• Published 13th Jul 2015
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Return Of The Showmare - Horizon Spark

Through some unfortunate events, Trixie is forced to stay with her eternal enemy; Twilight Sparkle. But, why does she hate her so much?

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Chapter 3: A New School and A New Home

Chapter 3
A New School and A New Home

Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. A prestige school in Canterlot for unicorn fillies that show much potential for the future. Only a small number of fillies has attended this school, and only a smaller amount came close to graduating. But despite the hardships it brings, those who leave with a diploma in their hooves are destined for greatness.

Outside the school, many nervous fillies were conversing or playing with each other. A meager attempt at calming their nerves for the first day of school. Unbeknownst to them, a small silver flash emanated near a bush. As the light died down, Silver Wand and Trixie walked away from the bush and out in the open.

“Here we are Trixie,” Silver Wand said, “ready to wow the other students with your amazing magic?”

Silver turned to see her daughter, trembling near the bush. She covered one side of her face with her cerulean mane as she spoke, “Y...yeah mom. Of course I’m ready.”

Silver sighed as she went up to her daughter and caressed her mane out of her face. Her smile was one only mother could give to her daughter. “Trixie, remember what I told you before your first performance at that talent show?”

“When a magician is on stage, fear is the one thing they never show.” She recited completely. “But, I’m not going on stage.”

“No, you’re not.” Silver chuckled. “But that doesn't mean that you can show fear anywhere else. As a magician you must show confidence to those around you, including your classmates. The amazing Silver Wand wants you to go in there and,amaze the students and make a friend or two while you’re at it.”

Hearing this, Trixie took in a deep breath then exhaled sharply, regaining her composure. Her mouth then grew into a very wide grin. “You’re right mother. Trixie will not let stomach butterflies ruin her chances of wowing the crowd.”

“That’s the spirit my little apprentice.”

“I will be the one to go in there and show them who’s boss!”

“Great!” Silver out of excitement hugged her daughter tightly. A single tear fell down her cheek. After the death of her husband, Silver’s only daughter was all she had left. And she wanted nothing more than her daughter to follow in her hoofsteps, and become the greatest magician she can be. She broke the hug wiping another tear from her eye. “Alright now, you best go in there before you’re late dear. I’ll get you when school is over.”

“Alright mom. See you later!”

With that, Trixie excitedly ran towards the school, ready to start the new day. Silver smiled proudly at her daughter, hoping that she’ll finally become the mare she wants to be.

“Good to see you again Silver Wand.”

Silver looked behind her to see none other than Princess Celestia standing before her. She smiled as she greeted her with a smile. “And a hello to you to your highness. But shouldn't you be in the school, and not out here in the open?”

“Don’t worry, I made a secret barrier around us.” Celestia said jabbing a hoof at the solid barrier. “No one will be able to see nor hear us. With that said, I just wanted to congratulate the two of you. I can tell you’re just as proud of her as am I.”

Silver sighed, “Proud is an understatement Celestia. I’ve never been happier in my life. And I have you to thank for that. Still can’t believe you were there for her talent show.”

“Well you’ve entertained me with your magic shows since you were her age. It was only fair that I went and supported your daughter’s first show.”

Silver smiled at the mention of Trixie’s first show. Her old school had a talent show that she wanted to be a part of. She practiced many magical spells with her mother for days. And when she was all set for her act, she was just so nervous. But after a little coaxing from Silver, she finally went up there to put up a show. And what a show it was, all that time spent practicing spells like levitation, invisibility, and other illusions. And for the grand finale; a firework show that Silver recommended herself.

When her routine was over all Trixie saw were ponies and fillies with there mouths agape, then a roar of applause and cheers. Silver hugged her daughter out of sheer joy, and Trixie gladly returned the offer. When the talent show ended Trixie walked away with two prizes; a trophy with her name on it, and her cutie mark. Celestia came up to them telling them that she watched the entire thing in secret, and was amazed by the power Trixie possessed. She then decided to let Trixie attend her School for Gifted Unicorns for the performance.

“You know Celestia, I never had the chance to properly thank you for letting my little apprentice attend your school.”

Celestia shook her head. “There’s no need for any of that Silver. I just wanted to help your daughter improve on her magic. She looks like she’ll turn into a fantastic magician. Just like her mother.”

“Please Celestia, we both know that’ll happen. Of course she made not get it the first time, but not every first spell is a success.

“Quite. Although going back on your previous offer, I wouldn't mind if you were to join me later on for some tea.”

Silver smirked. “You sure you don’t want me to show you that special ring trick again?”

“You can drink tea and do that trick if you want to.”

“I think I can settle with that.”


The two mares spent the next hour eating Twilight’s rather scrumptious breakfast of blueberry pancakes. Twilight also spent that time explaining to Trixie all that transpired that resulted on her new castle. Even the part where Tirek destroyed the Library, which still made Twilight tear up at the mention of it.

