• Published 21st Feb 2017
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Power Rangers: Guardians of Harmony - Banshee531

Centuries ago, ten Elements were lost. Now a new threat has come to our world and it's up to five young heroes to become our protectors, to become Power Rangers Guardians.

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Guardians of Harmony pt2

We find ourselves back in the forest with Flash and the girls after their little encounter. They were all looking at the mysterious crystal Flash had found before, but had no idea what it was.

"So what is this thing?" Flash asked holding the crystal to the light.

"I don't know," Sunset replied also looking at it in wonder, "that monster called it an Element."

"That sounds familiar," Flash said, "isn't that what Princess Twilight first came here to get after you stole it...no offence."


"So that's what this is?" Twilight asked, "one of those Elements of Harmony."

"No," Sunset replied, "this is different."

"Excuse me," they looked down at Spike. "As interesting a topic this is, could we maybe discuss it somewhere other then the monster and robot infested forest?"

"He's got a point," Flash said, "come on I'll give you guys a lift back to town."

"We'd better check up on the others," Twilight said pulling out her cellphone only to groan. "No reception."

"I'm sure they'll be fine," Sunset told her.

Meanwhile Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had just arrived at the quarry.

"Man that took forever," Rainbow moaned.

"We don't all have super speed ya know," Applejack said.

"Clearly," she replied.

"So what are we looking for?" Pinkie asked spinning around as she looked around the quarry.

"Not sure," Applejack replied, "anything out of the ordinary."

Suddenly they heard something. Voices coming from over a ridge, which the three followed until they came over and found a pair of teens standing in the middle of the place.

"I'm telling you the signal was coming from here," Micro said.

"Well I don't see anything," Sandel replied.

"Well obviously," Micro almost yelled.

"Guys!" Applejack called getting the boy's attention.

"Applejack?" Micro said.

"What are you doing here?" Sandel asked.

"Following a magical source," Pinkie blurted out.

"Magic?" Micro said, "not aliens?"

"Aliens?" the girls asked.

"I built a transmitter to pick up alien signals," Micro said showing the device he'd built, "when I turned it on it picked up something coming from here."

"Hey that looks like Twilight's do hickey," Rainbow said.

"Twilight has one?" Micro asked.

"But hers picks up on magic," Applejack replied, "you must've accidently set yours to do the same."

"Oh," Micro said before smiling, "awesome!"

"We could find any magic we want," Sandel said.

As the two began celebrating, Rainbow took this opportunity to snag Micro's scanner.

"Hey!" he said.

"So this thing can detect magic?" Rainbow asked shaking the device around until Micro snatched it back.

"It was until a short while ago," he said, "we were following the signal when it suddenly went dead."

"Well then fix it," Rainbow told him.

"It's not broken," he replied, "what it was picking up is the problem. Whatever magic it found's energy level must have gone bellow my scanners detection range, because I designed this thing perfectly."

"Is that so," a voice caught their attention, "then I'll be taking it." They turned around and gasped at what they saw. It was a humanoid creature with bright red fur, large spikes covering his body and a monstrous looking face.

"What is that thing?" Sandal asked.

"I don't know," Micro replied as he hid behind him, "but I hope he's a vegetarian."

"You two go hide," Applejack ordered as the boys ran over to a rock pail to hide behind.

"Puny humans," the creature said, "you don't know who your dealing with." He held a clawed hand up to his shoulder and grabbed one of the longer spikes, which seemed to naturally disconnect as he held it up like a sword.

"I got this," Rainbow said as her gem glowed and she ran towards the creature at high speed. Once she reached him she began running in a circle, creating a dust cloud around him. However the creature held up its sword infront of its face and held still, before swiping the blade around. Doing so caught Rainbow by the feet, causing her to trip and with a yelp went rolling back towards her friends.

"You okay?" Applejack asked.

"Lucky shot," Rainbow said.

"I don't think so," Applejack said, "it looked like he predicted you foot location even at top speed." She stepped forwards towards a large boulder, as her gem glowed allowing her to lift it up and then throw it at the creature.

"Pathetic," the creature said as his used his blade to slash through the rock, causing the pieces to miss him.

"Flan sake," Applejack said before Pinkie jumped forwards.

"Try this," she said as she pulled a pack of sprinkles out and opened them. Taking a handful she threw it at the creature, before they exploded creating a cloud of smoke. However the creature didn't seem phased by the explosion and as the cloud passed it just stood there.

