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The Disney Chronicles I: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Dinodisneylover1

When Spike finds a strange book and shows it to his friends, they're immediately dragged into an adventure. First story of this series.

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The Yodel Party/We'll Be Comfortable

In the dark of the night, I was tossing and turning. And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be…


Got ya! You thought I was gonna… It was just a little joke. Besides, wrong franchise. Heh heh… Okay, seriously (Clears throat).

In the dark of the night, the only light in the forest came from the cottage. There, the animals were by the window and danced while looking inside. For inside, a certain series of sound attracted them: music.

In the cottage, everybody was having the time of their lives. The ponies and dwarfs yodeled and danced. Doc was playing a double bass-like instrument shaped like a swan called a ‘Swanette’, Bashful played a concertina, Sneezy played a lute shaped like a duck and Grumpy played the organ with pipes in the shape of various animals. Happy was dancing with Dopey, then he went solo for a few seconds and then dance with Pinkie in the same manner as with Dopey. Snow White happily clapped her hands to the music.

Doc began to yodel, followed by Bashful. Sneezy did a very long, hilarious yodel. Spike and Dopey couldn’t help but stare at his Adam’s Apple going up and down. Grumpy played a few notes on the organ, as Happy cleared his throat to sing.

Happy danced in a funny way, ending with a pose. Then, Rarity took the chance to sing a verse while Grumpy played the organ.

“Allow me, darling. I’ll show you how a lady does it.”

“You go, Rarity!” Spike cheered.

(Restart at 0:41)

I have a feline named Opal
She’s a sweetheart to me,
But when she is not good and fed
I get these scratches, see?

Rarity danced gracefully, while the ponies and dwarfs sing. Then Grumpy kept playing the organ while Dopey played some percussion instruments. He knocked on a few owl heads, launched a barrage of drumsticks on a drum sending them in the air and through his sleeves towards another drum. Finally, he used the last to give a soft slap on a cymbal. Meanwhile, Sneezy and Pinkie push Bashful toward Snow White. His shyness made the dwarfs and ponies laugh, but they urged him on.

“Come on, Bashful!” Pinkie encouraged. “You got it!”

“I…” Bashful began.

But he giggled and turned a deep shade of red, the ponies and dwarfs laughed at this. A bit annoyed, Grumpy restarted his notes on the organ to give Bashful another try. Bashful danced a little and tried to sing. But he blushed once more, hiding his face behind his beard.

“Oh, G-Gosh!” He said.

The dwarfs and ponies laughed louder. Grumpy, very impatient, played a shrill note on his organ and Bashful finally sang.

Bashful began to snicker, hiding his face behind his beard while blushing. Meanwhile, Sleepy played a flute shaped like a fish.

Dopey played the cymbal next to Snow White, who gave it one kick. Happy walked merrily toward Snow White and began to yodel. Snow White vocalized a high note. Sleepy began to yawn while a fly buzzed around his head and into his mouth. He saw it and tried to slap the little pest away. Then Doc asked Snow White to dance with him, which she happily accepted. Then she danced with Bashful, Sneezy, Spike and Doc once more. Dopey played the percussion instruments while his eyes rolled around. Suddenly, the same fly annoying Sleepy sat on Dopey’s ear. He felt the fly and used the drumsticks to hit it, but they hit the percussions instruments and when the ponies saw Dopey, he looked professional.

“Alright, Dopey!” Pinkie called out. “ROCK ON!”

“Yeah!” Rainbow yelled.

Eventually, Dopey got tired as the fly flew away toward Sleepy’s nose as he played the flute. He saw the fly sitting on his nose and was about to smack it. Dopey gave him a cymbal in an attempt to help him catch the fly. When Sleepy tried to slap it, the cymbal slammed against his face and he shook like crazy while the fly buzzed away unharmed. That’ll keep him awake for a while.

In the meantime, Snow White danced along with Doc, Happy and Fluttershy. Grumpy played the organ till a note stuck out and he fixed it quickly. He played in sync causing all the organ pipes to make a sound till a little bird popped out an egg with one chirp.

Snow White danced with Bashful, while Twilight did her silly dance from the garden party. The dwarfs and ponies laughed and cheered along, while the animals were having a great time. Meanwhile, Dopey dressed in a long coat and stepped on Sneezy’s shoulders.

“Watch out,” Sneezy said. “Be ca… Watch… Watch… Watch… Watch… Ah…”

Sneezy was on the verge of sneezing; fortunately, Dopey prevented it by placing his foot under Sneezy’s nose.

