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Power Rangers: Guardians of Harmony - Banshee531

Centuries ago, ten Elements were lost. Now a new threat has come to our world and it's up to five young heroes to become our protectors, to become Power Rangers Guardians.

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The Power of Love

-May 12th, 1925-

-New York-

In a quite part of the city of New York, a little house stood on the corner of the street. This was the home of the future Pink Ranger, Miss Sweetie Drops.

Ms Drops had just woken up, and after putting on her favourite dress she headed downstairs. She expected the house to be empty, with her brother at work and she hadn't seen her father in weeks. Her mother unfortunately was no longer with them.

As she entered the kitchen she gasped at what she saw. "DADDY!" she yelled running to her father and throwing her arms around him.

"Hello Princess," he said.

"You finished you undercover work?" Sweetie asked. Her father, Hard Case, was a member of the police force who were tasked with stopping the bootleggers from shipping alcohol into the city.

"Not exactly," he said, "I managed to get away for a few hours. I just had to see you."

"I've missed you too daddy," she said.

"I also wanted to give you something," he said. He went into his pocket and pulled out a rectangular black box. "I promised your mother I would give you this when you were old enough."

"What is it?" she asked in wonder.

"Open it and find out," he said handing it to her.

Sweetie took the box and opened it. Inside was a small pink crystal.

"It's been passed down to the women in our family for generations," Hard Case said, "and now it's yours."

"Thank you daddy," throwing her arms around him for a hug.

It would have been the perfect moment, if not for-


Sweetie shot up in her bed at the sound.


It went again.

Sweetie got out of bed and threw on her new Ranger Jacket, before leaving her room, down a hallway and through some doors leading into the Command Centre. There she saw the Mane Seven and the male Rangers crowded around something.

"What's going on?" she cried out catching their attention.

"Oh hey Sweetie," Flash said, "when did you get here?"

"I live here," she replied, "and what's with the loud banging?"

"Sorry," Sunset said, "that was us."

"Sunset and Twilight were testing out our new gear," Micro said, "check out the Magicycles."

They all moved, revealing a quintet of dirt bikes which were each a combination of black and one of the Ranger's colours and had their Zord's heads on the front.

"Amazing," Sweetie said getting a closer look.

"Four stroke, twin turbo exhaust with a nort to sixty in two point five seconds," Sunset listed off. "They have a top speed of just over a hundred miles an hour, with all terrain performance and high powered blasters in the front."

"Sounds great," Sweetie said as she got on hers. The seat was very comfortable.

"That's not all," Twilight said, "wait until you check out Burst Mode."

"Burst Mode?" Sweetie asked.

"With the Magicycles you can activate a high powered burst attack, which doubles the bikes high speed and charges at the enemy while unleashing an energy blast."

"That sounds a little dangerous," Sweetie said, "even with our Ranger Suits."

"Oh don't worry," Sunset said, "Burst Mode also activates a defensive shield to protect you."

"Here," Twilight said, "let me show you." She went over to the Sweetie and pressed a button on the console, which coursed the eyes on the cat to glow before the bike changed. It soon shifted into a bulkier bike, which closed up and locked Sweetie inside. AN

Sweetie suddenly found herself inside the capsule, in complete darkness. "WHAT?" she said looking around but couldn't see anything and could barely move inside, causing her to panic. "GET ME OUT!"

Outside the bike the Rangers heard this and became confused.

It was at this moment that Lyra arrived. When she heard Sweetie and saw the Magicycle, she quickly put two and two together. "What are you guys doing!?" she almost yelled as she rushed towards the bike and opened it up.

Once freed, Sweetie literally jumped out of the bike and into Lyra's arms. She shook horribly.

"What's wrong with her?" Sandel asked.

"She has claustrophobia," Lyra replied.

"What?" Rainbow asked.

"A fear of enclosed spaces," Fluttershy answered.

"Oh," Rainbow and the others replied.

"Sorry," Flash said, "we didn't know. I mean it's not like we can read-" Flash stopped himself before his gaze slowly shifted to Sunset, "never mind."

"It's okay guys," Sweetie said as she got up, "I just really don't like tight spaces."

"But you wear a closed helmet when your morphed?" Micro asked.

"Which I can see out of," Sweetie said, "but if I can't see what's going on around me I start to-" that thought alone caused her to hyperventilate. It wasn't until Pinkie pulled a paper bag out of her hair, giving it to her that she managed to calm down. "Sorry guys," she said once she was done, "but I don't think I can use the Burst Mode."

