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Power Rangers: Guardians of Harmony - Banshee531

Centuries ago, ten Elements were lost. Now a new threat has come to our world and it's up to five young heroes to become our protectors, to become Power Rangers Guardians.

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Guardians of Harmony pt1

Equestria, a land of magic, friendship and the ponies who wield it.

But this land has not always known peace. Long before the evil of Sombra, Tirek, Discord and Nightmare Moon there was an evil known as Darklight.

Darklight was an evil Unicorn who wished to rule over the ponies of Equestria and built up an army of evil to do battle, however there was one thing that could stop him.

They were the Guardian Elements. Ten magical gems that embody the greatest traits of a hero, which when bonded to a worthy pony granted them unbelievable power which they used to protect Equestria from Darklight's evil...until.

The castle of the Royal Pony Sisters was in ruin.

Darklight's army had attacked without warning, overwhelming the guard and causing much destruction.

In one of the remaining corridors a figure rushed through, in an attempt to escape the evil that sort his precious cargo. Finally the figure turned into a room and shut the door, before stepping into the light revealing himself as a unicorn with grey fur, white mane, tail and beard wearing a blue star patterned hat and cloak. This was Starswirl the Bearded, greatest living wizard and keeper of the famous Guardian Elements.

"No time to waste," Starswirl said as he took something out of his cloak and placed it on a nearby table, "can't let him get even one of these."

In that second the door opened, causing the Unicorn to spin around into a battle stance, until he saw it was his students. The Royal Pony Sisters, Celestia and Luna rushed in.

"Teacher," Celestia said, "what do we do?"

"This battle is lost," Starswirl said, "but the war can still be won. All we must do is find new Guardians."

"But Darklight's surprise attack wiped out the Guardians," Luna said, "we barely managed to retrieve the Elements in time."

"I know," Starswirl said. He looked back at the table where a rolled up piece of cloth sat, which he unravelled revealing its content. Ten hexagonal cylinders made out of different coloured crystals shone in the incoming moonlight, giving off a powerful magic aura. These were the Guardian Elements, which the evil Darklight now seeked in a hope of gaining ultimate power.

"We must escape with them," Starswirl said, "if we can find ponies to bond with them then Darklight can still be stopped."

"Your not going anywhere!" The wall of the room suddenly exploded, causing the three ponies to be sent flying into the opposite one. Once they had their bearings they looked up and gasped at who they saw.

Four ponies stepped into the room. The first one on the left was an earth pony with dark blue fur, wearing metal armour. A single cog for a Cutie Mark

The second was a female unicorn, with rouge coloured fur and mane. Her Cutie Mark being a heart broken into four pieces

The third was a bright red unicorn with scars covering his body. His Cutie Mark being a bloodied sword

Finally the leader of the group was a unicorn with black fur and tail. His head was concealed by a metal helmet covering all but his horn and eyes. His Cutie Mark was a black sun. This was the pony responsible for all the pain and destruction that fell upon Equestria, Darklight.

"Starswirl," Darklight said, "you have something of mine."

"The Elements belong to no one," Starswirl replied as he stood up.

"Wrong," the red unicorn said, "they will belong to master Darklight."

"Get them," Darklight ordered, making the three others attack as the good ponies fought back. Luna slammed horns with the female Unicorn.

"Give up Heart Breaker," she said, "you know your brother cannot win."

"We'll see," Heart Breaker replied.

Celestia stood off against the earth pony, who had pulled out an axe and was swinging it around. "As clumsy as ever Cogs," Celestia said.

"Quiet," Cogs said.

Starswirl and the red unicorn were firing spell after spell at each other, trying to hit the other.

Meanwhile Darklight was watching, only to notice something on one of the remaining tables. Looking over he saw the Guardian Elements sitting there, practically begging him to take them. "Finally," he said stepping over to them.

