• Published 21st Feb 2017
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Power Rangers: Guardians of Harmony - Banshee531

Centuries ago, ten Elements were lost. Now a new threat has come to our world and it's up to five young heroes to become our protectors, to become Power Rangers Guardians.

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System Error

The sun was just rising at Canterlot High. On the back field we find Lyra, decked out in her school PE kit, running around the track. Once she reached a hurdle she leaped over it using both hands, but when she reached the next on she only used one hand and on the last she didn't use any, doing one large jump to go flying over it. However, when she landed she lost her balance and went rolling down the track.

"Darn it," she said as she picked herself up. She walked over to a bench where her bag rested and grabbed a water bottle, which she took a swig from before pouring on her head to cool herself down.

Meanwhile up on Darklight's ship we see Heart Breaker had just strolled onto the bridge, looking miserable.

Noticing this Darklight turned to his sister. "What's the matter with you?"

"I'm bored," she replied in a whinny voice, "all we ever do around here is come up with plans to destroy the Rangers and get their Elements, then watch as that plan fails. I want to do something else."

"If your so bored then go make yourself useful," Darklight said, "go and think up a plan to get me an Element."

"Haven't you been listening," Heart Breaker said before turning and walking back out the room, just as Cogs and Doom were walking in.

"Hey," Cogs said as she pushed passed him.

"What's the matter with her?" Doom asked Darklight.

"She's just being a whinny child," Darklight said, "don't pay her any attention."

Heart Breaker was stomping through the ships corridors, moaning about her brother.

"That oversized meathead," she said, "how does he expect me to get an Element?"

"Psst," she stopped and looked over at where the sound had come from and found she was actually near the prison cells. Inside one of the cells was a white machine monster, with a computer screen for a head and on his arms were a pair of odd looking contraptions.

"What do you want Gigabyte?" Heart asked the monster.

"You want to destroy the Rangers and get their Elements," Gigabyte said, "well I have a way to do that."

"Oh please," Heart said, "what plan could your out of date software possibly come up with to destroy the Rangers?"

"Let me out of here and I'll show you," Gigabyte replied, "plus we can cause some major havoc until we find them."

Now that sounded like fun to Heart Breaker.

Later that day we find Flash and Lyra in the Command Centre. Lyra was practising with her Spirit Sabre, blocking against tennis balls that were being fired at her. Meanwhile Flash was gently strumming his guitar with his feet up on the table.

Lyra had just blocked the third ball when Flash accidently plucked the wrong string, causing his guitar to give off a horrid sound that distracted Lyra enough to miss the ball and get hit dead centre of the face. "Ow," she said holding her nose as she turned to Flash, "do you mind?"

Flash looked up from his guitar and give her a puzzled look. "Mind what?"

"We're suppose to be training right now," Lyra told him, "this isn't band practise."

"I am training," Flash told her as he put his instrument down and got up, "I'm in the middle of coming up with a new move."

"Well the last time I checked," Lyra replied, "coming up with new moves usually requires doing said moves."

"I'm still trying to visualise how I'm gonna do the move," Flash told her

"Man you two sure started early today," they both looked around and saw the rest of the Rangers and the Mane Seven had arrived at the Command Centre.

"Started what early?" Lyra asked.

"Arguing," Micro replied, "you usually don't start until after lunch at the earliest."

"Yeah," Sweetie said, "what's it this time."

"I was just trying to tell this lazy lump of flesh that playing his guitar do not count as training," Lyra told them.

"And I was telling this bossy know it all, that I don't intend to waste energy practising a technique I haven't fully figured out yet."

Flash and Lyra glares at each other and the others could swear they saw lightning flash between them, like in an anime.

"Look do you guys mind taking a break from the ego battle for a moment?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah," Twilight said, "we got something we wanted to show you guys."

"What is it?" Sandal asked.

Twilight didn't reply and instead pulled a box out of her backpack, which she placed on the table. Before anyone could say or ask anything, Twilight opened the box and flipped it around. "I give you, our new Wrist Communicators." Inside the box were twelve watch like devices, but instead of a miniature clock it had a square box like device with two buttons on them, a red and a blue one.

"New communicators?" Flash asked as he took one.

"We figured since you guys are always at risk of being targeted or captured," Twilight explained, "we'd build a quicker and easier way of communication instead of our phones."

