• Published 21st Feb 2017
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Power Rangers: Guardians of Harmony - Banshee531

Centuries ago, ten Elements were lost. Now a new threat has come to our world and it's up to five young heroes to become our protectors, to become Power Rangers Guardians.

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Trust In Me

We open up at Canterlot High, where the Rangers and their friends were busy cleaning. The gym had been used for a charity auction the previous night and it was their job to put everything back and make it ready for the next function it was needed for.

"This bites," Rainbow said, mop in hand, "I should be playing soccer in the park, not mopping floors."

"Oh don't be such a baby," Rarity said and Pinkie passed her, boxes in hand, "someone has to do it."

"That's right," they turned to see Lyra and Sweetie walking in with more mops, "this is how we divert suspicion from what we're really doing."

"So how come the others aren't helping?" Rainbow asked.

"Flash and Sandal are cleaning the cafeteria," Lyra said, "and Micro is helping Twilight and Sunset."

Twilight and Sunset were in the Command Centre, working in the lab with Micro a few feet away. He had his Morphin Blaster in hand, which had several wires sticking out of it and was connected to the computers.

"Okay," Twilight said, "you ready?"

"I guess," Micro said.

"Then let her rip," Sunset said.

"Magi-Charger," Micro said, holding out his Charger before clicking the button and placing it in the blaster.


He spun the barrel and aimed it at a target station a few feet away. "Morphin Blaster, fire!" He pulled the trigger and fired a few shots into the target.

The girl's computers began to beep as the data was recorded.

"So the blaster's just directing the blast," Sunset said, "and it's the Charger that actually makes it."

"So you think the design we have will work?" Twilight asked.

"It should," Sunset said, "we just need to take into account the amount of power that'll be unleashed and adjust them accordingly."

Back with the others they were continuing to clean.

"Where do we keep the floor wax?" Applejack asked the group.

"Supply cupboard in the arts department," Lyra said.

"Thanks," Applejack said

"How do we sort this recycling?" Pinkie asked Rarity, six trash bags in her hands.

"Main supply room," Lyra said, "you'll find some coloured bins. Plastic in the red one, metals in the blue one and everything else in the yellow one."

"Thanks," the girls said as they left to get them.

"Your on fire this morning Lyra," Sweetie said.

"Thanks," Lyra replied, "but I've been doing this so long it's just natural."

Suddenly the doors opened and someone walked into the room.

Looking up Lyra and Sweetie's eyes went wide seeing Octavia Melody walk in. "Hey Octy," Lyra said, "what brings you here in the summer time?"

"I was actually looking for you," Octavia said, "I heard you were on the school support team."

"So what can I do for you?" Lyra asked.

"I require your harp skills," Octavia said, "my orchestra group are preforming a big concert but our harpist has broken their hand."

"And you want me to fill in?" Lyra asked in amazement.

"I've heard you play," Octavia said, "and you'll definitely good enough to keep up with us. So what do you say?"

"Of course I'll join," Lyra said, "performing in an orchestra like this has been my dream."

"Excellent," Octavia said.

Meanwhile up in space on Darklight's ship, Doom Raizer was walking through the halls looking for his master. Behind him walked a monster that looked mainly robotic, with black armour and large speakers on his shoulders.

"Where is master Darklight?" Doom asked.

"If your looking for my brother," Doom turned to see Heart Breaker step out into the corridor, "he's with Cogs getting fixed."

"Fixed?" Doom asked.

"Haven't you noticed my brothers armour?"

"What about them?"

"We spent a thousand years roaming the multiverse, of course we'd run into trouble. In several battles my brother sustained injuries that would have been fatal if not for Cogs, who built him some life support armour. That red Ranger managed to pull a lucky punch during their last fight and caused as small malfunction in the armour, so now Cogs has to repair it."

"I see," Doom said, "then I won't trouble him for now."

"Got another plan to destroy those pesky Rangers?" Heart asked.

"Ever hear of the saying, the best offence is a good defence?" Doom asked, "well Boombox hear can create a sound barrier that the Rangers won't have a hope of getting through."

"I'll get you those Elements," Boombox said, his voice sounding with an echo

"I see," Heart said, "I'd say that's a good plan. In place of my brother I give you permission to send this monster down to earth."

"Who says your in charge?" Doom asked.