Seeing this Starswirl gasped and instead of firing a spell at the red Unicorn, he shot one at Darklight. However in his hast the spell missed the pony and instead hit the table, flipping it over and sending the Elements flying. Everypony froze, as they saw the ten crystals fly through the air and towards something only three of them knew about. A mirror with a purple boarder stood there, as the Elements drew closer to it the evil ponies expected them to smash through it but instead, they all seemed to phase through it like the glass was water and were gone.

"My Elements!" Darklight screamed.

"I'll get them," the red unicorn yelled as he ran up and into the mirror, disappearing like the Elements.

"Doomy!" Heart Breaker screamed.

"Come on!" Darklight yelled as he, Heart and Cogs ran towards the mirror.

Starswirl knew he need to stop them and know only one way to do it. He fired a spell which struck the mirror, causing it to spark as the three ponies ran through it and were gone.

"We must follow," Luna yelled running towards the mirror, but found it was now only a normal mirror.

"There is nothing we can do," Starswirl said, "my magic caused the mirror's power to weaken. It will take some time before the portal regains enough magic to forge a connection."

"But Darklight," Celestia said.

"My spell also caused the portal to temporally disconnect to that world," Starswirl explained, "hopefully Darklight and his cronies are lost between the dimensions forever."

"So what now?" Luna asked.

"When the portal reopens I will journey to the other world and find the Elements," he explained, "hopefully they fall into the right hands."

1000 years later.

It was summer time in Canterlot City and everyone was enjoying their time off from school.

In the cafe called Sugarcube Corner, seven teens had just walked in to enjoy a day of relaxing.

"I'll get the drinks," Twilight Sparkle said moving over to the counter and giving her order. As she waited two teen girls stepped up next to her. Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drop looked over at her and smiled.

"Hey Twilight," Lyra said.

"Hey," Twilight said, "you doing anything special today."

"We on the School Support team," Sweetie replied, "you know helping with events they use it for and cleaning up."

"It's a great way to get extra credit," Lyra said

"Oh yeah," Twilight said, "I though about joining but after the year I've had I thought it best to just relax."

"We don't blame you," Sweetie said, remembering the events of the Friendship Games and Camp Everfree.

Twilight nodded as the seven drinks were placed in front of her. "I'm afraid we're out of trays dear," Mrs Cake said.

"That's okay," Twilight said. As Mrs Cake turned away Twilight quickly looked around and then held up her hands as the small gem around her neck began to glow, along with the cups which floated up.

"That's cheating," Sweetie Drops joked seeing her use magic.

Twilight shrugged and turned to walk away, only to feel herself bump into someone causing her focus to drop and the drinks to fall. Moving quick she managed to magically catch five of them, while whoever she had hit manged to catch the other two.

"I'm starting to think I'm magnetised or something," Twilight looked up to see Flash Sentry standing there with a goofy grin on his face.

"Sorry about that," Twilight said as she levitated the cups out of his hands.

"It's fine," Flash said before heading to the counter as Twilight returned to her friends.

Meanwhile across town a large green pickup had just arrived outside a store, as a pair of teens stepped out.

"Thanks for the ride Sandelwood," the shorter of the two teens said.

"No problem dude," Sandelwood said, "happy to help. So what exactly you here for Micro?"

"There's a new converter chip I need to finish my latest device," Micro replied, "with it I'll be able to detect alien signals form a hundred thousand miles away."

"Righteous," Sandelwood said.

Micro nodded as he headed into the store, only for someone coming out of the store to run into him and knock him over.

"You okay?" Sandelwood asked as he ran over and helped the glasses wearing teen up.

"I'm fine Sandel," Micro replied.

"What where your going half pint," the guy he had walked into said. They couldn't see his face as he was covered in a hat and trench coat.

"What was that dudes problem?" Sandel asked.

"I don't know."

The man continued walking until he turned into an alleyway, were he took out and something from his coat. "Finally!" he said, "finally I have what I need." The thing he had pulled out of his coat was a device of sorts. What it did was unclear, but as he installed new parts into it the lights on the top began to flash as an antenna folded out. "The transmitter is working," he said "soon he will arrive." In that second he was consumed by a red mist, which caused his body to shift and change before disappearing. In the man's place was a humanoid creature with bright red fur, and large spikes covering his body. "Time to send the signal," he pressed the button on his device causing it to begin beeping.

