• Published 25th Jun 2012
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Ascension - cloudedguardian

Celestia is dying. Or at least it seems so. Afflicted with a curse that is destroying her very nature, she sets a plan in action. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony will take the throne in her wake... Not that they know that yet...

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A Little Bounce For Pinkie Pie

“Pinkie Pie?” Mrs. Cake called, her voice somewhere between panic and confusion.

“Yes, Mrs. Cake? What’s u-uuwwwwoaahh!” Pinkie’s question trailed off as the scene before her began to log.

The rather flustered blue mare before her was holding up a slipping confectionery tray with her back hoof, holding Pound Cake tightly with her front hoof as he tried to escape out the window and go after the butterflies fluttering tantalizingly just a foot away, all the while trying to keep a hold on the expensive bakers sugar that Pumpkin was trying to levitate over to “play play” with. On top of that, the cake in the oven smelled like it was beginning to burn.

Pinkie quickly dropped her saddle bags to the bakery floor, and darted over to the oven. Carefully, she removed the cake and placed it on the counter, shutting the oven door behind her with a gentle kick. Thankfully, the cake wasn’t singed, although the spilled batter on the tray had burned on, and would be difficult to get off again. Then, she went and picked up the tray that was threatening to fall, allowing her aunt to finally regain her balance.

“Now now Pound Cake, you can’t play with the butterflies.” Pinkie scolded gently as she shut the window.

The foal sagged a little in his tethered flight, and Pinkie took him from his mother’s hassled grasp, before trotting over to his sister and scooping her up as well.

“I’ll take them upstairs for you, Mrs. Cake.”

“Thank you, Pinkie Pie.”

After placing the two in their playpen, ensuring that they were entertained with their toys, and that their father could keep an eye on them as Cup Cake finally finished her baking; Pinkie gathered up her saddlebags again, and headed out.

Pinkie Pie hummed to herself happily as she walked to the flower-field outside the Everfree forest. She wanted to make potpourri as party favors at her upcoming Midsummer's Eve Party, but she was all out of dried flowers, and she had to go now, as the pegasus ponies had a large two day storm planned to start tonight.

Oh well! This way, though, I can even make a super duper “Get Well” bouquet for Celestia too! And then Twilight can deliver it when she goes on her research trip to Canterlot!

“It’s the perfect plan!” Pinkie said to herself cheerfully, as she stepped off the cobblestones that made up Ponyville’s well-worn paths and onto the soft dirt path towards the field.

She had come to this field many times, sometimes to watch the sky at night with Twilight, or the butterflies with Fluttershy. Most often though, she came here to gather flowers to bring a smile to her friends' face. It was a special place to the hyper pink pony, one most ponies would not have guessed at.

As she reached the flower field, she stood still for a single moment to take in her favorite spot. The brilliant, clear blue sky seemed to make every forget-me-not shine twice as bright. The daisies, with their large petals almost too big for their stem, bopped gently in the breeze. The tiny clover blossoms and delicate Victoria’s Lace made the scene before her seem almost fragile.

Pinkie took in a slow, deep breath, enjoying the sweet scent of the many different flowers, before trotting into the long grass to gather the flowers she would need. As she gathered them, she slowly made her way towards the river. By the time she hit the water’s edge, she had all the ingredients she would need for her favors.

“Now I just need the flowers for Celestia’s bouquet…” She said softly to herself, before spotting something not too far away. “And those ones are perfect!”

A group of soft white River Lilies and vivid orange Tiger Lilies grew not twenty feet away from her. She eagerly trotted over to them, looking the large blooms over. She giggled delightedly to herself, before carefully picking four River Lilies, and two of the smaller Tiger Lilies. With a little bit of blue ribbon, these will look amazing! She thought, before adding to her design as an idea struck, OOH! And they’ll look even better with a bit of Victoria’s Lace with them!

Pinkie quickly doubled back to gather the tiny groups of flowers to complete her get-well gift. Just as she finished, an unusual sight caught her eye. Two large cats that she had never seen before were prowling around the edge of the forest. They were nearly as big as her, and were just a shade or two lighter than AJ’s coat. Curiosity tugging at her hooves, Pinkie very quietly and carefully made her way over to them to get a better look.

She stopped at the base of a very large oak tree, to watch them. The two cats didn’t seem to notice her, too preoccupied perhaps in their own thoughts and duties. They’re kinda scary, but they’re really pretty too. I’ll have to ask Fluttershy about them. Pinkie was about to turn and make her way back while they were busy, and she was unnoticed, when a familiar but unfitting sound caught her ear; A foal’s soft crying.

Her ears swivelled for a few seconds, trying to find the source of the sound. After a confused minute, she looked up to see a little pale purple filly that she had seen a few times with her mother in town.

“Huh? How did you get up there?” Pinkie asked cheerfully, not expecting any answer, as the filly was far too young to do much other than gurgle and cry.

She got an answer none-the-less however, in the form of two glowing eyes that opened to look down at her from the shadowed branches of the tree.

“Uh, never mind, forget I asked.” Pinkie squeaked hastily, her hooves tracing her steps backwards to safety.

