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The Disney Chronicles I: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Dinodisneylover1

When Spike finds a strange book and shows it to his friends, they're immediately dragged into an adventure. First story of this series.

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Meet the Dwarfs/ Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum

The bedroom door slowly opened, creaking along the way. The dwarf leader looked inside, holding a lantern. The others peeked inside too and silently approached the bed. But then the same moaning, which scared Dopey, froze the Dwarfs in place. They stared at the living sheets with fear, as a second moan made them even more careful. The ponies and dragon stood at the opening, watching carefully.

“Ha, no wonder they thought it’s a monster,” Pinkie giggled. “Snowy almost looks like a ghost.”

“Shh!” The ponies hushed.

Fortunately, the Dwarfs were too distracted to hear them. They gathered together as the sheets dropped down.

“Jiminy Crickets!” The sneezing dwarf whispered.

“Gosh!’ The fifth whispered.

“Gee!” The fat one added.

“What a monster!” The sneezing dwarf whispered, again.

“It covers three beds,” The fifth noted.

“Let’s kill it before it wakes up,” The leader declared.

“Which end do we kill?” The fat one asked loudly.

“Shh!” The leader and other dwarfs hushed.

Quietly, the leader motioned them to walk toward the bed.

“Oh, we got to stop them now,” Rarity urged, nervously.

“Not yet, Rarity,” Twilight said, eyeing the group.

“But what if they…?” Applejack began.

“Shh!” Twilight hushed. “Trust me.”

The dwarfs walked silent toward the bed, assuming the position to attack at the right moment. Twilight charged her horn, ready for the worst.

“I can’t watch this,” Rarity said, covering her eyes.

The leader slowly grabbed the sheets and quickly cast them aside. The dwarfs prepared to strike, but the moment they saw what was under the sheets they stopped and lowered their weapons.

“Phew,” Twilight sighed, her horn fading.

The others sighed in relief that they didn’t kill their friends. The dwarfs just stared at the human girl and yellow Pegasus, the two sleeping peacefully beside each other. The leader couldn’t help but smile, as if he and the dwarfs had never seen a girl before.

“Well, eh, ah…”

“What is it?” The fat one asked, confused.

“Seriously?” Rainbow asked. “They’ve never seen a girl before?”

“Maybe, this is all new to them,” Twilight replied. “Just like when we met Snow White.”

“Why, it… It’s a girl!” The leader answered.

“At least that one’s smart,” Applejack said. “Kinda like you, Twilight.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow to Applejack, who just smirked.

“Where exactly are you trying to go with this?”


Dopey points to the yellow Pegasus, who was sleeping beside Snow White.

“Is that the pony?” The leader asked.

Dopey nods at first, then shook his head. The leader observed this creature, a bit amazed yet confused at the same time.

“Well, it’s a very strange kind of pony. I don’t remember them being yellow or have feathers on their back. Not to mention… Butterflies on their flank?”

“Aw, it’s so cute how they sleep together,” The fat dwarf sighed.

The sneezing dwarf leaned over to watch the human girl and pony sleep, smiling at the sight.

“She’s mighty purdy and that pony too.”

“They’re beautiful,” The fifth dwarf replied. “Just like angels.”

The sneezing dwarf nodded at the words, oblivious that the other ponies and dragon smiled approvingly.

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” Rarity said.

But all the nice things stopped the moment the second dwarf butt in.

“Angels, hah! She’s a female! And by the looks of that pony, she’s a female as well! And all females is poison! They’re full of wicked wiles!”

“Well, I never!” Rarity frowned, turning her head. “Hmph.”

“Who does he think he is?” Rainbow asked. “I’ll show him a thing or two.”

“Easy, Rainbow,” Twilight said, holding her back. “Don’t let his words get to you.”

As Twilight tried to calm the blue Pegasus, the fifth dwarf was confused at the second one’s words.

“What are wicked wiles?”

“I don’t know,” The second answered. “But I’m agin ‘em!”

“Shh, not so loud!” The leader whispered. “You’ll wake them up.”

"Aw, let them wake up!” The second dwarf shouted. “They don’t belong here no-how!”

Rainbow wasn’t amused by the dwarf’s attitude. But before she can do anything, the dwarfs noticed Snow White and Fluttershy stirring.

“Shh! Look out!” The fifth whispered.

The sneezing dwarf held the fifth in fear.

“They’re movin’!”

