• Published 25th Jun 2012
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Ascension - cloudedguardian

Celestia is dying. Or at least it seems so. Afflicted with a curse that is destroying her very nature, she sets a plan in action. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony will take the throne in her wake... Not that they know that yet...

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By 10:30 AM, one would think Discord had broken loose for the amount of chaos and running around that was occurring in the court room. Rather than being used for, well, court- it played the role of dressing room for six new Alicorns as they prepared for the coronation ceremony which would be occurring just an hour-and-a-half from now out in the gardens surrounding the castle. Guests were already arriving, and Applejack would have given her hat to get out of all the primping and fussing and go out and talk to her family instead.

Luna had seemed to have hired the whole castle staff to doll them up and get them looking, well, regal. Twilight had found out just thirty minutes ago that the ponies Luna had called to her last night were to make their regalia; The horseshoes, the crowns- Although Luna and Celestia both wore a necklace as part of their regalia, it had been decided that the Elements would play that role for them. Twilight had wondered if a necklace would be made for her in place of a crown due to her Element having taken the form of a tiara. It was usually around this point in her loop of thoughts that her maid (Such a strange thing to think, her maid) would accidentally pull on her mane a bit too hard as she carefully braided in the blue and gold ribbons she held.

Rarity was enjoying the attention, it was like one big spa day before the biggest fashion show of her life, to put it in a way that Sweetie Belle could understand. Even Fluttershy seemed to not mind the bustle, perhaps due to her brief stint as a model; This chaos could hardly match the kind before an important runway show, except this time she didn’t have to do anything except… What does one do during a coronation anyway? Accept graciously, I suppose. Fluttershy guessed. That still sounds much nicer than having to try and do a catwalk in front of hundreds of ponies just waiting for you to make a mistake… Fluttershy shuddered slightly at the memory and her maid promptly apologized, thinking that she had gotten a chill off the open window.

‘Oh no, it’s fine.. I’m just… Nervous.”

“Quite understandable, but don’t worry, Princess Luna will make sure nothing goes wrong.” Sweet Tea said quickly, patting Fluttershy gently on the back, before resuming her careful braiding in of the cherry blossoms and tiny forget-me-nots into Fluttershy’s mane and tail.

Rainbow Dash, on the other hand, (Or hoof, as one might say) seemed to be ruffled by all the attention, and was quite glad when her maid, Bright Shine, decided that her mane was colourful enough to not need anymore attention than a good brushing. Just as Bright Shine was finishing, Rainbow suddenly jumped as something occurred to her for the first time, startling the poor maid pretty badly.

“Oh no.

“What is it?” Bright asked quickly, naturally worried due to where her role lay.

“I just realized, I’m not gonna be able to join the Wonderbolts anymore if I’m a Princess.” RD was almost... whining.

“Rainbow, you can’t be serious.” Rarity accosted in disbelief, “You’re going to be a Queen, you could rename or disband the Wonderbolts if you so please! You could name them the Rainbowdashers, or…”

“The Rainbow-wonders! Or the Dash-bolts! Or-“

“I get the idea Pinkie.” Dash laughed, cutting off her bouncing friend, whose maid had long given up trying to tame her mane.

“They’ll also be performing in your honor this afternoon,” one of the servants said with a mischievous grin.

Twilight couldn’t help but giggle at the look on Rainbow’s face at that news; First came the wide-eyes and the jaw drop, then a fangirl squeal and a happy prance that made even the solemn butler smirk.

Spike came into the room, carefully holding a tray of drinks for everypony. As he ran about delivering them, he got smile after smile that matched his own beaming grin. There was no doubt, Spike had been simply ecstatic since last night.

“Hat stays off please, Miss Applejack.” Dust Feather said softly, trying to stay determined under the look she was getting from AJ.

“Ah know Ah can’t wear it during the ceremony, but can’t Ah wear it just for now?”

