• Published 13th Jul 2015
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Return Of The Showmare - Horizon Spark

Through some unfortunate events, Trixie is forced to stay with her eternal enemy; Twilight Sparkle. But, why does she hate her so much?

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Chapter 14: Showtime

“Trixie! Trixie are you awake?”

The day of Trixie’s performance has finally come and Twilight never felt more excited. All of Trixie’s hard work and efforts will finally be paid off. After all her training she can finally return to the big stage and redeem herself with her dazzling feats of magic!

If only she could actually find her…

“Where could she be?” With only half the day left until the show, Twilight was looking everywhere for her in hopes to make sure she was absolutely ready. But while she expected her to be in the kitchen for an early breakfast, or in the throne room practicing, she was nowhere to be found. After half an hour searching, she finally decided to look into Trixie’s room where she found a rather particular sight. “Spike?”

Spike sat nonchalantly on Trixie’s bed dipping his hand into a bowl of sapphires. “Oh hey Twilight you looking for her?”

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Where is she?”

“Under the bed.”

With an annoyed groan, Twilight’s horn sparked as a she lifted the bed into the air. There she found the magician hiding her face with her hat as small packages of peanut butter crackers laid about in an unorganized manner. “Now’s not a good time to play hide and seek.”

Trixie sighed as she grabbed her crackers and got from under the bed. She glanced at the dragon with a scowl. “Traitorous drake!” She said as Spike shrugged as the bed slowly came back down onto the floor. She then looked back at Twilight who had condescending look of her own. “Uh…I can explain?”

“I don’t think that’s necessary, because you should be getting ready for your performance today.”

“Oh...that’s today?” Trixie nervously said as sweat dropped from her forehead. “I…I wasn’t aware. Um…you sure it’s not next week…or next month?”

Twilight stepped up to the magician as she draped a wing around her. “You’re still scared aren’t you?”

“Of…course not, wh-what makes you think that?”

Spike got off the bed as he ate the rest of his sapphires. “Because you told us that eating peanut butter crackers always calmed you down when you were nervous. And looking at all the crackers you have…I don’t need to finish that sentence.”

Trixie looked at the small pile peanut butter crackers and sighed. “It’s odd Twilight…the day of my return performance and yet it feels like my first time all those years ago.”

“Well it has been what, months since your last performance right?”

“Correct Spike. And while I know I’m prepared far too well for this, I just don’t think I’m ready yet.”

Twilight lifted the magician’s chin up towards her and smiled. “You’ve been more than ready for the past week. You’re worrying too much about what might happen rather than focusing on what you need to do. And you know this more than anypony else.”

Trixie truly knew that she was well prepared for her own performance, but recently a question has been nagging her ever since Twilight arranged for the show. “Do you think I’ll be as good as Mother?”

The blue magician started to doubt her own abilities as magician. The thoughts of if her own magic can match that of her late mother haunted her for the past week. Suddenly she felt a wing around her that tightly wrapped around her bringing her much closer to the Alicorn which made her smile. “Yes, yes, I get it at this point Twilight.”

“Well whether or not you do get it, I still want you to know that we all should have everything under control.”

Spike nodded. “And all you have to do is sit back and relax while we make sure everything is all taken care of. You won’t even have to lift a hoof…until the show that is.”

Trixie glanced back at Twilight who nodded in agreement. A warm sense of determination filled the magician with hope for her career. As she stared at the smiling mare before her, she started get the same feeling she had many times before. That positive, reassuring feeling she got every time she was with her. She doesn’t know what it is or why she gets it, but she loves it either way. “Then I guess I don’t have a choice then, The Great and Powerful Trixie shall prepare herself for rehearsal…and she would like for you to…assist her in this endeavor.”

Twilight grinned. “I will be ready in ten minutes. Which reminds me, I have a little present I made just for you and I think you’ll really like it.”

“A present for me?” Trixie asked almost too excitedly.

“Just for you. Except you’re not getting it until right before the show starts.”
“What!” The blue mare exclaimed with a frown. “But that’s not…”

“I’m sorry,” Twilight said with a sly grin. “but don’t you have a rehearsal to go to, or would you rather wait here while I find some more crackers for you?”

Trixie never thought she would hear that tone from the Princess of Friendship. A while Spike couldn’t resist a good chuckle, she responded with a pout of scorn as she crossed her hooves. “You’re the worst Sparkle.”

“And you’re the best. Now come on Spike, we got preparations to make.”

As the two left in a hurry leaving Trixie alone. She sighed as she went towards her closet and opened it. Inside she kept her old tattered outfit and her new and improved one from Rarity, still in the same condition as she first saw it. Tonight was going to be the first time she would put it on and through Twilight’s words of encouragement, she felt like she was finally ready.

“Well, it’s now or never…time to make you proud mother.”


“Wow, look at the turnout!”

Ponyville square was filled with residents as they gathered around a large stage in front of Town Hall. Ponies sat around, talked amongst themselves as they enjoyed their snacks and anticipated the show. Five ponies in particular took front row seats in what was labeled as the V.I.P. section ready to support the magician.

