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Return Of The Showmare - Horizon Spark

Through some unfortunate events, Trixie is forced to stay with her eternal enemy; Twilight Sparkle. But, why does she hate her so much?

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Chapter 6: Pride and Generosity

Chapter 6:
Pride and Generosity

“That’s it for today class,” Mr. Marks said. “remember to get those forms signed by the end of the week. See you tomorrow.”

As the final bell for the day rung, many kids rushed outsides to meet their parents. Trixie said goodbye to her three new friends as she trotted into the opposite direction. She then felt weightless as she was being grabbed by the silver colored aura of her mother, into her loving embrace. “Why hello again my little apprentice. You had a good day at school?”

Trixie fell back onto the ground. “I had an amazing day today mother, everypony was so nice, and they told me all the cool stuff I’m going to learn later. They’re going to teach me about potions, how unicorn magic works, the healthy foods that make magic stronger, and spells unicorns used back in the day. Oh, I’m so excited that I could just burst!” The blue filly excitedly jumped around her mother as if her hooves were springs.

Silver just shook her head as she waited for a good minute for Trixie to settle down. ‘Becoming more like me each day.’ She thought. “Come on Trixie, let’s head home so we can have some dinner shall we?”

“Are we going to teleport back home?”

“Nah, I’d rather we walk over there and enjoy this afternoon. Wouldn't you?”

“Oh, of course mother.”

The two unicorns left the school ground and headed home. They went through a park as they witness the summer leaves swaying in the breeze. Autumn was coming and they were going to enjoy their last moments within the trees. “So Trixie,” Silver started breaking the silence. “Do you have any homework for the first day?”

“Well I do need you to sign a forum for tomorrow, that’s all.”

Silver scoffed. “Is that all, a simple feat even a diamond dog can pull off. Why, you don’t even have to lift a hoof. But of course, you’ll have to work hard for all the fun stuff now do you.”

Trixie smiled. “No need to worry mother, for I am more than ready to do whatever it takes to become as great as you. Nothing will stand in my way.” She suddenly stopped with an audible “eep” as Silver jumped right in front of her and stared straight in her eyes with a glare.

“Don’t get too excited my apprentice,” she said in a low and menacing voice. “mastering the art of magic is not easy. The amazing Silver Wand learned the hard way that my current level of magic is near impossible for any mere Unicorn, especially the cocky ones who think they are more than ready for it. It requires years of practice and experience, and a lot of patience. It’s a profession not for the faint of heart. Still think you’re ready for the big leagues?”

Trixie then glared back at Silver with determination. “More than ready mother.”

The two stared at eachother for a few more seconds, until Silver broke the tension by playfully sticking her tongue out, which prompted both to laugh uncontrollably. They stayed like that for a while until Silver picked her and placed her on her back. “Of course you’re ready my daughter. Your road to success will be a long one, but Beatrix Lulamoon would never give up so easily now would she?”

“Nope. I will become the magician everypony would want to see. Just like you right?”

“Well, maybe not just like me, but you’ll be about ninety percent as good as me one day.” Silver said as she rubbed her daughter’s mane. She then took another glance at her and smiled warmly as she kept on walking. “You know, I already told you this before, but your father would be proud of you.”

Trixie’s eyes widened as she looked back at her Silver, then sighed. “Mother, do you remember what father was like?”

Silver Wand looked back at Trixie with a frown. “Odd, out of all the times I mentioned him, you never asked me that. Why now?”

“Well, I guess being with you for so long, and being in Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, made me wish he was here right now.” Trixie’s eyes started to water. “I know he’ll never see me again, but It’s okay...I’ll always have you right mother?”

Silver snickered as she looked up in the air. “Bright Lights.”

“What was that?” Trixie asked.

“Your father's name was Bright Lights. He was a Unicorn like us, and he was an amazing performer.”

“Was he a magician like you mother.”

“No, he was an actor in plays sweetheart. Him and his crew would travel all around Equestria and perform shows. And let me tell you, his acting was simply magical. When he got up there he would play his characters marvelously, and I thought he was the best actor ever.”

“Wow mother,” Trixie said listening. “he sounded so cool.”

“He was also an egotistical jerk.”

Trixie ears lowered. “Oh, so he wasn’t cool?”

“Oh don’t misinterpret,” Siler exclaimed. “he was a kind, humorous, and compassionate gentlestallion with an amazing talent. But let's just say his ego knew no bounds, always talking about how great and handsome he was. When I first met him, he instantly fell in love with me and he would always try his hardest to get me to feel the same. He’d come to all the shows he could possibly attend, send me flowers and love letters, and would even say all sorts of corny pickup lines like, Your beauty shines more brightly than Celestia’s sun on her best day.” She said in a suave and masculine voice.”