"They’re wakin’ up!” The fat one siad.

“What’ll we do?” The sneezing dwarf asked.

“Hide!” The leader answered.

The dwarfs ran around the room and hid behind the bed Fluttershy and Snow White were sleeping on. Fluttershy yawned cutely, as Snow White opened her eyes.

“Did you say something?” Fluttershy asked, sleepily.

“No,” Snow White answered.

Snow White stretched her arms wide and yawned too.

“Oh, dear. I wonder if the children are…”

But before Snow White could finish, her eyes went wide which Fluttershy noticed.

“What’s the matter?”

She followed the girl’s gaze and saw a long set of eyes. Fluttershy and Snow White yelled a little, grabbing the sheets to cover themselves like they were naked or something.

“Oh!” They yelled.

The heads which the eyes belonged to disappeared from sight, along with the stocking caps they wore. A few seconds later, the heads popped out again. But this time, they showed their noses too. When the girl and the mare saw them, lowering the sheets, they realized there was nothing to fear.

“Oh my,” Fluttershy said. “I think those are the seven people who live here; they don’t look like children at all.”

“Why, why you’re little men!” Snow White said with a smile.

The so-called little men faced each other and suddenly stood upright. They were most surprised that the strange pony could talk.

“They sure look cute,” Fluttershy replied, then looked around. “But where are Twilight and the others?”

Suddenly, Snow White took notice of their missing friends by the opening.

“There they are.”

The dwarfs faced her direction and were even more surprised that there were more strange ponies in their house. The ponies just stood at the opening, not knowing what to do.

“It’s okay,” Snow White assured. “Come join in.”

“There’s nothing to worry about,” Fluttershy added.

Twilight and her friends entered the room and for the very first time stood eye-to-eye with the dwarfs. The dwarfs looked at each other again, not knowing what to say at all. They were also surprised when they saw Spike. They had their guesses about what he is but weren’t sure.

“Hello,” Twilight greeted. “How do you do?”

The dwarfs, startled when she talked, looked at each other again without a word to say.

“She said, ‘how do you do?’” Snow White said.

“How do you do what?” The second dwarf spoke first, folding his arms in the process.

Pinkie giggled at his response.

“What’s so funny?” The dwarf asked.

“Sorry, what you just said is funny,” Pinkie explained. “Don’t you think so?”

“Nope,” The dwarf answered, displeased.

“Oh, you can talk!” Snow White said. “I’m so glad! Now, don’t tell me who you are. Let us guess.”

“Oh, I love that game!” Pinkie said, excitedly. “You start first, Twilight.”

“Well…” Twilight thought, facing the lead dwarf. “If I’m not mistaken, you’re Doc.”

The leader dwarf, Doc, couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Why, why, why, yes. Yes! That’s true.”

Then Snow White tried to guess one and chose the fifth dwarf.

“And you’re, you’re Bashful,” Snow White said, charmingly.

Just as his name implies, the dwarf’s face turned red as a tomato as he played with his beard.

"Ooooooooh, gooosh!"

The dwarf chuckled and tied his beard in a knot. The other dwarfs and ponies couldn’t help but chuckle. The fourth dwarf began to yawn, leading Applejack to guess.

“And you’re, without a doubt, Sleepy.”

The dwarf stopped yawning when he was acknowledged.

“How’d you guess?” Sleepy asked sleepily, with a chuckle.

“Because you were yawning,” Applejack stated, chuckling. “And the droopy eyes gave me the hint.”

Rarity chose the next dwarf to guess.

“And you?”

The dwarf was on the brink of sneezing, but the second and Dopey held their fingers under his nose to stop him.

“And you’re Sneezy,” Rarity said, with a giggle.

The rest of the dwarfs chuckled as the two dwarfs released their fingers. Sneezy sighed in relief… But still released a sneeze, a small one. But it was so funny, the dwarfs and ponies started laughing very hard.

“That was one heck of a sneeze you made downstairs,” Rainbow said. “You totally got my respect.”

“T-t-thanks,” Sneezy replied.

The dwarf didn’t expect praise for his sneeze, especially from a pony. But though his hay fever works like a handicap, the powerful sneezes he makes could be of good use in times of need.

“Yes,” Pinkie nodded, before facing the fat dwarf. “Then you must be…?”

“Happy, ma’am,” The dwarf answers, pointing to himself. “That’s me.”

Happy then pointed toward the silly dwarf beside him.