“Everypony in Ponyville must be here,” Rainbow exclaimed to the others. “Finally seeing Trix back in action, this is gonna be so cool!”

Rarity nodded. “Indeed Rainbow Dash and I’m absolutely certain that all that hard work will finally pay off. Personally I can’t wait to see just how fabulous she looks in my outfit.”

“This is going to be so AMAZING!” Pinkie Pie jumped from behind with a large, over-sized bag of popcorn. She took a hoof-full and stuffed it in her mouth. “C’mon Trixie, bring on the dazzle!”

As Pinkie grabbed more popcorn several bits spilled all over the pony’s heads, much to Rarity’s annoyance. Applejack chuckled as she shook the corn out her hat. “Well not sure ‘bout yer corn here, but one thing is certain that things are all looking mighty fine tonight. I love seeing our hard work getting paid off!”

“Oh…so you’re all responsible for this grand stage?”

Applejack looked behind to find the source of the noble voice. To see that it belonged to none other than Princess Celestia, who was accompanied with Princess Luna. “Well howdy there Princess, didn’t expect ya’ll to be here.”

Celestia chuckled at the notion. “Well normally we don’t do these types of events in Ponyville, but who are we to turn down an invite from Twilight?”

“Twilight invited you two here?” Fluttershy asked curiously.

“Why yes Ms. Shy.” Luna replied. “It was quiet the surprise I must say, but a pleasant one nonetheless. And if my sister’s enthusiasm is any obvious clue, I could easily say that I was practically dragged here against my will.”

“Well I simply couldn’t help myself Luna. You just have to see this!”

Rarity chuckled. “What’s this now? I never thought that you and Trixie shared some sort of relationship.”

“Now hold up a sec Rares. I doubt the Princess knows Trixie like that, especially on a personal level.”

“Actually Applejack, its quiet the interesting story.” Celestia replied. “You see I knew her mother Silver Wand, she was my best friend in the past. It’s been years since I’ve seen her daughter, and I was never able to find her since she left Canterlot. Now after all this time I finally got a chance to see her once more. But that’s enough dwelling on the past, when does this performance start?”

“She should be ready in twenty minutes.” Rainbow said. “Sounds like you can’t wait long enough Princess.”

Celestia nodded silently as a small thought came to her mind. ‘If only you were here now Silver, you could see just how much your daughter has grown.’


A knock reverberated outside the door. “Hey Trixie you’re on in ten. Are you almost done in there?”

Trixie nervously looked back at the door of her dressing room. “Uh…almost done Spike.” She yelled back.

“Alright then, I’m taking my seat now.”

With that said, she heard small steps walk away. Grunting she looked back to her mirror to finish applying her makeup. She was attired in her new cape and hat as she put on a light blue shade of lipstick. As she put on the finishing touches she looked into her vanity mirror and gave a small smile. “Just like old times as they say.”

She suddenly heard another knock at her door much to Trixie’s annoyance. She turned towards the door. “The Great and Powerful Trixie will be ready when she is ready!”

“So does that mean you’re not ready for your present?” A soft voice asked behind the door.

Seeing immediately who it was, Trixie used her magic to open the door to see Twilight grinning behind the door. “Oh…Twilight! Um…Trixie always has time for you.”

Twilight laughed as she entered the room holding a small package with her magic. “The crowd out there is packed; I think everypony in Ponyville must be here.”

“Everypony huh, and I take it Princess Celestia is here too?” Trixie asked as Twilight respond with a nod. “Well…that is promising.”

Twilight could easily hear the small sense of distraught in her voice. Yet she smiled nonetheless. “You’re ready for this. You practiced your act and know them by heart Not only that but you look amazing, Rarity sure had her work cut out for her. As long as you just stay calm, you’ll be just fine.”

Trixie gave a slight smirk. “If Trixie had a bit for every time you said that, I could do all my shows for free. But in all seriousness, I promise not to let the Princess or anypony get me down. And speaking of promises, where’s my present?”

“Don’t worry I would never break a promise, especially to you Trixie. With that said this is yours.” Twilight levitated the package to Trixie who took it with her magic. “I’ll admit, I wanted to give you this much earlier, but I thought it would be better if I did it right before the show started.”

Now even more curious, Trixie swiftly opened her present. What she saw was almost too good to be true. “Mother’s picture!”

In her hooves she held the same picture that was once ruined, inside a new and improved frame. The frame was made of shiny crystals that complemented the colors of Trixie and her Mother. “You made me a new frame?”

“I felt so bad about breaking your old one, so with Spike’s help we were able to take some parts of the castle and mold it all into a frame. It took a while, but it was nothing a little hard work couldn’t pull off.”

Trixie smiled grew wider as she looked at the picture deeply, as the crystals of the frame radiated beautifully in her eyes. “Twilight I…thank you. I couldn’t have asked for a better present from you.”

“Well you don’t have to ask at all!”

