• Published 13th Jul 2015
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Return Of The Showmare - Horizon Spark

Through some unfortunate events, Trixie is forced to stay with her eternal enemy; Twilight Sparkle. But, why does she hate her so much?

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Chapter 7: Magical Meeting

Chapter 7: Magical Meeting

“Now, who can tell me the name of the blue flowers with large leaves that just loves to play pranks?”

The students in Top Marks class pondered, as they tried their best to remember what they have learned. Except for one who confidently held her hoof up high. “Your answer Trixie?”

“Poison Joke.” She answered with bravado.

“Very good.” Marks said as he wrote the name on the board. “The same flowers grown in the Everfree Forest, said to have sprouted during the reign of Discord.” Just then, the final bell for the day rang throughout the school prompting everypony that it was time to leave. “Remember to study for the test tomorrow.”

As students filed out of the classroom, Trixie was busy looking over her notes she wrote for the test. “The bell rung Trixie, what are you doing here?”

She looked up to see that Marks was next to the door holding a clipboard. “Well, mother told me this morning that she’ll be running late picking me up. So I thought I would study for the test while I wait.”

“Nice use of your time, one can’t be too careful my father would always say.” Top Marks complimented. “And I must say, you’ve been doing quite well as of lately. I’m sure Miss Silver Wand has mentioned how your grades are among the highest in my class when she came here on Open House.”

Trixie grinned widely. “Well Trixie, isn’t one to boast, but what can I say, my magic is near limitless compared to the others.”

“Well I wouldn't say that but...”

“I mean, I have amazing grades, everypony here loves my magic tricks, and with my powers I can perform my school tasks with relative ease. Perhaps one day it’ll surpass even the highest level of unicorns in all of Equestria.”

Marks raised an unapprovingly eyebrow at Trixie’s arrogance, but shook it off. “Well you're quite on your way there, but that’s beside the point. If you don’t mind Trixie could you study somewhere outside my classroom?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Marks.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s just that I’ve been called today to assess this Unicorn filly for her Entrance Exam.”

Trixie looked at her teacher in confusion. “An Entrance Exam, what’s that.”

“Oh that’s right, you never took yours since Princess Celestia herself enrolled you here correct?” Trixie nodded. “Well it’s just a simple test most Unicorn fillies need to pass before they can take classes here. Me and two more Professors just need to see her magical abilities and see if she’s ready to come here is all.”

“Wow, that must sound hard.”

“Well it’s certainly not the easiest test in the world, but it’s definitely not that hard either. Who knows, perhaps if she passes then you’ll have an apprentice of your own and you can teach her magic as well.”

The thought of having her own pupil who would want to inspire to be like her warmed her heart, and made her ego skyrocket. “I would be more than happy to teach her powerful magic passed down by my own mother.”

“I bet you would. But I should get going, just be sure to close the door when you leave.”

“I will, see you tomorrow Mr. Marks.” She said as Top Marks waved good-bye on his way out. Trixie gathered up all her stuff, taking a bit longer than she expected and left the classroom, making sure the door was closed. As she walked through the halls she the idea of having her own student in the arts of magic still lingered. She could teach her everything she learned from her mother and then some. Why she can have somepony who idolizes her and would yearn on becoming a powerful magician like her. Of course she would never be as powerful as her own teacher, but second place isn’t so bad right?

“Well Miss Sparkle?”

Trixie suddenly heard the voice of one of the school’s professors Arpeggio called out in annoyance. In the corner of her eye she saw her, Mr. Marks and another professor, Crystal Clear, sitting high in the student's seats in one of the advance classrooms. Wondering what was going on, she peaked inside to see that they were all holding clipboards and watching a small purple filly with a violet mane with a pink streak. She also saw two more adult unicorns which she assumed were her parents

“We don’t have all day.”

The filly chuckled nervously as she tried to use her magic on a dragon egg with futile results. “This must be the Entrance Exam.” Trixie whispered to herself. “By the looks of it she must be trying to hatch that dragon egg, and she’s not doing a great job at it.”

She saw the filly moving and jumping around, making wild gestures as she tried to activate her magic. But after several seconds she gave up falling to the ground defeated. She sadly looked at the professors who started to write down on their boards. “I’m sorry I wasted your time.”

Trixie started to feel sorry for the filly in front of her. Her dreams were about to get shattered right in front of her, and she was going to leave empty hoofed. But Trixie wasn’t going to let this happen. “Maybe if I tried to…”


A humongous explosion made her jump. Her fur standing straight up. She peaked back and inside and saw a sight that made her gasp. She once heard of a Magic Overload, when a unicorn absorbs more magic than they can hold, that they float uncontrollably releasing random spouts of powerful magic everywhere. And Trixie was witnessing it right in front of her eyes.

The filly floated in the air as sparks of magic flew everywhere. It made the professors weightless, it turned her parents into cacti, and not only did it hatch the baby dragon, but it made it grew expansively, breaking the roof of the building. But most of all, it utterly frightened the blue magician.