Back in Sugarcube Corner, Twilight's talking dog Spike began whining. "What's that annoying noise?"

"What noise?" Twilight asked him.

"It's coming from..." he got down off the couch and followed the noise to Twilight's bag, "here!"

Everyone was puzzled as Twilight went into her bag and pulled out some sort of sciency gizmo, which was beeping.

"What is that thing?" Rainbow asked.

"After what happened at camp I rebuilt the detector I used to track magic," Twilight explained, "but it's not suppose to go off around any of us."

"Maybe it's picking up another magic signature," Sunset said.

"But where?" Rarity asked.

"Hang on," Twilight went into her bag and pulled out a laptop which she plugged her machine into. "I wrote a program to help pin point energy readings if I detect them," she explained as the laptop switched to a map screen with two dots. "There, there's two readings. One's in the forest outside of town and the other's in that old quarry."

"And let me guess," Rainbow said, "we're going to investigate."

"This could be why we have these gems," Sunset said, "we need to find out."

"So which one do we go to first?" Applejack asked.

"We'll split up," Sunset replied, "Twilight and I will head to the forest while you, Rainbow and Pinkie head to the quarry. Fluttershy and Rarity, you stay here in case one of us calls for help."

"Okay," Fluttershy said.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Rainbow said, "let's go."

Meanwhile in the forest Sunset and Twilight were heading to, a sudden bolt of lightning struck the ground. In the bolts wake a figure appeared. It was humanoid but not human, looking more like a giant rabbit. On each of its hands were a trio of foot long claws and a metal collar was around its neck. The creature took in its surroundings and began walking, "time to find me an Element."

Back in town Micro and Sandelwood were in his truck as Micro fitted the chip he had just bought into a device similar to the one Twilight had.

"You sure this'll work?" Sandel asked.

"Trust me," Micro replied, "I've done the calculations. This thing will pick up any signal strong enough to break through the atmosphere, meaning they can only be of alien origin."

"But what about the ones heading to satellites?" Sandel asked.

"I'll be able to tell if it's of human origin and ignore them," Micro said as his machine came to life and started beeping.

"Is it working?" Sandel asked.

"Not just working," Micro replied, "but it's actually picked up a signal."


"Really," he replied, "it's coming from...west, that's out of town."

"Then let's go," Sandel replied, kicking his truck into gear.

A little while later Twilight, Sunset and Spike showed up at the forest while following Twilight's scanner.

"Finding anything?" Sunset asked her.

"No," Twilight replied, "it's like whatever it picked up before has died down."

"It's possible whatever magic you detected was reacting to something else," Sunset said.

"You think that's possible?" Twilight asked.

"To be honest," Sunset said, "I'm still not sure how magic works here. That kind of thing is possible in Equestria so it might also work here but."

"Well my nose isn't picking up anything," Spike said, "not even a squirrel."

"Maybe if we go further in," Twilight said. They were about to start moving again...until-


The girls and dog suddenly drew concerned at the sound of a twig snapping under something.

"What was that?" Twilight asked shakily.

"I don't know," Sunset replied, "but it sounds like it came from over there." She pointed towards a hill where the trees were more bushed together blocking whatever was behind it from view.

Suddenly another snap made them flinch, being louder then before.

"It's getting closer," Twilight whispered.

"Don't worry," Sunset replied, "we can handle this."

"We can?" Spike asked shaking on the ground.

The sound of foot steps could be heard, drawing closer and closer and making the girls more and more scared. Finally whoever or whatever it was broke through the trees revealing themselves to be...

"Flash?" Sunset asked seeing the blue haired teen rocker step out.

"Sunset," Flash replied, "Twilight. What are you two doing here?"

"We could ask you the same question," Twilight replied. "What are you doing here?"

