• Published 19th Feb 2017
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The Disney Chronicles I: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Dinodisneylover1

When Spike finds a strange book and shows it to his friends, they're immediately dragged into an adventure. First story of this series.

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Curious, Tricked and a Disguise

Same nighttime

Twilight’s castle had never been so silent before. Not a sound was heard when suddenly, the door opened.

“Twilight! Girls! I’m here!” A voice called out.

Entering the castle was a unicorn with a pink coat, purple-and-teal mane and tail, and a cutie mark of a purple-and-white star with two blue glimmering streams. Her name was Starlight Glimmer. She came inside with a few snacks of her own. She searched everywhere in the castle for her friends when she sees light coming from the library.

“They must be in there,” She thought, approaching the door.

“I’m sorry I’m a little late! Trixie wanted to come, but she’s working on a new act for her show! I brought some snacks in case we ran out!”

But answer there came none. Starlight felt worried when she approached the library.

“Twilight? Hello?”

Starlight opened the door ajar, but saw no pony was there. Only the sleeping bags and a table of snacks.

“Where are they?” Starlight thought. “Any pony here?! Hello?!”

Starlight looked around but found no one.

“I hope this isn’t a joke or a surprise. It’s not even my birthday!”

Suddenly, she saw a book on the ground. Raising an eyebrow, she curiously picked it up with her magic. She examined the strange symbol embedded on the cover.

“I’ve never seen this book before, when did Twilight get this?” Starlight asked herself. “Hmm, must be part of her new collection.”

She looked around the library, then back to the book.

“I suppose some light reading wouldn’t be bad. I’ll look for Twilight and the rest later.”

Starlight opens the book and found the message on the front page.

Dear readers and adventurers,
You are in possession of the book of Disney. This book is special in its own way.
It makes the world you are living in now change forever. While you read it, it is just like you are experiencing the stories yourself.
Experience these amazing adventures full of wonder and danger. Face the nefarious villains and bond yourself with the characters that are pure of heart.

Have fun.

“’Makes the world you are living now change forever’?” Starlight asked. “What does that all mean?”

Starlight flips to the next page, reading the title.

“Hmm… ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’? Is this a storybook?”

She began to read a part of the story, but no sooner did light engulf the book. Before Starlight knew it, a burst of magical light appeared sucking Starlight into the book.

“Hey! What is this?! NO!”

Starlight struggled to escape, but the power was too strong and sucked her into the book.


Starlight’s scream faded, as she fell into the page as the book closed behind her.

Dwarf Woodlands
The Queen’s Castle

Inside the castle, a blinding light appeared as Starlight glimmer landed on the ground with a thud. She slowly opened her eyes, rubbing her forehead.

“Oh, my head.”

As Starlight looked around, she realized she wasn’t in the library anymore.

“What? Where am I?”

Looking around, Starlight saw the torches were the only light in the dark castle. She felt a slight uncomfortable.

“Am I in a castle?” Starlight asked herself. “Looks a bit creepy, even for my taste.”

Suddenly, she saw a light coming from a room.

“Ah, maybe there’s some pony who can help me.”

Starlight approached the light and when she entered the room, she saw blue curtains with stars closed. She lifts one aside for a quick peek and her eyes went wide. Right in front of her, a very strange creature, the likes of which she never seen before, stood there. It was the Evil Queen, but Starlight didn’t know it.

“Who is that?” Starlight asked herself. “What is that?”

The Queen stood before her magic mirror, a small casket in her hands, her back against Starlight. This time, our pony friend really needs to look out.

“Magic Mirror on the wall, who now is the fairest one of all?” The Queen asked.

“Over the seven jeweled hills, beyond the seventh fall, in the cottage of the seven dwarfs dwell the ponies and Snow White, fairest one of all.”

To Starlight’s surprise, not only could this strange creature talk but the mirror as well. But as soon as the Mirror mentioned ‘ponies’, she became interested. But there was one question: Who was this Snow White?

“Snow White lies dead in the forest; the Huntsman has brought me proof,” The queen explained, opening the casket and showing the mirror. “Behold her heart.”