She never saw so much raw magic coming from one unicorn. It made her look intimidating and almighty as she floated in a chaotic purple aura, her eyes glowing white. It made Trixie feel small in the presence of such power. All she could do is stare in and awe, until Princess Celestia herself suddenly came in and calmly settled her down, turning everything she did back to normal.

Trixie composed herself as everything calmed down. But before anything else could happen, she grabbed her bag and ran straight towards the front entrance. She didn’t care what was going to happen next, she just wanted to get away from that...that thing. As she went through the front door, she immediately saw her mother waiting for her at the steps. She noticed that she was coughing hard almost falling over, but she paid no mind to it.

“There you are, what took you so long?” Silver asked. She then noticed that Trixie was shaking fearfully as she clung to her leg. “My apprentice, are you alright?

“Mmh-mmh,” she mumbled.

“What happened?”

“Nothing! I just...saw something.”

“Well aren't you going to tell me what you saw?”

Trixie simply nodded. “It’s nothing to worry about mother, honest.”

Silver Wand knew that something was off, but decided to wave as just a little scare. “Well in that case, how about we head on home so you can study for that test?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

As the two started to walk back home, Trixie started to think back to the purple filly back there. Whoever she was she was far too powerful to go to the school, nothing about her was normal. She didn’t knew what Celestia was going to do to her next, but just as long as it meant not seeing her again she didn’t care.


Next week...

“Class I have a special announcement to make.” Top Marks said getting everypony’s attention. “We have a new student who will be attending our class starting today.”

‘New student?’ Trixie thought to herself. “Who is it Mr. Marks?

“Well she recently passed her Entrance Exam last week, and was hoof-chosen by the Princess herself to be her personal student.”

“Entrance Exam, personal student of the Princess?” She silently whispered. As she put the pieces together a feeling of dread ran down her spine. “No, it can’t be.”

“...which is why I want you all to treat her like a regular student, nothing more. With all that said, I would like to introduce…”

“No it can’t be her, why here?”

“Twilight Sparkle.”


As the sun started its descent, Trixie trotted toward the castle, with a hint of eagerness in her step. She was finally about to learn the advanced magic tricks of Hoofdini, and after years of searching and wishing for it every Hearth's Warming it, she was finally going to learn his world-famous tricks and hopefully use them for her own shows.

As she climbed the castle steps another thought popped into her mind. ‘I’m finally going to learn the secrets of Hoofdini’s spells, and Sparkle of all ponies was going to teach me them.’ She then shook her head and grinned. ‘What am I thinking, Sparkle is just assisting me with these spells nothing more. But the sooner I get this session done, the sooner I can stop listening to her annoying voice.’

She took a few deep breaths as she entered the castle. While she didn’t care much for it, she started to grow accustomed to it. Despite being owned by her long-time enemy, she wouldn't mind staying for a week or two. Although she did wish the colors was a lot brighter.
“Is that you coming in Trixie?” Twilight said in the in the distance. “I’m in the throne room, just come here and we can get started.”

Trixie hesitantly followed the voice to the throne room. When she opened the doors she was surprised at what she saw. Many items for tricks and spellcasting laid about, and the huge map the stood in the middle was covered with a red tapestry. Even the six thrones that had each of her friend’s cutie marks on them were gone to make extra room. She finally noticed Twilight was looking through the book not noticing her entrance. “Ahem.”

Twilight immediately looked up to see Trixie at the door. “Oh, good afternoon Trixie, how was the party with Pinkie Pie?”

Trixie grimaced. “The party was...adequate at best. But nevertheless it was it was rather nice even though Trixie was forced to leave early.”

Twilight furrowed her brow. “Why did you leave early?”

“That’s none of your business Sparkle!” She snapped making Twilight flinch. “So if we’re done with formalities we can start whenever you’re ready.”

Twilight sighed as she levitated some books towards her. “I’ve took the time while you were gone to gather some more spell books from the Royal Canterlot library and the proper materials we’ll need to perform some of these spells. I couldn't get everything, but this should be enough for today.”

Trixie to say the least, was surprised at how diligent Sparkle was. “Spell books from the Royal Canterlot Library,” She said to herself. She knew that she was one to exceed expectations set before her and then some, but there was something about her kindness that made her want to smile.

But there was no time to waste with feelings. “Appreciated Sparkle, so if there are no further delays I would like to get started immediately.”

“But what about…”

“Ugh...what is it now!”

“Well you don’t have your cape and hat with you.” Twilight said pointing at Trixie’s uncovered head. “You didn’t left it at the party did you?”

Trixie scoffed. “Of course I didn’t, Trixie would never forget them.” She then turned her head away from her rival. “But if you must know, I did run into Rarity today, and she offered to borrow my outfit as reference for a new one.”

“Well that’s Rarity for you, although that does go against my schedule. You shouldn’t be meeting up with Rarity until after Applejack, hope this doesn't mean I have to remake it, all that time figuring out what combination of my friends would be most suitable for you took a lot of deductive reasoning and logic.”

“Pfft, you shouldn't care about something so small like schedules Sparkle. Worrywarts like you should only concern themselves with just the big things that actually matters.”