“It’s not? What could you possibly…” Trixie’s jaw dropped when she looked back at Twilight and saw her second present. “It…can’t be.”

Twilight smiled as she floated her gift towards her companion. “But it is!”

Trixie was stunned silent. She could hardly move, but she managed to put out her hooves to catch her old cape and hat. She could only stare at it as she realized that it was the exact same attire she her mother gave her long ago, complete with the familiar stitching her mother painstakingly worked on. The magician tried her best to fight this overwhelming feeling and bear hug Twilight on the spot; she just brushed her mane after all. “H-how d-did you do this?”

Twilight sighed as she explained a tinge of sadness in her voice. “When my library was…demolished, I wanted to fix everything in there. So many books…so many memories…all of it were so damaged, most beyond repair.” Twilight’s mood perked up. “But there were a lot that was still salvageable one was my coronation dress. There’s an old spell that Celestia taught me that can ‘repair’ old or broken items, usually used to preserve old items or anything burned in fires. It’s a very hard spell that’s only known by a few Unicorn scientists that involves the user manipulating one’s memories and magic to reconstruct the molecules in the air and the material of the object in question to…”

“Twilight?” Trixie asked interrupting her. “Don’t mind getting to the point? We don’t have much time.”

Twilight grinned embarrassingly. “Right, anyways with the help of your picture I was able to memorize what your outfit looked like and repair it just as new. I’ll admit that it was much harder than my books or dress, but with enough effort I was able to do it flawlessly. I just hope it’s exactly as you remembered it.”

Trixie felt as if an explosion of emotions went off in her own heart as she stared right at her original attire. Once torn, filled with holes and covered with small patches mud that has been constantly cleaned with a spell, now as good as it once was the night her mother first showed it to her. Twilight just repaired one of the last gifts her mother gave her before she passed.

The magician never felt this happy in a long time. Because of this Alicorn’s generosity and kindness she felt so many positive emotions all at once; happiness, joy, excitement, hope and…love? She felt love towards this mare? Did she love Twilight? Trixie blushed at the thought, but quickly deposed the thoughts for now. There were bigger priorities to attend to, and she’ll cross that road when she gets to it. For now, she could only hug the Alicorn tightly and she gave one back. “Thank you Twilight, you have no idea how much this means to me.”

Twilight only smiled as she squeezed tighter on the other until she let go. “Well enough of that, you got a show to run, and I got a seat to find. Good luck!”

The magician flashed a confident grin. “The Great and Powerful Trixie never needs luck when she is on the stage!” Her voice softens. “But thank you anyways.” She saw the Alicorn beamed once more as she left Trixie alone. The mare looked at the clock to see that the show was in five minutes. With a calming sigh she looked in the mirror to see that her appearance was still perfect, mane needing only a little more brushing. Before she can do that, she glanced at the picture of her younger self and once oversized hat cuddling right next to her mother, a sorrowful yet pleasant smile adorning her muzzle.

“Well what do you think mother…amazing as always?”

Silent anticipation filled the air as the show was mere seconds from beginning. Twilight managed to catch her seat beside Celestia, and judging by the look on her face she could tell that she could not wait any longer. She grinned happily as she looked at the center stage. ‘C’mon Trixie, we worked so hard to get this far. Show them who you really are.’

Suddenly spotlights flashed onto the stage as smoke filled the area. The curtains parted as the silhouette of a unicorn made for a nice effect. Smoke continued to pour through and a faint aura of magic shined drawing the entire audience towards it. “Fillies and Gentlecolts!” A booming feminine voice called out. “Your patience has been well appreciated, but wait no longer for SHE has returned! Prepare yourselves for the amazing and magical feats of THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!!”

The smoke cleared the way as sparks of fireworks flew in the air and small bolts of lightning rained from above. Ponies cheered ecstatically when Trixie stepped out in the open, gracefully extending her hooves to welcome the audience. ‘Knew the crowd would lightning and fireworks.’ Out of the corner of her eyes she could see Celestia sitting in her seat, a small impressed smile on her face. ‘Here goes nothing’.

“Denizens of Ponyville behold as The Great and Powerful Trixie humbly presents you with grand feats of magic known throughout Equestria. So without any further delays, I hope you enjoy the show!” With a wave of her hoof she levitated two small marbles. She motioned everypony to watch carefully as she closed her eyes and clacked them together emitting a small spark each time. One harder bash and the small spark turned into volts of blue electricity, making the crowd gasp in amazement. The spectacle before them grew as Trixie slowly separated the marbles apart the volts getting bigger and more violent. When she opened her eyes she finally banged the marbles together making a huge flash of magical electricity sending small sparks filled the air above the audience.

After a split second of silence, the crowd roared with cheers and hoof stomps. Trixie almost didn’t recognize this sound, such a long time since she heard the applause of the crowd after an amazing act well done. She silently thanked Hoofdini for his “Electric Web” trick. Looking among the still cheering crowd she faintly spotted Twilight along with both Princesses who seemed to be stomping the loudest. Celestia herself seemed to be nodding in approval. Trixie grinned arrogantly as she stepped towards the crowd. “As we say in the performing industry, it’s Showtime!”