“If it weren’t for the scourge of hat hair, yes.” Dust replied, trying to make a joke of it to ease AJ’s disappointment.

“Consarnet.” AJ grumbled, sweeping her hat off and handing it gently to Spike as he dashed over to assist.

Black Opal rubbed the top of Spike’s head as he came back over to Twilight. ‘I can see why Miss Sparkle calls you her number one assistant.”

“Just glad I can help.” Spike grinned back.

Both Spike and Sweetie Belle had done their best that morning to be as of much use as possible, whether it was running items back and forth or delivering messages. Sweetie Belle had been buzzed since last night, much to Rarity’s exasperated amusement, and had apparently been given a tour of the whole castle last night in an attempt to wind her down so they could sleep.

At the moment, Spike was playing waiter, while Sweetie Belle directed various ponies who were still unfamiliar with the castle to where they needed to go. In fact, she was bringing in an older stallion right now, who was carrying in a large box with a hint of pride.

The maids went over to him quickly, excited and relieved, before returning to their various “positions” with a small box held by their side with magic.

“Your horseshoes are done!” Black declared happily, before looking up at the clock. “Oh, and just in time too! Here you are Miss Sparkle, these ones are yours…”

With a fluent motion Black Opal pulled out four beautiful pale gold slippers, the front two decorated by a large amethyst six-point star that perfectly matched Twi’s cutie mark in shape and size. Twilight carefully put them on, before turning to look at herself in the mirror. They fit perfectly, and although part of her didn’t want to admit it, they looked gorgeous against her purple fur.

One by one her friends got theirs as well; Fluttershy’s were a white gold decorated with tiny amethyst and pink flowers that matched her Element. Rainbow’s were a solid rich gold, simple and suited for the blunt daredevil. Rarity’s were similar in colour to RD’s, but had several tiny diamonds inlaid into the gold that glittered with every step. Applejack’s were a brilliant bronze with gold edging and laces that held up tiny autumn leaves to shine against her orange fur. Pinkie’s, however, were almost identical to Luna’s, and were a cheerful blue that matched her cutie mark and Element.

A few minutes after receiving the first of their regalia, their maids finished their fussing, and the girls were set and ready… Well, in appearance anyway. With little else to do, the girls chatted about whatever came to mind… And naturally, that meant starting with their regalia.

“I like’em.” Rainbow grinned. “They kinda look like they could be part of an epic set of armor, don’t you think?”

“Ah didn’t expect to like mine, and ah don’t like fancy-schmancy stuff, but...” Applejack smiled, as she admired the laces in the mirror.

“They look so pretty and autumn-y AJ!” Pinkie squealed cheerfully, bouncing by Twilight’s side. ‘Do you like yours Rarity?”

“LIKE them?! I LOVE them! You know what they say, diamonds are a girls best friend.” Rarity replied mischievously, holding up her hoof to see the tiny glittering jewels better.

‘What about you Twilight? Oh oh, and I really like yours Fluttershy, they looks so pretty against your fur!”

“Th-thank you Pinkie Pie.”

“And yes Pinkie, I do like mine. They just… Feel weird, I guess.”

“Like they don’t fit?”

“Like I shouldn’t be wearing them…” Twilight muttered in return, and AJ walked over to her with an understanding smile.

“It’s okay Twilight…” She said softly, pulling her friend into a hug. “Everything’ll be okay.”

“I know Applejack, everything’s just happening so fast.”

‘Tell me about it.” Fluttershy said unexpectedly; But she was smiling almost playfully, and Twilight was soon returning her grin.

The conversation soon turned to sillier things, each girl trying to make the others laugh. Unsurprisingly, Pinkie Pie had the most luck, and soon nerves melted under the warmth of friendship. The chatting and jesting only ended when Luna quietly stepped into the courtroom. Her hoofsteps were barely audible, and yet they brought a sudden silence to the room.

She looked at each one of them, her aura of calm no different than it had been the night before. “It is time.”