“And this is Dopey,” Happy introduced. "He don’t talk none.”

Dopey, being as silly as always, made Happy laugh.

“You mean he can’t talk?” Fluttershy asked, lying on the bed like a cat.

“He don’t know,” Happy shrugged. “He never tried.”

Every pony and dwarf laughed, but Dopey didn’t seem to mind.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Fluttershy said.

“That’s too bad,” Snow White laughed.

Then Snow White, the ponies and Spike faced the only Dwarf that wasn’t named yet. The dwarf already gave the stink eye, which made Rainbow smirk.

“Let me guess,” Rainbow said, faking a grumpy voice. “You must be ‘Grumpy’.”

The dwarfs began to laugh as Doc nudged him with his finger.

“Oh, yes! Yes!”

The laughter died down, so Grumpy could speak.

“Hah! We know who we are!”

Doc nodded in agreement.

“Ask them who they are and what they’re a-doin’ here!” Grumpy demanded Doc.

“Hmph! Yeah!” Doc agreed, with a serious face. “What are you and who are you doin’?”

“Uh, that last part doesn’t sound right,” Pinkie said.

“Uh, what are you…?” Doc stuttered.

He tried to find the right words and his friendly face was shown again.

“Who are you, my dears?”

“Oh, how silly of us,” Twilight replied, shaking her head. “Allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Twilight Sparkle. This is Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity. And this is Spike.”

“My eyes and ears do not deceit… Uh, deceive me, do they?” Doc asked. “Are you really talking ponies?”

“Yes, we are,” Twilight nodded. “I’m an alicorn, but I used to be a unicorn. Rarity is a unicorn, Fluttershy and Rainbow are Pegasi, and Pinkie and Applejack are Earth ponies.”

“And what is your scaly friend?” Doc asked.

“I thought you should know already,” Spike said. “I’m a dragon.”

“A DRAGON?!” The dwarfs cried in unison and fear.

“Whoa, whoa, easy fellas,” Spike said. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“He’s only a baby dragon,” Twilight said.

The dwarfs sigh in relief, seeing Spike is harmless.

“Ha-ha, you guys thought there was a dragon in your house,” Spike explained. “Now here you have one, but not a big one.”

“Yeah, a big dragon wouldn’t even get in this cottage,” Pinkie added. “This cottage needs to be much bigger; then again, it wouldn’t be a cottage anymore, am I right?”

“Hahaha, she is right,” Happy laughed.

“Where do you come from?” Doc asked.

“We’re from Equestria,” Twilight explained. “I’m sure you never heard of that, but it’s a long story. We can tell you more about it later.”

Doc nodded before turning to the human girl.

“And who are you, my dear?”

“I’m Snow White,” She answered.

“Snow White?” Happy asked, in amazement.

“The princess?” The dwarfs asked, in unison.

“Yes,” Snow White nodded.

“Wait, you know who she is?” Rainbow asked.

“Of course, we do,” Happy answered. “Everybody knows of Snow White and her kindness. Her father was a great man.”

“You know, Twilight is a princess too,” Pinkie added.

“Well… Well my, my dear Quincesses… Uh, Princesses,” Doc chuckled. “We’re uh, we’re honored. Yes, we’re, uh, we’re…”

But before Doc finished, Grumpy tried to end it in his words causing Doc to fluster.

“Mad as hornets!”

“Mad as hornets! No, no, we’re not. We’re bad as cornets… No, no, as bad as… What was I sayin’?”

“Nothing! Just standin’ there sputterin’ like a doodlebug!” Grumpy said.

Grumpy’s words sparked an argument between the two.

“Oh! Who, who, who, who’s butterin’ like a spoodledug? Who’s… Uh, gutter…” Doc stuttered.

“Aw, shut up and tell them to get out!” Grumpy yelled.

“Hey!” Rainbow cut in. “You can’t throw us out like common stray animals!”

"Oh, I can’t, eh?” Grumpy said. “You invade our house just like that! We don’t want strangers in our house, not even talking mini-horses like you.”

“We?! I think you’re the only one who doesn’t want us in. We cleaned the entire house for you, for the love of Pete! You should thank us for that!”

“So what? I don’t want none of you in the house even if the wolves are chasing you!”

“That’s it!”

Rainbow pounced on Grumpy, the two hitting each other in a small dust storm. Doc, Bashful, Pinkie and Applejack stopped the fight and pulled them apart. Doc and Bashful help Grumpy, while Pinkie and Applejack act Rainbow.