Trixie chuckled loudly as he imagined her father carrying a bouquet of roses as he said that. “He sounded like a real dork.”

“Yes he was, but do you wanna know what he did that got me to finally go out with him?”

“What did he do?”

“One night while I was in Manehattan for a show, a group of thugs jumped me and nearly knocked me out. I was so scared that I wasn’t able to use my magic.”

“Oh no!” Trixie said as she hugged her mother tightly. “You weren't hurt were you?”

“I would’ve if your father didn’t show up. He took out those thugs in mere seconds, talking about how a stallion should never hit a lady. I actually asked him how he learned to do all that when he saved me, and he told me when he had to learn how to fight with magic for fighting scenes. But then I saw that he was injured during the fight, so I took him to my place to heal him up. And when I asked him why he did all that for me, he said Because that’s just what you do when you love somepony. You protect and help them, because they are the most important pony in your life.”

Trixie’s eyes widened in surprise. “Really?”

“Yep, it was on that moment that I learned that he wasn’t just some pretty boy looking for his newest marefriend, he was somepony who loved me for who I was. Then when the time was right, he proposed to me, and I think you know the rest honey.”

Trixie started to tear up. “Wow, he sounded great mother.”

“Yes...he was. But don’t cry my apprentice, while he may be gone, he will always be with us, in here.” She said pointing her hoof at Trixie’s heart.

Trixie wiped a tear from her eye. “Has he been with us the entire time?”

“Of course he still comes to watch all of my shows. I can still see him cheering in the front as I perform. But that’s enough moping around, let’s just go home already so we can have some dinner. I’m thinking pasta tonight.”

“That sounds great.” The two finally got to the house, but before she could open the door. Trixie wrapped her hooves around Silver’s neck. “I love you mother.”

Silver couldn't help but shed a few more tears. “I love you too Trixie, I always will.”


Trixie didn’t knew where she was going, and she didn’t care. She just wanted to get out of that bakery with what was left of her dignity. “Can’t believe she just upstaged me like that, and in front of a bunch of children too.” She thought more about that moment and whether or not Pinkie really meant to humiliate her or not, but at that point she just wanted to get out of there.

As she walked Trixie noticed that her cape and hat still had cake batter and frosting on it. She wasn’t surprised or angry though, the party was rather messy, and ever since she started to wear her outfit, it had a history of attracting mud and food stains on it. There were also a few rips and tears. It was time for a replacement. “Not that it matters to me anymore.” She said to herself in a somber tone. “I won’t be needing these anytime soon.”

Before she continued towards the castle, she stopped when she felt raindrops fall on her face. She looked up to see that pegasi were starting to place rainclouds throughout Ponyville, and rain was beginning to fall. “Hey!” Trixie called out to a whether pony above her. “What is with this rain.”

“Sorry lady,” He called back. “the schedule called for light showers. It’ll only be here for a couple of hours. Just go find some place for cover or something.”

As he flew away to get another cloud, Trixie looked around to see that civilians were starting to get out of the rain and she was just standing there like a dumbass. Before she could react however, she felt the rain on top of her stop, she then turned to see the fashion pony from yesterday. “Wh-what are you doing out here?”

Rarity wore a raincoat and used her magic to levitate the umbrella above her. “Forgive me darling,” She said with a smile. “but I couldn't help but notice that you were out here getting absolutely soaked. How did Pinkie Pie’s party go?”

Trixie turned to face away from her. “It...went fine. But I should be leaving now, I’m going back to the castle to…”

“DEAR HEAVENS.” Rarity gasped as she looked at Trixie in sheer horror. “What has become of your ensemble? It’s covered in cake batter.”

Trixie looked at her dirty outfit, and back at the fashionista who now had a concerned look on her face. She stumbled to find the words to say, until Rarity placed a hoof on her mouth to silence her. “At ta ta, I don’t need another word. Let’s just get out of this rain and head on over to my boutique. Follow me please.” Rarity then headed towards the other direction while Trixie, with no better option than standing out in the open, followed her. A minute later she saw a tall, lavish purple building. They both wiped their hooves on her welcome mat and entered the building where Rarity put away her umbrella and raincoat.

Trixie looked around the inside of the boutique. It seemed to be both a place a business and a place to live, as she saw a kitchen in the back. “So, Rarity was it, this is your home?”

“Yes,” She said as she raised her hoof. “this is the Carousel Boutique, where everything is chic, unique and magnifique!”

‘Well not the best title I would give it.’ Trixie thought. “So anyways, why did you bring me here? I’m not supposed to be meeting you until after my day with Applejack.”

“Well I can’t just leave you out in the rain darling. And as much as Twilight loves to go by her schedule, I refuse to wait another day while this crime against fashion goes unnoticed. Surely you have something else other than this filthy cape and hat.”