"Really?" he asked

"Pooy," she said

"None of our magic works on this thing," Applejack said.

"My turn!" the creature said as it raised it sword and smashed the ground, causing a crack to to travel forwards towards the teens before the ground beneath them exploded sending them flying away. "Pathetic human," the creature said stepping towards them, passing Sandel and Micro's hiding place.

"We need to do something," Sandelwood said.

"Like what?" Micro asked.

"Anything," he replied.

Micro looked around and then noticed something on the ground near them. It was an old generator and some over pieces of metal, which suddenly gave him an idea. "I might have a way," he said, "come on."

The creature drew closer to the girls her heard something and turned to see the boys. "What are you two wimps up to?" he asked turning towards them.

"No," Rainbow called out, "guys get away."

Seeing the creature draw closer to them and Micro still doing whatever he need to do, Sandel knew he had to slow this thing down. Grabbing a three foot long pole off the ground, he held it up like a sword and pointed towards the creature. "Keep working little buddy," he said, "I got your back."

"Don't make me laugh," it said as it swung it sword at him.

Using the pipe he managed to block the attack and push the creature back a bit, before swinging it towards the creature. This went on for a couple seconds with the two trading blows and jumping around, that eventually the creature now had its back to Micro who finally finished what he was doing.

"I'm ready," he said, "try and hold him still."

Sandel nodded and as the creature brought its sword down he held up the pipe to block, using all his strength he tried to keep it in the same place.

"Give it up," the creature said.

"No way," he replied, "MICRO!"

At that second Micro acted, using some jumper cables connected to the generator he clicked them onto the monsters spiked shoulders. Doing so caused the electricity the generator made to surge through the cables, into the creatures body electrifying it.

"AAAAAARRRRRRR!" The creature screamed as it flailed around and even accidently threw its sword at the rock the boys had been hiding behind, cutting through it.

"Alright little buddy," Sandel said, "great work."

"You too," he said. Suddenly his detector started beeping after detecting something, "What?" He asked as he pointed the device at the rock the sword was inside.

Part of the rock suddenly broke away revealing two glowing objects inside. They were two hexagonal crystal cylinders of different colours, one green and the other yellow. Suddenly the two crystals flew out of the rock towards the boys before circling around them, the yellow one around Micro and the green one around Sandal, and then floated into their hands. As soon as they took hold of them green and yellow energy surged around them, as they were bombarded by images of ponies in similar armours before they saw images of giant animals. Micro saw an image of a lion eagle hybrid, while Sandal saw a giant wolf. As soon as that happened it was over and the energy disappeared.

"What happened?" Micro asked.

"Not sure," Sandel replied

"Guys," they turned to see the girls run up to them. "Are you okay," Rainbow asked.

"We're fine," Micro said.

"Not for long!" they all turned to see the creature had gotten the leads off and was back on the attack. "Give me the Elements!" He swung his sword.

Without thinking, Sandel jumped forwards and held up the pipe to block. That moment the crystal in his hand glowed and sent energy into the pipe, causing it to explode with light. When it died down Sandal wasn't holding a pipe, but a strange looking sword in the shape of a cutlass with a green handle and silver blade. AN

With this new weapon Sandel was able to push the creature back, before quickly dealing a few slashes to it knocking it down.

"Let's get out of here," Micro yelled making everyone agree.

Before the creature could get up the five of them ran off, following the boys to Sandel's truck.

"Get back here!" the creature said giving chase as they reached the truck.

The girls jumped onto the back while the boys hoped in the front and kicked the vehicle into life. With the monster inches away from them the truck's wheels spun and they zoomed away.

"NO!" the creature yelled seeing the Elements drive away.

Meanwhile Flash, Twilight and Sunset were in his car, racing back to town. Twilight was next to Flash examining something Flash had given to her, a journal.

"So this was your dads?" she asked flipping through it.

"Yeah," Flash said, "I found it while ago but didn't think anything of it until it mentioned that forest."

"There are a lot of scripture recordings in here," Twilight said, "what do they mean?"

"No clue," Flash said.

"Why don't you ask him?" Sunset asked

Flash frowned at the question. "He disappeared," he explained, "in that forest actually. He'd heard rumours of bizarre sightings by hikers and went in to investigate. He never came out."

"Oh," Twilight and Sunset said.

