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The Disney Chronicles I: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Dinodisneylover1

When Spike finds a strange book and shows it to his friends, they're immediately dragged into an adventure. First story of this series.

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Animal friends/Whistle While You Work

Snow White and Fluttershy couldn’t help but cry, while the other ponies and Spike huddled close together wishing for the nightmare to end. Light from the sun pushed the darkness of the forest away, bringing peace to the clearing they were in. None of them knew they were still surrounded by eyes, but these were different. Emerging from a hole, a bunny family and chipmunks appeared watching the ponies, dragon and the girl with curiosity and confusion. But they were not the only ones, as an entire herd of animals appeared from the shadows. Deer, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, quails, even a few bluebirds. They all approached the company, especially to the crying girl and Pegasus pony.

One little bunny, more curious than the rest, came inches from the two sniffing at them. Snow White and Fluttershy raised their heads from the ground and gasped toward the bunny. The bunny got startled and ran away with the other animals to their hiding spots. The other ponies and dragon opened their eyes, looking around.

“Please, don’t run away!” Fluttershy yelled.

All the animals showed their heads hearing that.

“We won’t hurt you,” Snow White assured.

“Um, what happened?” Rainbow asked. “Where are all those scary trees?”

“I don’t know if that was real,” Spike shuddered. “But it was definitely scary!”

“It’s okay, Spike,” Twilight assured. “Maybe it was just our imagination.”

“Ah guess we scared these little fellers,” Applejack added, noting the animals.

“We’re awfully sorry, we didn’t mean to frighten you,” Snow White explained. “But you don’t know what we’ve been through and all because we were afraid.”

As Snow White spoke, the rest of the animals took the courage to show themselves seeing that these strangers were harmless.

“It was so frightening,” Fluttershy added. “I never want to deal with that again.”

“Me neither,” Rainbow agreed, rocking.

“I didn’t know you were scared over that whole ordeal,” Applejack smirked.

“What about you?” Rainbow retorts, cockily. “I was totally not scared!”

“Says the pony who told us to ‘run’?” Applejack remarked, with a raised eyebrow.


“Maybe we were overreacting,” Rarity said. “I guess our imagination got the best of us.”

As they spoke, a familiar bluebird flew from its nest to another branch.

“Oh, I’m so ashamed of the fuss I’ve made,” Snow White said.

“So am I,” Fluttershy agreed. “I sure hope Humbert will be alright when he faces the Queen again.”

“Don’t worry, Fluttershy,” Applejack assured, with a smile. “Humbert sounds like a smart guy; he’ll know what to do.”

“When things go bad, it’s best not to think of the worst,” Twilight advised to Fluttershy and Snow White. “We got to think positively.”

The parents of the little bird flew by its side, as the princess turned to them.

“What do you do when things go wrong?” Snow White asked.

The adult birds twittered beautifully, as if they were singing. The harmonies made Snow White smile, clapping her hands with delight.

“Oh! You sing a song!”

“What a good idea!” Fluttershy said, with a smile.

“Wait a minute!” Rainbow interrupted. “Snow White talks to animals too?”

Fluttershy nodded, as Rainbow’s jaw went wide along with her other friends. The birds twittered yes.

“You don’t think they’re going to…”

Before Rainbow could finish her sentence, Snow White began to vocalize while the little bird mimicked her voice. Fluttershy began to vocalize as well, which the bird also mimicked.

“I think they do,” Rarity replied, watching the scenery.

The little bird flew from the branch, landing on Snow White’s finger. While she and Fluttershy vocalized together, the bird began to mimic the tune. Its parents nodded to each other, when their child made a shrill note. The parents shut their eyes tight, while the ponies and dragon covered their ears and clenched their teeth from the loud note.

“Dude, that bird got some lungs!” Rainbow replied.

The little bird faced its parents and Rainbow. Snow White and Fluttershy couldn’t help but laugh, as the little bird smiled. Suddenly, Snow White began to sing.

While she sang, a male deer, a few raccoons and a family of quail heard it. A few birds twittered along, as the animals came closer not only because of Snow White, but also of Fluttershy as she sung the next verse.