Trixie listened intently on the Alicorn’s tale. Despite how she felt towards her, she couldn't help but feel sorry for the library. It felt weird to her, pitying Twilight Sparkle, she shouldn’t have cared about it at all. But losing her home just like that…

“Then after we returned all the magic Tirek stole back to all the ponies he stole from, the Tree of Harmony pretty much gave us this whole entire castle. It took a while, but I managed to get used to living in such a gigantic place. Especially with the decorations my friends gave me.”

“Decorations?” Trixie asked.

“Yeah,” Twilight said. “There’s this huge chandelier they made for me. It has these ornaments on in it to represent the memories we made, and the chandelier itself is made from the roots of the Golden Oaks Library. They also gave me all kinds of items, like the new kitchen supplies from Rarity.”

Trixie noded as she bit into another pancake, “Wow Sparkle, that was such a sweet, and cheesy thing to say.”

“It may be cheesy, but I still love them for doing something like this.” Twilight’s head fell down. “Especially after my home got destroyed…”

Trixie sighed, “Um, well if it makes you feel any better, I’m sorry about your castle. I mean Trixie didn’t care about that rusty old library, but it still was your home and all. And I guess by the wreckage out there you can tell that Trixie is familiar with losing home.”

Twilight lit up as she heard this. “Thanks Trixie. You know, you can be really nice when you're not boasting all the the time.”

“Well The Great and Powerful Trixie does have a great and powerful heart if that’s what you’re talking about.”

“That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but that works too.”

The two laughed at the reply. Trixie took a moment to look at Twilight. She hate to admit it, but she found Twilight kinda cute. She never noticed how Twilight looked when she wasn’t nervous or angry at her. She had that look on her that made Trixie…

Trixie shook her head at the thought. She got up from her chair and started heading towards the door, “Anyways, Trixie should be going now. Thank you for the breakfast, the pancakes were...adequate, but Trixie would like to get out of this town.”

Twilight shook her head. “Wait, you can’t leave now. Your caravan is still broken.”

“Whatever Sparkle, I’m more than capable of fixing it. It’ll take me a while yes, but by the end of the day, I’ll be able to leave this town for good.”

Twilight rolled her eyes, “I bet you don’t even know where you’ll go when you leave.”

Trixie stopped in her tracks. She actually had no where else to go. She was thinking of going back to Appleloosa. She went there a long time ago, before she first visited Ponyville. But due to recent events, Appleloosa probably wouldn't be such a good idea. And in reality, she really couldn't fix her caravan in less than a day.

“Look Trixie, how about you stay here with me?”

Trixie did a double take, “Wh-what?”

“You and I both know that you shouldn't just fix your caravan and leave. And judging by your condition I found you in, you’re not exactly in peak condition to go out and leave.”

Trixie glared at Twilight menacingly, “Mind getting to the point Sparkle?”

“Right, sorry. Anyways, you should stay here for a while. You can have that whole room you slept in to yourself, you can even stay here until you’re ready to go back out there.” Twilight’s eyes widened, “Ooh we can be like roommates!”

“Ugh. Thanks but no thanks Sparkle,” Trixie said. “I don’t want your pity, nor do I need it. I’m not going to spend another day in this one-horse town, and I’m especially not going to waste my time with you.”

“Please Trixie, what do you even got to lose by staying here?”

“Well sorry, I happen to like my dignity. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a caravan to fix.”

As Trixie started to leave, Twilight tried to think of something that can keep Trixie from leaving. She had to think of something that even a mare as boastful as her would want. Something that Trixie couldn't resist. Then it came to her, “What if I were to teach you some spells you could use in your shows.”

Trixie stopped right in front of her door, “What did you say?”

Twilight smiled, “When you first left Ponyville awhile back, I started reading this.” Twilight pulled out a rather large and dusty tome with her magic, showing it to Trixie. “It’s ‘Harry Hoofdini’s Book of Tricks and Illusions’”

Trixie’s eyes widened in surprise, “How did you get this Sparkle? Trixie’s been looking for this since she was a filly. It’s even in first print?!

“This was in the Royal Canterlot Library,I borrowed it for when I had to entertain the delegates from Saddle Arabia. I haven’t read much of it ever since, but if you stay here with me, I’ll be more than happy to help you with some of the spells in here.”

Trixie bit her lip as she turned her head away from Twilight. “Does it have his famous multiple lockpick trick in there?”

“Page 42, the one and only.”

Trixie gave an exasperated sigh. “Fine Sparkle. If it gets you to shut up, I’ll stay here with you. But only if you keep you end of the deal and assist me with those spells. Not that Trixie needs those spells anymore, she just thinks that they could be very useful to her.”

“I promise.”

“Whatever. I guess I might as well go and get my stuff from my caravan and…”


Trixie screamed from the top of her lungs as an explosion of confetti launched right in front of her. Trixie placed her hoof on her chest as she tried to process what had just happened. “What...was...that?”

Twilight blushed, “One of Pinkie’s surprise party cannon decorations for my castle. Here, let me help you with that.”

Trixie sighed, instantly regretting her decision to stay here.