"Search teams went looking for him, but all they could find was that book." Flash sighed, "I was in that forest looking for clues. I thought the journal might help me, but I the only entry I could read was something about a monster."

"Like the one you just fought?" Spike asked.

"No," Flash replied grabbing the book in one hand and flipping it to a page with a funny sketching of a humanoid creature with spikes coming off its body. "This one."

"Creepy," Spike said.

Suddenly Twilight's cellphone rang. "Finally," she said seeing the signal was back. She answered and put the phone to here ear, only to have to push it away when she heard.

"TWILIGHT!" Rainbow's voice screamed.

"I'm here Rainbow," she replied, "I'm putting you speaker." She pressed the button.

"You will not believe what just happened to us," she said.

The three shared a glance and had a feeling they could guess. "You were attacked by a monster?" Sunset asked.

The phone was silent for several seconds, until Applejack spoke. "How'd you guess?"

"The same thing happened to us," Flash said.

"Flash?" Applejack said, "what are you doing there."

"We meet him in the forest," Sunset replied, "now what exactly happened?"

The girls explained it to them, they were quite surprised to learn about Micro and Sandel's experience, and by the end they were amazed.

"This can't be a coincidence," Sunset said.

"We should meet up to really discuss it," Twilight said.

"Where should we meet up?" Flash asked before he suddenly felt something from his pocket. Reaching in there he pulled out the Element as it glowed.

"Now what's it doing?" Sunset asked.

Meanwhile the same thing was happening with Micro and Sandel's Elements. A second later the three gems flashed causing the holders to suddenly find themselves seeing images of Canterlot High.

"If you wish to find the answers you seek then come here."

It was over before it had really begun.

"Are you okay," Twilight asked.

Flash looked down at the phone and spoke, "did you guy-"

"Just hear a creepy voice while being shown the school?" Micro finished, "yeah we did."

"I guess we know where we're going then," he said.

"It could be a trap," Sunset said.

"Even if it is I'll still learn something," he replied, "I'm going."

"Then we're going to," Twilight said.

"We'll meet you guys there," Rainbow said.


Back at the quarry the monster was slashing at the rocks.

"There must be more Elements here," it said as it chipped away at the rocks.

Suddenly from out of no where a bolt of lightning appeared from out of no where and struck the creature, making it vanish into thin air.

For the creature it was a simple flash of light, that caused his vision to shift from looking at a rock to suddenly being in a metallic room. "What?" he said looking around.

"As surprisible as ever I see," the creature looked around and saw a figure in dark blue armour with cog designs on attached to it.

"Who are you?" he asked raising his sword.

Before the other could answer, a mechanical door opened and. "DOOMY!" they both looked around to see a rouge feminine creature with hearts attached around her body. The creature ran towards him and threw her arms around him.

"Only one being I know calls me that," the creature named Doomy said, "Heart Breaker?"

"That's right," she said.

"Then you must be," he looked over to the armoured being.

"Long time no see."

"Cogs?" he asked, "but if you two are here then."

"DOOM! It's about time you showed up," a voice from the door said.

Doom spun around to see a being with black scaly skin covered in metal armour around its chest, arms, legs and head.

"Master Darklight," Doom said kneeling down.

"Raise Doom Raizer," Darklight said, "it has been a long thousand years."

"Indeed," Doom said, "I would have contacted you but magic is limited in this world. I had to wait until the technology advanced enough for me to create a beacon you could detect.

"And the Elements?"

"Scattered," Doom replied, "even after a thousand years I have been unable to find one."

Darklight growled and turned back to the door. "Walk with me."

They travelled through many corridor.

"What is this?" Doom asked looking around the place.

"When Starswirl disrupted the portal it sent the three of us into another dimension," Darklight said. "For a thousand years we travelled the multiverse trying to find out way here and along the way we...acquired certain things, including this ship."

"Wait," he said, "are you saying?"

Darklight pointed towards a nearby window. Doom moved over to it and just as he thought, he was looking down at the planet. They were in space.

"I took this ship as the spoils of battle against another multiverse traveller," Darklight said, "he was on the hunt for some entity he feared. When I defeated him I took everything, including his cargo." They turned a corner and found themselves now walking down a hallway filled with jail cells. Inside each jail cell was a mysterious monster. "The most dangerous being to infect the multiverse at my command."

"They'll listen to you?"

