• Published 13th Jul 2015
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Return Of The Showmare - Horizon Spark

Through some unfortunate events, Trixie is forced to stay with her eternal enemy; Twilight Sparkle. But, why does she hate her so much?

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Chapter 2: Not You Again

Chapter 2
Not You Again

10 years ago…

Celestia’s morning sun resonated throughout Canterlot as it started to rise. Ponies everywhere started to wake up from their slumber to greet the new day. In one moderately sized house, a blue unicorn filly still laid peacefully in her bed. The light radiated her room, highlighting her nightstand. On it was a picture of her and her mother, a trophy she won at her school’s talent show, and an alarm clock set at 6:59 A.M.


7:00 A.M.

The filly jumped out of her bed in surprise, turning the alarm off beside her. “Yes, Finally!” the filly said excitedly. “It’s my first day at Celestia’s Magic school!” The filly bounded to the bathroom where she quickly prepared herself for the day. Afterwards, she ran straight towards the kitchen where she saw her mother was busy preparing breakfast. “Good morning mother,” the filly said, “Trixie is all ready for school.”

Trixie’s mother turned to see her beloved daughter, smiling from ear. “Well if it isn’t my little magician,” she said in a soothing voice that complimented her silvery braided mane and white fur. Her cutie mark was a silver-colored star with sparks around it. “Your breakfast is on the table dear. I made your favorite.”

Trixie squealed when she saw her favorite breakfast, scrambled eggs with pepper, and apple juice. She got up to the table where she began to hastily chow down on her food. “Wow,” her mother said, “by the looks of it, you want to be the first filly at school today.”

Trixie looked up with food still in her mouth to see her mother grinning smugly. “Well I wanna show all the teachers how great my magic is. I’ve been practicing really hard ever since I got my cutie mark.”

“Yes, yes, you wouldn't stop pestering me to make sure your spells are all perfect. Spent a whole two hours working on Levitation spells.”

“But I just wanna impress all the teachers and students by showing them how powerful my magic is. I can’t be a great magician like you if I don’t practice.”

“That is true my little apprentice, and your magic will impress them all. But you can’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember, a good magician needs to know when to take it easy.”

“Okay mom. I’ll remember.”

“Good, now let me eat my breakfast first before we leave.”

The two happily ate their meals, enjoying eachothers company. Trixie always loved these moments with her mother. She never had any siblings to talk to, as for her father, he died back when she was just a foal. But her mother was all she needed. When the two finished their meals, Trixie got her saddlebags filled with books, and her mom grabbed her purse, all ready to go out. “Ready to go honey?”

Trixie nodded but widened her eyes in surprise. “Wait, we’re not late are we?”

“Well we might’ve spend a bit too much time eating to notice the time.”

“Oh no! That means we need to hurry now!”

“It’s going to be alright honey,” her mother soothed, “I can just teleport us over there. Just hop on my back, and we’ll be there in no time.”

Trixie got up on her mother’s back and hung on. “Will you really be able to teleport us over there in time?”

The mother simply laughed at her daughter’s concerns. “Please my dear, I, the amazing Silver Wand, can easily get us there in no time. No daughter of mine will be late on her first day at Celestia’s academy. Now, are you prepared for school.

“All set mom!”

“Excellent. Then let us be on our way!” Silver Wand said as her horn flashed, teleporting Trixie and herself out of the house.


Trixie groggily woke up from her slumber, groaning at the sunlight in her eyes. Despite the sun’s annoying wake up call, it was the the greatest naps she had in a long time. The bed was far more comfortable than the caravan’s wooden floor, and the sheets were way better than her old and worn out blankets.

“Wait a second,” Trixie said as she brung her head up and looked around her environment, “Where am I”. The room Trixie was in was far from familiar. The walls looked like they were made out of crystals, and the floor was cold and rock solid. The room had a large dresser and a nightstand beside her bed, yet the whole room still had an empty feeling to her. She also noticed that her legs and head were wrapped around with bandages.

“Is this supposed to be the Crystal Empire?” she mused, wondering how she got up here in the first place. She then heard a knock at the door that got her attention. If this was she Crystal Empire it was probably some guard checking on her, or maybe it was her majesty, Princess Cadence. Trixie hoped it’s the latter, “You may come in.”

The door slowly opened revealing a pony that made Trixie’s eyes widen like dinner plates, and made her blood start to heat up. The last pony she wanted to see at this point…

“Twilight Sparkle?”

“Good morning Trixie,” Twilight said with a warm smile, “I’m so glad that you’re awake. I was so worried about you.”

Trixie huffed in disgust on Twilight’s overly cheery attitude. “And what are you doing here Sparkle?”

Twilight was taken aback by the sudden sass, “Well...I…”

“Actually, Trixie doesn't care. Trixie just wants to know where she is, and why she’s here. And while you’re at it where’s my caravan?”

Twilight stood there too stunned by Trixie’s mood to reply. Last time she saw her she was sincerely apologizing for using the Alicorn Amulet to rule over Ponyville with an iron hoof. Trixie however acted like the first she came to Ponyville, only a lot more rude and arrogant.

“Are you going to say anything Sparkle,” Trixie snapped.