"But you might need it," Sandal said, "don't worry. We can help you overcome this."

"He's right," Fluttershy said, "I've had to deal with many fears and I think I have a few ways to help you overcome them."

"Like what?" Sweetie asked sounding a little wherry.

"It's all about slowly pushing the limits of your comfort zones," Sandal explained, "slowly increasing it until it's no longer a problem. It's called immersion therapy."

"Isn't that what they did to that guy in A Clockwork Orange?" Flash asked.

"That's Aversion Therapy," Sandel said in a dead pan before turning back to Sweetie. "What do ya say?"

Sweetie didn't look comfortable. "You really think you can help?"

"With time," Fluttershy said, "yes."

"Okay then," Sweetie said, "let's do this."

And with the the three left the Command Centre.

"I really hope they can help her," Twilight said.

"I can't believe Sweetie was so scared like that," Flash said.

"Not everyone's Mr No Fear you know," Lyra said,

"I'm not fearless, " Flash said, "I just don't let my fears control me."

"Not everyone can overcome what they fear as easily as you Flash," everyone turned to see Starswirl appear out of no where. "For many our irrational fears are something we must deal with our whole life, and even for the few who have overcome them they never truly go away."

"I guess," Flash said.

Before they could say anything else, an alert sounded making them head over to the Holotable.

"Darklight?" Micro asked.

"No," Sunset said, "it seems our sensors are picking up something."

"What is it?" Applejack asked.

"I think..." Twilight said, "it's a Zord."

"Zord?" Micro asked.

"Either yours or Sandel's" she explained, "the readings are the same as when the Dragon Zord awakened."

"You will most likely be able to call upon it soon," Starswirl said.

"Awesome," Micro said, "I'll be in the driving seat next time there's a Zord battle."

Meanwhile up in space on Darklight's ship.

Doom Raizer stepped onto the bridge with another monster. It was a funny looking monster with a cone shaped head and on each arm it had a round shield with a spiral pattern.

Darklight looked over at the two and got up out of his throne. "What's he doing here?"

"Cogs filled me in on what your creatures can do," Doom said, "and when I heard about Warper here I had an idea."

"I'll capture the Rangers for ya," Warper said, "deactivate my control collar and I'll use my Warp Disks to transport them someplace they can't escape."

"Very well," Darklight said as he turned to a Shade and nodded his head.

Seconds later the light on the black collar around his neck changed from red to blue. "I've turned off the power suppressor," Darklight explained, "but I'll only deactivate the destruction feature when you bring me the Elements."

"I won't fail you," Warper said before he headed off towards the transporter room.

"He'd better not disappoint," Darklight warned Doom.

"I assure you he won't fail," Doom replied.

"Says the one who couldn't find a single Element in a thousand years," Darklight said.

"Now now brother dear," Heart Breaker said as she jumped between them, "don't blame Doomy for that."

"Stop calling me that," Doom said.

Back on Earth, Fluttershy and Sandal were beginning Sweetie immersion therapy.

"You ready?" Fluttershy asked as Sandal opened the door of a supply closet.

"I don't know about this," Sweetie said.

"Don't worry," Sandal said, "We'll only keep you in there for ten seconds this time."

"Baby steps," Fluttershy said.

"Okay," Sweetie said. She stepped into the closet as Sandal closed the door behind her.

"Just breath," Fluttershy said from behind it.

"Relax," Sandel said.

Unfortunately Sweetie wasn't doing any of that. Her breathing began to become staggered and her heartbeat was a mile a minute. Suddenly her mind began flashing images and sounds to the forefront, as she threw her hands over her ears as the sound of banging assaulted her.

Finally the door opened and she felt herself fall backwards.

"How did that feel?" Fluttershy asked.

"Okay," Sweetie lied. That was horrible.

"Great," Sandal said as he picked her up, "then let's try for fifteen."

"WAIT!" she screamed but was thrown back in the closet before it was slammed shut.

"She'll be fine," he said as he mentally counted, but lost count when he heard a loud buzzing sound.

"What's that?" Fluttershy asked.

"Not sure," he said, "sounds kind of like our blasters." The second he said that he realised what was happening, before the door was blown apart and the two thrown on their backs. Looking up they saw Sweetie Drops, panting, with her Morphin Blaster in hand. "Okay," Sandal said, "I guess we can take a brake."