"They have no choice," he said, "each is equipped with a control collar that depowers them and will destroy them at the flip of a switch."

Suddenly from down the hallway came Crushclaw followed by thin creatures covered in black cloaks, with black hoods over their heads and black masks covering the faces.

"And those thing?"

"Shades," Darklight replied, "mindless drones that follow any order."

"Master Darklight," Crushclaw said, "I'm ready to return to the planet. I'll get you an Element this time."

"You'd better," Darklight said, "if you fail me again I'll throw you in the worst cell I can find."

"But if I bring you one you'll agree to set me free?"

"Only if you bring me one," Darklight said.

"I won't fail you," with that Crushclaw and the Shades headed towards the room they had just come out of.

The teens all met up outside the school. They had texted Rarity and Fluttershy to meet them there and soon the ten were standing at the entrance of the building.

"So do we just go in," Fluttershy asked, "or what?"

"It is open to the public," Flash said as he pushed the doors open.

They stepped inside but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

"So where to now?" Rainbow asked.

Sunset turned to the boys. "Your the ones who saw the visions so what now?"

Flash, Micro and Sandel shared a glance before pulling out the crystals which then began to glow. Suddenly the three of them began running down the halls. "Where are you going?" Twilight said as they ran after them

"The Elements are pulling us in this direction," Flash said.

"Well tell it to pull slower," Rainbow said.

They continued running until they found themselves staring at a blank wall.

"Is this it?" Rarity asked.

"There has to be something," Flash said holding out his hand. As soon as he touched it the Element began to glow again and suddenly Flash's hand went straight through the wall like water. "WHAT THE!?" he asked.

"Ghost wall!" Pinkie screamed.

"Flash," Twilight said cautiously.

Before she could say anything else Flash suddenly jumped right through the wall.

"FLASH!" they said.

"For crying out loud," Sunset said before she and Twilight ran towards the wall and went through it. Pretty soon all of them ran through the wall.

Everything was dark as they travelled through whatever room they were in. "Where are we?" Micro asked.

"Not sure," Flash said.

Suddenly lights flickered on revealing the room to be a circular construct with what looked like a lab in its centre.

"What is this place?" Applejack asked.

"I don't know," Twilight said walking around the tables, "but look at this equipment."

"Hey look," they all turned to Sandelwood, who was staring at one of the walls. Built into the wall was a small indent with five rows of white crystal stalagmite and stalactites, two of which had crystals stuck between them. These crystal looked just like the boy's only one was light blue and the other pink.

The boys took out their crystals and held them up to compare. "They look just like ours," Micro said before the gem suddenly flew out of his loose grip and flew into the centre row between the blue and pink one.

Flash and Sandel let theirs go and they flew into the two remaining rows, Flash's on the far left and Sandel's on the far right. "What are these things?" Flash asked.

"They are Guardian Elements."

Everybody spun back around and gasped at what they saw. An old man with grey hair and long beard, wearing a blue hat and robe with stars on stood in the middle of the room. In his grasp was a wooden staff.

Flash rushed to the front of the group and took a battle stance. "Who are you?"

"Please do not worry," the man said, "I mean you no harm. I am known as Starswirl."

"Starswirl the Bearded?" Sunset asked, "but he died a thousand years ago."

"Or so you believe," Starswirl said, "in fact I simply travelled to this world to search for the Elements."

"Look," Flash said, "I've had a long day. So could we cut the backstory and get on with the exposition."

"I'm afraid not," Starswirl said as he waved his staff, creating a cloud which viewed images." A thousand years ago a great battle took place in Equestria, and the only thing that could stop it were the ten Guardian Elements. The evil Darklight sought the Elements but in the final battle they were thrown into a portal I believe some of you are familiar with."

"The mirror?" Sunset asked.

"Indeed," he said, "Darklight and his minions tried to follow but I managed to use that to trap them in another dimension...until now."

"But what does this have to do with us?" Sandel asked.

"Each Element represents a trait required in a guardian, who is worthy of using their powers for good. The three of you have bonded with one because you hold in your hearts the trait they represent, and you are not the only ones."

Suddenly form another room walked out four other people they all recognised.

"Principle Celestia," Sunset said, "Vice-Principle Luna?"

"Lyra," Twilight continued, "Sweetie?"

"Hey there," Lyra said.

"Welcome," Sweetie agreed.

