• Published 8th Jan 2017
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Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits - Fuzzyfurvert

In between impossible 4th wall transitions on the show, Pinkie Pie appears in Sunset Shimmer’s home and annoys her endlessly about her boobs.

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First Encounter of the Pone Kind

Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits

An absurd Derpibooru-inspired story.

Sunset Shimmer yawned wide enough that her jaw popped. It had been a long day. Between school and time with her friends alternately studying and filling out applications for jobs she was either over qualified for or wholly unprepared for, it had been close to twelve hours since she’d seen the inside of her small home. All she wanted, as she opened the door with her key, was a hot shower followed by the downy embrace of her bed.

She shuffled through her dimly lit apartment, dropping her bag in a pile and disrobing as she went, until she was down to nothing but her underwear. She stopped at her dresser, stifling another yawn as she pulled open the top drawer where she kept her clean bras. She intended to grab the soft sporty one with the little turtle pattern on it. It was one of her favorite pairs to sleep in. Both comfortable and cute.

Instead of fresh cotton though, she got a handful of silky soft hair.

“...huh?” She squeezed, her mind stumbling over the unexpected texture and material in her underwear drawer.

With her other hand, Sunset reached over and turned the switch on a tall lamp, illuminating her bedroom. Inside her dresser drawer, in what could only be described as a nest of bras, was a pink fluffy pony roughly the size of a small dog or large-ish housecat. Sunset blinked tiredly, brain still struggling in vain to make sense of what she was seeing.

“Huh…?” Sunset swallowed. “Is that a cutie mark?”

She poked the trio of colorful balloons emblazoned on the pony’s pink flank. Her vivid hallucination—obviously brought on by too many human ‘energy shots’—felt soft, squishy, and firm. It felt like a real pony, which was patently impossible. Then it yawned, which was also impossible, and blinked tired looking blue eyes up at her. Several questions flashed through Sunset’s mind. Who? Why? What?

“How did you…?”

The pony snorted at her and made a sleepy sounding braying noise before grabbing the drawer’s lip and the inside edge of the dresser itself and pulling the drawer closed with a loud wooden bang.

Sunset stared at it for a second, her left eyelid twitching, and then yanked the drawer back open. The pink invader, however was gone. The drawer was definitely minus one pink pony, the only evidence of it having even been there was an indention in her aforementioned unmentionables and the faint smell of hay.

Later, after her shower, Sunset pulled out each drawer from the dresser and searched every inch of the Swedish named piece of furniture for an undiscovered magical portal to Equestria. She found nothing.

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