“Calm down, nelly,” Applejack said.

“There’s no way to stoop to that ruffian’s level!” Rarity added.

“Who are you calling ‘ruffian’, missy?!” Grumpy demanded.

“Grumpy, don’t,” Bashful said.

“Now look what you did,” Doc bereted. “That’s what you get when you try to send nice people and ponies away."

“She attacked me first!” Grumpy argued.

“You started it, you ungrateful midget!” Rainbow shouts.

“EVERYPONY, STOP!” Twilight shouts. “Arguing is not the way. Grumpy, why don’t you want us in?”

“Because I don’t want to!” The stubborn dwarf said.

Eventually Rainbow and Grumpy were released but avoided eye contact. Snow White and Fluttershy were silent at the moment till Snow White spoke up.

“Please don’t send us away!” She plead. “If you do, she’ll kill me.”

The dwarfs’ eyes went wide when she said that.

“Kill you?”

“Who, will?” Happy asked.

“Yes, who?” Doc asked.

“My stepmother, the Queen,” Snow White answered.

“THE QUEEN?!” The dwarfs shout.

“Yes, the Queen,” Rarity confirmed. “She wants us killed too, all because we’re more beautiful than she is.”

“She’s wicked!” Bashful said.

“She’s bad!” Happy added.

“She’s mighty mean!” Sneezy said.

“She’s an old witch!” Grumpy shouted, making gestures to Sneezy. “I’m warnin’ ya. If the Queen finds them here, she’ll swoop down and wreak her vengeance on us!”

Sneezy stood completely silent when Grumpy spoke. Fluttershy wasn’t comfortable either, but Snow White tried to look on the bright side.

“But she doesn’t know where we are.”

“She don’t, eh?” Grumpy reacted quickly. “She knows everything.”

The ponies hated to admit it, but Grumpy was right about that. The Evil Queen Grimhilde, a name Snow White had told them, had certain ways of knowing things. Now Grumpy made gestures to Twilight, the next words he spoke made her frightened.

“She’s full of black magic; she can even make herself invisible. Pfft!”

Grumpy hit his fingers on Twilight’s nose, which she covered with her hoof, before turning toward the rest.

“Might be in this room right now,” Grumpy finished.

The ponies, dwarfs and dragon look around uncomfortable. Twilight did not expect to be in competition with a monarch who uses black magic. Pinkie began searching everywhere in the room for the Queen. She lifted the beds, opened the closets, and when she wasn’t there, she zoomed downstairs. She searched the cupboards, the fireplace, the sink, even outside the cottage.

“Not here, not here, not here, not here, not here…”

Eventually Pinkie returned to the bedroom and all the dwarfs were surprised she could move so quickly. Then she turned to Happy, who looked confused.

“Happy’s beard!” Pinkie points out.

Dopey raised Happy’s beard and Happy hit the young dwarf on the head.

“Nope, all clear!” Pinkie giggled.

“Oh, she’ll never find us here,” Snow White assured. “And if you let us stay, we’ll keep house for you.”

“Not for him,” Rainbow whispered to Snow White, referring to Grumpy.

“I heard that!” Grumpy shouts.

“Please, Rainbow,” Snow White said. “I know he acts rude, but I’m sure he has a good heart.”

“Yeah, right,” Rainbow mumbled under her breath.

“We would like to help,” Twilight offered. “We could wash and sew and sweep and cook and…”

“COOK?!” The dwarfs interrupted, startling Twilight.

“Can you make dapple lumpkins… Uh, lumple dapplins?” Doc asked.

“APPLE DUMPLINGS!” The dwarfs corrected in unison.

“Eh, yes! Crapple dumpkins.”

“Ah can sure do that,” Applejack said, proudly. “Mah family and Ah make the best apple dumplings in all of Equestria.”

“Yes, and plum pudding and gooseberry pie…” Snow White added.

“Gooseberry pie?!” The dwarfs, minus Grumpy, cheered. “HOORAY! THEY STAY!"

“Thank you,” Fluttershy said. “Thank you very much.”

“It’s our pleasure, Miss Fluttershy,” Happy bowed, tipping his cap.

Suddenly, Pinkie sniffed the air.

“Um, Snow White?”

“Yes, Pinkie?”

“Weren’t you cooking something downstairs?”