"Their signal strength is three times that of the phone networks," Sunset told them. "Just press the blue button to open a channel to speak, and press it again when you want to close it."

"What about the red button?" Micro asked as he took one.

"That's for emergencies," Twilight said, "pressing it will send out an emergency warning beacon for us to pick up and get your location."

"So if we're ever under attack and don't have time to call for help," Lyra guessed.

"This'll help you out," Sunset finished.

"This sounds perfect," Sweetie said as she put one on.

"Let's just hope Flash's doesn't short out from the fumes all that hair gel gives off," Lyra said.

"What was that?" Flash asked with a glare.

"You heard me," she said.

"That's enough you two," Rainbow said getting in between them with her arms out.

"I agree," Rarity said, "if you must squabble then do it somewhere else."

"Preferably someplace you can get us all lunch," Sunset said, "making those communicators wasn't easy."

"Right," the two said before heading out.

"Man," Sandal said once they were gone, "are those two ever gonna learn to work together?"

"I've heard that squabbles between teammates is natural and all," Applejack said, "but those two take it to a whole next level of the apple tree."

"I'm starting to wonder if they can even be on the same team," Rarity said.

"The fact that the Elements chose them proves that they can," everyone turned to see Starswirl had appeared in the room.

"What do you mean?" Micro asked.

"To bond with an Element," Starswirl explained, "one must posses great amounts of the Elements characteristic, but that is not all that is needed. When the Elements bonded to you, it searched your soul for the qualities needed to work as an effective part of the team, so the fact that the Elements bonded to any of you means not only are you worthy of being Guardians together, but in fact you are destined to be."

"So Flash and Lyra are capable of being on a team?" Rainbow asked.

"They have already proven that in previous battles," Starswirl replied, "though they may argue, it is when times are tough that they will put their differences aside to work together."

"I just hope their arguing doesn't effect them during a battle," Twilight said.

"Maybe it would be prudent to have them work closer together," Starswirl said, "the more they are around one another the more they'll see how similar they are."

"Well I guess getting our lunches in a good start," Sunset said.

Not much later we find Flash and Lyra stepping out of the store. Flash was buried under a mountain of bags, while Lyra had a single small bag in one hand and a popsicle in the other.

"Why am I carrying everything?" Flash asked with a strained voice.

"Your suppose to be the big tough man," Lyra said with a smirk as she sucked on the popsicle.

"Yay," Flash said sarcastically, "what is with you today?"

"Nothing," Lyra said.

"Yeah right," Flash said.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep

Before either of them could say anything else, a beeping coming from their wrists caught their attention. Looking down at them they found their new communicators giving off the sound, and remembering how they worked they pressed the blue button.

"Guys," Twilight's voice called out, "we just detected a magic signal near your location. The others are on their way."

"On it," Flash and Lyra said before glaring at each other. They closed the call and both headed off towards the co-ordinates they'd been given.

The town was in chaos. Every piece of electronic machinery was going haywire such as ATMs firing out money like a cannon, sprinkler systems going off and car alarms ringing nonstop.

At the centre of the chaos were Heart Breaker and Gigabyte, who were having a blast watching the insanity.

"You were right Gigabyte," Heart said, "this is fun."

"And I'm only getting warmed up," Gigabyte replied, "now the real fun begins."

"What you got planned?" Heart asked him.

"How about we give the traffic announcer something to really talk about," Gigabyte said as he turned to an intersection were many different traffic lights could be seen. Holding up his left arm the device on it activated and shot a long cable, which flew towards one of the lights and attached itself. Seconds passed when suddenly the lights all began to spark, before they all switched to green.

This of course, did not end well. In seconds the cars began to either crash into each other or into something else trying to avoid a collision.

One little girl at a crossing saw the little green man and began to skip across, but a loud honking caused her to freeze as she saw a six wheeler speeding towards her. She couldn't move as she watched the giant vehicle draw closer and closer, unable to slow down enough to stop from hitting her.

Suddenly she felt someone grab her and then yanked her out of the way, causing the truck to barely miss them as they were thrown from the pavement. "You okay," she looked up to see Flash looking down at her, having been the one to save her. When she nodded he smiled, "okay then go get to safety." She nodded again and rushed off.

"Oh," Heart Breaker moaned, "you couldn't have been one second later?" Suddenly she and Gigabyte found themselves in the mists of a flurry of lazor fire, causing them to turn and see Lyra standing a ways off with her blaster in hand.