“What? It can’t be!” Starlight thought to herself. “Did she command some pony to kill Snow White? That can’t really be her heart, could it?”

“Snow White still lives, the fairest in the land,” The Mirror spoke. “’Tis the heart of a pig you hold in your hand.”

Starlight raised an eyebrow, but the Queen didn’t look very happy to hear that. Because the Mirror was always right… Always.

“The heart of a pig!” She cried with venom. “Then I’ve been tricked.”

The Queen slammed the casket shut and walked away, while Starlight watched from her hiding place.

“I better follow whatever that is, but I mustn’t let it see me,” Starlight said to herself. “Who knows what she’s capable of?”

Taking precautions, she cast an invisibility spell on herself then followed the Queen. Silently she trailed her down some stairs leading to a creepy dungeon, rats scurrying about. This place made her uncomfortable, especially the rats. But luckily, the disease-spreading rodents crawled away from the Queen. As Starlight looked around, she saw the dungeon was filled with cobwebs and skeletons cluttered on the floor. Now she was sure this creature is definitely dangerous.

The Queen opened a door in front of her and entered, Starlight following quickly. Inside, Starlight hid under a table just in case. Peering underneath, she was in a laboratory with test tubes, flasks and books on various subjects. A raven was asleep on a skull with a hole on top but woke up from a door slam and noticed the Queen, who looked at the casket in disgust.

“The heart of a pig! The blundering fool!”

The Queen threw the casket hard on the ground. It opened and released the heart, which rolled towards Starlight. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the heart, stifling a scream with her hoof. The raven itself was startled as the Queen formed a plan.

“I’ll go myself to the dwarfs’ cottage in a disguise so complete no one will ever suspect.”

The Queen approached a bookcase, while Starlight faced her curiously. Different kinds of books filled the shelf, with titles ranging from Astrology, Black Arts, Alchemy, Witchcraft, Black Magic, Disguises, Sorcery and Poisons. The queen reached for the ‘Disguises’ book, opening the passage. She scoured the pages as Starlight watched silently.

“Now, a formula to transform my beauty into ugliness,” The Queen said to herself. “Change my queenly raiment to a peddler’s cloak.”

Eventually, she found what she was looking for: A formula titled ‘Peddler’s Disguise’. Starlight was quiet as possible while the Queen read the ingredients.

“Mummy Dust to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the Black of Night.”

The Queen grabbed a test tube with black liquid and another glass filled with a different kind. She released one drop into the glass, as the entire liquid substance turned black as darkness. Starlight kept watch as various ingredients were added to make the potion.

“To age my voice, an Old Hag’s Cackle.”

The Queen approached a retort with a red liquid. She opened the valve of the Bunsen burner, as the liquid began to bubble it cackled like a witch. Starlight was scared as she watched several drops fall into the glass with the black liquid. It immediately turned red on contact. The Queen grabbed the glass and approached some kind of brown kettle.

“To whiten my hair, a Scream of Fright.”

She opened the valve and white liquid emerged, changing the red liquid to green. A ghost-like cloud released, letting out a terrifying scream. Starlight became more uncomfortable than usual. The queen approached a barred window, raising her glass.

“A blast of wind… To fan my hate!”

She summoned a large gust of wind that almost blew the raven away. Even Starlight did her best to hang on as the candles’ fire snuffed out.

“A thunderbolt…!”

A terrifying lightning bolt appeared outside, the drink began to bubble and released some smoke.

“… To mix it well.” She finished.

She looked at the glass with green liquid, noticing her reflection as if seeing her beauty for the last time.

“Now… Begin thy magic spell.”

The Queen drank the entire substance in one gulp, suddenly she dropped the glass which shattered on the floor. Starlight watched every detail and was shocked when The Queen was gasping for air, as if she were having a heart attack. Her entire world started to spin, thunder and lightning struck everywhere. Her black hair turned white, while she gasped for air. Starlight didn’t want to look, but she dared a quick peek from behind her hooves as The Queen watched her hands change.

“Look. My hands."

In an instant, her hands became terrifyingly skeletal. The thunder revealed the bones in her hand. Green liquid swirled in the darkness, bubbles appearing and suddenly it disappeared. Just when Starlight thought it was over, she heard a completely new voice.