"Do you want to wait for my brother," Heart said, "I'm sure he'll be all to happy with how you wasted time."

"Fine," Doom said, before turning to Boombox. "Get down there, but if you fail then I'll turn you into a washing machine."

"Right," the robot said before turning to leave.

Once he was gone, Heart grabbed Doom by the arm. "Since I did a favour for you, you can do one for me." And with that she pulled him into another room.

Back on earth Lyra and Octavia had just arrived at the concert hall.

"Wow," Lyra said as she spun around the place.

"Impressive," Octavia said, "is it not?"

"It's incredible," Lyra said.

"Glad you like it," the girls turned around and saw a man with gray skin, black woollen jumper and beret walk up to them. "Is this the girl you were talking about Ms Melody?"

"Yes Maestro," Octavia said before turning to Lyra, "this is our conductor. Musical Score."

"It's nice to meet you," Lyra said.

"Well I hope your as good as Ms Melody here says you are," Score said, "why not come up and show us what you've got?" He gestured to a large harp sitting on a stage, where several other musicians were sitting.

Lyra nodded, before she placed her bag on a chair and walked up on stage as everyone else got down and sat in the seats. Sitting at the harp she made sure everything was in order before she started plucking at the strings, creating a musical symphony that spread across the audience. She played the piece perfectly, not missing a single note and by the time she'd finished everyone stood up and cheered.

"Marvellous," Score said as he clapped.

"Thank you," Lyra said.

"Indeed you are perfect for my orchestra," Score said before turning to the rest of the musicians. "Okay everyone, let's get to work."

Everyone got into place, readying their instruments. "Let's start with an old favourite," Score said, "Beethoven's fifth symphony."

Back at Canterlot High the rest of the Rangers had finished their work and were now in the Command Centre training.

Flash and Sandal were sparing with their Spirit Sabres, while Micro and Sweetie were on the shooting range.

Sunset, Twilight and the principles were still working in the lab, while the rest of the girls were either watching the Rangers or doing their own thing.

"B-3," Fluttershy said to Rainbow.

"Miss," Rainbow said.

"So Lyra's gonna play for Octavia's orchestra?" Flash asked after deflecting a slash from Sandal.

"Yeap," Sweetie said as she fired her blaster, "it's been her dream ever since she was a little girl apparently."

"Well good for her," Celestia said.

Suddenly an alarm sounded and the holotable activated. Luna rushed over to it and started typing, "magical energy readings down town."

"Let's go," Flash said as the four Rangers grabbed their jackets and headed out.

"We'll call Lyra," Celestia said.

Lyra's phone went off, but the sound of it was drowned out by the music she and the rest of the orchestra were playing.

In town the place was in disarray as Shades attacked the people and Boombox walked down the streets.

"This should drive those Rangers out," Boombox said as he pointed to a building and fired a concussive sound wave from the speakers on his shoulders. The blast flew at the building and caused it to crumble.

"Hey!" Boombox turned to see the four Power Rangers running up to them

"Finally decided to show up I see," Boombox said before noticing something. "Hey," he said, "I thought there was suppose to be five of you."

"Where's Lyra?" Flash asked looking around.

"She didn't pick up her phone," Celestia said over the com, "you'll have to fight him without her until she shows up."

"You heard her," Flash said, "let's do this."

"Bring it," Boombox said, "Shades attack."

"Magitech," the Rangers called out as they unleashed their weapons and attacked the Shades.

"One," Flash said as he punched a Shade with his Dragon Breaker, "two," he punched another, "three," he punched one into a large group of them. He then pulled out his Morphin Blaster and fired at several others, as a Shade ran up and tried to stab him with its dagger only for Flash to grab its wrist and then shot it. "Too easy."

"Man," Micro said as he shot down several Shades with his blasters, "you'd think they'd try something a little different." He spun around and blasted most of his opponents down.

"I know," Sweetie said as she blocked an attack with her Sphinx Shield before slashing the Shades away, "I mean why bother using something you know won't work."

"Maybe they want to fail," Sandal joked as he slashed at several Shades with his Sabre and Fenrir Fang.

Very soon the Shades were all dispatched and all that was left was Boombox.

"You won't find me so easy to beat," the robot said.

"We'll see about that," Flash said as they charged at him.