"I come out to these woods sometimes," Flash replied patting a tree, "sentimental reasons."

"Oh," Twilight said.

"So do I get to know what your doing here?" Flash asked.

"We're kind of searching for magic," Sunset replied sheepishly.

"My scanner picked up on something," Twilight agreed showing the device, "but so far we haven't found anything."

"Magic huh?" Flash asked.

Twilight nodded but realised something. "Did you say you go into these woods a lot?"

"Yeah," he replied.

"So you know them well?"


"Then is there anyplace around that might hold some kind of...rumours or legends?"

"Good points," Sunset said, "if this is Equestrian Magic then it might have managed to get a few tall tales said about it. So are there anything like that here?"

Flash looked to be in thought for a moment, until a look of realisation dawned upon him. "There is one place."

"Could you take us there?" Twilight asked.

"Sure," he said, "follow me."

Flash took the deeper into the forest, where they came across a wall made out of many different sized rocks.

"What's a wall doing in the woods?" Sunset asked.

"Stories talk of a power dwelling within it," Flash replied, "and that the ancient people built a circle of stone to keep it hidden."

"How does a three foot stone wall keep something hidden?" Spike asked.

"Because these aren't regular stones," Twilight said, "their giving off some kind of magnetic force."

"That might be why we're having a hard time locating the magic," Sunset said, "if we're right and something did cause the magic to flare up passed the point where the stones can't hide them then dropped down again."

"I guess," Twilight said turning to Flash. "So what's in there?"

"Not sure," he replied, "I never passed this wall. It always felt forbidden."

"Well we need to get in there," Twilight said as she began to pull herself over the wall.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Flash asked.

"How else are we going to find out what it is?" Twilight finally made it over, and as soon as she did her scanner went ballistic as it picked up a reading. "I've got it," she said.

Sunset and Spike climbed over the wall, leaving Flash as the last one.

"You don't have to do this," Sunset told him.

Flash remained silent for a moment, Sunset then noticed him place a hand onto one of his jacket pockets, before sighing and jumping over the wall.

"If I get brainwashed again?"

"You'll be fine," she said with a laugh.

They went further in, following Twilight's scanner until they finally found the main source. That source was some sort of stone pile, which none of them could understand.

"What is this thing?" Spike asked.

"I'm not sure," Twilight replied, "but it's to symmetrical to be a natural phenomenon so it has to be man made."

"I think," Flash replied, "it's some kind of...tomb."

"Look at this," they heard Sunset say. They rushed around the other side and found it was open.

The rocks on the ground appeared to have been shattered by something, causing the opening to be revealed but inside was nothing.

"What happened here?" Twilight asked.

"It matters not!" they all spun around and gasped at what they saw. Standing several feet away, was a six foot humanoid rabbit with grey fur and long claws.

"What is that thing?" Flash asked.

"I don't know," Sunset said.

"So it's not Equestrian?" Twilight asked.

"If it is I never saw one."

"The names Crushclaw," the creature said, "and if you don't want that to be the last name you ever hear then I'd suggest moving out of my way." The three humans and one dog remained frozen for a second, "times up." The creature named Crushclaw's claws began to glow as it swiped them through the air, which fired off shock waves that cut through the trees as they flew towards the humans.

Survival instincts kicking in, Flash grabbed the girls by the shoulder and managed to pull them down as the blast flew over their head.

"That was close," he said once they were safe.

"Thanks," Twilight said as they got up.

"I don't know that thing is," Sunset said, "but I get the feeling it is not one of the good guys."

"You won't be dodging another one of these attack," Crushclaw said as he charged up another blast.

"Er Twilight," Flash said, "right now would really be a good time to pony up."

"I can't," Twilight said, "not without the others." It was true, as she had tried before but aside from levitation she couldn't perform any other sort of magic without all six of the gems being near her.

"Then we have to run," Flash said.

"We can't," Sunset said, "whatever that thing is we can't let it get whatever magic is here."