“Hey,” Trixie exclaimed as she held her cape close to her. “the Great and Powerful Trixie’s outfit has been a part of her since she was a child. And she doesn't need advice on fashion from you.”

Rarity sighed. “It’s not about fashion advice dear, it’s about getting you something new to wear for your shows. May I see them for a second?”

Trixie hesitantly took off her cloak and hat and stared at them for a few minutes. These were always special to her, and she never thought about changing them before. Wearing a different ensemble just felt alien to her. She then decided to hand Rarity her outfit, who immediately took it to her desk and took out some red glasses, She started to stare at it deeply, turning it around to look at every last inch of it, while Trixie just looked at her just wondering what she was doing.

“Aah...I see.” She took her glasses off and turned towards the showmare. “I must say Trixie, I wasn’t expecting such a divine couture. I mean, the stitching is spot on, the colors compliments your fur perfectly, and the fabric has such a unique texture. Even with all these tears and stains it’s such a great ensemble. Although, I have noticed that you’ve used the ‘Stain-Remover’ spell a hefty amount of times.”

Trixie glanced at Rarity in surprise. “You know the ‘Stain-remover’ spell too?”

Rarity giggled. “I’ve used this spell dozens of times when my little sister Sweetie Belle accidentally spills something on my clothes. And after years of using it, I can easily tell if it’s been used or not just by sensing it with my magic. But if you don’t mind me asking, why haven’t you worn something other than this?”

Trixie blushed as she tried to think of an answer for her. “Well, I never wanted to replace my outfit. It’s been the very symbol of Trixie ever since I started my magic shows. It’s so close to me that I couldn't imagine wearing something else.”

Rarity placed the cape and hat on her working table and looked at Trixie with a small smile. “I completely understand darling, many of the outfits I’ve created had sentimental value to me. Even the first dress I made is still in my closet, and I could never bring it to myself to sell it no matter how hard I try. And you don’t need to explain why it’s so sentimental, because I can tell that whoever made it, put love in every stitch.”

Trixie started to smile as memories of her time with her cape and hat started coming back to her. The first birthday party she performed in, the first time a fan asked for her autograph. They were all special moments she enjoyed with the very symbol of the showmare. Sighing, she looked at rarity and nodded. “Okay, when can we start on my new outfit?”

Rarity beamed in excitement as the ideas started to flood her mind. “First things first, I must get your measurements before I can begin. Could you please just stand over there while I fetch my tape measure please?” She pointed at a stand surrounded by mirrors, and Trixie obediently stood on there. The fashionista rushed back in seconds levitating her glasses, a sketchpad, pencils, and her tape measure with her. She immediately went to work, measuring the length of her arms and sides and writing them down along with some designs she could use.

She was stopped however when Trixie turned to look at her with a frown. “How much will this cost me? Trixie knows that she won’t be able to afford any dresses anytime soon.

“There’s no need to worry about that darling, you won’t need to spend a single bit for this one. It’s on the house as they would say.”

“What?!” Trixie shouted. “You’re designing Trixie’s outfit for free? Even after I ruined your mane with that green beehive?” Once she said this, she noticed that Rarity took off her glasses and gave her a rather cold glare. What was she thinking, blurting out something like that to somepony who was actually being nice to her? “Uh...wait a minute, Trixie didn't mean it like that. She’s so…”

Rarity waved her hoof around to silence the blue mare. “It’s okay Trixie, all is forgiven.”

“Really, you forgive Trixie? But I ruined mane. Yesterday you were so irate about it, so why are you being nice so me?”

“Because a lady shouldn't hold grudges my dear. While I was angry when I was reminded of your past visits here in Ponyville, that doesn't mean that you’re the same showboating magician from back then. Or, at least you’re trying not to be.”

Trixie sighed. “I’m just not used to somepony being nice to me is all. For the past few months it’s been nothing but angry ponies wanting justice for the Ursa Minor and Alicorn Amulet incidents, and one of those weren't even entirely my fault. Seeing you and Sparkle act so nice to me just feels like something I don’t deserve.”

“Well I suggest you get used to that feeling darling. It’s what you feel when you have friends, and I personally wouldn’t mind if I became yours Trixie.” Rarity gracefully extended her hoof with a welcoming gesture. And Trixie hesitantly shook it.

“The Great and Powerful Trixie accepts your offer Rarity, and I never did apologize for turning your mane all green and ugly.”

“Well that moment did give me the opportunity to experiment with different hair products. And I’ll be honest, it was rather hilarious in hindsight.”

As Rarity started to laugh at the memory, Trixie started laughing with her as she felt the pressure of being with the fashionista come off her. For the first time since she came into the Carousel Boutique, she finally felt at peace.