The forest animals, even a tortoise, approached the company. A little chipmunk got closer, wiggling its tail cutely while Fluttershy sang.

Fluttershy tried to pet the chipmunk, but it ran off in a dash. It came back again with its little paws on Fluttershy’s hoof, while Snow White sang to a young fawn.

She pets the fawn, who gladly accepted it. A bunny came close to the duo, as the other animals approached the rest of the company. Each of them pets an animal they went to while Fluttershy and Snow White sang their duet.

The song ends with all the animals smiling and the birds twittered happily. The ponies couldn’t help but clap for Snow White and Fluttershy.

“That was amazing!” Spike said.

Rarity was busily petting a little chipmunk, scratching behind its ears.

“Oh, aren’t you just the cutest thing?”

“Wow, that was inspiring!” Twilight said. “I think your love for animals made your friendship stronger. Friends with a creature from another world, I got to write an entire book about that when we get back to Equestria!”

The very idea put a sparkle on Twilight’s eyes, while Spike rolled his eyes with a smile. Suddenly, Pinkie appeared out of nowhere dressed like a cheerleader.

“Woohoo! Go Snow White and Fluttershy! Encore! Encore!”

Snow White and Fluttershy couldn’t help but laugh.

“I really feel quite happy now,” Snow White said. “I’m sure we’ll get along somehow.”

“Everything’s going to be all right,” Fluttershy agreed.

All the animals nodded at their words.

“Isn’t that supposed to be Twilight’s line?” Spike whispered to Pinkie.

“I think it is,” Pinkie whispered back.

“I do hope we don’t have to stay in the forest,” Rarity said.

“That’s right,” Snow White concurred. “We still need a place to sleep at night.”

A bunny nodded as Snow White tried to think, as the others surveyed their surroundings.

“We can’t sleep in the ground like bunnies,” Twilight giggled.

The same bunny shook its head.

“Or in a tree like squirrels,” Pinkie Pie added.

The squirrels shook their heads too.

“And I’m sure no nest would possibly be big enough for eight of us,” Fluttershy noted.

“Maybe you know where we can stay,” Snow White said to the birds. “In the woods somewhere?”

The birds twittered ‘yes’.

“You do?” Fluttershy asked.

Once again, the birds twittered ‘yes’.

“Will you take us there?” Snow White asked.

The birds gently grab Snow White’s cape, leading her deep into the forest. The other animals led the ponies and dragon not far behind.

“Come on, girls,” Twilight ushered. “Follow the animals.”

They ventured deeper in the woods, happy that it wasn’t as dark and scary as before. No evil trees or log crocodiles, just a regular forest basked under the warmth of the sun. It felt nice for them to see the light of day after that whole ordeal. After a few minutes, they came to a stop. A few squirrels pulled a few small trees to show Snow White, the ponies and dragon a pathway leading to a lovely little cottage centered between a few trees across a tiny brook with a bridge. Rays of sunlight emerged through the trees, blessing every pony with a beautiful sight.

“A cottage!” Twilight said in awe.

“How lovely,” Fluttershy replied. “It reminds me of my own cottage back home.

“Oh, it’s adorable!” Snow White exclaimed. “Just like a doll’s house.”

“At least it’s much bigger than a doll’s house,” Spike noted. “Or we wouldn’t be able to fit in.”

Twilight giggled at Spike’s little joke, as Snow White took the first step. She ran towards the cottage while the rest followed. Crossing the bridge was no problem, even if the brook wasn’t broad. If they wanted to, they could easily jump over it. The other animals followed, the tortoise trying to keep up but walked very slowly. Rainbow Dash swooped in to help the little guy, since the turtled reminded her of Tank back home.

“Come along, little buddy,” Rainbow said. “Try to keep up.”

When they all approached the cottage, they admired it. Especially Snow White.

“I like it here.”

Snow White approached a tiny window, cleaning the dust to look inside. Pinkie and a racood did the same.

“Ew, this window is dirty,” Pinkie noted. “It’s like it hasn’t been cleaned for days.”

“Oooh, and it’s dark inside,” Snow White added.

