• Published 24th Jun 2015
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Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles - Narutomate storm

Naruto's life might become more unpredictable as he is now on the Equestria Girls universe with hilarity and shenanigans ensuring.

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Canterlot High

Naruto dashes on the portal and enters it's multicolored tunnel he then crosses his arms awating what comes next. "Gee I wonder what this new world would be like? would it be just like mine with the people I know acting differently?" he asked to himself as he remembered the alternate world adventure he and his teammate once had.

He then sees a light at the end of the tunnel. he then shields himself from the bright flash and closes his eyes.

A few seconds later he opens his eyes and finds himself standing on solid ground but it's not the ground that bothered him but it was the strange building he's standing in front of. It had maroon colored walls with a fountain in front of it along with horse themed windows. Though he realized it was a school it looked more like a mansion.

The school's bell then rang as a horde of students dashes toward the entrance. as the dust settles Naruto (bearing his comedy face) was left wondering what just happened.

"W-what the heck," he then looked at his backpack, remembering what the sage has spoken to him he realized that this was Canterlot high.

However before he could approach the entrance a girl with light pink skin along with a dark pink poofy hair dashed in front of him. She was wearing a white shirt that had a heart with a light blue short sleeved jacket, a lightpink skirt with ballons on the hem and light blue boots.

"Hi there my name's Pinkie Pie! what's your name? are you new here? huh huh huh are you?!" the hyper active girl asked him excitedly asked him.

Naruto grinned. "Yeah! I'm completely new here my names Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki!" He replied his excitement matching pinkies as he pridefully points his thumb at the logo of his forehead protector.

Pinkie Pie's excitement rose to soaring heights. The revelation of having a new friend, the excitement was too unbearable to contain as the girl shakes his hand in a rather fast pace nearly numbing his hand.

"C'mon lets go I'll show ya my friends, in fact everyone here is my friend so I know who's new and who's not...wait! since your new here you need to see principal Celestia!" she exclaimed as she grabbed his wrist and drags him trough the halls.


The two then reaches the door leading to the principal's office. "Principal Celestia, Principal Celestia we have a new student!!" the pink girl joyfully shouted. Naruto got up and saw the principal. she was wearing a vibrant yellow jacket matching his blonde hair, along with purple pants and yellow shoes she also had milky white skin and her hair consisted of multiple light colors.

"A new student? why that's wonderful Pinkie," she then looked at the blonde."Oh where are my manners i am principal Celestia. and you are?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, pleased to meet ya!" he said with a smile saluting her. the principal giggles at his enthusiasm.

"Well its a pleasure to meet you to Mr.Uzumaki take a seat so i can explain to you everything about this school and the schedules you'll be going to and prepare you for everything," Naruto then sat down with Pinkie following suit.

After about half an hour. Naruto and Pinkie exited the office with the class schedule and textbooks in his hands. as they walked the halls toward their classroom they spot a commotion.

"Gimmie back mah bag!" yelled a girl with a western accent. she had long read hair with a pink bow, green shirt and long jeans accompanied by two other girls the one on the left has lavender and purple hair with curly ends and on the right was a girl with reddish-pink hair that flares out on the side.

The girl that has taken possession the redhead's bag had blue eyes purple hair with white streaks. "Come and get it loser," the girl taunted. the redhead tried to grab it but the bully raised out out of her reach causing her to trip. the bully accompanied by a girl with braided grey hair laugh at her.

"Cut it out diamond tiara and just let as pass through!!" the reddish-pink girl exclaimed however they ignored her and continued laughing much to the annoyance of all three young girls.

Naruto and Pinkie has heard enough and stepped in front of the two bullies. "Stop that your being mean!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Yeah pick on someone your own size," Naruto seconded.

The two bullies glared at them and after a few second diamond tiara drops the bag. the girls then lets out a "Hmph!" simultaneously and walks away.

Naruto and Pinkie approached the young girls. "You guys okay?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah thanks fer the save..oh! I'm Applebloom by the way," the young apple greeted.