Success, an emotion that Trixie loved feeling whenever she’s onstage. And she couldn’t help but soak in the cheers from her audience. The past hour and half have been filled with nothing but one magical spectacle after another. From simple card tricks, to confounding sleights of hoof, to illusions that would fool even the smartest of ponies. She’d done everything she and Twilight had practiced perfectly, the weeks of magical training finally paying off.

The magician was glad to see the many ponies being entertained. Her previous shows were always the same before, ‘anything you can do Trixie can do better’. Those shows brought nothing but humiliation to all who attended, a gimmick that ultimately served to boost her own ego. But a new Trixie called for a new show, one that focused only on bringing joy to all who were to attend. But all things must come to an end, and Trixie was ready for the grand finale.

“Denizens of Ponyville, I thank you for this opportunity you’ve all been an amazing audience!” Trixie shouted. “But now is the time for the final moment, the last trick of my sleeve, the show’s grand finale you’ve all been waiting for!” While many gave a sad sigh knowing that the show would soon end, it quickly turned into a flurry of cheers. Trixie grinned. “But for my last feat to work I will need the assistance of an audience member. Anypony willing to volunteer for this endeavor?

Twilight Sparkle, who was so far enjoying the show, tilted her head in confusion. ‘A special guest?’ She pondered. ‘But this act didn’t require anypony but the magician itself. What is she planning here?’ Her thoughts were drowned by the loud shouts of fillies and colts shouting out “ME, ME!” as they try to get the magician to call on one of them. Trixie pretended to scan the ecstatic crowd her volunteer already decided before the show even started.

“I’m afraid this particular trick requires somepony special.” She grinned as she chose her target. “How about you your majesty?”

Twilight did a double take. “W-what? Me?”

“Don’t be shy your Excellency, I have summoned you so please, come on up!”

Twilight nearly stumbled on her words trying to come up with some excuse. But a gentle yet playful push from Celestia forced her to get onstage. Among the cheering crowd she could’ve sworn Celestia chuckled at Twilight’s expense. She finally got on the stage where Trixie smiled contently. “Trixie, what are you…”

“Princess Twilight Sparkle!” She said cutting the Alicorn off. “A thousand thanks for attending my humble performance. I take it you’ve been enjoying it so far?”

“Uh…of course I have, you are an amazing magician. But shouldn’t…”

“I thank you for your kind words your majesty. But for my last trick, I require your cooperation if you would be so kind.”

Twilight nodded as Trixie gestured her hooves and brought out a small peculiar box from behind the curtains. Confused, Twilight whispered; “This isn’t part of the show, what are you planning?”

She couldn’t tell if Trixie heard her or not, but Trixie responded with a sly wink. “Trust me Twilight, a great magician is also a great improviser.” A response that made her give a sly grin of her own.

“Now Princess,” Trixie started. “would you kindly stand right here on this X for me?” A small red X was neatly painted on the right side of the stage, a detail Twilight was certainly never aware of.

Twilight obeyed as she stood still and faced the anticipated crowd. She could see nearly all of Ponyville, almost the entire population who came to see her shows. She could see her friends who were all cheering and hollering, to which one onstage she couldn’t tell. And behind them she could see Celestia, the Princess of the Sun and ruler of Equestria, jumping up and down like a giddy schoolfilly, much to Luna’s and Twilight’s embarrassment.

“Now!” Trixie exclaimed getting the Princesses attention. “I’m sure being a Princess of Friendship is nice and all but it must be exhausting to juggle all those responsibilities isn’t it?”

Twilight immediately responded. “Why yes Trixie, all those friendships reports can be murder on my back. I don’t even have time to get to the recent ones of them.”

“Well your majesty, what you need is an assistant. An extra pair of hooves to make your life much simpler.”

Twilight faintly heard Spike give out a small huff. “An assistant would be nice to have, but who could possibly help me with my responsibilities.”

Trixie grinned as she opened the box and levitated six different colored rocks out of it and in the air around herself. “Well I happen to have the perfect gift for you.” The rocks floated in a circle that left Twilight and the crowd in a trance. “Now, I would like for you to stay perfectly still, you are about to receive the perfect helper you could ever ask for.”

Twilight remained still, but she couldn’t look away as Trixie’s horn sparked and glowed in a chaotic yet calm manner as it soon produced a bright flash of pink light. The crowd turned silent when Trixie finished the spell, her horn still glowing ever so slightly.

Trixie gestured. “Princess Twilight, meet your new assistant!”

Twilight looked to her left to see a sight she never imagined she would ever see. “It’s…me!?

Twilight saw what seemed to be…another Twilight Sparkle. A full-fledged copy of herself complete with wings and all. It was as if she just took a dip into the Mirror Pool. ‘Did she just cloned me?’ She thought as a faint memory of how she tricked an Alicorn Amulet powered Trixie that she cloned Rainbow Dash with some Cloning Spell. ‘But, I don’t have any spells on that?”