(Pause at 0:36)

“I’m not really comfortable with that,” Fluttershy admits.

“It’s okay, Fluttershy,” Pinkie replies, looking in. “It looks empty.”

“Maybe we should knock on the door,” Twilight suggests. “Just to be sure.”

“Alright then,” Snow White said.

(Continue music)

Snow White walks toward the door, making sure her hair was right. She knocks a few times, but there came no response. She tries again, but still nothing.

“Guess there’s no one home.”

(Pause at 0:48)

“That’s just great,” Rainbow groans. “What now?”

Spike approaches the door, leaning against the frame to think. Suddenly, upon contact, the door opened.

“Hey, it isn’t closed,” Spike noted.

“Really?” Applejack asked, with a raised brow. “Who doesn’t close the door when he or she leaves? That’s not safe.”

“Maybe they just forgot,” Rarity suggests.

“Let’s go check inside,” Spike said.

Snow White slowly opens the door, which creaked. She peaked her head to see inside the house.

“Hello? May we come in?”

But no one gave a response. The ponies, dragon and animals followed Snow White, who motioned them to be quiet. Silently, they walk inside the cottage looking around with the tortoise moving slower than usual.

“I wonder who lives here,” Twilight ponders.

“I hope some pony nice and fun,” Pinkie said.

Suddenly, Snow White yelled ‘Oh’ with her hands in the air. It scared the animals, Spike and Fluttershy, who ran outside while the other ponies stood in a defensive stance. Snow White herself remained in position before happily sitting down on a little chair with an owl carved on it.

“What a cute little chair!”

The ponies’ eyes went wide.

“A chair?! Seriously?!” Rainbow yelled. “We thought it was a monster!”

“Oops,” Snow White replied, with a blush. “Sorry I frightened you.”

Seeing there was no danger after all, the animals, Spike and Fluttershy poke their heads through the opening. Fluttershy and Spike entered first, rejoining their friends.

“It’s alright,” Twilight said. “Rarity can get that excited as well.”

“It sure is lovely,” Rarity said, admiring the chair. “Look at the carvings.”

“I like it too,” Fluttershy added.

It was then Snow White noticed all the other chairs in the room and a table that wasn’t quite clean.

“Why, there’s seven little chairs. Must be seven little children and from the look of this table, seven untidy little children.”

“But how can it be children?” Fluttershy asked. “They can’t possibly live on their own.”

“Whoever lives her must be pretty small to sit on these chairs,” Twilight noted. “Maybe about Spike’s size.”

“Hey, I’m not ‘that’ small,” Spike argued. “You’re just ‘tall’.”

Applejack approached the table, shaking her head.

“Whoa nelly. They sure didn’t clean up before they left.”

“How uncouth,” Rarity added. “This isn’t healthy.”

Looking at the table, even the animals weren’t happy with how uncleaned it was.

“A pickaxe. A stocking, too!” Snow White laughed, grabbing a stocking.

“Maybe they’re miners,” Twilight said. “It could explain the pickaxe.”

“Or rock farmers!” Pinkie suggests, dressing as a miner and holding a pickaxe.

“Pinkie, I’m sure they’re not rock farmers,” Applejack replied.

Meanwhile, Snow White took a peek inside a pot and pulled something out.

“And a shoe!”

The two adult birds both gave an astonished whistle, the little bird doing the same.

“Took the words right out of my mouth, buddy,” Spike nodded.

As they walked towards the fireplace, they found it very dirty.

“And just look at that fireplace,” Snow White pointed out, placing a finger on it. “It’s covered with dust.”

Finding all the dust she collected, Snow White blew some of it away, but it accidentally lands on Rarity’s face. Rarity’s nose begins to scrunch, finding herself on the brink of sneezing.

“Uh… Ah… Aaah… AAAAHCHOOOO!!!”

The dust flies toward a trio of squirrels, each of them sneezing. The very last one sneezed so hard, he flew right inside a mug with a lid.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, dear,” Rarity apologizes, looking around uncomfortably. “Uh, this dust covered place makes me shiver.”

Another squirrel accidentally got cobwebs on its face.

“And look, it gets even worse,” Snow White points out. “Cobwebs everywhere. My, my, my!”