A little while later the three sitting on the front steps of the school, juice drinks in hand.

"I'm sorry," Sweetie said to the still smouldering duo, "but I can't help it. Whenever I'm in a situation like that."

"Maybe if we knew more about your fear," Sandal said, "then we could determine the best way to fight it."

"He's right," Fluttershy said, "when did you first develop your fear."

"I remember the exact day," Sweetie said before she reached into her jacket and pulled out her Element of Love. "It was the same day I got this."

"Really?" Sandel asked. Come to think of it, neither of them knew how she or Lyra got their Elements.

"May twelfth," Sweetie said, "nineteen twenty five. My father was an undercover officer, working to bring down the Mob trying to bring illegal alcohol into New York. One day he came home and gave me this, saying it had been passed down in our family for generations. Then it happened."


Sweetie and Hard Case were running through the house, trying to escape the onslaught of bullets being fired into their home.

"What do we do?" Sweetie asked in a panic.

"In here," Hard told his daughter as he pulled her into the family library. Rushing over to a picture of him, Sweetie, her brother and mother, he pulled it forwards on a hing to reveal a safe hidden behind it. "Get in," he ordered as he unlocked the safe and opened it.

Sweetie quickly jumped in, but then noticed there wasn't room for the two of them. "But we can't both fit in here?" she told him.

"I know," Hard said, "I love you princess." With that he slammed the safe shut, re-locking it and returning the portrait into place.

Inside the safe, Sweetie was panicking at the thought of her daddy facing those horrible people alone. Suddenly loud banging could be heard from the other side, terrifying her.


"After that day, every time I'm somewhere like that safe my mind flashes back to that day."

Both Sandal and Fluttershy had tears in their eyes after the story.

"That's so horrible," Fluttershy said.

"I'm over it," Sweetie said, "except when I'm in an enclosed space."

"Listen Sweetie," Sandal said, but in that moment they were almost hit by a flurry of lazor blasts.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" Fluttershy asked.

"Finally found you," they look over to see Warper walking up to them. He only had one of his Warp Disks on.

"Is that?" Fluttershy asked.

"One of Darklight's goons no doubt," Sweetie said as she and Sandal got into a fighting stance.

"Surprise!" Warper said as he threw his last disk at the. It landed on the ground at their feet, confusing them, until the disk glowed black and expanded until it was a giant black hole which the three of them fell through.

The three teens felt themselves fall a good distance, until finally they travelled through another black hole which shot them out into a cave like location. They felt themselves hit the ground hard.

"Owe!" Sweetie yelped as she hit a rock. Once the pain dulled she looked around, "where are we?"

"No idea," Sandal said as he looked around, "but I'd like to know how we got here."

"I brought you here," Warper's voice came out of the black hole before he flew threw it and landed on the ground. The black hole reduced back to a disk which he then caught.

"What are you going to do with us?" Sweetie asked.

"Once I catch the rest of your friends," Warper said, "I'll be taking your Elements."

"Like we'd let that happen," Sandal said.

"You got no choice hippy boy," Warper said, "I'll see you all later." With that he threw his shield on the ground, which opened another vortex for him to jump through before it vanished.

Back at school everyone was looking to see how Sweetie's treatment was going, but couldn't find them anywhere.

Flash, Applejack and Lyra arrived back in the Command Centre, "their not in the gym."

"Their not in the library," Rarity said as she and Micro returned.

"What about the the cafeteria?" Twilight asked turning to Rainbow and Pinkie.

"Oh," Rainbow said as they hid something behind their backs, "no didn't find them."

"No no no," Pinkie agreed though her voice was muffled by something in her mouth.

"I'm sure their fine," Sunset said, "but if it makes you guys feel any better I'll do a scan for their Element's magic signature." She went to the holotable, where she began typing but the more she did so the more she frowned. "That's odd, I'm not picking up their signals."

"But our sensors are powerful enough to pick them up in space?" Lyra said, "I don't like the sound of this."

"Me neither," Flash said, "let's head out and try and find them."

"Use the Magicycles," Twilight told him, "their scanners will help you cover more ground."

The three Rangers nodded and headed out.

Back in the cave the two Rangers and Fluttershy were looking around for anything they could use to escape.

Sweetie had her phone held up, but the cave was blocking the signal so she gave up and put it back in her pocket.

"Anything?" Fluttershy asked as she moved over to her.

"No," Sweetie said, "I can't get through."