Trixie laughed seeing the bewilderment on Twilight’s face. “Your eyes do not deceive you Twilight. For what better assistant for the Princess of Friendship, but the Princess of Friendship herself?”

The clone smiled and waved in an almost hypnotized state. Twilight waved back, too confused to think straight about the situation. ‘Well whatever it is your planning, I think I like it already.”

“Now don’t be shy Princess, why don’t you come and shake your assistant’s hoof.”

With slight hesitation, Twilight trotted up to her clone who extended her own hoof out in greeting. She touched her hoof which felt surprisingly soft, almost like she was actually shaking her own hoof. With a smile she looked at the clone. “It’s nice to meet you miss…huh?”

Twilight stopped as she starred at the clone’s face and saw a faint crack the made her jump back in surprise. “What the…” She couldn’t finish her sentence as the crack rapidly grew larger and larger, scaring the audience in the process. And after a second, the clone broke into many tiny pieces crumbling into the ground. All but Trixie gasped in horror as the clone was reduced to shards of itself. “Tr-Trixie!?”

Trixie looked at the remains of the clone and gave a nonchalant shrug. “Apologies Princess seems like your assistance just “cracked” under pressure.” The audience stifled a giggle at the magician’s tiny bit of comedy. “Trixie is terribly sorry about you assistant’s demise.”

Twilight smiled awkwardly. “Uh…that’s okay?”

Trixie grinned. “But fear not, for this tragedy will be very short lived. Behold!” Before the Alicorn can respond, the bright Pink light from her horn shined once more and the shattered remains of the Twilight clone floated in the air. It whirled in the air as the pieces started to take the shape of a pony. Slowly the pieces were rebuilt and the Twilight clone came back to life, but instead of being an Alicorn, it was instead a Unicorn.

Twilight gave an amused look as the clone looked exactly like herself before she ascended to princess hood. “It’s exactly like looking into a…mirror.” She silently mused as her smile grew even larger.

Trixie laughed. “I’ve been thinking of a nickname for your new little assistant Princess. Something in the lines of: ‘Twitwo.’”

The audience laughed once more as did Twilight, who also couldn’t help but facehoof at the name. ‘Twitwo, What kind of name is that?’

“But now that I think about it Princess, one helper just isn’t enough for somepony as important as you.” Trixie stated theatrically. “So why have one helper, when you can have two?”

From behind the curtains, another Twilight clone came onto the stage, her sudden presence making the whole audience gasp. She looked just like Twitwo, but her mane and tail were curled in a fashion similar to Rarity. “I present to you Twithree!”

The audience clapped as the second Twilight clone strutted on the stage. But none clapped louder than the fashionista herself, who was more than impressed at the sight before her. “Dear heavens, Twilight looks simply fabulous with my mane!”

Applejack turned to her. “Ya do know that ain’t really Twilight right.”

“No talking, I must savor this moment.”

The five friends laughed among themselves causing the fashionista to give a small huff as she admired the clone’s mane shining in the spotlight. Behind them Luna sat there dumbfounded at the sight before her. “What in the world of Equestria is this form of Trickery?” She asked loudly, confusion plastered on her face. “I thought the Mirror Clone spell was forbidden for recreational use? Uh…right sister.”

Celestia only responded by tapping Luna’s horn. “Relax my sister, besides you’re going to miss my favorite part.”

Meanwhile Twilight stood there amused by her new clone, and its interesting choice of fashion. She never considered styling her mane especially in a similar way to her friends; she just thought her own mane style always suited her. But she had to admit that Rarity’s mane cut didn’t look half bad on her.

“I take it that you really like your other new assistant right Princess?” Trixie said getting the Princess’s attention. “Not only is Twithree just as reliable and loyal compared to Twitwo, but it can help you decide on what dress you should where for any special occasion.

Twilight amusingly shook her head as Trixie started to sound like she was selling these clones. “Wow, I cannot believe my own eyes!” She exclaimed in an exaggerated manner. “Two clones to help me with my royal duties? This is the best thing ever!”

Trixie nodded as she faced the audience. “Yes I suppose two clones is nice. But as many would say, why have two assistants, when you can have SIX!” With one stomp of her hoof, out came four more Twilight clones that filled the entire stage with their presence. Each was drastically different than the first two. One was an Earth Pony with a purple Stetson; the other was also an Earth Pony with a curly mane. The next two were Pegasi one had a messy mane and flew around in circles while the other had a larger mane that hid her eyes from the crowd.

Twilight was utterly stunned at what she was looking at. Six clones of herself of all three Pony kinds conjured by Trixie’s magic were out and about for the whole entire crowd to see. One zipped around doing tricks and flips in the air, while another bounced around making everypony around it smile in its presence. She looked at the magician who stood proudly as her horn glowed brightly and the clones interacted with the spectators.

Twilight couldn’t hide the huge grin on her face, knowing that her work was more than done.