“Oh no,” Rarity shudders, starting to faint.

“What a pile of dirty dishes,” Fluttershy adds.

Sure enough, there were stacks and piles of dishes that haven’t been washed for days, probably longer. Spike whistled, having never seen so many unwashed dishes in his career.

“And just look at that broom,” Snow White gasped.

The animals and ponies were looking around when they noticed the broom, which was covered in dust and cobwebs. A few quail tsk at the sight. Finally, with eyes wide and jaw dropped, Rarity could no longer stand the sight of this unclean house anymore.

“This is a nightmare! A tragedy! This needs some serious work… STAT!!!”

“Why, they’ve never swept this room,” Snow White said, looking around.

“This place is dirtier than the pig’s enclosure at my farm on a summer’s day,” Applejack notes.

“You’d think their mother would…” Snow White began, but suddenly gasped. “Maybe they have no mother.”

An adult deer and a fawn shook their heads, their response Fluttershy noticed.

“They don’t?”

The deer shook their heads again.

“So, they’re orphans,” Twilight concluded.

The adult deer nodded, as the little fawn came closer to the elder. It was probably the little one’s mother, as the fawn rubbed its head against the deer’s neck.

“That’s too bad,” Applejack replied, mournfully.

As the adult deer licked the fawn’s head in affection, Applejack’s head hung to the ground. She knew the feeling of losing a parent… Two in her case, a subject she hates to talk about.

“We can’t just leave the place like this,” Fluttershy said. “Can we?”

“I know!” Snow White said. “We’ll clean the house and surprise them; then maybe they’ll let us stay.”

“I would be happy to help!” Twilight volunteered.

“Me too!” Fluttershy added.

“Me three!” Pinkie replied, with glee.

“Well, shoot! Count me in,” Applejack said.

“You can count on me,” Spike approached.

“I would absolutely do everything to make this cottage stunning,” Rarity said.

Snow White took off her cape, as two birds grabbed it and hunt it near a wooden extension.

“So, how do we start?” Rainbow asked.

Snow White began to think, as she looked around.

“Rarity and Pinkie, you will help wash the dishes. Rainbow and Spike, you help tidy up the room. Twilight and Applejack, you help clean the fireplace and I will use the broom."

“What about me?” Fluttershy asks, feeling left out.

“You can help me if you want,” Snow White offers.

“But I don’t have a broom.”

“Neither do the rest of us,” Applejack noted. “There’s only one broom.”

Twilight thought for a moment, then an idea struck like a lightbulb.

“Hold on, I got it! Be right back.”

Twilight rushed outside and fortunately found a few logs recently chopped with an axe. Focusing her magic on the logs, they each transformed into brooms. Using her magic to levitate them, she returned inside.


“Where did you get those?” Snow White asked.

“I just used a transfiguration spell on a few logs.”

“Did you say a transfiguration spell?”

“Yep. Now we all get a broom.”

“Way to go, Twi,” Applejack applauds. “Ah, knew your magic would come in handy.”

“Well, I am kind of awesome!” Twilight declared, with a proud smile.

“Hey! That’s my line!” Rainbow cried.

The other ponies and dragon laugh it off, as they each grabbed a broom.

“Alright then,” Snow White said. “Let’s begin.”

“Hey, you know what would make cleaning more fun?” Pinkie asked. “A song!”

“I can help with that,” Twilight offers. “Alright. Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep!”

Twilight chants while sweeping the floor, occasionally twirling the broom before resuming.

“Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep.”

“Seriously?” Rainbow asks, with a smile. “You’re doing that Sweep Dance Remix again? That’s not even catchy.”

No sooner does she say that when she catches Spike doing the same thing chanting ‘Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep’ while brushing the floor. When he sees Dash eyeing him, he stops mid-sweep.


“Um, what’s a dance remix?” Snow White asks, raising an eyebrow.

Rainbow’s eyes widen, realizing her mistake, and approaches Snow White.

“Um, we’ll explain after we clean the place.”

“Maybe the animals know a song,” Fluttershy suggests, facing the birds. “Do you?”