Downstairs, the pot of soup began to boil. Snow White quickly jumped out of bed with a loud “OH!”. She ran downstairs to the pot, grabbing a cloth she pulled the pot away from the fire, took off the lid and grab a spoon to taste the soup. The dwarfs and the ponies looked downstairs and sniffed the soup.

“Ah!” The dwarfs sighed. “SOUP! Hooray!”

Both parties ran downstairs, but Dopey’s head got stuck. They ran toward the table, grabbing forks and bread. Rarity, Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy were more dignified compared to Pinkie, Rainbow, Spike and the dwarfs. At that moment, Dopey got free and ran downstairs. He accidentally fell on the floor but made it to his seat at the table. The dwarfs, two ponies and dragon argued over bread while Dopey accidentally fell from a chair. The four other ponies could only watch from the side.

“Now, now, there’s no need to argue,” Fluttershy spoke calmly. “There’s plenty for everyone.”

“Look at them go,” Applejack observed. “It’s like they haven’t eaten in weeks.”

“Rainbow, Spike and Pinkie aren’t doing any better,” Twilight noted, shaking her head.

But suddenly, everything stopped by the voice of a certain human girl.

“Uh-uh, uh-uh! Just a minute.”

The dwarfs and ponies, including Spike, turned their attention to Snow White.

“Supper’s not quite ready; you’ll just have time to wash.”

“Wash?” The dwarfs all asked. “Wash? Wash? Wash?”

The Dwarfs talked among each other trying to understand the term ‘wash’, as if the word sounded foreign to them. Grumpy threw his spoon away and folded his arms.

“Hah! Knew there was a catch to it.”

“Why wash?” Bashful asked.

“What for?” Happy asked. “We ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

“Tain’t New Years,” Doc said.

All the dwarfs shook their head while the ponies looked dumbfounded.

“You mean you don’t wash your…” Applejack began. “Um, what are those again?”

“Bands… Uh, hands,” Doc answered.

“Yeah, don’t you wash them before you eat?”

The dwarfs again shook their heads.

“Well, you should, darlings,” Rarity suggested. “It’s clean and proper to wash before eating, then your food won’t get filthy and you won't get any diseases and… Uh.”

Just the very thought of that made Rarity shake her hoof with a shudder.

“Rarity is right,” Twilight agreed. “You do work in a mine, is that right?”

The dwarfs nodded.

“Then it’s totally normal to wash your hands before you eat.”

“Darn,” Pinkie said, grabbing fifteen bits from her mane. “Guess you get fifteen bits from me, Twilight.”

“Pinkie, we didn’t even bet,” Twilight said.

“Oh,” Pinkie said, throwing the bits back in her hair. “Okie-dokie-lokie!”

“Oh, perhaps you have washed,” Snow White said.

“Perhaps, we…” Doc thought, then nodded. “Yes! Perhaps we have.”

“But when?” Snow White asked, suspicious.

“Yeah, when?” Applejack asked.

One thing to know about Applejack, she could smell a lie from a mile away.

“When? When… Uh, you said when…” Doc stuttered. “Why, last week… Why, recently!”

The other dwarfs nod in agreement.

“Yes, recently!” They declared in unison.

“Oh, recently!” Snow White said.

Applejack’s eyebrow rose, she didn’t trust a single word they said.

“Well, if that’s so, why don’t you show your hands?”

“Good idea, Applejack,” Snow White said. “Let me see your hands.”

The dwarfs’ eyes went wide, they hid their hands behind their backs and walked backwards. Snow White and Applejack walked toward them, the human towering over them.

“Let me see your hands,” Snow White said.

Doc slowly brought his hands from behind his back, sheepishly showing them to Snow White. As suspected, his hands were very dirty.

“When did you say again, Doc?” Applejack asked, cockily. “’Recently’?”

“Why, Doc, I’m surprised,” Snow White said.

Doc looked at his hands and brought them back behind his back, chuckling nervously. Snow White faced the dwarfs who also seemed nervous.

“Come on, let’s see them.”

Bashful nervously showed his hands too and quickly hid them behind his back with a red face.

“Oh, Bashful,” Snow White said. “My, my, my.”

Snow White faced Sneezy next.

“And you?”

Sneezy showed his hands without trouble and Snowy tsked at that. Happy tried to rub his hands against his side to remove the dirt, but when he showed them it was a worthless effort.

“Worse than I thought,” Snow White gasped.

Dopey quickly showed his hands, but his long sleeves covered them quickly.

