• Published 8th Jan 2017
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Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits - Fuzzyfurvert

In between impossible 4th wall transitions on the show, Pinkie Pie appears in Sunset Shimmer’s home and annoys her endlessly about her boobs.

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Pinkie Supports Pharmercy

Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits

An absurd Derpibooru-inspired story.

Sunset jerked her head up hard and fast, pulling her chin off her soft chest and blinking sleep from her eyes. Her neck was starting to complain from all the up and down. The form in front of her on her small dining room table was still mostly incomplete. The ink of her name and basic contact details long dry. She still needed to fill out her classes and certificates for the review board to look over.

At least the section about her work history would be quick.

“Wiiiiizzzzarddd.” Sunset grogged out in a croak. She sounded like those human elders that smoked. That made her grin for a moment, but truth be told, her throat felt like ten miles of dry creekbed.

Sunset pushed herself up and shuffled into her tiny kitchenette to grab a glass of cold tea. She was really feeling the caffeine withdrawal from not attending the usual session with the girls. The sugar and stimulants normally had her buzzing around, knocking out job applications and college entrance forms like dominos, in between karaoke and rounds of video games. But she promised herself that she’d cut back.

She needed her brain cells after all, and the…incidents...were more than a little worrisome.

Sunset downed her stale tea with only a little gagging and stretched out the kink developing in her back. “I need to wake up more…” Sunset glanced at the glowing runes on her microwave. The girls would likely still be awake, she could try calling one of them. “No...if they are still up, Rainbow’s probably taking up everyone’s attention to play that shooter game.”

Sunset stretched again, groaning tiredly as she cast a look out into her living room. The game was pretty popular, she even owned her own copy and a gamebox to play it on. Now that she thought about it, she could fire it up, get on her online account and go a few rounds with the others on the headset.

She grinned and tossed the dregs of her tea into the sink. “Wake up and spend time with friends having fun.”

A few minutes later—after changing into her PJs—Sunset’s TV blazed in her dark living room, as explosions and glowing projectiles flew in every direction except at the enemy team.

“Um...excuse me, but could we get everyone on the payload...if that’s alright…?”

“Hey, where did that ninja guy go? Ah still got five bullets with his name on it!”

“Rainbow, darling, you are the tank, please stay with the team!”

“I have a mech that flies, Rarity, I’ll stay with the team when you learn how to keep the teleporter up.”

“Weeee! Aw crap, I missed the ledge by this much.”

“Just rewind time again.”

“Oops...it’s on cooldown!”

“Here they come again!” Sunset barked into the mic of her headset, lining up her crosshairs on the lead enemy and releasing a barrage of rockets. The character on her screen swerved, dodging her attack and hitting her square in the tactical visor with their counter attack.

Sunset grumbled under breath as the screen switched to show her killer’s view for a moment before returning her to the team’s base. “This match is a wash.”

“We can still win this!” Rainbow Dash’s voice chimed in through Sunset’s speakers. “We’ve just got to get around this choke point and we’re home free. Everybody form up on me, I’ll..ugh...stay on the ground this time.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in a sec—”

“Sunset! Change to heals, we’ll need it for the last push.”

“Roger that.” Sunset grinned. She wasn’t very good at these types of games, but any character that allowed her to damage or heal without having to aim made her feel at least competent at it. A moment later she was charging out the door of the base, staff in hand and ready to engage a golden stream of goodness on whichever of her teammates needed it.

She rounded the corner where the payload was sitting and locked onto her nearest comrade to glide swiftly over the small chasm between her and them. “Support has arrived!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Sunset felt two fuzzy arms reach around her from behind as something warm and soft pressed into her back. Two small, pink, hooves cupped her chest, lifting her breasts up to the point it looked like her shirt was going to explode from the strain.

A loud, happy squeal rang in the ear that wasn’t covered by her headset. Sunset jerked forward, throwing herself onto the floor and sending her controller flying. The pink hooves held on tight and Sunset suddenly found herself on her hands and knees, being ridden by the tiny pony that had come to haunt her.

The hooves let go and Sunset looked back to see the pony sitting on her back, her game controller in its hooves, with a determined look on its face. She glanced back at her TV in time to see her character reach and then save her team with a few quick bursts of healing. With only seconds to spare the payload inched over the line, winning the match.

“Way to go, Sunset!”

“Nicely done.”

“We’re all support now!”

“No...um...only Sunset was playing that class.”

“Well, Ah supported with my bullets.”

Sunset blinked a few times while the game played a quick replay of the last minute team save her character had pulled off. She heard the pony on top of her bray in satisfaction, rocking gently when it jumped down next to her. She stared into those blue eyes, her mouth hanging open as she tried to jumpstart her brain.

“Meep! Meep!”

The pony smiled, stuck out its tongue and jumped into the air with all four hooves kicking so fast they were a blur. When it hit the ground and took off into the shadows of her apartment, Sunset swore it left behind a candy scented dust cloud.

She didn’t move for a full minute after that, the next match already starting without her. Eventually she picked her jaw up off the floor and sat back onto her heels, the game controller clattering down off her back to the carpet. When her brain finally finished its reboot process, Sunset wondered how much an exorcism would cost.

Author's Note:

Yes, the title is a shipping joke.

...because I am shipping trash.

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