The two adult birds twittered 'yes'. And suddenly, they began to twitter musically as Snow White began to sing along with the ponies, dragon and animals while cleaning the cottage.

In the meantime, the animals brought all the dishes to a table. The tortoise, certainly having fun, had a tower of dishes on its back and none of it was about to fall. Fluttershy and even the rest of the gang sang along with their new friend.

Pinkie was helping the animals clean the dishes while sweeping the room with her tail.

Suddenly, Rarity’s eyes widen when she sees how the animals clean the dishes. A squirrel cleaned some plates with a towel around its tail, while the fawn licked the plates clean before licking its fur.

“Oh no, no, no, no, dears! You must put them in the tub, it’s for the best.”

The animals stop and face Snow White, who nods knowing Rarity is right. Obeying them, the animals load the dishes into the tub.

The fawn used its tail to pull the lever of a water pump with a face on it, filling the tub with water.

(Pause and restart at 0:06)

During that time, Twilight, Spike, Rainbow and Applejack were busily sweeping and gathering dust from the fireplace.

Suddenly, Spike grabbed two spoons and gave a few taps to some glasses, creating some gentle tunes.

Meanwhile, Rarity and Pinkie Pie were helping with the dishes. Many of them placed in a tower that appeared set to fall down. Spike, on the other hoof, held a rug to allow two squirrels to hide the dust. But Snow White caught them in the act.

“Uh-uh, uh-uh! Not under the rug.”

Startled by that, Spike and the squirrels tried to think of something else. Spike points toward a mouse hole, the squirrels looked and smile. They swept the dust inside and the three gave each other a wink. But suddenly, the dust blew out the hole sending Spike and the squirrels under the rug. A mouse, who resided in the hole, came out and didn’t look very happy. It chattered angrily to Spike and the squirrels, using a hind leg to sweep the dust into their eyes ensuring they learned their lesson.

Meanwhile, Snow White was humming and cleaning an organ while squirrels and bunnies use their cute little tails to clean the rest of the room. Two squirrels cleaned a mug, which one of them picked it up. Suddenly, the mug made some kind of musical tune which caused them to quickly hide themselves. As Pinkie used her tail to clean, she saw Snow White wave a cloth outside the window to remove the dust. Forming an idea, Pinkie placed her tail outside the window and shook off the dust. Unfortunately, too much of it got on her nose and she began to sneeze.

Fluttershy and another squirrel were busily getting rid of cobwebs on the ceiling, the squirrel used its tail to get ride of them. This also looks like a job Pinkie would do. A chipmunk attempts the same thing while keeping balance on a cuckoo clock. It used a little too much force and fell into a sock. It popped it’s head out and couldn’t help but smile. Another chipmunk helps Fluttershy with a cobweb, rolling it into a ball. But suddenly, a spider appears on the ball startling the chipmunk. Fluttershy saw the spider wasn’t very happy.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Spider. But after we clean up the house, I promise I’ll find you a new home.”

The spider smiled contently, taking Fluttershy up on her word.

With the interior almost clean, the birds began to place a vase with flowers on the table and added some water to keep them fresh. In the meantime, the animals and ponies gather the owner(s)’ clothes to wash. Snow White, still humming, placed the clothes on the male deer, one of which almost made him fall. The ponies carried the rest of the clothes outside where Spike and Fluttershy helped the raccoons wash the laundry in a tiny pond. The ponies and deep dumped the clothes in the water, a glove which the deer nearly dropped landed on the head of a raccoon to its chagrin. A chipmunk used the tortoise as a washboard, the reptile was ticklish of this experience. Two birds grabbed the piece of clothing the Chipmunk was still holding. Fortunately, the tortoise grabbed the chipmunk with its head by the tail and they both got pulled inside the tortoise shell. Their heads emerge and smiled at each other while the birds dried the piece of clothing, tying the sleeves into a knot and hung it on a cord from a tree with the rest of the clothes.

Snow White and Fluttershy gathered together, while a bird lands on Snow White’s finger vocalizing with them.

Snow White and Fluttershy vocalized and harmonized together while the other ponies, dragon and animals cleaned the exterior of the cottage.

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