"Well then," Flash said as he picked up a fallen branch, "looks like we're fighting this thing."

Crushclaw fired another blast but this time Twilight was ready and used her magic to lift the cut down trees in front of them, acting as a shield. Once the attacks were finished the logs dropped as Flash and Sunset charged forwards with sticks in hand.

"That's what your gonna fight me with?" he asked, as he blocked the attack by Flash and dodged a strike by Sunset. "How stupid are you?" Twilight then threw some of the shattered rocks at him, but he simply slashed through them. "I've had enough of you," he said as he kicked Flash and Sunset aside before throwing a blast at Twilight and knocking her away.

With the humans dealt with Crushclaw walked over to the tomb, examining it. "Yes," he said as he walked around to the still whole side of the rock pile, "it's here."

"Hey!" Crushclaw turned to see Flash running at him, before he jumped into the air and threw a kick at him. Taken by surprise Crushclaw was pushed back a few feet, allowing Flash to get between him and the tomb.

"Out of my way," he said.

"No," Flash said.

"Then you leave me no choice," the monster said as he threw another cutting blast at Flash, who ducked out of the way allowing the attack to hit the stone tomb. Suddenly the rock face began to crack from the blast, as some kind of red light seeped through, before to stone crumbled revealing a small chamber with something inside.

It was a hexagonal cylinder made out of some kind of red crystal.

"The Element!" Crushclaw said.

"Element?" Sunset repeated. He could not mean an Element of Harmony. There were only six and they were all safely in Equestria. If it was not an Element of Harmony, then what could it be?

"It's mine," the monster said as he saw Flash stand back up, "out of my way!"

"Not happening," Flash said as he took a battle stance, "I might not know what that thing is but I know I can't let you have it."

"I'm warning you!"

"You don't scare me," Flash said standing firm.

"So be it," Crushclaw said as he charged up his claws and fired another blast at Flash.

This time Flash didn't try to duck, or block, or even close his eyes as the attack drew closer. He stood firm, refusing to move.

"FLASH!" Sunset screamed.

"GET OUT OF THERE!" Twilight hollered.

Flash remained still, but just as the blast was about to hit him. The red crystal exploded with light, before shooting out of the tomb and flying infront of Flash. Once there a force field of some kind formed around the teen, which the attack struck and then bounced off, sending it flying back towards Crushclaw.

"WHAT!?" the monster asked as he was struck by his own attack and sent flying several feet away.

"What's happening?" Flash asked as he held out his hand which the crystal slowly dropped into. As soon as his hand enclosed around it, the gem gave off a surge of red energy which spread all around Flash.

Not sure what was happening, Flash was suddenly bombarded by images of different ponies. Each one wore a similar armour around their bodies, and then finally Flash saw a vision of a scarlet winged lizard. Finally the images stopped as the energy around his body faded.

"Flash!" he looked around and saw Sunset and Twilight run up to him, "what just happened?"

"I have no idea," Flash said. Suddenly something appeared in Flash's hand, which was a gun made out of stone. "What's this?" he asked until he noticed a small opening at the top of the gun, the right shape and size for the crystal to fit in. "I wonder," slowly he placed the gem into the slot, causing energy to stream around the gun and the rock coating crumbled to dust revealing a red and black metallic form. It had a mainly red coating with black being on the neck, handle and cover of the slot the crystal was in. In the centre of the gun was a small rotating barrel.

"What is that thing?" Spike asked having returned from his hiding spot.

"Not sure," Flash replied, before he could really think about it his hand went to the barrel and gently spun it. The second he did that a lazor blast shot out of the gun, flying passed Twilight's shoulder and blasting a treetop.

"Watch it with that thing," Sunset told him as they stepped away.

"Sorry," he replied, "I've never used this thing before."


Their attention suddenly returned to the now standing Crushclaw.

"You'll pay for that," He said charging his claws.