"Only two Rangers?" Gigabyte asked.

"count yourself lucky," Heart replied, "two Rangers will be easier to beat then five."

"It's only gonna take one Ranger to stop you," Lyra told them, "and that would be me."

"Hey," Flash said as he rushed over to stand next to her, "you forget who's also here?"

"Oow," Heart said, "quarrels in the ranks."

The two shared a glance, but were drawn out of it by the sound of their friends.

"Guys," they heard Micro yell as they arrived and now stood together.

"Just in time," Lyra said.

"You think a few extra Rangers will scare me," Gigabyte said.

"We'll see if you say that after we destroy you," Flash said.

"How's he suppose to say anything after we destroy him?" Lyra countered him.

"That's the point," Flash replied.

"GUYS!" the three other Rangers yelled to the two.

"Right," Flash said, "Magi-Chargers."

"Ready!" The other four said as they clicked the button and placed them in their Morphin Blasters.






"Energise!" They yelled spinning the barrel before pointing them in the air, "Unleash the Power!" They all pulled the triggers and five different heads flew out and bit down on them, decking them out in their Ranger Suits.

"Oh yeah," Flash said once they were morphed up, "now we're all charged up."

"You don't scare me," Gigabyte said, "who'd you think you are?"

Flash: Element of Courage...Power Ranger, RED!

Lyra: Element of Trust...Power Ranger, BLUE!

Micro: Element of Knowledge...Power Ranger, YELLOW!

Sweetie: Element of Love...Power Ranger, PINK!

Sandalwood: Element of Will...Power Ranger, GREEN!

All: Protectors of right, ready to fight!

Flash: Power Rangers!


"Shades appear," Heart said as the horde of the hooded figures emerged from out of the shadows, brandishing their daggers as they charged at the Rangers.

"Magitech!" The Rangers unleashed their own weapons and charged at the monsters.

"Excuse me," Micro yelled as he leaped past the first wave of Shades and used his two blasters, firing in rapid succession to take the monsters down. "That was a blast."

"Hope you don't mind if I cut in," Sandal said as he slashed them away with his blades.

Meanwhile Sweetie and Heart Breaker were fighting it out.

"This is it for you you pink bimbo," Heart said as she swung her heart shaped hook at the Ranger.

"Oh," Sweetie said, "would you please look who's talking?" She blocked the hook with her shield, before pushing up and making the monster stumble backwards allowing the pink Ranger to fire off a few kicks to her.

"Ow," Heart said as she was hit by Sweetie's feet, "this isn't fun anymore. I'm out of here, Gigabyte you finish them off." With that she was struck by the telebolt, which warped her away.

"Hey," Sweetie said.

Meanwhile Gigabyte was doing as he was told and intended to destroy the Rangers, which might be easier then he had thought since he was fighting Flash and Lyra.

"Your mine," they both said as they charged at the monster.

"Power Cord," Gigabyte yelled as he launched the cable out of his left arm, which he fired at Flash who had dodge out of the way. Lyra continued on and swung her Serpent Staff at the monster, but he retracted his cable and then relaunched it at her, causing her to have to block allowing Gigabyte to grab the staff and throw her away.

"Wow," Lyra said, losing her footing and accidently swinging her staff back which struck a charging Flash in the legs, tripping him up.

"Hey!" he said as he stumbled, "watch it."

"You watch it," Lyra said, "you ran into my weapon." She pulled out her Morphin Blaster and aimed it at Gigabyte, but in that moment Flash charged forwards.

"Dragon Breaker," he yelled, "Head Smash." He threw the dragon head shaped weapon at Gigabyte and smashed into him, but this allowed Gigabyte to wrap his cable around it and his arm to keep hold of Flash.

"Out of the way," Lyra told him.

"I can't," Flash replied back.

Lyra couldn't risk taking the shot with him so close. She tried moving around but Gigabyte saw this coming and moved in tandem with her, keeping Flash between them.

"Darklight should have realised the perfect weapon against you Rangers," he said with a laugh, "each other."

"Let me go," Flash said trying to pull his arm free.

"Not likely," Gigabyte said, however in that moment he found himself being blasted from behind. This caused him to loosen his grip on Flash, who managed to pull his arm free and then smash the monster away.

