• Published 25th Jun 2012
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Ascension - cloudedguardian

Celestia is dying. Or at least it seems so. Afflicted with a curse that is destroying her very nature, she sets a plan in action. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony will take the throne in her wake... Not that they know that yet...

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Magic for the Golden Heart

This week had been very busy, and although this butter yellow mare would never admit it, rather stressful. The storm the Pegasi had whipped up had been spectacular, and just what the farmers needed- But it was also very rattling for many of the animals. That night had been spent soothing frayed cat nerves and easing the worries of many of the younger animals.

Then, just a few days later, before routine could resume properly once again, the pixies had caused Cloudsdale a great amount of chaos. Once that disaster had been averted, Fluttershy had been grateful to return back home to her animal friends… And hopefully back to routine, peace, and quiet.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.


Fluttershy backed out her front door carefully, pushing it open with her rear hoof. A large bowl of bird food was clamped tightly in her teeth, and she was trying to take it over to her canary friends in the tree nearby. She stepped carefully around Angel and shut the door, before trotting over to the tree. It was a little hard to see around the bowl, so it was no surprise to her white bunny that she ended up tripping magnificently over something unseen.

Bird seed flew everywhere as she faceplanted in the dirt, more desperate to save the last of her bird food than prevent bruising her pride. Fluttershy stood up carefully, and looked to see what she had stumbled over as she salvaged as much of her spilled seed as possible. Just as she finished, she seen what it was.

A tiny hole, not even large enough to fit her hoof. She had stepped just on the edge of it, and the loose dirt had caused her to slip about an inch into it. At that point however, the hole was simple too narrow for her hoof to slide in any deeper.

“Oh, hello?” Fluttershy called gently as she peeked into the hole, thinking that it most likely belonged to a misdirected mole.

She was slightly startled, and rather confused, to see that the hole was simply that, a hole. Not a tunnel or a hiding place, merely a small pit that appeared to be dug for no reason. As her gaze searched for the animal that must have dug the little thing for some reason, it passed over the actual culprits without her knowing- A small group of pixies who were sharing a group facepalm, and arguing about the actual size of a pony’s hoof.

After feeding her birds, (There was just enough seed!) and helping the other animals gather up their own lunches, she just had to make Angel’s lunch. The small white rabbit could be ridiculously fussy at times, but Fluttershy didn’t really mind. He was such a great help, assisting her in all sorts of tasks, and making she sure she stayed on time as well. Surely making him a fancier lunch once in a while, or even the small disagreements they had at times, was fair enough compensation.

Recipe book propped up before her, and the new book on rabbit diets that Twilight had given her at her left, Fluttershy struggled to figure out how to make Angels’ favorite- While omitting the carrots. Turns out, they were actually not very good at all for rabbits, and could actually make them very sick if they ate too much… And well, “too much” was what Angel generally ate.

“Maybe I should try a new recipe… I wonder what he would like… Alfalfa squares… Rabbit hay fries? Oh, I wonder if he would like that? I rather like hay fries, myself, but I wonder if Angel would… We do tend to disagree on some things… Hmm, what else… Yoghurt salad? Oh, I know he would like this! And there’s all sorts of other healthy veggies and plants! I don’t think he’ll miss the carrots at all if I make this.”

Fluttershy set to making the somewhat complicated recipe, and was about halfway through it when Angel came darting up to her. Busy as she was, she didn’t noticed him right away. After a hard kicking on her back hoof however, he had her attention.

“Oh, hello Angel. I know I’m taking a while, but I’ll have your lunch soon okay?”

Angel shook his head rapidly, and gestured out the door. Fluttershy looked out the door, and tilted her head slightly as she took a guess at what he meant.

“I know you miss your carrot snack, but I’m sure the herb squares I made will grow on you… And there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy them in your favorite spot on the porch.”

He really had quite the glare.

“Well, I’m sorry Angel. I guess it really is my fault for not looking into carrots more before giving them to you so much.”

A small metal dish she used for feeding the kittens missed her head by an inch as Angel threw it with remarkable aim, before darting about half-way to the door.

Fluttershy couldn’t help but wonder what that was about. Angel was staring at her from where he stood, glaring at her and gesturing for her to hurry up. Confused, she slowly went to the door and looked out. She couldn’t see anything. As far as she could tell, everything was as it was when she had headed in to make lunch.

“I know you’re hungry Angel,” Fluttershy said sweetly as she turned around and headed back to her kitchen. “I’ll be done in just a minute, oka-? OW!"