Principle Celestia stepped towards the boys. "Flash," she said, "you bravery in the face of unparalleled danger has proven you worthy of the red Element of Courage." She moved over to Micro. "Your sharp mind and quick thinking, makes you the perfect choice for the yellow Element of Knowledge Micro." Finally she turned to Sandel. "And Sandelwood; your strength, both physical and spiritual, allowed the Element of Will to see your worth."

The boys all blushed hearing the praise.

"The three of you along with Ms Heartstrings and Drops are now capable of doing amazing things with them," Luna said.

"This is nuts," Flash said, "I mean I know magic is real and all but it still feels like a dream."

Celestia turned to Lyra and Sweetie. "Show them," she said, as the two girls stepped forwards and held out their hands. Suddenly the blue and pink Elements flew out of the crystal beds and into their hands. "We helped Starswirl track down Lyra after she bonded to her Element and together we found Sweetie." The girls opened up their hands as mist came out of their Elements and took forms. The blue one in Lyra's took the form of a blue snake like creature, while Sweetie's became a pink cat like creature.

"Welcome to the team," Sweetie said.

"You're now officially Power Rangers," Lyra said.

"Power what?" Micro asked.

"The Guardian Elements will only bond to someone of a true heart," Starswirl said, "the fact that they have prove your worth."

"Five Elements have been found," Luna explained, "but five more are still lost." She pointed towards the other wall where an empty crystal bed stood. "You must use your powers to find them before they fall into evil hands."

"You mean like that thing we fought in the woods?" Twilight asked.

"Or the quarry?" Rainbow said.

"They were only foot soldier," Starswirl said, "the true evil will soon arrive. I felt a tremor in the space time continuum this day, signalling that Darklight has found his way here. The Elements felt this and have chosen you to fight this evil."

Suddenly an alarm went off catching their attention. In the centro of the room a table with a glass top lit up and projected a hologram of a map of the area. Celestia and Luna moved over to it, "more magical emissions," Luna said, "same area you found the Element of Courage in Flash."

"You'd better check it out," Celestia said.

Everyone turned to the boys, who still looked unsure.

"Flash," the teen turned to Twilight, "what you did in the forest wasn't an accident."

"She's right," Sunset said, "maybe this is what you were meant to be."

"And you two were pretty amazing as well," Applejack told Micro and Sandel.

"You did okay," Rainbow said, "compared to me of course."

The boys shared a glance, before nodding and turning back. "We're in!"

"Then we'd better get going," Lyra said as she and Sweetie moved over to the crystal beds and picked up something below them. Five pads holding three robotic cylinders of the Elements colours. Grabbing the blue ones Lyra commented, "don't forget your Magi-Chargers."

Sweetie took the pink ones and the two ran towards the wall the teens had originally entered form and phased through it.

"Come on," Micro said, taking the yellow Magi-Chargers and holding out his hand for the his Element to return to him. Sandel did the same but when Flash attempted it the Element of Courage remained, flickering as it did.

Celestia moved over to a computer and scanned it. "Something's interfering with the Elements power flow," she explained.

"Flash," Starswirl said, "you must stay."

Flash turned to the others who looked saddened, but he nodded to them to go. They agreed and ran through the wall.

Not much later the four teens were rushing through the woods looking for the source of the magic, when they suddenly felt the earth shake bellow them.

"What is that?" Sweetie asked.

Suddenly an explosion drew their attention to a nearby mountain, which had exploded revealing the mechanised dragon Flash and the others had met earlier.

"That's the Dragon Zord," Lyra said making everyone gasp.

Suddenly the Dragon Zord turned and used its white wings to take flight. "It's heading back to town," Micro said

Back at the base Flash and everyone else was watching what the Rangers had seen.

"When someone bonds to their Element their Zord awakens," Celestia explained.

"That thing is my...Zord?" Flash asked.

"Yes," Luna said, "and it's draining your Element for power."

"Most Zords take time to fully awaken," Starswirl said, "but yours seems particularly impatient."

"It looks like its heading to the city," Twilight said.

"You will need to tame the Zord in order to keep everyone safe," Starswirl explained.

They moved over to the crystal beds and Celestia took the Magi-Chargers and handed them to Flash. "These are Magi-Charger, which we use to make channelling the Elements powers easier. They'll charge your weapons and morph you into battle mode."