"Hold on guys," hearing Sweetie's voice, the two Rangers looked around to see their friends rushing up to them.

Gigabyte managed to get up and saw the rest of the Rangers rushing to red and blue. "This is my only chance," he said as he pointed his right arm at the three as the device on it activated and a blaster barrel folded out.

Flash noticed this and turned to the others. "Guys watch out!"

The three turned to Gigabyte, but it was to late. "Digitiser, fire!" A square green energy wave was shot out the blaster barrel, which struck the Rangers and encased them in a square energy field.

"What's happening?" Sandal asked.

"Nothing good," Micro said.

Suddenly the energy field began to shrink, along with the Rangers who cried out as the field disappeared along with them and the energy was sucked into Gigabyte's device.

"GUYS!" Flash and Lyra yelled in horror.

the device on Gigabytes arm beeped, before a slot on the back opened, releasing a green floppy disc like card, followed by a yellow one and then a pink one. "Yes!" the monster cried as he held the discs up, "I got them."

"What did you do to them?" Lyra called out.

"I just digitised your friends," Gigabyte replied, "and once I give them to Darklight I'll be free."

Realising what he was about to do, Lyra aimed her blaster at the hand holding the discs and fired at the monster. The blast struck Gigabyte, causing the discs to go flying out of his hand just as the telebolt struck him and teleported him away.

With the monster gone, Flash and Lyra de-morphed and ran over to where the discs had landed.

"Oh no," Lyra said as she dropped to her knees and picked up the pink disc.

"Guys," Flash said as he took the green and yellow ones.

Up on Darklight's ship Darklight wasn't very happy.

"You dare take one of my monsters without my consent!" he yelled at Heart Breaker.

"I was only doing what you told me to do," she replied, not looking to happy at being yelled at.

"I told you to come up with a plan to destroy the Rangers," Darklight said, "not go out and cause havoc just to have some fun."

"I was luring the Rangers out," Heart told him, "and it worked.

"Even after a thousand years," Doom said to Cogs from the sidelines, "it still amazes me how Heart Breaker can talk back to Darklight."

"Being his sister gives her that privileged," Cogs replied.

In that second the bridge's doors opened and Gigabyte stepped in, causing Darklight to direct his anger at him.

"And you," he said stomping over to him, "you piece of outdated scrap metal. How dare you deceive my sister into thinking you could defeat the Rangers." One of his hands sparked with electricity, "give me one good reason why I shouldn't destroy you right now?"

"But I did defeat the Rangers," Gigabyte said as he fell to his knees.

"I find that hard to believe," Darklight replied.

"It's true," Gigabyte said, "I used my Digitiser to transform three of the Rangers into data cards."

Hearing this Darklight removed the electricity and stepped back. "Is that so, where are these data cards?"

"The Rangers got them away from me," Gigabyte said, "but! Only I can change them back. We can use that, because the Rangers value each other. I'll agree to return the Rangers to normal in exchange for the Elements."

Darklight thought about this for a moment, and nodded. "Very well. Draw the Rangers out again and if you can, change the last two into data cards, Five Rangers to save will give Starswirl more of an incentive to give up the Elements."

"Yes master," Gigabyte said as he turned and rushed back out the ship.

With him gone, Darklight turned to Heart Breaker. "He'd better not fail, or it's your head for letting him out."

"Right," Heart said.

Flash and Lyra had rushed back to the Command Centre as fast as they could and now Twilight, Sunset and the principles were studying the data cards.

"Please tell me their all right," Lyra asked Sunset, who just sighed.

"We just don't know," she told her, "we've never seen anything like this."

"By the looks of it," Twilight said, "they appear to be fine."

"That's good," Flash said, "so do you think you can change them back?"

Twilight just frowned. "I'm sorry, but like Sunset said this isn't like anything we've ever seen. We have no clue how this even works, let alone how to change them back."

Both Lyra and Flash frowned hearing this, before Lyra turned to Flash looking anger. "This is all your FAULT!"

"My fault!" Flash yelled, "what makes you think this is my fault?"

"If you hadn't gotten in my way I would have had a clear shot at that monster," Lyra told him, "but instead you went and got caught meaning our friends had to save your sorry butt and this happened."

"Well if you hadn't tripped me up," Flash said, "I would have been faster in launching my attack and he wouldn't have caught me."