"Sound Crash!" Boombox yelled as he fired his sound waves out of his shoulders, which flew towards the Rangers.

"Look out!" Micro yelled as the four leaped out of the way, as the sonic blast struck were they had been standing and ripped the ground apart.

"This guys got some kick," Sandel said as they picked themselves up.

"Well so do we," Flash said before they pulled out their blasters.

"Magi-Chargers!" they said as they clicked the button before placing them in the slots, "Morphin Blasters, fire!" They fired four magical blasts at Boombox.

"Sound Barrier!" the robot yelled as he fired another sound wave, only this one formed a wall of solid sound which the blasts bounced off.

"What?" Flash said.

"To bad," Boombox yelled, "Sound Crash!" He fired another blast, which struck the Rangers and sent them flying back and into a nearby wall.

As she picked herself up, Sweetie noticed an alley way which gave her an idea.

"Keep on him," Flash said as he, Micro and Sandal continued firing at Boombox.

"Sound Barrier!" the robot said he fired off his defence attack. They continued on firing but the blasts didn't even dent the force field. "Pathetic," Boombox said, "nothing can penetrate my shield."

"We'll see about that," Boombox looked behind him and gasped seeing the Pink Ranger jump out of another alley. "FIRE!" She fired her blaster and hit Boombox's speakers, causing them to explode.

"NO!" Boombox said as he was knocked back.

"Got him," Flash said as the Rangers regrouped.

Boombox picked himself up and saw his speakers sparking, before he turned to the Rangers. "Don't think you've seen the last of me," he said, "I'll be back to get you. With that a lightning bolt struck him and he vanished in its wake.

"He got away," Sandal moaned.

"We'll get him next time," Flash said.

"But how?" Micro asked, "not one of our attacks broke through that barrier."

"And I doubt he'll fall for the same trick twice," Sweetie said.

"If only Lyra had been here," Flash sad.

Back on Darklight's ship Doom was throwing Boombox around in a rage.

"I gave you the chance at freedom," Doom said, "but instead you embarrass me by losing."

"I almost had them," Boombox said.

"Almost doesn't cut it," Doom said as he raised his sword, "but this will."

"What's going on here!?" everyone turned to see Darklight and Cogs enter the room.

"Master Darklight," Doom said, "I'm sorry but this monster has failed to accomplish the mission I sent him out on."

"How so?" Darklight asked.

"I was under the impression that his sonic force field was impervious," Doom said, "but it seems I was mistaken."

"My Sound Barrier is impervious," Boombox said, "but I can only create ones infront of me. That pink Ranger snuck up behind me while I was defending against the others, even with an unbreakable shield it was still four against one."

"He was doing quite well," Heart Breaker told her brother, "with a little work from Cogs I'm sure he'd stand a chance against the Rangers."

Darklight looked like he was considering it and after a few moments, he nodded. "Very well," he said turning to his mechanic, "see what you can do."

"Yes Master Darklight," Cogs said before he and Boombox left.

"I'm sure that with Cogs' help," Doom said, "Boombox will be able to defeat the Rangers."

"He'd better," Darklight said as he sat in his throne.

Back on earth the Rangers had returned to the Command Centre and were reviewing their battle against Boombox.

"Ouch," Rainbow said when she saw the footage of the Rangers getting blasted, "that looks like it hurt."

"It did," Sandal said, "and the worse thing is that almost none of our attacks hit him."

"Yeah," Micro said, "he created some kind of sonic force field."

"Sound at a high enough volume can form a solid force," Twilight said, "but being able to repel your attacks in still incredible."

"The good news though," Sweetie said, "it looks like he can only fire them in one direction."

"But Darklight will know this," Flash said, "and he's probably working on fixing that before he send the creature out again. We need to find a way to bust through that shield."

"But how?" Micro asked, "I doubt even Burst Mode could break through it."

"And that's were we come in," Sunset said from the lab.

"You got something?" Flash asked.

"Yeap," Sunset said as she pulled out a new black Magi-Charger. "I give you the Guardian Buster."

"Guardian Buster?" the Rangers said as Flash took the Charger.

"Using the data we gathered on your Morphin Blasters," Twilight said, "we were able to design a weapon that can combined five magic energies into a single, concentrated blast."

"That sounds perfect," Sweetie said.