“Oh,” Snow White said.

Sleepy had his hands tucked underneath his beard before he showed them.

“How shocking!” Rarity gasped.

Snow White tsked again while Sleepy, seeing his dirty hands, quickly hid them under his beard with a smile as if to say, “nothing happened”. Grumpy looked at his own hand which was, without a doubt, just as dirty.

“Goodness me, this will never do,” Snow White declared.

Grumpy folded his arms again with a sour look, as Snow White points to the door.

“March straight outside and wash, or you’ll not get a bite to eat,” Snow White commanded, like a mother.

“She sure is bossy,” Spike whispered to Twilight.

“Well, she is right, Spike,” Twilight confirmed. “You’ve seen their hands.”

“Maybe it’s best if we wash up too,” Applejack said. “Just to set an example.”

“Yes, it is more polite,” Rarity agreed.

The dwarfs look at each other and Doc motioned with his head to go outside. One by one, they marched to the door. First Doc, then Bashful, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, who made a twirl, then Sleepy took Dopey’s spot in line, followed by Spike and all the other ponies except Rainbow. Dopey had to walk at the end of the line, playing with his sleeves while Grumpy just stared at them with a sour expression. The dwarfs and ponies, including Spike, were outside except Dopey, who accidentally walked into a wall. But he quickly ran outside with a silly smile.

“Hah!” Grumpy said, without a care.

“Shouldn’t you go outside too?” Rainbow asked.

“What about you? Grumpy asked.

“Who me? Uh-uh. No pony tells me to wash my hooves.”

But they didn’t notice Snow White right behind them till they turned around.

“Well, aren’t you going to wash?” Snow White asked.

“Hmph, fine,” Rainbow groaned, folding her hooves.

Grumpy just turned his back to Snow White like he didn’t hear her.

“What’s the matter?” Snow White asked, teasingly. “Cat got your tongue?”

Rainbow couldn’t help but snicker. Grumpy’s eyes went wide when he heard that, turning back to Snow White and stuck his tongue out. Snow White just smiled as the two walked away. Rainbow was already outside while Grumpy felt it was against his will. Suddenly, he bumped his big nose against the door causing Rainbow and Snow White to laugh. Part of his stocking cap covered his nose.

“Oh! Did you hurt yourself?” Snow White asked.

Grumpy threw his stocking cap over his head and grunted. He walked outside and slammed the door with a hard thud. He sat on a barrel next to Rainbow, who sat on the ground like a dog. Grumpy took a piece of straw and put it in his mouth.

“Hah, women!” Grumpy muttered.

“Excuse me,” Rainbow spoke, eyebrow raised. “There’s more than one woman here, even if they’re mini-horses.”

“You again? HAH! Your voice is too raspy for a female.”

“Why, you…”

Just as Rainbow was ready to pounce him again, a voice interrupted her.

“Courage, men, courage.”

Grumpy and Rainbow Dash watched as Doc led the other dwarfs to a tub filled with water. The ponies had no trouble seeing it was water after all.

“Don’t be nervous,” Doc said.

“You guys okay?” Spike asked. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re all scared of water.”

“It’s alright, Spike. Everything’s going to be just fine.”

The dwarfs looked at the water in the tub curiously. Happy twirled the water with his finger.

“Gosh, it’s wet!”

“Water is always wet, silly willy!” Pinkie said.

Sneezy also put a finger in the water, but quickly took it out. He shook his finger and sputtered.

“It’s cold, too!”

“Well, it’s better than nothing,” Spike shrugged.

“We ain’t gonna do it, are we?” Bashful asked.

“We have to, darling,” Rarity insists.

“It’s very polite,” Fluttershy said. “Um, if you want it, that is.”

“And it’ll please the Princess,” Doc stuttered.

“Ha, I’ll take a chance for her,” Happy offered.

“Me, too!” Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy and Spike said in unison.

Fluttershy smiled, but then saw Grumpy and Rainbow just watching.

“Aren’t you two going to wash?”

“Ya can’t make me, missy,” Grumpy said.

“I wasn’t planning to wash anyway,” Rainbow added. “Besides, my hooves aren’t that dirty.”

“But you must, Rainbow,” Rarity insists. “I don’t want germs on any pony’s food!”

“Hah! Her wiles are beginnin’ to work,” Grumpy said. “But I’m warnin’ ya, you give ‘em an inch, and they’ll walk all over ya!”