After a minute of the clone’s small antics, Trixie whistled loudly making each clone come to her attention like a well-trained pets. She turned towards Twilight as the clones lined up for the last portion of the act. “So Princess Twilight, I take it that you absolutely love your new assistants. Now that they’re here, bothersome duties and restless nights are now a thing of the past.”

Twilight laughed as she took a breath trying to come up with a line to say. Improvising was never her best suite more comfortable having cue cards. She quickly thought of something as she smiled sincerely. “I’ve couldn’t have asked for a better offer from somepony as Great and Powerful as you! But six Twilights just seem to be a bit too much don’t you think so?”

Trixie raised an eyebrow as she dramatically lowered her head. “Oh dear me Princess, I never thought of it like that, I dearly apologize for this inconvenience.”

“Oh don’t be sad Trixie, after all your Twilight clones look amazing. Why you must be the greatest magician I’ve ever seen!”

Trixie smirked widely as she whipped her cape around turning towards the crowd. “Well Princess, Trixie thanks you for your kindness, and Trixie appreciates your honesty. Perhaps clones may not be for a Princess like you. After all…” Trixie suddenly got to her haunches as her horn glowed brilliantly and all six clones floated gently in the air. With a smile on their faces, each clone waved goodbye as they turned into spheres of pink light swirling around the magician. She raised her hoof high as the six orbs flew into the air igniting into an illuminous show as ribbons of light danced around in the night sky. And as the light show started, Trixie shouted to the Princess; “You are one of a kind!”

The roar of the crowd was the loudest it has been all night. The stomping of hooves, the shouts of ponies could’ve made anypony deaf within earshot as they cheered at the ongoing light show. Trixie bowed her head to the crowd thanking them for the show, but as she looked up she could see Twilight hesitantly bowed doing her best to copy the more experienced magician.

Trixie shook her head as she hugged the Alicorn and said into her ear. “And a special thanks to my volunteer, Princess Twilight.”

Twilight responded with a soft “You’re welcome,” as she hugged her back. Looking up she could see the magic aura flowing through the air and starting to fade out of existence. She could hear the excited conversations among ponies the subject all about the show they just witnessed. It amazed her how strong Trixie’s magic became, then realized that if this was how her magic was now, just imagine what her future performances would be like. ‘Her mother would be so proud.’ She thought to herself.

“Twilight,” Trixie said suddenly getting the mare’s attention. “you wouldn’t mind letting me finish up by myself. I have a few words to say.”

Twilight instantly got the point as she got off the stage. “It’s all you.”

Trixie silently thanked her as she looked at the crowd who had all calmed when the light show finally ended. “Attention Ponyville!” She shouted. The whole crowd looked back at Trixie with bated breaths. She could see the smiles of all the stallions, mares, and the little colts and fillies that selflessly attended her show.

She smiled contently. “I hoped you all enjoyed the performance and my final act as much as I did.” The crowd applauded partially to show their gratitude. “Yes well, I just have a few words to say to you all.”

The crowd grew quite as small whispers were shared among them. Trixie sighed her face falling. “Long ago I first came to this town not to entertain, but to show you just how powerful I was. I humiliated anypony who stood in my way, I lied about feats I could never do. And in the end it led to…the Ursa Minor incident that could’ve destroyed all of Ponyville if it wasn’t stopped. I was nothing more than a fraud and a monster. Then it a fit of anger I found the Alicorn Amulet and used its corrupt power to conquer your fair town and rule it with an iron hoof. Until a brave Unicorn and her friends stopped me and saved their home.”

Small concerned murmurs were about as the crowd remembered the abuse set by the Unicorn in the past. Trixie sworn she saw glares filled with malice in them, she couldn’t blame them but she continued with her speech. “After that I thought that was it for me. Couldn’t put on any shows, was shunned by all who knew of my past misdeeds…I thought my career and my life was over. But then a kind and most wonderful friend helped me at my time of need and healed my past wounds. With her help, she didn’t just taught me the acts you’ve seen tonight, but how to be humble, how to forgive those you wronged you. And she taught me that being second best is never to be ashamed of.

“This show was never meant to make a profit, or boost my ego, or whatever third thing. This show was my way of apologizing for all the terrible acts I’ve committed, to give you the joy and happiness my shows were supposed to bring to everyone who attends. You may say that I’m still the same evil mare from before, but now that from now on my only concern is to never let my past stop me from showing you all the greatest show of your lives!” The mare lowered her head and whispered low enough so none can hear. “That is…if you’ll give me that chance

As if on cue, Trixie heard the small clops of hooves from Snips and Snails. The sounds grew into a small collection of an applause. Soon the choir of cheers turned into a symphony of ponies hollering and whooping from excitement. Ponies showing their non-stop praises of the magician as they chanted her name. Trixie certainly didn’t thought it was possible for the ponies of Ponyville to like her for her past. But it seemed as if everypony were on her side and were willing to see her for what she really was.

With tear filled eyes Trixie raised her hoof and smiled as she said; “Thank you everypony, you’ve been a great audience!”