"Yes but," Sunset interjected, "it's so powerful It'll need five different magic energy sources in order to activate."

"Meaning all five Rangers need to be there to use it," Flash guessed.

"Yes," Sunset said.

In that moment someone shot through the entrance of the the base, making everyone turn to see Lyra. "Oh my god are you okay?" Lyra asked, "I came as soon as I got your messages."

"Really," Flash said, "then where were you when we were getting our behinds handed to us by the deranged cousin of Vinyl's car."

"I'm sorry," Lyra said, "I couldn't hear my phone over the music."

"It's okay Lyra," Celestia said, "but from now on keep it one vibrate and on your person at all times."

"Of course," Lyra said, "and I am sorry. I promise I'll be there when you need me."

"Good," Celestia said.

With that Lyra turned to leave the base.

"Now where're you going?" Flash asked.

"Back to practice," Lyra said, "there's a big performance tonight and I need to be ready for it." And with that she left.

"I can't believe her," Flash said, "that maniac speaker system's out there and she's off practising for a concert."

"You can't expect her to put her life on hold," Rarity said, "this is her dream."

"There are times when duty comes before our own wants and desires," everyone turned to see Starswirl enter the room. "As Guardians, it is not our choice to protect others, but our responsibility. Lyra knew this going into being a Power Ranger and she chose to take that responsibility. Had she not wanted to, I would have unbounded her from the Element."

"You can do that?" Micro asked.

"Yes," Starswirl said, "but Lyra chose not to unbound herself and accept the burden of being the Blue Ranger of Trust."

"Yeah," Flash said, "trust. Excuse me for having trouble putting my trust in someone who'd rather go play the harp then help save the world."

Celestia frowned at this. "Long ago Ms Heartstrings proved she had the power to instil great trust to those around her."

Everyone looked to her, intrigued by what she had to say.

"It happened long ago," Celestia explained.


We find Lyra at the coast on holiday with her family. She was at the pier, playing her hand harp and enjoying the cool sea breeze.

When suddenly, a scream filled the air.

Getting up off her seat she looked around and gasped at what she saw.

Over by some rocky cliffs a little girl was hanging off the side of the rocks, looking like she was about to fall. Lyra quickly ran over there and over the rocks towards the edge.

"Help me!" the girl screamed as she began to lose her grip.

"Hold on," Lyra said as she leaned over the edge and tried to grab her, but she couldn't reach her. Pulling herself up she quickly tried to think of something, before her gaze drifted to her harp and an idea came to her. Taking it and leaning back over the edge, she held out the harp towards the girl. "Grab my harp and I'll pull you up," Lyra instructed her.

The girl looked up at Lyra and saw the Harp, which she tried to reach but was still a few inches short. "I can't reach it."

"Your going to have to jump," Lyra told her.

"I can't," the girl said, "I'll fall."

"No you won't," Lyra said, "you can do this."

The girl looked into Lyra's eyes and as soon as their gaze met, the girl suddenly felt like she could do it. "Okay," she said.

"At a girl," Lyra said, "now on three. one...two...THREE!" on three the girl let go of the cliff and leaped up off the rock, grabbing the harp and wrapping her arms around it. "You got it," Lyra cheered as she slowly began to pull the harp and girl up. Finally the girl was back over the edge and out of danger.

"TABITHA!" they both turned to see a man and a woman, obviously the girls parents, running up to them. "Oh Tabitha," the woman cried as she grabbed her daughter and pulled her into a hug, "what were you thinking."

"I saw something," Tabitha said, "I leaned over to get it and fell."

"What was so important that you'd risk your life to get it," the man asked.

Tabitha held out her hand and opened it revealing a light blue crystal in it.

"What is that?" the woman asked.

"Never seen anything like it," the man said before turning to Lyra. "Thank you for saving our daughter."

"It's fine," Lyra said.

"Excuse me," Tabitha said as she held out the crystal, "you can have this."


"I want you to have it," she explained, "as a thank you."

"Well then," Lyra said as she reached out to take it, "I promise to take good care of it." Tabitha placed the jewel in Lyra's hand and the second it touched her skin, blue energy surged around her as she was bombarded by images of different ponies in light blue armour before finally seeing the image of a giant blue snake.


"So that's how Lyra got her Element," Micro said.

