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Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles - Narutomate storm

Naruto's life might become more unpredictable as he is now on the Equestria Girls universe with hilarity and shenanigans ensuring.

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Getting to know the others part 2

At the Cafeteria Applejack has finished her snacks and takes a stroll trough the school. though the image of a certain blonde boy smiling has yet to leave her mind.

"Geez...ah can't think of anything else besides him...maybe ah should have a talk with him," she said to herself as her pace quickens to find him.

Back at the soccer field Naruto crashes back to the ground lying down as Rainbow Dash begins to calm down.

"R-rainbow what the heck?!" Pinkie angrily asked.

"Hehehe....whoops," the cyan girl said sheepishly. as the two approach him Applejack arrives.

"Hey ya'll...where's Naruto Pinkie aren't ya his tour guide?" the cowgirl asked. Pinkie and Rainbow turned their gazes with scared and sweaty faces.

"Heyyy Applejack what's up," Pinkie greeted with a half baked smile as she and Rainbow block the half concious blonde from the cowgirl's view.

"What's that behind ya?" she asked as she tried to look at what their blocking so desprately but was futile as they keep getting in the way.

"I-it's nothing AJ just go back to your applebucking," Rainbow said with a sweaty face.

"Were at school Rainbow and Don't lie tah me what are ya guys hidin?" she asked with a stern face. before one of the two could get a chance to reply Naruto rises from the ground with a swollen face.

"N-naruto?! what in tarnation happened to ya?!" Applejack asked in panic and worry.

"Uuuugghhh," Naruto weakly mumbled as Applejack rushes towards him.

She would then patch up the blonde's swollen cheek with the cyan and pink girls watching on.

"Gee Rainbow it was just a joke," Naruto said rubbing his cheek.

"Wait a minute you did this Rainbow?!" Applejack asked with her own comedy face.

"Ehehe...sorry bout that whiskers," Rainbow said while scratching the back of her head.

"But you kinda remind me of a person..no make that two persons to be exact," Naruto said as Applejack continues to tend to his cheek.

"Really? who's the first one?" Rainbow asked as she and Pinkie sat in front of him ready to listen to the blonde but before he can begin Pinkie digs her hand through her thick hair and lets out bags of chips.

"Here, a story won't be really good with an empty tummy," Pinkie said to which the others agreed as she hands out the chips.

"Hmmm where should I start...well she really likes to snap when she's pissed, whenever I end up doing that she would punch me flying. Heck I think you just beat her record on sending me on highest altitude ya know!" Naruto snickered.

"Well that's quite the person sugarcube," said Applejack who has finished cleaning up his cheek.

"Yeah! Who would've thought that Rainbow Dash would also be good at SSF," she stated though her acronym gave everyone confused faces.

"SSF?" all three of them asked.

"Sending someone flying, duh!" she explained.

"Pinkie Pie..your so random," Dash commented earning a chuckle from all three.

"Well anyway her names Sakura and despite that scary side of her and being a little one sided she's really kind," Naruto explained while chewing in his chips.

"Now who's the second?" Rainbow asked, also chewing in her chips.

"Oh right well..this guy also likes to show off..a lot, his names Sasuke," Naruto remarked, earning curious looks from the girls.

"Really? what kind of person is this Sasuke fella," Applejack asked with Rainbow and Pinkie nodding in agreement for Naruto to answer the question.

"Well back at the academy he was really popular with all the girls," Naruto remarked as this earned the girls curiosity even further.

The blonde then puts up a smile. "He was also really cool and good lookin too...just like me I suppose" he added which made the three girls laugh for comparing himself to another person just like that as Naruto laughs along at his poor joke.

"Well anyway his grades and abilities were always top notch...exactly like me," he said with a grin but it had the same effect on the girls: laughter.

"Any more descriptions your gonna connect with yer lies?" Applejack asked while snickering though Naruto now had an annoyed pout on his face.

"However..he was a total loner with a bad attitude who always talk trash to other people like he was an absolute smart-ass totally unlike me!!" Naruto exclaimed with his comedy face.

"Seems like a pretty decent guy to me," Rainbow shrugged casually as Naruto grinned.

"But...he was my rival!! and even now that hasn't changed," He remarked which made the girls smile in amusement.

"Really? where is he now?" Pinkie asked and Naruto has to come up with a decent answer.

"Right now he's away traveling but don't ask me where his exact location is," he explained.