“My voice,” A raspy voice spoke. “My voice.”

All of a sudden, Starlight heard a maniacal laugh that made her shake in fear.

“A perfect disguise.”

The figure turned around revealing the Queen, only she no longer had her so-called beauty. Instead, she had an ugly witch face with one tooth, a wart on her nose, long white hair and creepy green eyes. In place of her regal clothes, the Queen was completely dressed in black.

The sight made Starlight tremble, knowing she’ll have nightmares after this. Even the raven was scared to death, falling inside the skull he stood on. The poor bird watched through the skull’s eyehole thinking he was safe.

(Pause music at 3:26)

“And this time, no one will stop me from achieving my goal,” The Queen-turned-Witch said.

Suddenly, a spider looped in front of Starlight, she shrieked but quickly covered her mouth. The Witch heard and swiftly turned around with a suspicious gaze. She was about to say something but stopped as if she had other plans. She approached a table with a few potions, grabbing the blue one and slowly dripped a few drops on the floor. A cloud of smoke was released, drawing close to Starlight. She suddenly felt herself turning visible, like the magic was wearing off.

“Oh no,” She whispered.

The spider remained, as Starlight waved her hoof at it.

“Go on! Shoo!” She whispered.

Eventually, the spider dropped down and crawled away. But suddenly, everything was silent… Very silent. Nervously, Starlight looked around for the witch when she felt something tug her tail. She screamed, followed by maniacal cackling from behind her. Starlight turned around and as she feared, the Witch discovered her grabbing the pony by the tail.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?” The witch asked. “A little unicorn?”

“Who-who-who are you?” Starlight asked, nervously.

“Ah, a talking one! Well, this is getting very interesting.”

The sight of the witch-like Queen was scary, but Starlight tried to keep a brave face.

“I’m warning you, witch. I can use magic and it’s more than a match for you!”

“You use magic?” The witch asked, surprised.

“You bet I do. Take this!”

Starlight’s horn glowed, but suddenly only a few sparks popped out. She tried again, but her horn just sputtered.

“Huh? What’s this? What did you do? Why is my magic not working?”

“The potion I used not only shows me where you are, it drains all magic,” The witch explained. “Let’s just say you can’t do anything for a while.”

“Who are you?!” Starlight asked. “How do you know so much about magic?”

“I am Grimhilde, the ruler of this kingdom, and I’ve studied magic for a long time. And you? You must be one of Snow White’s new pony friends, aren’t you?”

“What new ponies?”

“Don’t take me for a fool! There were six of you and that little dragon too.”

“Six? Little dragon?” Starlight wondered, then her eyes widen. “Wait! Twilight and her friends are here?”

“You do know them, good,” The Witch said, approaching Starlight.

“Wait, stay back! What are you going to do?”

But the Witch didn’t answer right away, merely grabbed Starlight tightly by the back of her mane and dragged her toward a corner. The horrified pony watch as the woman grabbed a chain with a neck cuff attached to the wall and clamped it around the pony. The unicorn tried to break free, but without her magic there was no escape.

“Let me go!” Starlight order. “I don’t have anything to do with this!”

“Oh, you won’t leave… Not yet,” The witch replied. “I have great plans for my stepdaughter and those friends of yours. I know what to do with the girl, but I still need to consider what to do with those ponies.”

“You can’t hurt my friends!”

“I’ll be the judge of that, dearie.”

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The witch approached her book, as Starlight struggled to pull free.

“And now… A special sort of death for one so fair,” The witch said. “What shall it be?”

The witch searched the pages until… “AH!” It frightened Starlight and the raven, when the Witch found what she needed.

“A poisoned apple! Sleeping Death.”

The Witch chuckled, as she read a page concerning the poisoned apple. There was an image of an apple with a skull on the front. As she read, Starlight was more fearful than ever.

“One taste of the Poisoned Apple and the victim’s eyes will close forever in the Sleeping DEATH.”

Reading the last part, the Witch smiled scarily towards the camera. Her face disappeared showing only her creepy eyes.