“Thanks,” Sneezy replied.

Dopey placed the rest of the coat around Sneezy, closing the buttons. The two approached the dance floor for their opportunity to dance with Snow White. Dopey happily snapped his fingers while Sneezy did the walking. Everybody was yodeling and laughing when they saw the ‘tall’ Dopey. Snow White and Dopey bowed to each other, but Dopey nearly lost his balance making everyone laugh some more. Fortunately, Sneezy grabbed him by the back and pulled him straight. As the two were about to dance, Rarity felt a tug on her tail and noticed Spike.

“Would you like to dance, milady?” Spike asked, with a bow.

Rarity giggled, then gave a curtsey.

“I’d love too.”

Rarity held Spike’s claw, hearts flying from his eyes, as they made for the dance floor.

The two couples began to dance, while everyone either joined in or played their instruments. Dopey was having the time of his life, while Sneezy struggled to follow Snow White’s steps. Doc played a lute solo while Dopey danced around Snow White. He had to pull his coat because Sneezy struggled to keep up, while the dwarfs and ponies laughed. The two couples did some kind of Russian dance, while the rest clapped their hands and hooves. Bashful performed a few concertina notes and Pinkie used two drumsticks to knock on the owl heads and then the cymbal.

Everybody did various things from playing instruments dancing or simply clapping their hooves and hands. Dopey and Sneezy danced crazily, making a perfect team as everybody cheered them on. Suddenly, the music stopped when they heard someone sneezing. You can already guess who. Sneezy, hidden underneath Dopey’s coat, showed his head and tried to warn everybody before Dopey sealed the coat.

“Sweet Celestia!” Rainbow shouted. “HE’S GONNA BLOW!”

“TAKE COVER!” Pinkie shouted.

While Sneezy struggled to hold his sneeze, Snow White covered her ears. Doc, Happy, Twilight and Pinkie searched for a place to hide. Fluttershy, Applejack, Bashful, Sleepy, Rarity, Rainbow and Grumpy ducked behind the organ. The animals ran from the window and Spike, desperately trying to hid, took and umbrella and used it as a shield. Sneezy struggled, but it wouldn’t hold long. In a worthless attempt to stop him, Dopey, being a good friend, held his finger in front of his own nose.


Sneezy’s sneeze inflated the coat, launching Dopey to the ceiling. The top of the coat slowly landed to the ground, revealing a smiling Sneezy. Every pony and dwarf laughed at that. Snow White also laughed, as she sat on a chair and looked at the ceiling. There Dopey sat on a small wooden beam, smiling and wiggling his ears. Everybody kept laughing, as Dopey slipped down a pillar spinning around. Snow White gave a few last laughs while the animals appeared at the window.

“Hoo-wee!” Applejack cheered. “What a party!”

“That was fun,” Snow White said.

“You can say that again,” Spike said.

“That was fun!” Pinkie said, appearing beside Spike.

Spike eyed Pinkie with a raised eyebrow, as Pinkie looked back and shrugged.

“Now you do something,” Happy said to Snow White.

“Well, what shall I do?” Snow White asked.

“Oh, I know!” Pinkie called. “We could play games. How about ‘Pin the tail on the pony’?”

“Or ‘Ogres and Oubliettes’?” Spike suggested.

“Tell us a story,” Sleepy said, scratching his behind.

“Yes, tell us a story,” The dwarfs agreed.

“That sounds fun,” Twilight said. “What kind of story?”

“A true story,” Happy suggested.

“A love story,” Bashful added.

“Oh, that would be lovely,” Rarity said.

“I’d like that too,” Fluttershy said.

"Well, once there was a princess,” Snow White began.

“Was the princess you?” Doc asked.

“Obviously,” Rainbow answered.

“And she fell in love,” Snow White continued.

“Was it hard to do?” Sneezy asked.

“Oh, it was very easy,” Snow White chuckled. “Anyone could see that the Prince was charming. The only one for me.”

The dwarfs and ponies moved closer. Sneezy sat on a chair, while Applejack laid herself on her belly with her hooves folded underneath.

“Was he strong and handsome?” Doc asked.

“Was he big and tall?” Sneezy asked.

“Did he like parties?” Pinkie asked.

Every dwarf and pony, even Spike, looked at her.

“What? Never hurts to ask.”

“There’s nobody like him anywhere at all,” Snow White said.

“Did he say he loved ya?” Bashful asked.

“Did he steal a kiss?” Rarity asked.

Suddenly, Snowy began to sing.

Happy and Doc faced each other, nodding. The other dwarfs and ponies loved her voice, so they came closer to hear her sing.

As she sings, the dwarfs listened in a dream-like state. Dopey rubbed his nose while listening. The ponies and dragon couldn't help but feel relaxed. Rarity tugged Spike closer to her, which our little dragon couldn’t help but smile. Fluttershy was very amazed at her human friend’s singing, how it matches her own.

Rainbow was listening too, but then turned to see Grumpy leaning against the organ with his back against the company. The grumpy dwarf looked behind him with the same frown.

“Hah! Mush!” Grumpy said, turning back to the wall.

Meanwhile, all the animals cuddled together, males with females. Fluttershy couldn’t help but smile at the adorable scene. Sleepy was on the brink of sleeping till a high note from Snow White woke him up. He placed his hand on his cheek, listening with a smile.

By the end of the song, everyone sighed dreamily. Suddenly, the chime of a cuckoo clock brought them back to reality. This particular clock had a squirrel hitting an acorn with a hammer and instead of a cuckoo, a frog came out the little door and croaked. The clock read eleven o’clock at night.

“Is it that late?” Applejack asked.

“Oh, my goodness!” Snow White said, getting up. “It’s past bedtime. Go right upstairs to bed.”

“Yeah,” Applejack yawned. “That party really tired me out.”

“Me too,” Rainbow agreed, stretching her wings.

Snow White motioned the dwarfs to the stairs, while the ponies followed. Dopey happily hopped in front of them when Doc pulled him back.

“Wait! Hold on there, men!” Doc called out, throwing Dopey back to the others. “The, uh, Princesses and lovely ladies will sleep in our beds upstairs.”

“Oh, we appreciate that,” Snow White said. “But what about you guys?”

“Where will you sleep?” Fluttershy asked.

“Oh, we and Spike, of course, will be quite comfortable down here in… In…” Doc explained.

Spike heard his name and made to say something until…

“In a pig’s eye!” Grumpy finished.

“In a pig’s eye… Sty. No, no! I mean… We’ll be comfortable, won’t we, men?” Doc asked his fellow dwarfs, much to Grumpy and Spike’s displeasure.

“Oh, yes. Mighty comfortable,” They all said.

“Now don’t you worry about us,” Doc assured.

Meanwhile, Dopey looked behind his back and saw a pillow on a couch. He slowly walked towards it, so he could sleep on the pillow.

“We’ll be alright, ma’am,” Happy said.

“Go right on up now, my dears,” Doc said.

“Don’t I have a say in this?” Spike argued.

“Yes, Spike?” Rarity asked, fluttering her eyes.

Spike just couldn’t resist those beautiful eyes.

“That, uh… That is a great idea for the girls to sleep upstairs! We’ll be very comfortable right here.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet, Spikey-poo,” Rarity said, planting a kiss on his cheek.

Spike froze as he felt his cheek with a smile, fainting to the ground with hearts surrounding him. The dwarfs were a little envious.

“Well, if you insist,” Snow White said.

“We really appreciate this,” Twilight nodded. “Thank you.”

The others thanked them too, as they walked upstairs.

“Good night,” They said in unison.

“Good night, Princesses and girls,” The dwarfs and Spike said in unison.

At the top, Fluttershy and Snow White took one more look at the men.

“You’re sure you’ll be comfortable?” Fluttershy asked.

“Oh, yes,” The dwarfs and Spike answered. “Very comfortable.”

“Well, pleasant dreams,” Snow White replied, as she and the ponies entered the bedroom.

“Pleasant dreams,” The dwarfs and Spike said in unison.

(Pause at 0:58)

When the door closed, the dwarfs and Spike raced toward the couch. Dopey saw them coming, holding the pillow tight. They piled atop of Dopey, tugging the pillow very hard. Doc tried to stop them, but each of them wanted the pillow desperately.

“Let go!” Spike argued.

“I saw it first!” Grumpy argued back.

“Now, men, don’t get excited,” Doc said, cutting in. “Remember, share. It’s share and share alike.”

Unfortunately for Doc, all the pulling made things worse. Dopey could only watch helplessly.

“Look out, it’ll rip!” Doc warned. “It’ll rip!”

(Continue music)

But it was too late. They pulled so hard the pillow ripped in half releasing feathers all over the room. Somehow, Dopey got a big feather, placing it on the couch and pushed it. It made a squeaky sound. Dopey laid his head on the feather and slept.