"Wait what kind of academy were you in Naruto?" asked Rainbow.

"The ninja academy!!" Pinkie replied before Naruto could.

"Wait your a ninja?! that's so cool!" Rainbow sqealed.

Naruto grinned. "Yep I'm the a ninja alright!" he replied. as they continue their conversation they hear the bell rang.

"Looks like recess is over ya'll," Apllejack stated.

"Hey Naruto can I borrow your headband pleeeaaase?" Pinkie requested.

"Hehe okey-dokie-lokey!" Naruto said as he took of his headband exposing the rest of his bangs.

"H-he looks kinda cute without that headgear of his," Applejack said to herself as her lips curled into a smile and her blush deepening.

"Yeeeyyyy I'm a ninja!" Pinkie exclaimed as she dons Naruto's forehead protector and begins running around punching and kicking the air.

"What's the next class anyway?" Naruto asked.

"Next class is Gym," Rainbow replied as an idea quickly came to her head.

"Wait a minute...Naruto you said that Sasuke is your rival right?" Asked Rainbow and Naruto nodded.

"And you said that I reminded you if him right?" She asked.

"Yeah and?" The young ninja asked.

"Then that means I'm your rival too!" Rainbow shouted in excitement. The idea of having a ninja for a rival was really interesting for the cyan girl.

Naruto smiled. "Hehe I guess so!" he replied as the two shared another fist bump.

"I'm so gonna pummel ya at dodgeball!" She declared with a smile to which the blonde snickered.

"Well see about that!" Naruto smiled back.

The four then proceed to head to Gym with Pinkie running ahead still playing ninja. Applejack continues to look at Naruto's bangs that suited him well.

"Hey Applejack thanks again for fixing up my cheek!" Naruto said while smiling brightly making her blush a little and slightly avoided his gaze.

"Not a problem sugarcube and Rainbow please learn how to take a li'l joke will ya," the cowgirl stated making her sheepishly nod.

The four then sees a girl walking towards them but she was reading a book. the girl had yellow skin and long pink hair with a butterfly clip, she was wearing a white sleeveless shirt along with a light green skirt with butterflies on the hem and light green boots.

The girl almost bumped into rainbow if she din't looked ahead and stopped in time.

"Hey Fluttershy," Rainbow greeted with a smile.

"Oh hi Rainbow Dash," Fluttershy said in a soft and timid tone.

"Naruto this is Fluttershy and Fluttershy this is Naruto," Pinkie introduced as she tightened her loosening headband.

"Hey there!" Naruto happily greeted at the yellow girl.

"Oh...um..h-hi," she timidly replied as she hid her face behind her hair.

Naruto chuckled at her timid actions. "She's kinda like Hinata," he thought to himself.

"Sorry bout that Naruto she's just really shy," Applejack said to Naruto.

"Hehe it's alright," Naruto replied as Pinkie stepps in.

"Mr. whiskers here is a ninja and this headband belong to him and im just borrowing it!" Pinkie explained in a slightly fast tone.

Fluttershy becomes interested at this. "Oh my! a ninja in canterlot high? that's really interesting," she said as some of her shyness dissipates.

"Hehe that's right!" Naruto said smiling.

Seeing his bright and cheerful smile make her face tomato red and once again hid her face behind her long hair.

"There's no need to be shy fluttershy were officially friends!" The blonde happily exclaimed while also realizing how her name mirrors her personality.

She mustered the courage to reply. "R-right were now friends!" She said with a bright smile

"Oh! I-I almost forgot here's the new "daring do" book you've been asking for," she softly said as she hands out a thick book to the cyan girl.

"Oh right! Thanks a lot Fluttershy!" Rainbow said as she thanked the timid girl.

Naruto slightly snickered as he remembers a certain person that would have a similar reaction when he's favourite book gets a new release.

"Well..um I just need to get some things from my locker so um..see you all at gym class?" Fluttershy softly asked.

"Yeah you bet!" Naruto happily replied to the timid girl as he blushed but managed to smile as she waved her friends goodbye and walks off.

"Alright to the gym!" Both Naruto and Pinkie yelled as they dash off with Rainbow and Applejack not far behind.

"This is some warmup huh AJ?" asked Rainbow with a smile to the cowgirl.

"Yeah those two have the exact amount of energy!" Applejack replied as they catchup to the two.