"Hey girls!" Sandal's voice called out, "over here!"

The girls rushed over to where he was standing and saw he had found a small opening. "Is that?" Fluttershy asked.

"A tunnel," Sandal replied, "not very big but I can see light at the end of it."

Sweetie pulled out her phone and placed in in the opening, but still no signal. "Rats!"

"We'll need to get further out," Fluttershy said.

"I'm to big to fit through it," Sandel said, "but you to should be fine."

"In...in there?" Sweetie asked sounding nervous.

"Sweetie," Sandal said, "you can do this."

"I...I don't know."

"You have to," Fluttershy said "not only will we escape but that's one less Element in that monster's trap."

"Come on Sweetie," Sandal said, "I'll hoist you up."

Sweetie looked at the tunnel and felt her heart begin to pound. She knew that she needed to do this, but fear was still beginning to consume.

"I'll be there with you," Fluttershy assured her.

Looking at her, seeing the kindness in her eyes made some of the fear begin to fade. "Okay," she said. She moved over to Sandal, who helped lift her up and into the tunnel followed by Fluttershy.

Meanwhile the rest of the Rangers were racing through town on their Magicycles, but even with the scanners they hadn't found anything.

"Nothing on the west side," Flash said over the com.

"North side too," Micro replied.

"South too," Lyra said.

"How you guys doing?" Flash asked when he switched it to the base.

"Still nothing," Sunset replied.

"Hold on," Twilight said, "I might have something."

"What?" Lyra asked.

"I back tracked our sensors to the last time the had Sweetie and Sandal's energy signatures, and from it I found there was a huge magical energy spike before they disappeared."

"One of Darklight's monsters you think?" Micro asked.

"I'd hate to say it," Twilight said, "but yes I think it is."

"Then it's extra important we find them," Flash said.

Sweetie and Fluttershy were crawling through the tunnel, but they were moving incredibly slowly.

"Are you okay up there?" Fluttershy asked from behind.

"I think so," Sweetie asked, but even now her heart was still pounding. Suddenly there was a small rumble below them and Sweetie's body froze up. "WHAT WAS THAT!?" She screamed.

"It's nothing," Sandal's voice called out.

"No," she said, "I can feel it. The caves gonna collapse."

"No it's not," Fluttershy tried to reassure her, but Sweetie was already gone.


Sweetie was hiding in the safe as the sound of gunfire echoed through the metal.

Sweetie pulled her hands over ears and tried drowning out the sound. She then began singing a song her mother would always sing to her when she was scared, while closer her eyes and picturing her family. Suddenly something in her pocket began to glow, catching her attention. Going into her pocket she pulled out the crystal her father had given her and looking it over she suddenly felt a rush of energy, before seeing visions of multiple ponies in pink armour before seeing the image of a cat like creature.


Sweetie's eyes opened. She had never seen that part before, since she had always gotten out of the space by then. Suddenly she felt her fears begin to fade away, as she realised something. Her father had given up his life to save her, but would he if could see her now. Her father had loved her and she loved him and that was how the Element had bonded to her.

"Sweetie?" Fluttershy asked, "are you still with us?"

"Yeah," She said, "I'm fine." She began crawling forwards once again, faster then before until she found herself squinting at as the sunlight filled her eyes when she pulled herself out of the tunnel and into a rocky landscape. Turning around to help Fluttershy out she sighed and fell to her knees.

"You okay?" Fluttershy asked.

"I think so," Sweetie replied.

Fluttershy nodded but then something caught her eyes and made her gasp, "Sweetie."

Sweetie looked up and gasped seeing a horde of Shades not to far off. Quickly getting up she stepped infront of Fluttershy, "go hide."

Fluttershy nodded and ran off, while Sweetie pulled out her gear. "Magi-Charger," she clicked it and placed it inside her Morphin Blaster


"Energise!" She said spinning the barrel, before throwing the blaster up. "Unleash the Power!" She fired the blaster and unleashed her Zord's head, which flew around and bit down on her. The light faded revealing the Pink Guardian Ranger, Spirit Sabre and Sphinx Shield in hand.

Charging towards the horde she began fighting the Shades, blocking their attack before slashing at them. This went on for a while, though she would shift her weapon from sabre to blaster to mow down a few of the larger clusters as a distance. Eventually the Shades were dispatched.

"I bet your proud of yourself," she turned around to see Warper standing a ways off, "escaping my trap like you did. I'll just have to take your Element myself."

"We'll see about that," she said as she aimed her blaster and fired at the monster.

"Warp Disks," Warper said as his shields flew in front of him and created small vortexes. Sweetie's blast flew inside the first vortex and then out the other, redirecting them at Sweetie who barely had time to hold up he shield and was knocked back.

"Oh no" Fluttershy said from her spot among the rocks.

As Sweetie tried to pull herself up, Warper drew closer. "When your back in that cave, I'll make sure you never make it out." He threw his shields at Sweetie, intending to trap her again, but at that moment they were blasted back at the monster who caught them. "WHAT!?"

Sweetie looked up and saw Flash, Lyra and Micro suddenly fly over one the the rock formations on their Magicycles, firing lazor blasts out of the front.

"Guys!" Sweetie cheered seeing them as they rode over to her.

"Sweetie," Lyra said pulling her into a hug, "your okay."

"I am," Sweetie said, "but Sandalwood's still in the cave."

"We know," Micro said, "Sunset guessed as much when your signal reappeared here."

They all looked over at Warper, who had just recovered from the surprise attack. "Perfect," he said, "all five Rangers to capture."

"Be careful," Sweetie said, "this guy's tricky. He'll send back anything we throw at him."

"Got it," Flash said, "alright guys...let's Rev It Up!" The three Rangers kicked their bikes into gear and raced towards Warper, as they began firing at him.

"Warp Disks," Warper called out as his shields flew around him and caught the blasts, sending them back at the Rangers who barely managed to dodge."

"Sweetie was right," Flash said, "this guy is tricky."

"Flash," the Ranger heard Twilight over his com, "we've been studying this guy during his fight with Sweetie. We think there's a way you can brake through those wormholes he's creating."

"Great," Flash said, "how?"

"If you drive into one of them and activate Burst Mode," Twilight explained, "the magical surge will overload the wormhole and cut the connection to the other one. You'll be able to smash right through it."

"Alright," Flash said, "you heard her guys."

"Right," Micro said.

"We'll lay down some cover fire for you," Lyra said.

"Got it," Flash said as he stopped infront of Warper.

"What do we have here?" Warper asked.

"Ever played chicken freak," Flash said, "Burst Mode...Energise!" His bike shifted into the more bulky with a giant dragon on the front. He revved it into high gear as he shot forwards as his friends fired at Warper who used his shields to block the attacks. "Power Strike!" Flash said as the bike shut and accelerated forwards.

"I don't think so," Warper said as he moved one of his shields towards him but as Flash entered it, the Magicycle burst into full power causing the vortex to somehow glitch and suddenly Flash felt himself hit something which shattered. "WHAT!?" Warper said when he saw Flash blasted out of one of his shields, before he was suddenly smashed by a powerful attack.

Flash pulled himself to a stop as the Magicycle returned to normal.

"Alright," Micro, Lyra and Sweetie cheered, seeing Warper get struck like that.

Up in space Darklight wasn't to happy at seeing what had happen.

"Doom," he said, "your full proof plan doesn't appear to be going well."

"It's not over yet," Doom said before turning to a Shade. "Fire the Gigatisor."

The Shade nodded and ran other to a console before slamming a big red button.

On the outside of the ship the slot opened, as the mechanical arm folded out. Once at full length, the dish began to spark before firing a red beam at the planet.

Back on earth the beam struck Warper as he was getting up. An explosion of energy occurred, and in its wake was the giant Warper.

Jumping off their bikes the Rangers grouped up. "Let's Zord up," Flash said as he and the girls took out their Magi-Chargers.

"Magi-Chargers," they said in unison as they clicked the buttons before throwing them in the air, "summons Zords!"


The Zords activated and emerged from their hiding spots, before rushing to their Rangers aid.

"Activate Guardian Megazord," the three said, "Sphinx-Serpent Formation."


The three Zords linked together as the Rangers teleported into the cockpit, placed their blasters in the slots and readied themselves for battle.


"Let's do this," Flash said as the three of them commanded the Megazord charged forwards Warper, who held up his one remaining shield to block.

"I might not be able to use my Warp Disks," Warper said, "but I can still beat you." He blocked an attack by the Tail Sabre and pushed it away, before using the rounded edge of the shield to slash at the Megazord.

"He's blocking everything we throw at him," Lyra said.

"What do we do?" Sweetie asked.

"I don't know," Flash replied, "unless." He went to his com, "Micro."

