the first one being a long rope like appendage with a snake head on the end. The second part was in the middle, being a blue cube like shape while the last part was similar to the first, only instead of a head it had a fish tail on the end

Sweetie's Charger flew into a desert area, diving into a quicksand pit to a cavern hidden beneath where it landed in the mouth of another creature.


The creatures eyes opened, before it smashed out of the sand. It was a giant pink robotic cat, with white wings and a cuboid rear.

Back in the city Drago and Shellblast continued fighting, but Shellblast's shell was protecting it from the Zord's more powerful attacks.

But then as he spun around to protect against a punch, he was suddenly struck by a long tail like weapon which knocked him back.

The Sea-Serpent and Sphinx Zords had arrived and stood besides Drago, ready to fight.

"Alright," Flash said before he got a beep in his helmet, signalling a call. Accessing it his vision was filled by an image of Sunset.

"Flash," she said, "we just finished analysing the Zord's schematics and we think it's possible for your three Zords to combined into one."

"You mean like some kind of...Megazord?" Flash asked.

"If that's what you wanna call it then fine," Sunset replied.

"Awesome," he said cutting the call, "you guys hear that?"

"We heard," Lyra said, "so our Zords can combine?"

"That's the plan," Flash said before turning to the three giant robots. "Activate Guardian Megazord...Sphinx-Serpent Formation!"

The Dragon Zord roared as it turned towards the other Zords before the three opened their mouths. Their Magi-Chargers flew out with the Sea-Serpents and Sphinx's Chargers going into Drago's.


It bit down on the first Charger before it flew out and was replace with second Charger.


It bit down on the second Charger before it flew out again and the last Charger flew in.



The Dragon Zord's chest opened up, allowing its arms to fold in and be replaced by two plug like nubs before its chest closed back into place. Its wings then folded up, becoming shoulder pads while its tail detached and its legs extended.

The Sea-Serpent's tail detached from the cube part, while the Sphinx's head detached and it legs, wings and tail folded in. Doing so revealed slots in their rears which the then connected to the plugs on the Dragon, Sea-Serpent on the right and Sphinx on the left. The two Zords folded downwards becoming the new arms of the Megazord, as a hand folded out of where the Sphinx's head had detached.

The Dragon's neck split in half, with that back folding backwards and the front and head folding down onto its chest while its snout horn retracted inwards. A warriors head appeared from out of its neck.

The two tails linked together as the snake head grabbed hold, forming a sword with the Dragon's tail as the blade and Sea-Serpent's tail as the handle. While the Sphinx's head folded out a handle in the back, which the Megazord grabbed in its hand making a shield.


"Righteous," Sandel said.

"The Guardian Megazord," Micro said in wonder.

Inside the Megazord's cockpit the three rangers appeared, standing on coloured podiums. Flash was in the centre, with Lyra to his right and Sweetie to his left. On the right side of their podiums were triangular pillars, with a slot in the centre.

"Wow," they said looking around. "We're inside the Megazord," Flash said, "you girls ready?"

"Oh yeah," they replied.

Taking their Morphin Blasters, they placed them in the pillar's slot. "Battle Mode, ENGAGE!"

"Let's do this thing," Flash said.

Outside the Megazord, Shellblast looked worried at the sight of his new more powerful opponent. "I can't let them win," he said as he charged and waved his fins around, but the Megazord held up the Sphinx head to block.

The Rangers moved in perfect unison, their movements controlling the Megazord. "Tail Sabre!" they said, swinging their right arms down.

The Megazord mimicked the Ranger's movements, slashing its sword down on the giant turtle.

This continued, with Shellblast trying to attack only to have them be blocked before getting slashed.

"Hope your ready," Flash said, "because your about to be shell shocked. You two ready?"

"Always," Lyra said.

"Let's do this," Sweetie said.

The three Rangers moved and spoke in perfect sync. "Dragon Zord...Final Strike!"

The Dragon's head flipped up and opened its mouth, as flames formed within. The fire shot out of its mouth and flew towards Shellblast, who was quickly consumed.

"I can't take the heat," the monster said before collapsing to the ground and exploding.

"Guardian Rangers," Flash said, "victory is ours."

"NO!" Darklight yelled as he watched the Rangers victory, "how did my plan fail?"

"Those humans are smarter then we thought," Doom said.

"It matters not," Darklight said, "they will soon fall to me and when they do I'll take their Elements and rule the multiverse."

After the battle the Rangers returned to school.

They were currently working in the cafeteria, sweeping the floors.

"This bites," Rainbow said, "we're not even Rangers. Why do we have to do this?"

"It's called team work," Flash said, "and if today taught me anything, it's that team work is the most important thing."

"Well said Flash," Celestia said as she, Luna, Twilight, Rarity and Sunset walked in. Rarity was carrying five boxes.

"We've got a little gift for the five of you," Twilight said.

"What?" Lyra said, "those new weapons and Megazord where enough to fill ten Christmas's and a birthday."

"Well here's something else," Rarity said, "to celebrate you guys working together as a team." She held out the boxes which the Rangers took, each taking the one of their own colours, and placed them on a table before opening.

Inside each one was a jacket, which looked like Flash's only instead of black they were their Ranger colours with white lines and on the back was the same pentagon shape with their Zord emblems.

"Awesome," Flash said taking his out.

"We figured since your a team you should dress in matching jackets," Sunset said.

They all nodded before placing theirs on. Flash and Sandelwood kept theirs open while Micro and the girls zipped theirs up.

Once it was done the five of them stood in a line, waiting for comments.

"How do we look?" Flash asked.

They all smiled and nodded, Twilight being to one to speak up. "Like a team."

Author's Note:

Hope the pacing was a little better. I'm trying to keep the chapters from getting to long.

Hope you enjoyed the Megazord and Micro and Sandel's Zords will show up soon.

Next Time: character growth.