"Naruto Uzumaki!" he said with a smile.

"My names Sweetie Bell," the curly haired girl introduced.

"And I'm Scootaloo," the tomboyish girl introduced.

"Naruto here is a new student so I'm showing him around," Pinkie explained much to the girls excitement. though they were interrupted by two voices.


"Sweetie bell!"

The girl on the left had long blonde hair with the end tied along with a light brown cowboy hat. She wears a white buttoned shirt with the upper part dark green. a Jean skirt a brown belt with an apple for the buckle and brown boots with two apple insignias.

The girl and the left had long violet hair with elegant curls at the ends along with a blue clip which have the shape of three diamonds. She wears a light blue blouse along with a purple skirt with three diamonds on the hem along with a black belt and violet boots.

"We heard ya yelling what happened?" the cowgirl asked in having western accent as well.

"Ah'm okay sis it was just diamond tiara with her hooey. Naruto meet my sister Applejack, Applejack he's a new student and pinkie is just showing him around," she explained.

"Hey you two!" Pinkie greeted. "She's telling the truth Naruto here is new and its up to me to get him to know everybody!" she declared. Naruto chuckled as her determination completely mirrors his.

"Nice to meet you Naruto my name is Rarity, Sweetie Bell's sister," the girl with the violet hair introduced but her blue eyes then sparkled the moment she looked at his outfit and hair.

"And I must say darling as a lady of fashion I absolutely love the design of you outfit! and your hair even though its so wild its so... vibrant!" complimenting the blonde.

"But where with those stripes on your cheeks came from darling?" Rarity asked.

Concealed by his headband Naruto's forehead was sweating like crazy. "Great what am I gonna tell her? that i have a gigantic nine tailed beast inside me and the whiskers are a side effect? yeah like they would be not so scared of that," Naruto thought to himself.

However he doesn't like lying to his friends especially new ones. he then decided that he would first get to know everybody in school and that he would eventually tell the truth to the friends he can really trust and he can already that list starting to build.

"She's right! I was so excited about you that i completely forgot to ask where you got those whiskers Naruto can you tell us ppppplllleeeeaaassseee? Pinkie pleaded.

"I was born with it, guess its some kind of birth mark or something," Naruto stated. he really hated himself for lying to them as he was dying to show them his techniques. but he reassured himself that he would eventually tell the truth.

"Well ya got whiskers and ah got freckles," Applejack said chuckling."hey what's with the headband by the way?" she asked.

Naruto had to come up with a decent answer.

"Well you see I'm actually a ninja.mMy teacher gave it to me when I graduated the ninja academy,". everyone's jaw's dropped.

"Wait THE ninja academy! the one far away from here in the farthest reaches of Canterlot city?!" pinkie loudly asked.

Naruto nodded thanking god for the coincidence. "I never give up and I always train and work hard!" Naruto declared slamming his right fist onto his left palm.

"What about you Applejack what's with the hat?" Naruto asked smiling.

"It's mah trademark as a cowgirl sugarcube," she replied at this point they both smiled at each other. however when Naruto asked her that question he noticed her eyes get filled with sorrow for a spit second.

An idea suddenly came into Rarity's head. " Naruto Applejack you two would make a perfect couple! think about it both of you wear headgears, have mark's on your cheeks and both of you are strong willed hard workers! oooohh so perfect!" rarity elegantly declared.

Naruto blushed. "HUH?"

Applejack's cheeks ignited deep red."R-Rarity stop it!!". earning a giggle from the Fashionista.

"Just kidding darling but we all need to go to our classes," she said as she looked at the clock. the three young girls then waved goodbye as the head of on the opposite direction.

"First day on a new world and its going be a long day already," Naruto thought to himself smiling as he walks down the hallway with his new friends.

Author's Note:

another chapter done! I originally intended to make this chapter longer but .I'll try to make the next chapters more longer
hope your enjoying the story so far.

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