Sweetie Belle burst through the door into the boutique as she left school. Behind her, Applebloom and Scootaloo were walking behind her covering their ears from Sweetie’s outburst. “Geez, do you do that everytime you open the door?” Scootaloo said uncovering her ears.

“Oops, sorry Scoots.” She responded. “ I’m just so excited that we’re all going to go to the Ponyville dam later for school the field trip. This trip could totally help us get our cutie marks.”

“Eeyup,” Chirped Applebloom. “I bet there’s all sorts stuff we could do to get our cutie marks. All we need is just Rarity’s permission to go, and we’ll be good to go. Um...you do have her permission right Sweetie Belle?”

“Don’t worry girls, Rarity should be fine with us going there. I think.”

“Wait, what do you mean you think?”

Before Sweetie could answer, the three hered Rarity and unfamiliar voice laughing in the other room. “And then after I superheated his drink, he spent the next two minutes drinking beer to cool himself down, and then he slipped and broke the table in half!” The female voice said, getting a laugh from Rarity. The three curious filles followed the voice to see what it was.

“Anyways, that’s how Trixie got banned from that bar.” She said as she drunk more of her tea. Rarity finished taking Trixie’s measurements, and the two decided to have some tea and snacks while Trixie told stories from past experiences. Meanwhile, three fillies stood near the door as their jaws almost hit the ground.

“Hey, ain’t that Trixie our sisters talked about?” Applebloom asked quietly.

“Yep, but what she’s doing here? Last time she was here she took over Ponyville with that amulet thingy.” Scootaloo answered.

Rarity noticed them and gave them a welcoming wave. “Oh hi girls, how was school today?”

The three fillies immediately darted towards Rarity’s side of the table. They all looked at Trixie with a questioning glare, in which Rarity notice immediately. “Now whatever is the matter girls? You all seem stressed.”

“What’s she doing here Rarity?” Sweetie Belle asked. “I thought that was the bad magician who took over Ponyville and banished Twilight.”

“Yeah, she’s not here to cause trouble again right?”

Rarity grimaced as her sister called Trixie ‘the bad magician’. Before she could notice Trixie eyes lowering, she cleared her throat to compose herself. “Now girls, there is no need to call Trixie a bad pony. In fact she will be staying here in Ponyville for a while so I suggest you apologize to her.”

Trixie rubbed the back of her head. “Yeah, The Great and Powerful Trixie is very sorry about her actions back then. I didn’t mean to take it that far.”

Applebloom looked at Trixie with an remorseful look “Oh, well I’m mighty sorry about judging you like that. Applejack always told me ta never judge a an apple by it’s color.”

“Scootaloo rolled her eyes, unconvinced by at the showmare’s apology. “Yeah well, anyways wasn’t there something you wanted to ask Sweetie Belle?”

“Oh um Rarity, can you let me go on the school field trip to the Ponyville dam?”

“A field trip to the Ponyville dam?” Asked Rarity.

“Yeah, Scootaloo and Applebloom got their permission from Rainbow Dash and Applejack, and I need yours if I want to go. This could help us get our cutie marks.”

“Well as much as I would like for you to go to this field trip, I'm afraid you're still grounded for the week and cannot attend.”

“Oh come on Rarity, It's not my fault the oven just burst into flames like that.”

Trixie gave them a confused look. “Wait, she set your oven on fire?”

“Long story Trixie, anyways I’m sorry but that’s what happens when you use things without my permission. But if you really want to go, I can take you later next week.”

“Oh, alright Rarity.”

Applebloom and Scootaloo patted Sweetie on the back. “Come on Sweetie, It’ll be alright. It won’t be the end of the world if you don’t go ya know.” Applebloom said calmly.

“Yeah, you’re right. Come on girls, let’s go back to the clubhouse.” Sweetie said as she sauntered sadly out the door. The others following her. Trixie couldn’t help but look at the fillies with an apologetic frown. ‘They seemed so ambitious about getting their cutie marks. Kinda reminds me of myself.’

“Well I would assume you would want to leave too my dear.” Rarity said grabbing Trixie’s attention. “I suppose you would want to go head on over to Twilight’s since you’ve been here for so long.”

“Yes you are right. She promised to teach me some magic tricks in this special book she has. And for her sake she better not have forgotten about it.”

“Oh don’t worry Trixie, if there’s one thing I know about Twilight, is that she’ll never break a promise to a friend.”

Trixie grimaced when she heard that last part, but quickly shook it off. “Well anyways, I’ll be heading off for now. And thanks again for the dress.”

“I have a feeling you’ll love the results Trixie, I’ll see you for our next meeting.”

“Goodbye Rarity.”

Author's Note:

Kinda ironic that I uploaded this chapter on the day the first Rarity episode of season 5 premieres. (Good episode by the way). Also I hope you're enjoying this story so far. Tell me what you think about it.