"I get to morph?" Flash asked, "again...awesome."

"Indeed," Celestia said with a smirk as she handed the Chargers to him, "but be careful."

"Tell the others to meet me at the city," Flash said as he held out his hand and his Element flew into his hand before he rushed back through the wall.

Meanwhile in the city a bolt of lightning struck the ground and in its wake was Crushclaw and a small army of Shades, each equipped with large daggers. "I'll cut this town to ribbons and take the Elements from the severed fingers," Crushclaw said before launching a cutting blast that went straight through a nearby building.


Crushclaw turned to see the Dragon Zord charging towards him. "You again," he said, "not this time you overgrown lizard." He pointed his claws at the robot and fired a electric blast that struck it, making it cry in pain before falling down. "Just like Cogs said it would do," he said.

"HEY!" they turned to see Flash running down the street, stopping a few feet away from them.

"Oh it's you," Crushclaw said, "I hope you came to give back the Element."

"You mean," Flash pulled out the crystal, "this Element?" Before the monster could say anything Flash threw the Element at the Zord, causing it to spark magic around the robot re-energising it. Now awake the Zord stood back up and looked down at Flash, as they both stared at each other Flash smiled as he held up his hand and the Zord placed its nose on it. "You weren't rampaging," he said, "you just sensed these guys and wanted to stop them." The Zord roared in response which Flash understood as agreement. "Your just a big softy," he said, "I think I'll call you Drago."

"Don't think because your toy robot is back up you can win," Crushclaw said. "Shades! Merge and form Shadzilla." Several Shades bunched up and were surrounded by shadows which soon took the form of a giant black reptile.

"Let's do this Drago," Flash said pulling out his Magi-Charger.

"It's Morphin Time! Magi-Charger, ready!" He clicked the button on the cylinder as the blaster reappeared in his hand. He placed the charger in the slot and closed it.


"Energised!" Flash yelled as he spun the barrel, before pointing the weapon to the sky. "Unleash the Power!"

He pulled the trigger and it fired the dragon head which flew around him, before returning and biting down on him in an explosion of light. when the light faded, Flash was shown to be back in the red suit he had been in before.

"Wow," he said looking at himself, "I bet this is what it's like to pony up." Drago roared in response. "Okay bud," he said as he opened the container on his belt buckle where the rest of his Chargers were, "let's check out you battle mode. Magi-Charger, ready." He clicked the button before throwing it at the Zord. The Charger then grew ten times its size before slotting into Drago's mouth


"Yeah," Flash said, "go Drago." The Zord charged towards the Shadzilla.

"Destroy him!" Crushclaw order the remaining Shades, causing them to run at the red suited teen.

"Bring it!" Flash replied running at them.

While Drago and Shadzilla battled, Flash engaged the Shades. He sent punches and kicks at any one he could reach, while dodging or blocking their attack. "Down you go," he said sweep kicking one before back flipping to dodge another, "how do you like that?" Deciding to kick it up some more Flash called on one of his new weapons, as a red version of the cutlass Sandel had used appeared. "Spirit Sabre," with one large swing he cut through several Shades at once.

"You worm," Crushclaw yelled running at him, claws raised, only to be blocked by Flash's sabre.

"Is my Element a little to tough for ya?" he asked before slashing the monster.

"You'll never defeat me alone," Crushclaw said once he'd regained balance.

"Who said anything about being alone?" Flash asked.

Suddenly Crushclaw was blaster by a flurry of lazor fire, causing him to turn and see the four other teens run down the street and stand next to Flash.

"Flash!" Micro said.

"Better late then never," Flash said.

"Your looking good," Sandel said.

"Thanks," he replied.

"Five humans?" Crushclaw said, "it doesn't matter. I'll destroy all of you."

"We'll see about that," Lyra said as the four of them stepped forwards, "it's Morphin Time!" The four of them held up their Magi-Chargers and clicked them. The blaster appeared in each of their hands and as if by instinct they placed the chargers in the slot.





"Energise!" They yelled spinning the barrel, before pointing them to the sky. "Unleash the Power!" They all pulled the triggers and four different heads flew out and bit down on them, decking them out in matching outfits. The only difference were the colours, the girls having skirts, the pentagon on the chests had different creatures on them and their visors were different shapes.

Lyra's was an oval with a triangular section cut out the top. Micro's was an upside down trapezium. Sweetie's was a heart shape. And finally Sandal's was a squared with triangles cut out the top and bottom.