(Pause at 1:10)

The bedroom
A few minutes later

Meanwhile, the girls prepared themselves for bed as the moonlight shined through the window.

“Boy, what a night,” Rainbow sighed.

“It sure was,” Applejack added.

“I haven’t had this much fun since Dashie’s birth-iversary!” Pinkie said.

“It was so nice of the dwarfs to let us sleep in their beds,” Snow White said.

“They’re so sweet,” Fluttershy nodded.

“I hope Spike will be alright downstairs,” Rarity said.

“Don’t worry, Rarity,” Twilight yawned. “I’m sure Doc and the boys will make sure he’s comfortable. For now, let’s get to bed.”

“Wait!” Snow White said. “I haven’t said a prayer yet.”

“Go ahead, sugar cube,” Applejack motioned.

Snow White knelt at the foot of one bed, closed her eyes, and placed her hands together in prayer.

“Bless the seven little men, my new pony and dragon friends, who have been so kind to me and… And may my dreams come true,” Snow White prayed, with a bow. “Amen.”

“Oh, that was so sweet, darling,” Rarity smiled, teary-eyed.

Snow White smiled, but then knelt again.

“Oh, yes! And please make Grumpy like me.”

“Pfft, Grumpy?” Rainbow asked, sarcastically. “He’s nothing but a rude, disrespectful, selfish jerk!”

“Rainbow, that’s not a nice thing to say,” Snow White said, shaking her head.

“Well, he has been nothing but rude to us,” Applejack admits.

“Luckily, we taught him a little lesson while we washed,” Pinkie teased. “You know, Dashie, you got a few things in common with him.”

“I soooo do not!” Rainbow defended.

“Now girls, I know Grumpy might be… Grumpy most of the time,” Fluttershy admits. “But I’m sure somewhere behind that rough exterior hides a heart of pure gold.”


Against his wishes, Grumpy was going to sleep in the cauldron at the fireplace.

“Hah! Women!” Grumpy muttered.

He tried to get comfortable, when something poked his back. He reached behind and found a spoon.

“A fine kettle of fish!”

Grumpy hurled the spoon away and spit into the fireplace, stirring the last bits of burning coal to hiss.

(Continue music)

He tried to get comfortable again, but the many snores of the dwarfs made it difficult for him. Bashful slept in the sideboard drawer, resting his feat on another. Happy slept in the cupboard above Bashful. Each time he snored, the doors would open and close. Doc slept on a huge sack in the sink. While he snored, a drop of water from the pump drew closer to his mouth. One last snore caused the water droplet to land in his mouth and he gurgled. Sneezy slept with Dopey using his buttocks as a pillow. Suddenly, Dopey whimpered like a dog having a bad dream stirring Sneezy awake. Sneezy gave one poke on Dopey’s rear, calming him down. Then Sneezy took his behind and shook it a tad to lay his head better before falling back to sleep. As for Spike, he slept on the table with the dwarfs’ washed clothes for a blanket and a pot as a pillow. Unfortunately, the pot isn’t soft, and it made things difficult.

“This is ridiculous!” Spike sighed. “How can I sleep through this? This pot isn’t very helpful either.”

Spike turned to the other dwarfs, who were sleeping peacefully, and decided to approach one. Sleepy was asleep on a pile of logs, not far from Grumpy. Spike poked him and the dwarf opened his eyes a little.

“Hey, Sleepy,” Spike spoke softly. “Can I sleep with you? I can’t sleep without something soft to lay on.”

Sleepy happily nodded and motioned him to come.


Spike laid his head on Sleepy’s beard so he could sleep. But then he opened an eye to his friend.

“How can you guys sleep like this?”

“Ah, it’s not that difficult,” Sleepy yawned. “Just imagine you’re in your soft bed, pillow and all. I do it all the time.”

“Ha, no doubt about that,” Spike said. “Good night, buddy.”

Spike covered himself with his so-called blanket, snoring with Sleepy in unison. Suddenly, the fly flew towards Sleepy landing on his nose. The dwarf flicked his nose to shoo the fly and slept further. But no sooner, the fly returned and land on his nose again. It circled around and fell asleep, snoring quietly.

Outside, all was quiet part from the cricket chirps and frog croaks. Everybody had a peaceful night... Except for a recently arrived unicorn pony.

Author's Note:

Thank you for so many likes and faves, every reader. But I couldn't have don't without the help of Ace Sleeves who's helping me with my stories if I got stuck or have problems. I'm also going to thank him again, once this story is finished and I'm moving to the next one.