“That last trick was amazing!” Twilight said as she walked right next to Trixie. “I can’t believe how strong your magic has become. You have to show me how you did that trick, the possibilities of magic like that is endless!”

Trixie rolled her eyes. “Come on Twilight, don’t you know anything about magicians. We never revel our secrets! Seriously that’s like a magician’s number one rule.”

Twilight groaned in annoyance as the two were about to leave backstage. “Oh please Trixie? I just need to know how you pulled it off. I may not know what you did, but it was definitely some advanced magic even I couldn’t do. So…pretty please?”

After the performance was over, all who attended dispersed and went back to their normal lives. Twilight Sparkle however went back stage to congratulate her on as job well done, praising her on how perfect the show was. And to Trixie’s dismay, ask her a very annoying question. “Must I Twilight, well how about you convince me first. What was it you say you prepared for after the show?”

“Well I didn’t really plan anything per say, but Pinkie told me that she had what she called a “Great and Powerful Trixie After party” just for you. All of our friends are there right now, she even made this delicious looking cake based of that last trick. It has you with all of those Twilight clones onstage!”

Trixie arched an eyebrow. “Strange, how did Pinkie bake and decorate a cake in such a small amount of time?”

“Uh…I can’t really explain that, but I bet you have something that YOU can explain.”

Trixie groaned wearily as Twilight gave her best innocent smile. “Look, I won’t tell you how I did my last trick, but I can tell you what I did. It’s called the ‘Projecting Substitute Illusion’. It’s…”

“Powered by the wielder’s mind and any small object.” A third voice called out interrupting the magician. “The wielder focuses on an image in their mind, then projects that image over the object giving the illusion of the image actually being there.”

The Alicorn and magician turned to see the source of the heavenly voice was none other than Princess Celestia. “An old friend said that it’s a very difficult spell to pull off, as it requires much focus and attention. But the risk is definitely worth the reward.”

“Princess…” Trixie said in wonderment. She had never seen the Princess this close in over a decade. Her mane glowed brightly in the moonlight, and her smile gave her the nostalgic memory of the day she was given her acceptance letter from Celestia herself. “It really is you…”

Celestia only nodded. “Trixie Lulamoon. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. And you still have your mother’s eyes.”

Trixie shook her head as she tried to hide her tears. “Oh…yeah I mean…The Great and Powerful Trixie’s eyes are quite glorious your majesty. But enough about me, did you enjoy my performance?”

Twilight noticed the feigned confident voice Trixie conveyed. She could tell that she was afraid of the Princess. “Hey Celestia!” Twilight said in a louder voice than necessary. “Uh…I’m glad you told me earlier about how much you enjoyed the show.”

“Why yes Twilight, it’s was the most amazing time I’ve had in years.” Celestia’s smiled faltered, as she took on a serious tone. “But I have more important matters to discuss, with Trixie.”

Trixie’s confident bravado fell as she looked up at the much taller Alicorn. “I take it that you’re more familiar with the Alicorn Amulet and Ursa Minor incidents than anypony else.

Celestia nodded. “I knew a long time ago from Twilight that a young Unicorn mare somehow came across a dangerous power I thought I had was destroyed long ago. A power that I’m forever grateful that it’s now in safe hooves. But what Twilight never told me was that you were the one behind those incidents. Is this true?”

“Princess don’t…” Twilight tried to plead with Celestia to not do anything rash. But she was stopped when a hoof was placed on her leg.

Trixie smiled at her with a genuine smile as she went up to the Princess and bowed in respect, her eyes filling with water. “Everything I announced was true your majesty. It was my actions that caused an Ursa Minor to rampage through Ponyville, and it was me who found the Alicorn Amulet and took over the town, exiling your student in the process. To this day I regret everything I’ve done in the past, I was a braggart and a monster causing nothing but trouble. But if it’s any conciliation, I will accept any punishment you deem necessary for my crimes.”

Trixie didn’t knew what punishment she would be given. While it has been a long time since then, she knew that time could not erase the crime she committed. But what she didn’t expect was a hoof to be placed on her chin she slowly looked up into Celestia’s eyes.

“Raise your head my little pony. Punishment will not be necessary, I’m just glad to see Silver Wand’s daughter is safe and sound after all these years.” She looked up to Twilight and gave her a nod. “Twilight…if you would?”

“Oh…that’s right!” Twilight said as she prepared to teleport. “I’ll see you at the party.”

The moment she saw Twilight left the scene, Celestia went to give Trixie a hug before she swiped her hoof away. “What is the matter?”

“Twelve years.” She finally said. “Twelve years since mother died. I’ve wasted so many years on some petty payback towards Twilight Sparkle, wanting to best her in every way in some sad attempt to avenge my mother.” She stared angrily into her eyes. “And you were never there.”

Celestia tried to talk but Trixie interrupted.

“I know of your relationship with my mother, you two were so close but you never took her only daughter under your wing. And when she died, where were you when I was forced to live in an orphanage? Where were you when my career was down the drain and I was forced into a life of poverty?” Trixie started to cry as frustration took a hold of her emotions. “Where were you when I needed you most?”