The five rangers all looked at each other and cheered.

"We look great together," Sweetie said.

"We sure do," Flash said stepping forwards

"Who are you guys?" Crushclaw asked them

"We'll tell you," Flash said as they struck a pose.

Flash: Element of Courage...Power Ranger, RED!

Lyra: Element of Trust...Power Ranger, BLUE!

Micro: Element of Knowledge...Power Ranger, YELLOW!

Sweetie: Element of Love...Power Ranger, PINK!

Sandelwood: Element of Will...Power Ranger, GREEN!

All: Protectors of right, ready to fight!

Flash: Power Rangers!


In that second an explosion occurred behind them.

"Get them!" Crushclaw ordered the remainder of the Shades who attack.

"Let's do this," Flash said as they to charged.

Lyra reached them first and showed off her fighting style, using some kind of dance rhythm to dodge before delivering her own attacks of kicks and punches. "That all you got?" she asked before throwing a round house at them, "don't make me laugh."

Micro wasn't has lucky, mainly dodging the attacks but not throwing any of his own. "This is nuts," he said before he remembered, "I have weapons." He pulled out his blaster and then began firing, hitting the Shades with perfect aim. "Just like a video game," he said as he continued fighting.

Sweetie was jumping around dodging the attacks, though her dodges were more precise as the attacks she dodged went off hitting another Shade. "To bad, so sad." She pulled out her own blaster and shot down several more.

"Spirit Sabre!" Sandel said slashing through several Shades. He then hit a button on it, causing a compartment to flip open. Opening his belt he pulled out a Magi-Charger and clicked it, before placing it in the slot and shutting it.


"Power...Slash!" He spun around and cut down the most of remainder of the Shades. "Righteous."

Meanwhile Flash and Crushclaw continued their own fight. "I'll finish you off myself," he said grabbing the monster and throwing it to the ground.

"Not if I finish you first," Crushclaw replied getting up and slashing at the ranger.

"Just try it," he said giving off two, three four hits to the stomach. Just then he saw the Dragon Zord grab the Shadzilla in both claws, "go Drago!"

The Zord flapped its wings at took off, taking the monster with it. It then began doing backwards circles picking up speed, before finally throwing the monster towards the ground. With a loud crash the Shadzilla hit the ground and was destroyed.

"Alright!" Flash said holding his blaster, "now it's your turn."

"Like that'll happen!"

Flash went to his belt and pulled out a Magi-Charger, which he placed in the blasters slot.


"Morphin Blaster," Flash said as he spun the barrel before aiming the gun at the monster, "Final Strike!" He pulled the trigger and fired off a blast, that took the form of Drago's head, which flew towards Crushclaw.

"NOOO!" he yelled as the attack struck him, biting down on him and causing an explosion. Meanwhile Flash spun around as the explosion highlighted his bad assery.

"Guardian Rangers," Flash said, "victory is ours."

The rest of the Rangers ran towards him.

"Flash," Sweetie said patting him on the shoulder, "you did great."

"For a beginner," Lyra said as she crossed her arms.

"Thanks," Flash said before looking up at his Zord, "and thank you Drago."

The Dragon Zord roared in agreement.

After the battle the Rangers returned to the school, all cheering for their victory.

"You were awesome with that blaster," Sandel told Micro.

"What about you with that sword," Micro replied.

"You were all amazing," Twilight told them.

"Indeed," Starswirl said, "but this was only a battle. The war is far from over."

"Well bring them on," Flash said, "cause we'll be ready."

"I'm glad to hear it," Celestia said, "but remember that your identity as Rangers must remain a secret. Should this information fall into the wrong hands then who knows what could happen."

The Rangers nodded in agreement.

"As soon as the other five Elements are discovered," Starswirl said, "I will return to Equestria and your world will be safe."

"And in the mean time," Rainbow said, "we'll help you."

"That's right," Sunset said, "we're all in this together. No matter what happens."

Back on his space ship Darklight strode down the halls of his cells. "So you bunch of hideous monsters," he said, "which of you has what it takes to destroy a Power Ranger?"

Author's Note:

And we have chapter two. Hope you enjoyed it and sorry if the fights weren't that good.

AN: think of the Super Mega Sabre, but with the ranger's colours in place of red instead of a key slot is a slot to place the charges.