"Look there's the gym!" Naruto joyfully shouted and finds the other students going through the door as well.

The four gets though the door while panting. "T-that's it for the warm uuupp" Naruto said in an exhausted tone and sits to the floor.

"Whoa! You okay there blondie," Naruto looked up to the source. She had amber skin and long red orange hair with yellow streaks. She was wearing a black leather jacket with a dark purple shirt that had a red and yellow sun along with an orange skirt with yellow and purple stripes along with brown boots like Applejack's minus the apple logos.

The girl offers her hand to which the blonde accepts. "Yeah just a little intense run to the gym!" Naruto said with a smile as she helped him up.

"I'm Sunset shimmer what's your name?" she asked but before he can reply Pinkie cuts him off again.

"Hey there Sunset! This is Naruto Uzumaki he's new here and I'm showing him around oh! And he's also a ninja and I'm borrowing his headband!" Pinkie said without a breath as she gestures at the black cloth around her.

"I see, then welcome to Canterlot high Naruto!" she said smiling.

"Hehe thanks!" Naruto happily replied as he shook hands with her. The coach then enters the gym and blows his whistle.

"Alright everyone listen up your PE is about to begin so get changed!" He said to the students.

"Yes coach armour!" all the students replied as they went to their changing rooms.

"And you must be Naruto correct?" the coach asked the blonde.

"Yes coach armour that's him!" Pinkie said.

"Pinkie! stop cutting me off!" Naruto yelled with his comedy face to which Rainbow and Applejack chuckled at.

"Well anyway since you're new here you don't have the required PE uniform yet so I'll let it pass," coach armour said with a smirk.

''Yes coach!" Naruto replied with a salute.

The coach chuckles. "Well then as for the rest of you, go to your changing rooms," the girls then went to their changing rooms as Naruto waits for them.

A few minutes later everyone shows up in their required clothing. "Gee I feel so out of place, first I was the only one not wearing the shinobi uniform at the war and now this?" Naruto thought to himself slightly upset.

''Hey Naruto!" he turned to the source and finds Twilight and Rarity walking towards him.

"I must say Darling you look quite strange without that headgear of yours but it suits you well," Rarity remarked but she quickly looses interest at his spiky hair as she begins scanning his track suit again. "oooohh his outfit is just sooo unique! I wonder if I should make a line up out of it?" she tittered to herself.

"Alright everyone the first one will be the usual obstacle course so everyone get up front," the coach said as everyone heads to the front of the course which were three sets enough for everyone to takes turns to.

"Okay everyone split into three groups," the coach ordered as everyone splits into their perspective courses.

Naruto joins the group on the far right side which also had Pinkie, Rainbow, Sunset and Applejack in it.

"Ya ever been in an obstacle course Naruto?" asked Applejack to which he nodded.

"Yeah! I've been in these kind of things through the academy," he happily said which made her blush a little but smiled back.

"Oh! I almost forgot here you go Narry!" Pinkie said as she hands his headband back.

"Alright I'm gonna nail this ninja style!" Naruto declared as he pridefully dons his forehead protector and helds out his fist.

"Yeah! lets do this!" Rainbow declared as she slams her fist onto her palm.

"Right behind ya Rainbow!" Applejack said as she stood beside Naruto, Rainbow, Pinkie and Sunset.

Both Sunset and Pinkie giggled. "This is gonna be fun!" Sunset said with Pinkie giving a thumbs up.

"Okay GO!" the coach blows his whistle as everyone first on their line dashes fourth with the next ones not far behind.

They would climb the walls go through beams and jump over several objects.

Finally it was Naruto's turn as the girls and boys get through the course flawlessly. "You'r turn Naruto!" Applejack said to the blonde to which he smirked at.

"Finally!" he joyfully shouted as he dashes fourth.

Meanwhile at an local park something rises from one of the tree branches. he had short spiky green hair, one half of his body was jet black with a single yellow eye while the other half was pure white and distorted along with green tentacle like appendages.

"W-where am I?" the creature asked to himself.

Author's Note:

sorry I took so long, been busy with other stuff.:facehoof:
but anyway yeah black zetsu is involved in this story but he'll kinda be just like a light hearted petty enemy for the most part.
The next chapters would also have more of Applejack along with Naruto's bonding with the humane 6, other more and of course Kurama!

Bye have a beautiful time! :pinkiehappy:

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