“Are…are you saying that you hate me? That all of your misfortunes were my fault?”

Trixie sighed as she started to wipe her eyes. “I…I don’t hate you your majesty. And I do not blame you for my action, far from it. But why was I never your personal student?

Celestia lowered herself as she went up to the smaller mare and gave her a small nuzzle. Trixie accepted at as she felt her face warm up. “Trixie, you know as well as I do that Twilight needed my teachings more than you did. Back then, you were an expert at magic and Twilight needed to learn to control all of it. Besides, I made a promise that I to not interfere, to never intervene so that you can forge your own path. I doubt your mother wouldn’t really approve of you taking the easy way out.”

“I know Princess, and in hindsight I think you made the right decision.” Trixie looked up into her eyes and gave her a large smile. She started to hug her tighter never wanting to let her go. “Twilight is an amazing pony she’s kind, generous, and she saved Equestria so many times. She’s a great princess and an even greater friend.

“I hated what became of me after I left Canterlot, but I should be thankful. That experience taught me to become a better and stronger mare. I would never be where I am now if it weren’t for everything that happened, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Celestia returned the smile as she embraced the magician. “Trixie Lulamoon, you’ve grown to become a beautiful and mature young mare. I’m so proud of you.” Celestia then remembered the main reason why she wanted to see Trixie one more time. “Which reminds me, I have something for you.”

Trixie arched an eyebrow as she let go of the Princess. “What is it?”

Celestia smiled a she used her magic to retrieve the item. After two seconds a small talisman appeared right in front of Trixie who instantly took in in her hooves. Trixie took a minute to expect the talisman closer. A Silver sun similar to Celestia’s cutie mark, and in the middle was the cutie mark of Silver Wand.

“How long have you had this?” Trixie asked hesitantly. “I’ve never seen this in my entire life.”

“Silver gave it to me. I’m not sure what it is, but she told me before her passing to give it to you when I think the time is right.” Celestia remembered the day she was tasked to protect this talisman and one day deliver it to Silver’s daughter. She even remembered the letter she sent her that ensured that the letter was safe, and she would not break the promise she made to her. “She told me that you need to activate it by focusing your magic on it and listening carefully. If you want I could try to…”

“No thanks Princess. I want to do this.” Trixie took a step back as she focused her magic on the small talisman. Her whole body tensed up as she listened to a voice she thought she would never hear again.

“Hello my little apprentice are you surprised to hear from me once more?” Silver Wand chuckled, her voice rough but still full of energy. “Well you know me, full of surprises and always one for being flashy. But if you’re listening to this…that means my show is over, forever I’m afraid. But on the bright side it also means that your show has just begun. Your magic has improved far greater than I ever expected, and your last performance must’ve been a huge success. Of course was there ever any doubt? After all, you’re The Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoon!”

Silver Wand sighed as her voice grew softer. “I have to go now I’m afraid, it’s almost time for me to move on and join your father. But don’t cry, because even though we’ll never see each other again, we’ll always be watching and cheering you on in every performance. And remember this one last lesson. Somedays you may feel inferior, that there are others who are better than you, perhaps there are days where you want to give it all up and end your career. Celestia knows I’ve felt that before. But always remember that you can never be replaced, there is nopony that is better than you. Because nopony can ever be the master magician that you are now!"

“Goodbye my little apprentice. May you always stay great and powerful forever.”

When the message ended, Trixie felt a rush of sadness and joy overtake all other emotions. She didn’t notice the many tears that soaked her cheeks, all she could do is tightly hold the talisman in her hooves. “Mother…it’s like you knew from the very beginning what would happen…”

“Trixie….” Celestia finally sighed as she lowered her head in honor of her old friend. She suddenly felt a warm body latch onto her.

“Thank you…Celestia.” Trixie said hugging her tightly.

Celestia returned the embrace with vigor. The two held each other for a long time as they took time to let Silver’s words sink in. The two let go and before she could speak, Celestia looked to see she was holding the talisman once more. “You don’t want this?”

Trixie smiled as she gave a bow. “You take it, as thanks for keeping mother’s promise.” With a wave of her hooves she turned straight towards Ponyville and prepared to make her leave. “Well, time to exit stage left!”

Celestia saw Trixie produce a puff of smoke as she made a beeline towards the town, nearly tripping in the process. Celestia gave a happy smile as she teleported the small pendent back to its safe hiding place. She gave a content sigh as she nodded. "Sweet, sweet closure.”

“Tia!” The regal voice of Luna called out behind her. She landed next to her and looked in the distance the Magician went and nuzzled her big sister. “I don’t say this as often as I should, but you are a wonderful sister.”

“Thank you Luna. Now come, it’s time to head back.” The two flew into the night sky and made their way back to the castle. As she slowly flapped her wings, a small phrase invaded her mind. A phrase that she will follow for the rest of her life, and hopes everypony will too.

‘Always stay Great and Powerful.’