Instincts kicking in, Flash spun the barrel of the gun though much harder this time. Doing so caused red energy to surge around the barrel and the rest of the gun, which Flash pointed at the monster and pulled the trigger. As soon as he did a burst of red energy shot out the gun, which suddenly reshaped into the form of a giant red lizard head that flew towards Crushclaw.

"What in the?" the monster said before dodging out of the way, before the head did a one eighty and flew back towards the humans.

"Look out!" Flash yelled pushing the girls out of the way, as the head opened its mouth and then bit down on him before exploding in a burst of red light.

"FLASH!" Twilight and Sunset screamed, but then gasped when the light faded and they saw what they saw.

Standing in Flash's place was a figure in red. The man wore a full body suit that was mainly red, but with white around the shoulders which traced down towards the chest forming a white triangle along with white arms and boots. On his chest was an upside down pentagon, that had a carving of a horned lizard's head on it. On his head was a red helmet, with a black visor in the shape of an upside down triangle.

"Flash?" Twilight asked the suited figure, who turned towards her.

The figure looked down at himself. "Wow," Flash's voice came from the figure, "look at me."

"What is this?" Sunset asked.

"I have no idea," Flash replied, "but for some reason I feel a rush of power surging through me."

"It must be the magic," Twilight said, as if agreeing with her, her scanner began beeping once she pointed it at Flash.

"I can use magic now?" the teen asked.

"You think a costume change will save you?" Crushclaw screamed, as he charged towards them.

The girls took a battle stance, but Flash held his hands up. "I got this," he said before charging towards the monster. As Crushclaw went to swipe the suited teen, he used his new found power to leap over the monster causing it to miss and lose balance. Taking this opening, Flash did a roundhouse which knocked the monster off its feet.

"He's good," Twilight said sounding impressed.

Once Crushclaw was up he began swiping at Flash, who dodged or blocked the attacks before delivering some quick jabs to the monsters chest.

"The Element is giving him power," the creature said before Flash used a leg sweep to knock him down again.

With his foe down Flash ran over to the girls. "Did you see that?"

"You kicked his butt," Spike cheered.

"Whatever this magic is," Sunset said, "it's really given you incredible new power."

"I wonder what else I can do?" Before Flash could even try and find out, something new caught their attention.


A loud roar filled the air, making the four of them turn and gasp at what they saw. It was a robot, a red robot in the shape of a bulky humanoid with a large lizard like head and tail with white wings on its back. Its chest and lower jaw were also white and it had a horn one the end of its snout, along with with back of its head. The robot was rushing through the trees towards them.

"What is that thing?" Flash asked.

"It looks like a...dragon!" Twilight said before they were forced to jump out of the way, for fear of being crushed beneath its colossal foot.

As Flash hit the ground he was consumed by red light, which faded revealing him back in his everyday clothes. Looking up he saw the robot continue its charge towards Crushclaw, who was just as surprised as them.

"The Dragon Zord," the monster said, before he suddenly found himself right infront of it. "You don't scare me," he said, but his statement was forgotten when the robot dragon spun around a swiped its tail at him, sending him flying away without much effort.

With the monster gone, the Dragon Zord turned back around and stared at the humans, or more accurately it stared at Flash. The two shared a look for several seconds before the robot turned a left, disappearing into the woods from which it came.

Once it was gone, the four got up and got their bearings. Spike was the one to brake the silence.

"What was that thing?" He asked.

"I don't know," Twilight said, "but it helped us."

"That doesn't necessarily mean it's on our side," Sunset said.

Flash meanwhile was looking down at the red crystal that had saved him. He didn't know what it was, but he felt like he was meant to have it somehow. "I get the feeling," Flash said, "that I just stepped into something big."

Author's Note:

So that was the first chapter.

A few things to explain since I'm not a great describer.

The Ranger Suits are based on Hikari Sentai Maskman, with the differences being the S will be replaced by the head of the ranger's Zord and they'll have large rectangular belt buckles

For Flash's Zord, it's a red version of ExVeemon as a robot.

As for the Morpher. Think of a red and black Nerf Stockade.