"Lyra not only has incredible trust in others," Celestia explained, "but she can also instil that trust into them and increase their confidence. Not long after we found her and brought her here"

"Wow," Sweetie said, "it was so easy for her. I had to wait over ninety years."

Everyone laughed hearing this.

"Trust me," Celestia said, "Lyra makes mistakes like anyone does but in the end she'll be there when you need her.

Lyra was at the concert hall, as the band prepared for their big performance that night.

"Alright," Musical Score said, "places everybody."

They all got into place and picked up their instruments. Meanwhile Lyra turned her phone onto vibrate mode and was about to place it in her pocket, when Score noticed her.

"Ms Heartstrings," he called, "phones off and in your bag please."

"But I need to keep it on," Lyra said, "I might get an important call."

"I'm sorry but those are the rules," Score said. "You either follow them or I'll have to ask you to leave."

Lyra sighed and looked down at her phone, before she placed it in her bag.

"Very good," Score said, "now let's get on with preparing for tonight's performance."

Everyone began playing.

Back in town everyone was enjoying their day, until a lighting bolt struck the ground and in its wake came Boombox.

"I'm back!" he yelled before unleashing his Sound Crash attack.

Back at the base the holotable activated and caught the Ranger's attention.

"Another magic spike," Twilight said.

"Looks like the toy robot's back," Flash said.

"You guys better get going," Sunset said, "we'll try and get in touch with Lyra."

"Our Magicycles will get us there faster," Micro said.

"Then lets roll out."

Lyra and the band were taking a break and in that time she rushed over to her bag to check her phone, only to breathe a sigh of relief seeing no new messages. However, in that second her phone buzzed and she quickly answered.

"Lyra," Celestia said, "that monsters back."

Lyra sighed. "Okay," she said, "I'll be there." She hung up and began to make her way out of the concert hall.

"Ms Heartstrings," she turned to see Score and Octavia standing on stage, looking at her. "We still have three hours of rehearsals."

"I'm sorry," Lyra said, "but something's come up. I have to go."

"You leave now I can't allow you to perform tonight," Score said, "and I'd have to ask you to leave the orchestra."

Lyra's heart began to hurt. This was her dream, but was she willing to risk her friends to achieve it?

Back in town Boombox was having a blast, literally, as he made a disaster zone out of the place.

"This is the most fun I've had in a century," Boombox said.

"Well your play time's over," the robot turned to see the four Rangers racing down the street on their Magicycles. They each fired the lazors from bikes.

"Sound Barrier!" Boombox yelled as his newly repaired speakers created the shield of sound waves, which the blasts bounced off.

"Looks like they managed to fix him up," Micro said.

"Then lets see if we can't find an opening in his defence," Flash said, "circle him and fire." The Rangers kicked their bikes back into gear and zoomed towards the monster.

"Sound Crash!" he fired off his sonic blasts, which the Rangers were able to maneuver around as Micro and Sweetie shot passed him and came to a skidding halt.

Now the four of them were on four different sides of Boombox, and each had their Morphin Blasters pointed at him. "Fire at will," Flash yelled as they all pulled the trigger and released the blast.

"Sorry," Boombox said, "but my name's not will. Ultimate Sound Barrier!" The backs of his speakers opened, revealing new ones which fired the sound waves. Doing so now created a sound bubble, which now shielded Boombox completely and caused the blasts to bounce off.

"What!?" Flash yelled.

"But he didn't do that last time," Sweetie said.

"Looks like they gave him a tune up," Micro said.

"Now what do we do?" Sandal said.

"I'll tell you what," Boombox said, "you get destroyed!" He fired his Sound Crash attack from both sides, aiming willy nilly as the Rangers tried to avoid them. One stray blast manage to the front wheel of Sweetie's Magicycle, sending her flying off and crashing into a wall which de-morphed her. "One down," Boombox said as he fired again, this time hitting the building above Micro and sending debris down. The yellow Ranger tried to dodge them but was hit and sent swerving out of control, flying off his bike and de-morphing. "That's two."

"And you won't get a third," he heard Sandal say as he turned to see the green Ranger charging at him with his Spirit Sabre.

Boombox let rip another sonic blast, aimed at the ground which caused it to explode and hit Sandal's bike, making it swerve off and throw the Ranger from it. Sandal crashed into the ground and de-morphed. "You were saying?" Boombox said.