Spike slept peacefully as the morning sunlight started to warm up his own room. When he first learned that he now had his own room, he was rather ecstatic about the idea. Twilight was at first hesitant, since this was the first in a long time where she hadn't slept in the same room as him, but she loved how Spike was starting to grow up. Although he still liked to sleep with Twilight from time to time.

He yawned as he continued on with his mid-morning nap, hoping to continue it towards the afternoon.


Spike immediately jumped out of his bed like a loaded spring. He stood straight up as his ears started ringing from the large explosion. “Wh-what the heck was that?” He exclaimed to himself as he ran towards the door. If the explosion was what he thought it was, Twilight must’ve found another one of Pinkie’s surprise party cannons. Again.


Spike suddenly heard a faint yet familiar voice. One he hadn’t heard since he was in the human world with Twilight. Curious, he went downstairs towards the kitchen to find the source. When he got there he was saw a bunch of confetti scattered throughout the kitchen. Another mess he’ll no doubt have to clean. He also saw Twilight along with a blue unicorn mare that made him both confused and angry at the same time.


The two stopped getting the confetti off of each other as they turned to see the dragon starring wide eyed at them. They quickly got the rest of it off them as Twilight went up to him. “Morning Spike. Sorry we woke you up like that, as you can see we found one of Pinkie’s decorations.”

“What is she doing here?” Spike asked as he pointed at Trixie, who had just finished getting the last bits of streamers off her.

“Well if you must know, Trixie is going to stay with us for awhile. Until she can get back on her hooves that is.”

Spike did a double take. “Are you kidding me. We’re gonna have that show-off stay here with us. You can’t be serious Twi.”

Trixie took an offense to that, “And what exactly is wrong with the idea of The Great and Powerful Trixie, staying here with you two?”

“Well we can start with the fact the you’re a disrespectful show-off and fraud who brought an Ursa Minor to Ponyville, and also tried to take over Ponyville with an evil magical amulet.”

Trixie glared daggers at the dragon, “How dare you disrespect Trixie like that you little brat. You better watch that tongue of yours if you know what’s good for you.”

Spike stepped forwards facing her, “Or what, The Great and Powerful Trixie will turn me into a basketball again? Or banish Twilight to the Everfree Forest for a second time?

“Please, why would Trixie waste her talents on a lizard like you.”

“What did you just call me?”

Twilight used her magic to silence and separate the two bickering (and annoying) enemies. “Excuse us for a sec.” She said as she grabbed Spike then headed to the next room. She plopped him on the ground giving him a stern look. “That was very rude of you Spike! How could you say something like that to her?”

Spike crossed his arms, “How can you let somepony like Trixie stay here with us Twi. Don’t you remember what she did?”

“Yes I do Spike, but that doesn't allow you to say such harsh words to her like that. You need to apologize.”

“Alright fine, but why is she staying here anyways?”

Twilight sighed, “Long story short; Trixie’s caravan got all busted, she was hurt, and she needed a place to stay. Like it or not, she’s staying here.”


“I know what she did before wasn’t exactly nice, but we can’t just kick her out of here.” Twilight knelt down, “I know this sounds weird, but I think underneath all that boasting and ego, lies a mare who just wants to show everypony that she’s an amazing magician. Just give her a chance, please Spike?”

Spike gave her an incredulous look as she looked at her with pleading eyes. Back when he first met, he hated her guts, All that boasting and talking just grinded his gears. Nevertheless, he nodded agreeing with Twilight. “Alright Twi, I’ll give her a chance. Besides, if we can make friends with a god of chaos, and a former raging she-demon, I’m sure Trixie won’t be too much of a problem. I think.”

“Thanks Spike. Now, don’t you have an apology to make?”

“Alright, I’m already on it.”

The two made their way back into the kitchen where they saw Trixie, her head lowered to the ground. Spike went up to the mare. “Um...Trixie?”

The blue mare looked at him with a surprised look before composing herself. “What is it dragon? Came up with more insults for Trixie?”

Spike groaned. “No Trixie. I just wanna apologize for saying all that stuff about you. I didn't really meant all that bad stuff about you.”

Trixie stared at Spike in confusion. She looked at Twilight who just gave her a warm smile. “Uh...Trixie...accepts your apology dragon.”

“Thanks.The name’s Spike by the way.”

“Okay Spike. I should apologize too for saying all that. It was rather uncalled for.”

“Did...you just, apologize.”

“Of course, mother always told be to be humble to your fans. Especially since I’m rooming with them”

“Oh alright. Thank you.”

Twilight smiled as the two made peace with each other. An idea came to her mind as she thought of how both her and Trixie can spend the day. “Spike, I want you to take Trixie and show her around castle. I have some plans to make.”

Spike shrugged. “Alright Twi. Come on Trixie, I’ll give you the grand tour.”

“Well if I’m going to stay here I might as well learn about where I’m going to stay. Lead the way.”

As the two walked out of the room, Twilight started to levitate some paper, a quill, and an inkwell towards her, then started writing down her plan. ‘I just hope the girls aren't as adamant about her.’ She thought to herself.

Author's Note:

Fun Fact: Lauren Faust on Twitter stated that Trixie attended Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.:trixieshiftright: