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Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles - Narutomate storm

Naruto's life might become more unpredictable as he is now on the Equestria Girls universe with hilarity and shenanigans ensuring.

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Small victory,big price

Story start

"RASENGAN BARRAGE!!!" a boy cloaked in glowing orange chakra shouted as he and his legion of shadow clones assaulted the Uchiha with a barrage if massive glowing blue spiraling orbs resulting in a massive explosion of blue spheres. As the dust settles the Uchiha was still conscious but heavily damaged.

"ITS OVER, MADARA!!!" the Uzumaki declared however the Uchiha lets out a dry laugh.

"I-is that all you got you nine tailed brat?" the Uchiha arrogantly asked. The teen then creates another rasengan and as he dashes towards him he suddenly feels like have given out causing him to trip losing the blue orb.

Madara who is still panting heavily laughs at him. "Looks like your at your limit," however the teen gets back up but his chakra shroud begins to dissipate loosing its coat like appearance.

"Bad news kid I'm almost out of chakra so you need to use what's left of it wisely," the tailed beast within him stated.

"Ok I'll try not to waste it," the Uzumaki replied as he got back up to his feet.

"Hehehe. Your joking right?" Madara was shocked and also quite enraged at his persistence. "Just take a look around you. your teammates lying there like a bunch of stray dogs, the allied shinobi forces fallen on my infinite tsukiyomi, your power failing what is there that you can possibliy do huh?"

Taking advantage of Madara's babbling he reignites his chakra shroud taking form of his tailed beast.

"This is it Naruto once you use this technique I'll be out! you only got one shot at this," the fox explained as Naruto creates a gigantic rasengan with shuriken shaped rings spiraling around it along with three tailed beast balls.

"I know now sync with me Kurama!" Shouted Naruto.

"PLANETRY RASEN-SHURIKEN!!!" both beast and jinchuriki yelled as Naruto throws the gigantic spiraling orb towards madara. The Uchiha screamed in pure agony as he becomes engulfed by the vortex that is both a combination of wind and the fire generated from the explosion. The explosion lasted for several seconds and once it dissipated it left nothing but a large crater and a motionless Madara in the middle of it.

With most of his chakra drained the chakra avatar dissipates and Naruto falls to the ground panting heavily. After a full minute he has gained enough energy to get up and slide down the crater to approach the fallen Uchiha. He the kneels down and examines his broken,run down body. "It's finally over, ya know."

However he is unaware that Madara was reaching something in his pocket it was a blood red paper with the word "Dimension" and the word is surrounded by seal marks.

With the last of his strength Madara slammed the paper onto Naruto's chest the paper then transforms into a red aura quickly enveloping the Uzumaki. "H-hey! W-what the hell did you do to me?" Naruto asked in a state of panic but the Uchiha did not respond.


Madara lets out a dry chuckle. "Hehehe...consider that your reward for defeating me.....or rather consider that your punishment for defeating me," he weakly said.

The red aura turns pure white brightening by the second and as every second pass Naruto begins to feel less physical.


The light has fully engulfed him, becoming a makeshift star and in a split of a second the light dissipated and the Uzumaki is nowhere to be found.

Madara remained on the ground and with his life slipping away he lets out one last laugh for at least getting back at that brat for foiling his plans before dying from his injuries. His death has ultimately deactivated the infinite tsukiyomi, as the sun rises the blood red moon reverts back to its milky white Color. The risen sun has given birth to a new dawn, a new era.

"Mmmmm......w-where...am I?" Naruto weakly mumbled after a few minutes he gets up finding himself in a strange location. Everything was pale yellow. "A-am I in heaven?" Naruto asked to himself.

"No this is not the after life Naruto Uzumaki." He quickly turned to the source and was surprised the he would see him again. He was an elderly man with spiky pale red hair that was shoulder length along with a third rinnegan on his forehead. He was wearing a white kimono with magatama patterns below the high collar.

"G-grandpa sage of six paths!"Naruto instantly remembered him.

"Im glad that you didn't gave in to your forgetfulness," the sage said with a smirk. He then snapped his fingers instantly repairing his shredded tracksuit including the cloth of his headband reverting it back to its longer length.

"Whoa...t-thanks for fixing my outfit and all but...where are we?" Asked Naruto.

The sage remained silent for a few seconds before facing him to reply.

"...We are on a dimensional plane Naruto uzumaki you are en route to a different world...a new home. this jutsu Madara casted on you is irreversible,"this shock the blonde to his core.

After a few seconds of being shocked and speechless he finally replied. "D-different world....new home? ....N-no this can't be happening grandpa sage ya need to bring me back!!" the teen yelled.

"Listen to me Naruto and let me explain"the sage calmly replied and Naruto reluctantly nodded.

"That seal that Madara used on you that was created by me," the sage flat out revealed leaving an confused look on Naruto's face .

"W-what do you mean and why make something like that?" Naruto asked with a slightly angry face.

"When the ten tails began its rampage around the world i originally intended to send it to a different world far,far from ours but I cancelled it after realizing that while it would liberate our world it would no doubt doom the other world for we don't know what kind of world it will get sent to we don't know it would be empty or have people, After I sealed the ten tails within me I hid that paper deep into the earth with countless seals....but to think that Madara would gain possession of it,"

After hearing its story it's time for Naruto to ask some questions. "You said that you hid that seal.but why didn't you just ripped it?" Asked Naruto.

"Because that paper was infused with a portion of my special chakra and well as a tiny piece of the ten tails that paper is indestructible and the only way to make it disappear is to use it on someone which would be cold and heartless," the sage explained.

It's was no time to ask the question that was hanging on Naruto's head, "Why did you say that the Jutsu is irreversible?" Naruto asked.

"Like I said I originally intended to permanently banish the ten tails from our world.this Jutsu is designed to banish anyone from their perspective world and once you get hit by that Jutsu your perspective world will no longer recognize you as it's resident forever.I am only able to talk to you here because I'm now a spirit,I'm no longer physical,"

"But...what about my friends, my family, becoming Hokage?" Naruto asked with sadness and worry.

"Rest assured Naruto I have created an exact duplicate of you he's celebrating with your friends he'll be the one to carry your original ambitions.....and I can already see the world you'll be living in. Like in your world you once lived in you'll also have a very special purpose there you'll have friends,family...and romance. I assure you Naruto Uzumaki it is also peacefully there you'll grew fond of it it's very....Colorful,"

Naruto began thinking about this as his life was about to begin anew. "I can sense what your thinking Naruto Uzumaki this isn't Genjutsu. all of these are real and even I the sage of six paths creator of Ninjutsu itself can do nothing about it, all because I made a selfish plan to doom some other world and for that i am truly sorry," the elder said with shame.

Naruto's gaze remained down on the next half hour thinking about his current predicament. At first it looks like Naruto was frowning but one he faced up he was actually smiling.

"Okay if there really is no way back.....then I accept my new life, second chance or whatever in this other world I just hope my duplicate doesn't mess things up since he's carrying my dream,"

The sage's lips curled into a smile. "I'm glad to hear that you accept it however -" he snapped his fingers summoning a back pack containing more copies of his track suit but underneath the clothing are notebooks. "- your new life would involve you going back to education you'll be going to a place called "Canterlot high", "

"EEEEEEEEHHHHH???!!" Naruto exclaimed with his comedy face."but does my new world have ramen?"
the sage nodded.
"Then I'm okay with it!" Naruto said as he excitedly put on his backpack. A portal then opens in front of the two indicating that the dimension travel is coming to an end.

"Well see ya grandpa sage!" Naruto shouted as he waved him goodbye.

The sage waved back at him with a smile. "Farewell Naruto, I'll make sure to inform your parents about this,"

Naruto nodded in agreement. And with that he runs through though the portal about to enter the other world.

Author's Note:

Whew! Well there you have it the first chapter of my first fanfic. I'll update this fic as often as I can since I'm also busy with school stuff
See ya!:moustache:

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