As soon as she took a few steps away however, the eyes slipped shut again, and within seconds, sounds of snoring could be heard. Thinking fast, Pinkie tried to come up with a solution that ended with both of them getting back home. Ok, I need to get the little one down, but I can’t reach way up there. I can’t climb the tree without waking up the glowy-monster… Pinkie found herself pacing as she tried to track down a good idea. Finally, one came to her, light-bulb and all. I know! BALLOONS! I can float up and get her!

Pinkie eagerly turned on her heel, and started to make her way to Fluttershy’s nearby house, where she had left a large bag of balloons. Before she got forty feet away, however, familiar snuffling growls caught her ear.

“Uh oh.” Pinkie turned back to see the two large cats had made their way over to the tree, and were looking up at the crying foal with their teeth bared.

I don’t think I have time to get those balloons after all! She realized with a hint of panic. Quickly dropping her saddle-bags to the ground, she began to search through them for something to help, tossing out the rejected items in her hurry.

“A Joke Book? No, I don’t think I can laugh these fears away… Party Poppers? It might distract them, but it might startle the baby too, and if she falls out of the tree… No, that won’t work. Why do I have a frying pan in here? Ah, no, concentrate Pinkie! Streamers, no, tissue paper, no! Springs? Good for bounce, not so good for anything else.” Pinkie quickly looked behind herself, to see the cats starting to circle the tree, licking their chops as they did so.

“Oh no… Gah, come on!” Pinkie almost climbed in her bags in her desperation, when she found the red tear-drop medallion that Luna had given her for protection. “I don’t need help and protection right now Princess, the baby does, help IT.”

As if in response to her worried begging, the medallion melted, and disappeared into her hoof, leaving only a red glimmer that blinked out of existence a second later. “Huh?!” Pinkie stared at her empty hoof for a second before panicking. “No! No, don’t go away, I need your-” *FWUMP* “-Help? I have wings.”

For the next few seconds, Pinkie simply stared at the shimmering pink feathers that had sprouted from her back. Then, as the new information finally clicked, she jumped to her hooves, her face splitting into an impossibly large smile, at the simple fact of: “I have WINGS!!!”

Pinkie quickly backed up, and charged forward, leaping up to take flight and swoop to the baby’s rescue! Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple. As it was, Pinkie Pie belly-flopped spectacularly. As she sat up, signals from senses that she had just gained along with the wings began to pull themselves into coherent information in her mind.

“I’m… Too heavy?” She asked this new information, before sighing. “OK, no more sweets for Pinkie Pie.”

Her eyes traced back to the tree, where whatever was in the tree with the baby was growling at the cats below it, keeping both of them distracted from the sniffling infant. The sky was beginning to darken, and it was a clap of thunder that served as the catalyst for Pinkie’s idea.

“The springs!

Pinkie quickly gathered up the scattered springs again, pulling them onto her hooves the minute she had them all. With a careful hop forward, she bounced high, and then higher again on the next jump. She couldn’t help but grin, as on her next hop, she used her wings to propel herself forward, adding even more height to her jump.

She was at the tree in seconds, and with one good, well-aimed bounce, grabbed the little foal while complete clearing all three animals. As she hit the ground again, she heard the cats roar angrily, their rage punctuated by a crack of thunder and lightening. Pinkie gulped, and as she propelled forward again, kicked off the springs in mid-jump, before tearing off at a full gallop, using her wings to aid her in going even faster. The rain began to come pouring down, soaking her mane and fur. After a few long minutes of chase, the cats seemed to grow tired of the rain, and left their pursuit of her to find an easier caught snack. Still, it was another three minutes of galloping before Pinkie could calm down enough to slow down.

Ponyville wasn’t too far off at this point, and she did her best to keep the little foal as dry as possible during the rest of the walk home. She had never been so happy to see Amethyst Star’s house before. Wearily, she knocked, and Amethyst’s Mother opened the door cautiously, before swinging it complete open in ecstatic joy.

“OH! You found her! Oh thank you so much! Her and her sister had gone out to the playground when she just disappeared! I’ve had the whole weather team out looking for her!”

“Mom, she is FROM the weather team, she’s heard the whole story before, and she’s soaked. I bet she wants to go home.” Amethyst called from the kitchen, and her mother blushed as she took the foal from Pinkie.

“Fair enough. Would you like to come in and dry off?”

Pinkie was about to take her up on the offer, when she remembered that she had left her saddle-bags behind by accident. “I would love to, but I just realized that I forgot all my stuff back there… I guess I better go get it before the rain ruins it all.”

“Oh! Well, good luck, and thanks again.”

The door slipped shut, and Pinkie turned to make her way back to the field. She had half-a-mind to just leave them there, but the saddle-bags had been a gift from Rarity, and it didn’t feel right to simply let them get destroyed.

As she slipped around the corner of the street, Amethyst wondered aloud to her mother, “You know, I know a lot of the Pegasi here in town, but I don’t think I’ve seen her before.”

Her Mother chuckled softly as she dried off little Bubble. “Well, I guess she’s new then. Oh, I wonder if she’s met Pinkie Pie yet? That girl gets so wound up over new arrivals.”

“Actually, considering how much alike they looked, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were related. Aside from the wings and the mane style, they could have been twins.” Amethyst mused as she got a clean diaper for her little sister.

“Oh that’s likely! I think Cup Cake mentioned that they had a pegasus in the family… Maybe that’s her there...”