“Oh, don’t make it so difficult, Grumpy,” Applejack said. “It’s just washing hooves and hands.”

“Maybe they should wash themselves entirely since they work in a mine,” Twilight suggests. “We should too just in case.”

“But is it really smart to wash ourselves in front of these gentlemen?” Rarity asked.

"Oh, don’t act so shy, Rarity,” Applejack retorts. “You know us ponies don’t normally wear clothes.”

“Hmph, says the pony who wears a hat,” Rarity groaned to herself.

Pinkie smiled at that while the dwarfs looked confused.

“Forgive me for that, gentlemen,” Rarity said. “Some of us do have standards.”

"That's quite alright, Miss Rarity," Doc said, glaring at Grumpy. "Don't listen to that old warthog. Come on now, men and ladies."

“How hard do ya scrub?” Sneezy asked.

“Will our whiskers shrink?” Sleepy asked.

“Of course not,” Twilight answered.

“Do ya get in the tub?” Happy asked.

“Do ya have to wash where it doesn’t show?” Bashful asked.

The ponies’ and dragon’s eyes went wide.

“Wait, what?” Spike asked.

“Now, now, now, don’t get excited,” Doc said, starting to sing. “Here we go…”

While Doc sang, the other dwarfs, dragon and ponies grabbed the soap and washed their hooves and hands, rubbing their faces in between.

With a scoop of water, they rubbed their faces and sputtered like Doc to get the foam off and they repeated while he sang. Sleepy, suddenly, saw a fly that flew in his face and land on the soap to wash itself, creating a big bubble that soon popped.

Doc splashed a bit of water on his face and rubbed it off. Rainbow and Grumpy weren’t exactly pleased.

“Bunch of old nanny goats. You make me sick going brrr, brrr, brrr.” Rainbow said, blubbering with her mouth and spat in their direction.

Meanwhile, Doc washes the heads of the dwarfs, ponies and dragon with a brunch. He was about to scrub Dopey’s, but he ducked as not to get his head scrubbed. Doc tried and tried, but Dopey kept dodging. Finally, Doc hit Dopey on the head causing him to fall in the tub and sputter while Doc washed the Dwarf’s rear end. Some of the ponies and Spike couldn’t help but giggle, while Rainbow and Grumpy still watched.

“Hah! Next thing you know she’ll be tyin’ your beards, manes and tails up in pink ribbons and smellin’ ya up with that stuff called, uh… ‘perfoom’, hah!” Grumpy said, spitting in another directon.

Rainbow cringed at the thought of her own mane and tail tied up in pink ribbons, smelling like perfume.

In the meantime, Happy washed the foam from his beard and shook his head. His beard and the water slapped Doc and Twilight’s face. Doc wasn’t very happy since he just cleaned his glasses, while Twilight looked annoyed. Rarity, Applejack, Sleepy and Pinkie grabbed some towels to dry every part of their body, even shaking themselves dry like dogs.

Dopey had a bit of trouble with water in his ears, while Spike tried to help in anyway. Dopey tried slapping the water out his ears, it didn’t work. Then he tried shaking his head, but the water sloshed around. Finally, he blew on his finger and the water shot out his ears.

Sneezy searched for a towel but grabbed Bashful’s clothes instead. Fluttershy, by accident, did the same thing but with his beard. Bashful didn’t look happy about that.

“A fine bunch of water lilies you turned out to be,” Grumpy teased.

Doc had readjusted his glasses when he turned his attention to Grumpy. Twilight heard him too and looked as well.

“I’d like to see anybody make me wash if I didn’t wanna,” Grumpy challenged.

“The same goes for me,” Rainbow said, folding her arms.

Doc and Twilight glared at their stubborn friends. Clearing his throat, Doc motioned for the dwarfs, ponies and dragon to come closer. They huddled together as Doc began to whisper a plan. Happy and Pinkie looked at Grumpy and chuckled in unison. Dopey looked too, but Happy brought him back down. When they finished, Doc hoist his belly, whistled like nothing’s wrong and strolled towards Grumpy and Rainbow. The other dwarfs, ponies and Spike followed suit. They walked around Rainbow and Grumpy, standing by the barrel and whistling for a few moments. Grumpy and Rainbow looked at them suspiciously, they didn’t like where this was going.

“Get them!” Twilight yelled.