“It’s just that, you surprised me,” Twilight finally said.

“Surprised you?” Trixie asked.

“Well, yeah. You weren't like this when you apologized to me last time.”

Trixie’s ears fell when she realized what she was talking about, then gave out the most smug smile she could muster. “Ha, The Great and Powerful Trixie is aware about the way she acted last time. Keyword: acted.”


Trixie carefully got out of the bed and raised her hoof theatrically. “After you took that amulet off of me, Trixie overheard you and your friends talking about Princess Celestia and the Saddle Arabians coming to Ponyville. And she knew that if given the chance, you would’ve turned me in for taking over Ponyville.”

“What?” Twilight snapped. “I wouldn't have…”

“But Trixie knew that you can be a rather gullible pony. So when the coast was clear, she aided you in your, cute little performance, then pretended to be sorry for her actions, so I could get away without any hassle from you or the Princess. To be honest, I’m quite surprised it worked so easily.”

Twilight sat there dumbfounded, and a little hurt at the revelation. “You...pretended to be all sorry about wearing the amulet.”

“Oh yes. As a showmare, you need to be a superb performer, and that means having great acting skills to give your shows some pizazz. All it took was some fake crying and puppy-dog eyes, and Trixie was in the clear.”

Twilight’s ears solemnly fell down as another thought came to her mind. “So, does that mean you don’t regret putting on that amulet. And you really wanted to take over Ponyville?”

Trixie noticed Twilight’s grim looked, then sighed. “Please Twilight, Trixie may not like you or Ponyville, but she does have her standards. Trixie only meant to get her revenge on you, not take over Ponyville.”

“Oh,” Twilight said breathing a sigh of relief, “I see.”

“To be honest with you,” Trixie said in a depressed tone, “I am sorry about putting on that amulet and the whole ruling thing. When I had that damn thing on, I felt so much power flowing through me. Too much power. It made me want to do horrible things to you and your friends. I don’t even want to think about the cruel things I did, or could’ve done if you hadn’t taken that thing off of me.”

Twilight noticed Trixie’s sad look, then smiled. “It’s alright Trixie, I forgi…”

“Wait a minute, what am I talking about,” Trixie snapped, “You still haven't told Trixie why she’s here!”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “Well first off, you’re in my home. And secondly, I found you outside around the Everfree Forest. Last night while I was doing some reading, I heard a loud crash outside. When I went outside to check out what happened, I saw your caravan all smashed up, and you lying on one of the pieces.”

Trixie blushed embarrassingly when she heard that Twilight found her like that. “Well don’t get the wrong idea Sparkle. Trixie just had a minor accident. That’s all.”

“Well anyways, I managed to teleport you and your caravan here. I also treated your wounds and put you in one of the guest rooms to rest up.”

Trixie felt awkward when she heard this. She never thought that Twilight would do something so nice to her, especially after what she had done to her. “Well...Trixie...appreciates what you had done for her. Really.”

“Good,” Twilight said smiling, “now, how about we…”

“Hold up,” Trixie interrupted, “Where’s my caravan.”

Twilight rubbed the back of her head. “Well, It’s outside. But maybe I should…”


Twilight nervously stepped back, “Uh, yeah?”


Trixie ran out as fast as she could. She somehow manage to navigate her way outside the castle where she turned to see what had become of her caravan. Twilight teleported behind her to see Trixie stare sadly at the last remnants of her vehicle.

Trixie walked slowly towards the caravan with tear-filled eyes. “My caravan,” Trixie weeped, “Just like the last one.” Trixie rummaged through the debris as she found some objects that were still intact. One of those objects was a medium-sized bag that she hugged dearly. “At least you’re safe…”

Twilight tried to comfort the sad mare, until she turned around pointing her hoof at her accusingly. “Why was Trixie’s caravan outside?”

“I’m sorry Trixie,” Twilight apologized, “I didn’t know you had such sentimental stuff in there.”

“Idiot,” Trixie angrily said. “You should’ve brought the whole thing into your stupid Treehouse. You’re lucky nothing in this bag is ruined, otherwise I would’ve…” Trixie silenced herself when something humongous caught her eye. She saw what looked like a giant crystalline tree right in front of her. “Isn’t this supposed to be a library?”

Twilight shook her head. “Yeah about that, this is my new castle.”

Trixie did a double take when she heard this. “YOU HAVE A CASTLE NOW!” she yelled, “SINCE WHEN DID YOU GET ONE?!”

“I’m guessing you already knew about me becoming a Princess huh?”

“Well of course Trixie does, it’s been all over the news back then. But what about all this.”

“Well, do you know about the Tirek incident and how I stopped him?”

“You fought Tirek?!”

Twilight sighed. ”It’s a long story. For now, how about we eat some breakfast first? I know you’re probably starving right now.”

“Please Sparkle, Trixie appreciates what you’ve been doing for her, but she needs no more charity from you. And I don’t want any of your...” Trixie felt her stomach start to rumble violently, which made her blush. “Alright fine, I guess I could go for something small.”

Twilight smiled when she heard this, then went inside the castle. “Then come inside, I’ll cook you up something I know you’ll enjoy.”

“Hmph, I’ll be the judge of that Sparkle.”