"That enough you two," Luna said, stepping in between the two. "We were watching that fight and your both to blame. If you had been working together this would have never happened, and the only way your gonna stop that monster is together."

The two glared at each other.

"Now do you two think you can actually work together, yes or no?"

They continued to stare at each other for several seconds, until Flash turned away and walked towards the exit. He grabbed his guitar and walked out.

"Figures," Lyra said.

"This rivalry between you two has gotta stop," Rarity said.

"Hey I'm not the one with the problem," Lyra said.

"Both of ya'h are the problem," Applejack told her.

"You know now that I think of it," Rainbow said, "you've been riding Flash's tail ever since he and the boys joined the team."

"Yeah," Sunset said, "why is that?"

Lyra didn't look happy at being called out. "Maybe," she said, "it's the fact that I'm the most senior member of this team yet somehow he managed to weasel his way into being team leader."

Everyone's eyes went wide hearing that. "So that's it," Twilight said, "your jealous."

Lyra froze and turned to look her dead in the eyes. "Listen here," she said, "I'm not jealous. I just hate the fact that the others choose to follow him, despite me having way more experience then anyone else."

"Isn't that the exact definition of being jealous?" Pinkie asked.

"So you hate the fact that Flash is leader?" Sunset said, "but that's not really his fault."

"How is it not?" Lyra asked.

"Flash didn't ask to be the leader," Rarity told her, "it just sort of naturally happened."

"And let's face it," Twilight said, "he's been doing a pretty good job of it."

"Oh yeah," Lyra said, "real good job. Our friends have been turned into floppy discs and what does he do? Go play his guitar," she heard Sunset chuckle causing her to look at the bacon haired girl. "What's so funny?"

"The thing is," Sunset told her, "the fact that he took his guitar means he's super focused on saving the others."


"Flash's brain works best when he plays," Sunset said, "he's able to block everything else out of his head and can think at lightspeed."

"Your kidding?" Lyra asked deadpan.

"If you've ever done homework with him you'd see," Sunset told her, "whenever he gets stuck on a problem he plays his guitar and several minutes later he has the answer."

"Many different people focus in their own way," Celestia told her, "as a musician I'd think you'd understand that more then anyone."

Lyra was silent after hearing that.

Meanwhile Flash was sitting on the hood of his car, playing a random song as he tried to think up a way to stop Gigabyte and save his friends.

As he played the facts flew through his head. Darklight wanted the Elements, meaning he'd need to take them from the Rangers, but when Gigabyte digitised his friends he would have also digitised the Elements. No doubt the plan was to digitise them and then return to the ship, which meant Gigabyte had to have a way to restore them to normal, but how.

An image flew into the forefront of his head. The device he had used before, the Digitiser, it had to have a reverse setting. So if Flash could get it away from the monster he could save his friends. The only problem was where was Gigabyte going to strike next?

Gigabyte could control machines and he wanted to draw out the Rangers, so he'd need to put people in danger. Where was the most populated place, with lots of machines in it? That's it!"

Flash stopped playing and jumped off his car, before getting in and kicking it into gear and driving off.

Back at the Command Centre, Lyra was alone practising against the ball machine but she wasn't doing very well and was unable to deflect a single shot.

After being hit for the eighth time she finally gave up, switched off the machine, and sat down.

Feeling someone sit down next to her she turned to see Starswirl. "Your lack of focus worries me."

"Just having an off day," she replied.

"Quite off," Starswirl replied, "for you to hide your true thoughts from me."

"It's Flash," she told him.

"Your beginning to doubt your opinions about him," Starswirl guessed, "or are you still wondering why the others chose him over you as leader?"

Lyra's silence confirmed his answer.

"Tell me Lyra," Starswirl said, "what do you think makes a good leader? Experience or something more."

Lyra wasn't sure how to answer.

"The fact is a leader must understand every aspect of their team," Starswirl told her, "in order to best utilise their abilities. You want to know why the others follow him, because Flash knows them."

"I know them," Lyra replied.

"Do you though? You've hung out with Sweetie perhaps, but what about Micro or Sandal? Before even being Rangers Flash did spend time with them, got to know them and understand them. You want to now why Flash is the leader, because he's been working to become the leader, even though he didn't realise it."

With that Starswirl got up and left, leaving a silent Lyra. She remained that way for a while, until her focus was broken by the sound of Flash's voice.

"Guys," he went catching her attention, "I've found the monster."

How? Lyra rushed over to the console and opened a channel. "Flash, were are you?"

"I'm at the mall."

Gigabyte was causing major havoc at the mall, with everybody running as fast as they could away.

"This'll bring the Rangers out for sure," Gigabyte said.

"HEY!" the monster turned around and saw Flash rushing towards him.

"You got here quicker then expected," he said.

"I had a hunch you'd show up here," Flash said as he pulled out his blaster. "Energise!" He said as he span the barrel and ran forwards, before firing his weapon. "Unleash the Power!" In a flash of light he was in his Rangers suit, Dragon Breaker at the ready.

"Bring it Ranger," Gigabyte yelled as he launched his cable at the red Ranger, but Flash managed to dodge and grab it in his Dragon Breaker.

"It's brought," he said as he yanked the cord and threw Gigabyte up. "Dragon Breaker," he yelled as he jumped up and threw a punch at the monster, "Head Smash."

"Hey!" Gigabyte yelled as he felt himself be smashed into the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust in the process.

"Gotcha," Flash said as he landed.

"Think again!" From the dust the monsters cable flew out and wrapped itself around Flash, trapping him.

"Hey," Flash said as he struggled.

"Let's see how you like being smashed into the ground," Gigabyte said as he lifted Flash up into the arm and then slammed him into the ground. Then he did the same only he now threw Flash into a wall and then into another, before throwing him into the ground again.

"Owe," Flash said as he felt the cable uncoil from him.

"Now to Digitise you," Gigabyte said as he aimed the device at Flash, "goodbye red Ranger!" In that second however, he was bombarded by a flurry of lazor fire.

"Hold on Flash," the red Ranger looked up and saw a rangered up Lyra come flying in one her Magicycle. She parked and ran over to him, helping him up

"Good timing," Flash said once he was on his feet.

"So what's the plan?" Lyra asked.

"We need to get that Digitiser," Flash said, "it's gotta have a reverse function."

"Got it," Lyra said, "good thing I brought the discs." She pulled out her Serpent Staff as Flash readied his Dragon Breaker.

"Okay," Flash said before they both said in unison, "let's do this!" They charged towards Gigabyte, who fired off his cable but Flash blocked with his weapon allowing Lyra to pole volt over him.

"Try fighting from two different sides," Lyra said as she slashed him with her staffs blade, causing the monster to turn to her allowing Flash to smash him in the back.

"This isn't fair," Gigabyte said as he tried to defend.

"Who said we'd play fair?" Flash said after blocking his attack, allowing Lyra to swipe him.

"To save our friends," Lyra said, "we'll do whatever we need to." She then saw an opening and spun her staff around, before using the snake head to latch onto the monsters right arm. "Now Flash!"

"On it," Flash said as he pulled out his Spirit Sabre and swung it down, slicing the Digitiser off of Gigabyte.

"No," the monster yelled before being thrown away.

Flash grabbed the Digitiser and looked it over. It only had two buttons, one red one and another that looked like a light switch. "I bet if we switch this," he said flicking the switch, "it'll turn our friends back."

"Then let's do it," Lyra said holding out the discs.

They placed them in the device as the compartment opened. Once loaded Flash held out the device and pressed the last button, making the square energy shot out. Seconds later three forms appeared inside, revealing Micro, Sweetie and Sandal.

"Er," Sweetie said as she held her head, "what happened?"

"No idea," Sandal replied.

"I'm gonna be tasting ones and zeroes for a week," Micro said.

"Guys," Lyra cheered seeing them, "your all right."

"You won't be for long," they looked up to see Gigabyte back in his feet.

"Alright guys," Flash said, "what'd you say with finish this?"

"Right," the four said.

"Magi-Charger," Flash said holding out the device before clicking the button and throwing it in the air, "Guardian Buster, activate." In a flash of light the Guardian Buster appeared, allowing the red Ranger to catch it and pull the forend.

"Magi-Chargers," everyone said, as they activated their Chargers and placed them in the compartments before shutting them. "Locked and loaded." Lyra placed hers into the main compartment and shut it, the white streaks changing to blue.