"I'm here," the Yellow Ranger replied.

"Try calling your Zord," Flash explained, "maybe it's awake."

"Alright," Micro said. He disconnected the com and went to his belt, pulling out a Magi-Charger. "Let's do this," he said as he clicked the button, "summon Griffon Zord."

The Charger flew through the air, growing as it did so, before flying off into a nearby mountain area. It arrived at a deep canyon, where it flew into the mouth of a creature.


The creature opened its eyes. Seconds later it flew out the canyon, revealing a yellow Zord with a similar design to the Sphinx but had a birds head and white wings.

Back at the battle field Warper continued to smash the Megazord. "At this rate your Elements will be mine." But then his attention was caught be the sound of a loud bird squawk, before he was suddenly blasted by something.

The Griffon Zord flew towards them, firing lazors from the tips of its wings.

"Now's our chance," Sweetie said.

"Right," Flash agreed, "activate Guardian Megazord, Griffon-Serpent Formation!"

The Griffon Charger flew out of the Zord's mouth as the Dragon's head folded up and opened its mouth, releasing its Charger which was quickly replaced.



When its Charger flew back in the Griffon Zord reformed. Its legs folded in as its wings spun around so they were pointing forwards. The Sphinx detached as the Griffon took its place, the cube like rear connecting to the Dragon and becoming the new left arm.


Micro appeared in the cockpit to the left of Sweetie, looking around in amazement. "Wow," he said.

"Quick Sphinx," Sweetie called to her Zord, "go save Sandal." The Sphinx Zord turned and rushed over to the caves and used its large claws to slash at the rock, ripping through it.

Sandal had started getting worried about the girls, until he felt a strong shaking around him. Suddenly the wall next to him broke apart as the Sphinx Zord appeared and gazed down at him.

"Righteous," he said before jumping up and onto its head.

When the Sphinx returned to the surface, the rest of the Rangers sighed in relief seeing Sandel alright.

"Let's finish this," Sweetie said.

"Right," the others said as they returned their gaze to Warper.

"You think an accessory change can beat me," Warper said.

"Let's find out," Flash said as the Rangers moved in sync.

"Tail Sabre," they swung their blade down at the monster, but Warper held up his shield and blocked it.

"Pathetic," Warper said.

"Don't be so sure," Sweetie said, "with your shield raised against our sword, what's protecting you from our blaster?"

"Griffon Zord," Micro said, "fire!"

The Megazord raised its other arm and stuck the blaster wings into Warper's body, before firing a flurry of lazor fire that sent the monster flying onto his back with his shield being thrown away.

"Now's our chance to finish this," Sweetie said.

The Rangers moved and spoke in sync again. "Griffon Zord, Dragon Fire Blast!"

The Dragon's head flipped up and opened its mouth, as flames formed within. The fire shot out of its mouth, before the Griffon Zord was aimed at the fireball and stuck it. The blast combined with the fire to create a flaming arrow like attack which flew at the monster and struck him through the chest.

"I've been warped," were his last words before falling to his doom as he exploded.

The Rangers cheered seeing another monster fall. Sweetie fell to her knees from exhaustion.

"Guardian Rangers," she said, "victory is ours."

A little later everyone returned to the Command Centre, where Celestia and Luna came to check that Sweetie, Sandal and Fluttershy hadn't been injured in anyway due being locked in a cave.

"A few scraps," Luna said, "but all in all you're fine."

"Thanks," Sandal said before turning to Sweetie, "and thank you for saving me."

"It was nothing," Sweetie said, "I realised in that tunnel that even though I'm scared, I can't let that stop me from protecting the people I love. That's why the Element of Love bonded to me, because I have the strength to do it."

"Indeed you do," Celestia said, "you certainly have changed since we first found you."

"I spent so long on my own," Sweetie said, "when I realised I'd stopped ageing I knew I couldn't stay in the same place. I kept moving from place to place, knowing I'd have to one day leave it again. I guess I forgot what it felt like to love someone, but I remember now and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."

Everyone smiled hearing this, Sweetie really was a great person. Being able to overcome her fears just to help the people she loved, amazing.

"Hey," Pinkie said, "you know what this calls for?"

"Let me guess," Sweetie said.

"A PARTY!" Everyone screamed, before laughing and heading out to get something sweet to eat.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed Sweetie's back story.

AN: Think of the Capsular Cycles from Lost Galaxy.