"Not good," Flash said looking at his team, "no choice. I gotta try Burst Mode." He flipped the switch and called out, "Burst Mode...Energise!" His bike shifted into the more bulky with a giant dragon on the front. He revved it into high gear as he shot forwards towards Boombox, picking up speed.

"Ultimate Sound Barrier!" the robot unleashed the sound bubble as the bike drew closer. Finally the high speed object struck the bubble and for a few moments it looked like it would break through, but instead the bike exploded and sent Flash flying back with a yell as he de-morphed. Boombox laughed as he looked around at the fallen Rangers, "victory is mine. I'm just one attack away from my freedom." He moved over to Sweetie Drops, who was sitting against the wall she'd crashed into. "I still owe you for the surprise attack," he said as his speakers prepared to destroy her.

"SWEETIE!" The boys yelled as they tried to pull themselves up.

"So long Pink Ranger," Boombox said, before he was suddenly struck by a flurry of lazor fire and flying away.

"Not happening rust bucket," everyone turned to see Lyra, rangered up, come flying in on her Magicycle. She skipped to a stop between her friends and the monster, before dismounting her bike and running over to Sweetie as she de-morphed. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Sweetie said, "I knew you'd come."

"Right on time too," Lyra said as she helped her up.

"A few minutes sooner wouldn't have hurt."

Everyone managed to pick themselves up and regroup.

"Nice to see you here," Flash said.

"Just don't give me the third degree," Lyra said.

"I wasn't," Flash said, "I am glad your here."

"You should be," Lyra said as they turned to Boombox, "because now this guys chances just went from unlikely to impossible."

Boombox managed to pick himself up and looked over at the Rangers. "Five," he said looking them over, "it doesn't matter if there were five hundred of you. Nothing can beat me."

"We'll see about that," Lyra said, "it's Morphin Time! Magi-Chargers."

"Ready!" the team said as they held out their Chargers and clicked the buttons.






"Energise!" They yelled spinning the barrel before pointing them in the air, "Unleash the Power!" They all pulled the triggers and five different heads flew out and bit down on them, decking them out in their Ranger Suits.

"Power Rangers," Lyra called out as they posed and said together. "GUARDIANS!"

"You finished?" Boombox asked as he readied himself.

"Our only hope is the Guardian Buster," Micro said.

"But Sunset said we need five Rangers to use it," Flash said.

"Er, hello." Lyra waved at him.

"Right," Flash said before pulling out the Charger he'd got from Sunset. "Magi-Charger," he clicked the button and threw it in the air, "Guardian Buster, activate." The Charger flew into the air before disappearing in a flash of light, replaced with a new weapon.

It was a larger version of the Ranger's Morphin Blaster. Black in colour with white streaks leading down the barrel to the trigger.

Flash grabbed the weapon and cocked the forend and in doing so opened up five compartments, four on the side and one at the top of the handle.

"Magi-Chargers," everyone said, as they activated their Chargers and placed them in the compartments before shutting them. "Locked and loaded." When Flash placed his into the compartment and shut it, the white streaks changed to red.


The weapon began to buzz as it charged up, and was ready to fire.

Flash aimed the weapon at Boombox, as Lyra and Micro placed their hands on his shoulders and Sandal and Sweetie did so to them. "Guardian Buster, Dragon Blast...FIRE!" Flash pulled the trigger and a single powerful blast shot out, which morphed into the shape of the Dragon Zord's head as it flew at Boombox.

"Ultimate Sound Barrier!" the monster said as he created his sound bubble, just as the attack stuck. They were at a stand still for several seconds until finally the blast began to push through the shield and struck Boombox. "Impossible!" Boombox yelled as he was consumed by the attack and blasted back.

"Alright," the Rangers cheered.

Back on the ship, Doom was none to please at seeing the monster he'd chosen be beaten again.

"All that work," Cogs said.

"It's not over yet," Doom said as he turned to a Shade, "fire the Gigatisor!" the Shade nodded and ran over to the button and hit it, releasing the growing machine which fired.

Back on earth the red beam struck the ground and caused and explosion. In its wake was left a giant Boombox.

"My music just hit the big time," he said, flexing his new larger body.