For those who have not seen the amazing gardens that have been simply dubbed “The Canterlot Castle Gardens” allow me to describe them.

Outside of the castle, running along the walls and filling the air with scent of flowers and the songs of animals, is the largest cultivated garden in all of Equestria. It is the home to many animals otherwise unseen within the borders of the Princess’s domain, and is the dream of every botanist or animal lover to visit. These gardens are completely surrounded by a beautiful wrought iron gate that is covered in rare rose vines, separating them from the courtyards behind the castle while still being pleasant to the eye.

And it is in these courtyards that the stage for the Coronation ceremony has been set up. Upon the stage, the mane six are lined up, Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and finally, Pinkie Pie. Down and around the stage in the seats that had been painstakingly set up, hundreds of ponies have gathered, nobles and family alike.

As Luna steps up onto the stage, holding a red silken pillow with her magic, the cushion weighed down by three newly forged head pieces along with Celestia’s old crown and necklace, the crowd falls silent in respect.

Without a word, Luna gently lifted up Celestia’s old necklace, and settled it upon Twilight’s shoulders. Twilight, in realization of what it was that she was now wearing, opened her mouth to protest, when Luna told her something silently through the magic that they know shared. Sister wished for you to have this, Twilight. She has wished it from the beginning. She knows with great confidence that you can carry it with great pride and grace upon your shoulders.

Twilight’s mouth clamped shut as her eyes filled with tears, and her wings clenched tightly to her sides as she struggled to hold her composure. With a gentle nod, Luna walked on to Fluttershy, and gave her Celestia’s old crown. The amethyst which glittered upon the center of it perfectly matched the ones that adorned her horseshoes. Fluttershy thanked the two so softly that no-one was even sure it was heard, but Luna smiled at her sweetly before moving on.

One of the new headpieces, a pair of gold laurels, lifted itself from the pillow in the gentle sway of Luna’s magic and settled themselves upon Rainbow Dash’s brilliant mane. It was about this point that Fluttershy noticed Twilight’s composure beginning to break, as silent tears made tracks down her violet fur.

A bronze tiara, its shape reminiscent of the rim of a certain cowgirl hat, was given to Applejack, who immediately straightened up with new pride and determination. As the two exchanged silent words, Rarity noticed the single piece left upon the pillow, a light gold wire and jewel headpiece that glittered solemnly in the afternoon sun. With a silent whisper through magic to Pinkie, she drew her attention to what she had realized.

Oh, I hope it’s for you then Rarity, it would look so nice with your mane! Mine’s so crazy, I don’t really need a crown. Pinkie replied promptly, causing Rarity’s cheeks to pinken at the compliment.

Sure enough, as Luna reached the two, the final piece was given to Rarity, settling brightly against her white fur. Rarity bowed her head in silent gratitude, and Luna stepped over to stand in front of Pinkie.

Although to Pinkie Pie, it had simply been a friend’s duty; her efforts to cheer the Royal Sisters up, sending “Get Well” gifts, and stopping by the palace to try and bring a smile with her antics- To Luna it meant more than that, and they had not been forgotten.

And now, as the two stood eye to eye, Pinkie searching for the formal words to say that it was perfectly alright that Luna didn’t have a crown for her, them being a rush order and all… Luna, with a shimmer of soft blue magic, lifted the soft onyx tiara from her own head, and settled it onto Pinkie’s unruly and brilliant pink curls.

For perhaps the first time in her life, Pinkie Pie was perfectly and completely speechless. It was a long, quiet moment, before she was able to find her voice to whisper out a heartfelt and tearful 'Thank you.’

No. Thank you. Luna replied softly, a warm smile upon her lips, before turning to the crowd.

“With the powers of the Equestrian Royal Court, and of the powers my parents gave me and My Elder Sister Princess Celestia; We crown these six, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity Belle, and Pinkamena Diane Pie, the Bearers of The Elements of Harmony, your new rulers and Queens!