• Published 8th Jan 2017
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Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits - Fuzzyfurvert

In between impossible 4th wall transitions on the show, Pinkie Pie appears in Sunset Shimmer’s home and annoys her endlessly about her boobs.

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Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits

An absurd Derpibooru-inspired story.

A few days later, Sunset once again found herself awake later into the evening than she liked. None of the applications she’d put in had panned out yet, but thanks to another energy drink and sugar-fueled bender with her friends, another dozen or so were already infiltrating the Canterlot City mail system. If she was lucky, something a bit above ‘fry cook’ but below ‘neurosurgeon’ would give her a call back before the summer was over.

With her front door locked and the lights on, she hit the shower at a wobbly version of lightspeed. The stall’s glass door fogged over as the blessedly hot water flowed over her. The heat eased the tension in her shoulders and back, opening her pores as the day’s dirt washed away. Her bodywash came in a lavender scent so strong it watered her eyes without ever getting in past her eyelids.

The flowery smell permeated the entire bathroom while the steam and her soaked hair filled her vision. After a couple of years of practice now, Sunset could bathe herself by touch alone. She worked up a lather in her hands and started at the base of her skull, running her fingers through her locks of hair. She leaned into the stream of the shower nozzle, the soft hiss of the water filling her ears just as much as the lavender filled her nose.

Sunset shook the hair out of her face to keep the suds away from ears and nose, opening her eyes to locate the conditioner she would use next amid her various hygiene and hair care products. Out of the corner of her eye, through the filmy shower door, she caught a hint of movement in the main bathroom area.

“Huh?” Sunset straightened up, squinting through the glass. Nothing seemed out of place, but she could feel that prickly sense of being watched starting under her skin.

She stood there, motionless under the shower, flower scented soap dripping off her to swirl down the drain with a muffled gurgle. Memories of her hallucination days ago flitted across her mind. She was under a lot of pressure, and the constant stress combined with her solitude seemed to invite these little moments of confusion. But if she just waited it out, it would pass. Sunset sighed and wiped the fog from the glass, blinking at her completely empty, safe, bathroom.

“I really need to hold back on the Redbull cupcakes. I’m either going to go off the deep end from lack of sleep,” she looked down at herself, smiling ruefully, “or I’ll need a new wardrobe before the season is out.”

Light flashed in the small room, a small motorized sound joining the shower’s hiss for a moment before it silenced.

Sunset jerked her head up, slinging water and shampoo to splatter against the tiles around her. Outside the shower door, a pink blob the size of a dog moved past the portion of the glass that was still fogged over. Air caught in her throat, the water suddenly feeling much hotter against her skin when Sunset took a step to get a better angle on the blob.

Sitting on her bathroom floor, a pink colored pony with a large puffy tail was shoving a old retro polaroid camera into its mane with one hoof. In it’s mouth was a fresh polaroid, the surface of it just starting to darken and develop. The pony snorted and flicked its head back and forth, shaking out the picture until it clearly showed the interior of the shower stall and Sunset herself with her hands on her hair and suds dripping down her naked body.


The pony looked up at Sunset with big blue eyes and smiled brightly before jumping up onto all four hooves. Its lips pulled back in another snort and whinny, showing off how gently it was holding the picture and how healthy it’s gums were in the process.

Sunset fumbled at the door handle, water and soap making her fingers slick and slippery. She brushed her palms over her hips and tried again, this time finding enough grip to yank the door open. Cool air rushed into the shower, stealing her breath and making her flinch for a second. Sunset grimaced, forcing through her body’s reaction and took a careful step out of the shower.

Her bathroom, once again, was empty. Shampoo dripped off her to plop onto the floor in small pools where the pony had stood just a second ago. There was nothing left to even note its passage. Nothing was different. There wasn’t any curly strands of pink hair. It even took the polaroid...wherever it had gone.

Sunset shivered, casting a glance at the closed door that led to her bedroom. Where her dresser sat with its closed drawers. She swallowed roughly. Shampoo dripped on the floor.

Sunset stepped carefully back into the warm spray of water and closed the glass stall door behind her, staring through it as the water rinsed her clean.

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