They pounced on the grouchy dwarf and the blue Pegasus, the barrel breaking under their weight. Half the dwarves and ponies held onto Grumpy, while the others held Rainbow. The two struggled to get free, but to no avail.

“Hey, let go of me!” Grumpy shouted.

“Get them over at the tub,” Doc commanded. “Get them over at the tub.”

“What are you doing?” Rainbow shouted. “Let me go!”

“Let me loose, you fools!” Grumpy shouted. “Let me loose!”

“Don’t let them get away!” Twilight commanded.

"Get them up on the tub. Get them up! Hang on to them! Bang them! Pound them!" Doc kept commanding. "Get them up on the tub! On the tub. That's the tub. That's the tub. Don't, don't, don't, don't get excited! Don't get... Don't get up... Don't get..."

Dopey pushed Sneezy in the air in an attempt to help, but Sneezy fell on him and caused him to bump into Twilight.

“Oof!” Twilight cried.

The two rolled backwards, till Twilight ended up dizzy. She found Dopey cutely clinging to her. She shook her head and pushed him off.

“Get the soap!” Twilight shouts, exasperated.

Dopey nodded and quickly rushed for the soap. He grabbed for it, but the bar slipped from his hands. The others were too busy handling Rainbow and Grumpy to notice.

“Hey, steady, everyone,” Applejack called out.

“We’ll get them there!” Happy said. “We’ll get them.”

Dopey struggled with the slippery piece of soap. When it slipped out his hands again, it land with a thud on his head before it hit the ground. Dopey say it and crawled towards it.

“Never say die,” Happy said. “Never say die.”

“You don’t…” Grumpy shouted.

“You wouldn’t…” Rainbow shouted.

Dopey pounded at the soap, but it bounced against Doc’s behind straight into Dopey’s mouth. Dopey starts to hiccup and bubbles came out of his mouth. He tried to look for the soap, but a hiccup caused him to jump. Completely confused, Dopey felt his belly but then he hiccups causing more bubbles to emerge from his mouth.

Meanwhile, the ponies, dwarfs and dragon laughed while washing Rainbow and Grumpy. They scrubbed their heads, their teeth, their face, even Grumpy’s beard and Rainbow’s mane and tail. The two didn’t like it one bit.

“What’s the matter, Dashie?” Applejack asked, teasingly. “Scared of a little water?”

Everyone laughed, even Fluttershy was having a bit of fun in this.

“A little bit here,” Rarity pointed, scrubbing her friend. “Now there… That’s it.”

Twilight began to sing further.

Then everybody and every pony joined in.

And they all pushed Rainbow and Grumpy in the tub.

“Brrr, brrr, brrr!” Grumpy and Rainbow sputtered.

During that time, Dopey still got the hiccups as lots of bubbles escape. He tried to close his mouth and hold his breath. His head became bright red and suddenly a big hiccup launched him in the air, and he fell with a hard thud on the ground. Another hiccup released a bubble, making his stocking cap float. The bubble popped and the cap landed back on his head.

The dwarfs tied Grumpy’s beard in blue ribbons, while the ponies and dragon styled Rainbow’s mane, along with her tail, in pink ribbons. The two were getting very angry.

“Now doesn’t that look gorgeous, darlings?” Rarity teased. “Simply gorgeous.”

“Ain’t they sweet?” Bashful asked.

Sneezy sniffed both Grumpy and Rainbow, without a reaction.

“Smells like a petunia.”

The dwarfs, ponies and dragon laughed.

“They should be a couple,” Happy joked.

They laughed some more, while placing a flower wreath on Grumpy’s head which Pinkie did the same with Rainbow.

“They sure are cute,” Pinkie said.

Pinkie and Happy planted a kiss on the dwarf’s and Pegasus’ head, causing everybody to laugh harder.

“Grr, wait till I get my hooves on all of you!” Rainbow shouted in anger and embarrassment.

“You’ll pay dearly for this!” Grumpy shouted.

But no one felt threatened, they were having good fun. Then suddenly, a familiar voice of a human girl called out.


They all heard Snow White and smiled.

“Supper!” Doc said.

“Food, hooray!” Everybody shouted.

They threw Grumpy and Rainbow back in the tub, rushing back into the cottage. The two sputtered and rose from the water. Rainbow spat water from her mouth, while her flower wreath was around on her neck.

“Ah, pony-feathers!” Rainbow muttered, leaning on her hoof.

Grumpy had his wreath hanging on his nose, glaring with one big 'Hah!'