"We need the Zords," Flash said as he, Lyra and Micro pulled out their Magi-Chargers. "Summon Zords!" They threw them into the air.


The Zords activated and emerged from their hiding spots, before rushing to their Rangers aid.

"Activate Guardian Megazord," the three said, "Griffon-Serpent Formation."


The Rangers teleported into the cockpit, with Sandal looking around in amazement. "Wow."

"Pretty cool huh?" Flash said before they placed their blasters into the slots and readied themselves for battle.

The two robots faced off against each other.

"Super Sound Crash!" Boombox yelled as he fired off his sonic blast, which the Megazord barely dodged.

"Griffon Zord fire," Micro ordered as his Zord shot its lazors.

"Super Sound Barrier," the robot unleashed its super sized force field.

"We can't break through," Sweetie said.

"What do we do?" Micro asked.

"There's one thing we could try," Lyra said before turning to Sandal, "maybe your Zord can help."

"Are you sure?" Sandal asked.

"What do we have to lose," Lyra said, "trust me."

Sandal looked at her for a few seconds before nodding, and pulling out his Magi-Charger. "Here goes," he said clicking and throwing it, "summon Fenrir Zord!"

The Charger flew through the air, growing as it did so, before flying off into a nearby forest area. It arrived in the thickest part, where it flew into the mouth of a creature.


The creature opened its eyes. Seconds later it slashed its way out of the forest, revealing itself as a giant robotic wolf with a design similar to the Sphinx. It's tail was a long semi-circle shaped blade.

Back at the battle field Boombox continued to blast the Megazord. "Looks like your swan song's playing," he said as he charged up his speakers.

"We're in trouble," Micro said.

"Look," Lyra suddenly yelled, pointing towards the top of some buildings. The Fenrir Zord leaped from roof to roof, before leaping at Boombox and spinning in a circle allowing its tail to slash the back of the robot.

"ARRR!" Boombox yelled as he looked behind him at the Zord.

"Now's our chance," Lyra yelled."

"Right," Flash agreed, "activate Guardian Megazord, Fenrir-Griffon Formation!"

The Fenrir-Charger flew out of the Zord's mouth as the Dragon's head folded up and opened its mouth, releasing its Charger which was quickly replaced.


When its Charger flew back in the Fenrir Zord's tail detached, which it grabbed in its mouth. The Sea-Serpent Zord detached as the Fenrir took its place, the cube like rear connecting to the Dragon and becoming the new right arm.


"Now what?" Boombox asked.

"Now we're gonna cut your music career short," Lyra said.

"Fenrir Zord," Sandal called out, "Fang Blade." The Megazord swiped the bladed arm at Boombox, who didn't have time to call up its shield. With the monster dazed they took this chance to fire off a few shots from the Griffon, damaging the monster even more.

"Aim for the speakers," Flash ordered, the Rangers doing so and managing to hit them several times and causing them to spark.

"No," Boombox yelled. He tried to activate them but they were now duds.

"Let's finish this guy," Lyra said.

"Right," the other agreed. They all moved and spoke in sync, calling out their final attack. "Griffon Zord...Fenrir Zord, Blast Cutter!"

The Megazord's two arms began to glow. It raised its Griffon arm and charged up a blast which it fired, before spinning around and swinging the Fenrir arm around to fire an energy slash which struck the griffon blast and accelerating it towards Boombox.

"WAIT!" Boombox yelled before he was struck by the attack, which exploded on impact. "Looks like there'll be no encore for me," he said before collapsing in an explosion.

"Guardian Rangers," Flash yelled, "victory is ours."

The Rangers all cheered at their victory over Boombox.

Later on the Rangers were back at Canterlot High.

Lyra and Octavia were sitting at a table talking, though the others didn't know what about.

Finally they stood up off the table and hugged each other before Octavia turned to leave and Lyra returned to them.

"Well?" Sweetie asked.

"I resigned from the orchestra," Lyra said.

"We're sorry Lyra," Twilight said.

"It's alright," she replied, "I just have to many responsibilities right now. I'll get another chance, but for now I'm need here."

Everyone cheered hearing that. As Power Rangers the five of them would need to give up a lot of things, but they all knew it was for the right reasons.

Author's Note:

Hope you liked Lyra's backstory.

The Guardian Buster scene is similar to the Super Mega Cannon.