Fluttershy staggered back, lifting her right back hoof about an inch of the ground, and staring at her bunny in shock. Blood dripped down to the wood below as her brain tried to process that her dearest pet had just bit her. It didn’t make sense. Angel had never bit her, not once.

Angel stared back at her, before darting out the front door. For a couple seconds, she just stared at the spot where his white form had disappeared from view. Then, she followed him out.

He was running around the small hole she had tripped over earlier, chasing… What were those? Small blue figures with wings of light, that were drawing water out from the puddles in her driveway and tossing it into the hole. As she began to come over, a few of them darted to hide in a bush, before changing their mind and spinning back to continue what they were doing.

Water…? And… Pixies…? Oh! Twilight mentioned them, Water Sprites! But, what are they doing..? Fluttershy wondered as she watched them. Just as she began to wonder what on earth Angel was trying to do, a tiny squeak caught her ear. She broke into a gallop, and was at the hole in seconds. A small very soaked litter of bunnies had gotten themselves caught in the hole. The beginnings of rage bubbled in her chest as everything clicked into place.

She didn’t know why, but the sprites were trying to drown them. It hadn’t worked so far, as the loose dirt had drank up the water. It was quickly turning to mud however, and it soon wouldn’t hold anymore. She immediately tried to reach in and lift the little ones out, but as she should have learned this morning, the hole was far too small for her to fit her hoof in. Unable to help directly, she turned to the sprites, who were about to toss in another bout of water.

“Stop this! Stop this right now!” She snapped at them, and they stopped- For a whole of one second, to make a mocking face and a rude gesture.

Angel was still snapping at them, trying to chase them off, but they were flying too high for him to reach. In fact, they almost seemed to be tormenting him, stopping just an inch out of his reach, and then mocking him, or occasionally soaking him with water as well.

“STOP IT!” Fluttershy cried, and “The Stare” kicked in. The three in front of her froze, and Fluttershy immediately began to scold them; “Now, listen to me right no-wwapppttthh” Fluttershy spluttered, choking on dusty water and trying to shake her wet mane out of her eyes. The other five sprites had pulled up a good amount of water and had whopped her in the face with it.

Not knowing what else to do, Fluttershy charged at them, trying to chase them off, as Angel was doing. They dodged her easily, and it didn’t take long for her to realize that they were even waiting till the last minute to fly out of the way, just to torment her further. On her fifth charge, in a desperate hope to wear them out at least, four of the sprites soaked the ground before her, causing her to skid right into the tree in front of her with a tremendous crash.

Fluttershy staggered to her hooves, shaking her head to clear it. She turned back to face the sprites, tears biting at her eyes at the feeling of being completely helpless.

Please, I just want to help the little ones. Why can’t I be like Twilight? She would know what to do… Fluttershy sniffed, barely feeling the comforting warmth that her pendant had began to give off. And even if she didn’t, her magic would solve things, it always does. I wish-

A brilliant flash of crimson light and inspiring knowledge. The Sprites didn’t know what hit them as a pink and yellow blur shot by them, dispelling their control over the next “drenching” and stopping by the hole.

With the soft whisper of magic, each tiny bunny was lifted out of the hole, and dried off. Once all five of them were safe and sound behind her, wrapped in her tail, Fluttershy turned her attention to the Sprites.

It took just one glare for them to go into a profuse amount of apologies. It was one thing to hassle a pony with no ability other than to fret and fuss, it was quite another to torment a pony that had the magic to freeze a Water Sprite solid and shatter them with but another thought.

Angel gaped as the Sprites fled, leaving not a drop of their magic or water behind them. His jaw dropped another couple of inches at the yellow horn that was peeking through his mare’s mane.

After nuzzling the little ones, and sending them back off to their burrow, Fluttershy set to filling the tiny pit in. It would cause no more trouble. Just as she finished, she noticed Angel freaking a good bit.

“Oh, is there something else wrong?! Are there more animals in danger? More Bullies?!? Where?” Her panicked searching gaze ended as Angel darted in front of her and pointed.

Her gaze slowly went up to her newest feature, and she breathed a small sigh of relief. Oh, it’s just this.

“Oh, don’t worry Angel, I have a hat that will hide it quite well. It must be a temporary gift from Celestia… I’m sure it will disappear again soon.” She said sweetly, smiling gently at her friend, before turning and heading back inside. “Now why don’t I finish making your meal? Lunch is going to be rather late today, isn’t it?”

Angel stared after her, his jaw dropping again. After a second, he picked it up… Just in time to facepaw.