As the weapon charged, the Ranger took their positions. "Guardian Buster, Sea-Serpent Blast...FIRE!" Flash pulled the trigger and a single powerful blast shot out, which morphed into the shape of the Sea-Serpent Zord's head as it flew at Gigabyte, Just before it hit him, the head spun around him with a trail of water following it. This effect created a whirlpool like creation which sucked Gigabyte up. The monster spun at high speed before flying out of the top and through the air, before he crashed into a nearby window and smashed through it and out the building.

Up on Darklight's ship, they were watching the battle and Heart Breaker was getting nervous.

"It's not over yet," she said as she turned to a Shade, "Fire the Gigatisor!" The Shade nodded and ran over to the button and hit it, releasing the growing machine which fired.

Back on earth the Rangers ran outside in time to see the red beam strike the ground and cause an explosion. In its wake was left a giant Gigabyte.

"It's Zord time," Flash said.

"We're gonna need a large blade and a shield," Lyra told the others.

Sweetie and Sandal nodded, before they and Flash pulled out their Magi-Chargers. "Summon Zords!" They threw them into the air.


The Zords activated and emerged from their hiding spots, before rushing to their Rangers aid.

"Activate Guardian Megazord," the five said, "Fenrir-Sphinx Formation."


The Rangers teleported into the cockpit and placed their blasters in the slot.

"Let's do this," Flash said.

The two mechanised giants squared off, with Gigabyte making the first move. "Power Cord!" he launched his cable at the Megazord, whipping at it but the Megazord used its shield to block. Eventually Gigabyte managed to get passed the strike the Megazord down.

"We gotta take that thing out," Micro said as they steadied themselves.

"I'm on it," Flash said.

The Megazord stood back up and lowered its shield, readying itself.

"Giving up I see," Gigabyte said as he unleashed his cable and slammed it down towards the Megazord.

"Wait," Flash said as it got closer and closer, "NOW!"

The Megazord side stepped and dodged the cable, which stuck itself in the ground.

"Now Sandal," Flash said.

"Fenrir Zord," Sandal called out, "Fang Blade." The Megazord raised the Fenrir Zord arm as slashed it down, cutting through the cable.

"My Power Cord," Gigabyte yelled.

"He's defenceless," Sweetie said.

"Right," Flash agreed, "let's crash this computer."

The five of them moved and spoke in sync. "Dragon Zord...Final Strike!" The Dragon's head flipped up and quickly launched its fireball attack at the giant computer monster, consuming him in the inferno.

"System error," Gigabyte yelled as he was burned, before finally collapsing in a great explosion.

"Guardian Rangers," Flash said, "victory is ours."

The Rangers all cheered at their defeat of Gigabyte.

Heart Breaker was not so cheerful.

"No," she moaned.

"I warned you what would happen," Darklight told her, "go to your room. Your confined to barracks until further notice."

Heart frowned before turning and stomping her way out of the room.

"Another monster lost," Darklight said as he sat on his throne. However in that moment one of his computers started beeping. "What's going on?" He asked Cogs, who was at the computers.

"It's a signal of some kind," Cogs said, "could it be?"

"What?" Doom asked.

"It's Gigabyte," Cogs replied, "he must have sent a backup copy of his programming into our system."

"What does that mean?" Darklight asked.

"It means we may be able to bring him back."

Later on earth we find Lyra back on the track, ready for another run. Suddenly she felt something be placed on the bench next to her, making her look up to see Flash had just put his sports bag there.

"Don't mind if I join you do ya?"

"No," she said, "and...I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Flash asked.

"The way I've been treating you," she replied, "I was wrong." She looked embarrassed about something, but sighed and began to explain. "When I first became a Ranger I thought when we found others I'd be the one to teach them everything, and I accepted that, but when you showed up and took to it like it was nothing I felt cheated. I realise now that being the leader isn't just a matter of experience and I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Flash said, "I never really wanted to be the leader anyway."

"But your meant to," Lyra told him, "I guess it was your destiny."

"Maybe," Flash said, "but I've still got a long way to go." He looked down at her and smiled, "think you can teach me a few things?"

They both laughed before getting up and heading to the track.

"Ready?" she asked him.

"Ready!" with that they shot off the starting block and began running.

A team has many different roles. And whether your the leader, or just another member, your an important part of it. All that matters is finding your place.

Author's Note:

Let's thank Godslittleprincess for this chapter. I hadn't even noticed I had Flash and Lyra at odds until she mentioned it.