“You’re right,” Twilight said embarrassed at her worrying. “Which reminds me, Spike are you almost done in there?!”

“All taken care of.” Spike called out in the other room. He then came though the kitchen door carrying a large plate of food and drinks and settled it in the middle of the room. “Got everything you asked for Twilight. Lemonade, salad for two and a bowl of apples fresh from Sweet Apple Acres.”

“Thanks Spike, you have the rest of the night for yourself.”

Spike pumped his fist in the air. “Finally, now I can catch up on the newest issues of the Power Ponies!”

“Power Ponies?” Trixie questioned.

“Yep, my favorite comic book starring seven superheroes that defend the city from the forces of evil. Ever read one?”

Trixie turned her head away. “I’ve never had an interest in comic books dragon. Always thought comic books were rather nerdy.”

“Heh, to each their own. Goodnight girls, I have some unfinished business to take care of.”

“Goodnight Spike,” Twilight called out as he closed the door leaving the two unicorns alone. “Now, I suggest we start with something simple, like this ‘Object Transparency’ spell.” Twilight pulled out a small book out of the pile. “It’s an easy spell to cast involving…”

“Really Twilight,” Trixie interrupted, “transparency spells? Do you take me for a child Sparkle?”

“Well I just thought maybe you would want try something easy first. You know, to get your bearings first.”

Trixie simply laughed at the response. “The Great and Powerful Trixie is far beyond that of transparency spells, a foal could master them. Trixie demands we start learning Hoofdini’s spells.”

“But Hoofdini’s spells take a lot of magic and concentration to even attempt. We need to just start with the basics before that.”

“Do not treat me as if I’m not great and powerful enough to know these spells!” Trixie suddenly used her magic to float Hoofdini’s Spell book towards her. She flipped through the pages until she found what she was looking for. “Here it is, ‘The Quadruple Rings’, involves four metal rings, the user must attach them all at once, then release them moments after. We’ll start with this Sparkle.”


“No buts! You promised to teach Trixie his spells, and she will not be denied of this opportunity because you think she’s not ready!”

Twilight sighed defeatedly knowing that no words could change the magician’s mind. She floated the four rings at Trixie who grinned at the sight. “Just don’t strain yourself.”

Trixie ignored her as she read over the instructions in the book. After a minute of reading, she levitated the rings towards her and closed her eyes. Concentrating, she slowly lined up all four rings and moved them around. She did what the book told and imagined all four rings becoming one, until she heard a clang sound that signaled the spell working. “Behold Sparkle, the rings are now...connected.” She opened her eyes to see that all four rings were not connected at all. “Impossible, why didn’t it work?”

“Like I said, these spells are too complicated try right now.” Twilight explained. “I’ll teach you the spells in due time, but right now we need to practice with the basics.”

“No, just give Trixie another chance, she’ll get it this time.” Trixie immediately tried again, concentrating as she repeated the process, after a few seconds she opened her eyes to see that only one ring was attached. Letting out a frustrated grunt, she attempted the spell again. And again, and again, and again, until she finally gave up. She sighed as she levitated the four, unconnected rings to the ground. “This is absurd, my magic can do all sorts of feats. I can levitate more objects than the average unicorn, I can make numerous objects appear out of thin air. Why can’t I get this to work?”

Twilight could only look at the blue mare lowering her head in defeat. She tried to say something to cheer her up until she lifted up her head and flipped her hair. “Alright Sparkle, I hate to admit it but you’re right. Let’s start with the basic spells and we’ll work our way up from there.”

Twilight smiled “Alright Trixie, and I promise we will practice Hoofdini’s spells. But right now, let’s try out the transparency spell and see where it goes from there.”

Trixie begrudgingly looked at Twilight giving her that sincere look that she saw more times than she ever wanted to. “Fine.”


“Sorry ya an’t come to the field trip Sweetie Belle.” Applebloom said to her saddened friend. The Crusaders were all gathered in their clubhouse.

“Don’t worry about it girls, there’s always next time right?”

“Maybe so,” Scootaloo protested, “but the Cutie Mark Crusaders don’t leave each other behind. “There gotta be a way to get you in.”

“Sorry Scoots, but Rarity said she ain’t goin’, and ah don’t think we can change her mind.” Applebloom said. “The slip said that she needs a signature from a parent or guardian.

Then suddenly, a Sweetie Belle jumped in the air as a sly grin grew wide. “I got it! We’ll just ask Fluttershy to help.”

The two looked at each other in confusion. “How’s Fluttershy going to help?”

“Well it does say that guardians can sign it. And Fluttershy usually looks after us when our sisters are too busy. Kinda like a guardian right?”

The other’s looked at each other again, still in confusion. “I guess that makes since.” Scootaloo said. “But do you really think she’s going to sign it.”

“Of course she will, Fluttershy will totally help us. She’s the kindest pony in all of Ponyville. We just got to make sure Rarity don’t know about it and we’ll be fine.”

“Ah don’t know girls,” Applebloom said frowning. “Sweetie’s grounded, and tricking somepony into taking her to a field trip ain’t exactly the right thing to do.”

“Don’t worry Applebloom. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?”