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Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles - Narutomate storm

Naruto's life might become more unpredictable as he is now on the Equestria Girls universe with hilarity and shenanigans ensuring.

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Getting to know the others part 1

The first class was Math, as Naruto and his friends walk trough the halls to get to their class room Pinkie continues to bombared him with questions.
“Hey do you like parties? I LOVE THROWING PARTES!, and besides who in the world woudn't like parties?, hey what kind of cake flavor do you like?” Pinkie asked him without a moment to exhale.

“Well I did celebrated my birthday with my friends a couple of times. heck even my super strict teacher would give a cake or treat me Ramen. because of that i guess my favourite cake flavor is chocolate,” Naruto replied.

“Then it's settled...I'm gonna throw you an official welcoming party!!” the pink girl excitedly declared.

“Really ya don't really have to Pinkie. we can just celebrate at lunch..with lots of cake and Ramen!” the blonde exclaimed. as Naruto and Pinkie continue with their energetic conversation, Rarity and Applejack are having a conversation of their own.

“Quite the energetic one isn’t he?” Rarity asked.

“Yeah. Ah never thought i would see the day that there would be someone else that has that kind of energy,” Applejack stated.

However the fashionista saw a light blush on the cowgirls face. “This is going to be soooo interesting,” Rarity thought to herself.

The class room door was now in front of them. “Wonder how this one would turn out?” Naruto asked himself.
The four then entered the room finding the teacher and the other students.

“Oh you must be the new student Naruto Uzumaki correct?” The teacher asked.

“Yep that’s me professor calculus,” he replied."Gee this world has some weird names," Naruto thought to himself. All of the students looked at him with curiosity. This completely reminded him of the time he first entered the academy.


“Alright class we have a new student today. Would you care to introduce yourself?” Iruka sensei asked.

The young blonde then stepped forward. “My names Naruto Uzumaki and I’m gonna be Hokage believe it!”

This caused the students to laugh at him loudly. “Hey! I’m dead serious!” the boy yelled in annoyance.

(End flashback)

“Well it’s nice to meet you Naruto,” the teacher said to the blond. “There’s an available seat over there,” he gestured to available seat which was right next to Applejack’s.

Naruto then excitedly sat on to his chair. Applejack took her seat as well as her lips began curving to a smile with Rarity looking from the distance.
The session then began with the teacher lecturing the equations where Naruto listens in a confused state, back at the academy there wasn’t that much math it was all about ninja stuff.

The teacher then gave them a quiz with several equations they need to solve.

Though one student was lying his head against his desk with his hands clutching the back of it.

“Dammit! I suck at these kind of paper tests. It’s my first day here and I’m gonna screw it!” Naruto exclaimed to himself in worry.

“Are you having trouble there?” Naruto turned his head to the source. She had long indigo hair with a pink streak and lavender skin. She was wearing a pale blue buttoned shirt along with a red bow, a dark purple skirt where on the hem was a large pink 6 point star with white sparkles around it and dark purple boots.

“Yeah pretty much” the blonde replied with a sheepish smile while scratching the back of his head.

"My names Twilight Sparkle by the way" the lavender girl introduced.

"She's also the smartest in all of Canterlot high," Pinkie stated who's seat was in front of Naruto's.

Twilight blushed in embarrassment. "Pinkie I don't want everyone to think I'm some kind of show off," she stated.

Pinkie then nodded and ran her finger across her mouth "zipping" it.

"Now that that's settled I'll help you out," said Twilight. She then began helping him with his quiz.

"Aaannndd done,"

"Man thanks a lot sparkles yer a life saver!" Naruto said thanking her.

She giggled. "Anything for a friend," over the next half hour the session continued as Naruto spent most of his time scratching his head in confusion until the bell finally rang.

"Okay class that's it for today you can all take your recess, but remember to do your homework," the teacher stated.

"Yes profesor!" All of the students replied as they exit the class room.

"Man Math and physics are sooo hard!" Naruto whined.

"It's not that bad once you study and learn about it," Twilight stated as they walk out of the classroom.

"Ya'll don't have these kind of subjects back at yer old academy?" Applejack asked.

Naruto shook his head. "Not really it was mostly training, shuriken throwing, tree climbing and most of the lectures are ninja related stuff but they do use these kind of subjects but not that much," Naruto explained.

"But now that it's recess let's continue with the tour!" Pinkie excitedly told the blonde.

"Yeah let's go!" Naruto replied raising his fist up with pinkie doing the same.

"Well while you two darlings continue on with your tour me and Applejack will just get something to eat," said Rarity. She and the cowgirl then departs from the group.

"Well I gotta study the professors latest lesson so I guess I'll be seeing you off," Twilight said to Naruto and Pinkie.

"Where ya gonna study?" Naruto asked the lavender girl.

"I think I'll just do it at the cafeteria," Twilight replied but as she turned around to walk off she bumps into someone causing her books to fall to the floor. He had spiky blue hair and was wearing a white shirt with a blue shield and yellow lightning bolt with a brown jacket over it, blue jeans and a pair of runners.

The blue haired teen the knelled down to pick up the books but Twilight does the same causing their hands to make contact.

"Oh Flash! Im so so sorry!" Twilight said as she retracted her hand blushing madly.

Flash chuckled. "It's okay Twilight we always meet up like this so I'm already used to it," he replied to the lavender girl who was still blushing as he hander her the books.

She took the books and nods before clearing her throat. "Flash this is Naruto Uzumaki he's new here and Naruto this is Flash Sentry,"

"Hey nice to meet ya Flash!" The blonde greeted as the shook hands.

"Nice to meet you to Naruto," Flash replied. "What's with those whiskers ya got a fox inside you or something?" He asked.

Before Naruto can reply Pinkie answers on his behalf. "He was born with them but I hope no one would think that it's weird," Pinkie stated.

Naruto knew that pinkie had a point because the reason why most of the students stared at him with curiosity was probably because of his whisker marks.

"Don't worry I think there pretty cool," Flash assured the pink girl and the blonde.

"Yeah something that rare are really unique," Twilight explained.

Both Naruto and Pinkie sighed in relief.


Rarity and Applejack were eating their snacks peacefully but Rarity could not help but notice how her friend was smiling with a light blush during the next few minutes promoting her to break off the silence.

"Are you thinking off a certain blonde boy darling?" Rarity asked deepening the cowgirls blush.

"W-what? No!...ah was just thinking of a joke mah brother told me," she then turned away concealing the rising heat on her cheeks.

This only made the fashionista giggle. "Applejack because you've become so honest in your entire life you don't know how to lie in a convincing way," she explained.

"S-shut up," the cowgirl said with a pout.

Rarity then got out of her seat. "I'll just be going out for a walk," but as she walks off she faces the cowgirl once more. "But if you need any advice, feel free to tell me darling," she said winking making Applejack pout once more.

(Back at the halls)

Naruto had just told Twilight and Flash about his status as a ninja.

"That's pretty awesome being a ninja and all," Flash said with an impressed face.

"But is it okay if I ask you a bunch of questions about your ninja status later?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah that would be awesome!" Naruto declared. "But now I need to go the tour continues right Pinkie?"

"He's right! c'mon let's go!!" Pinkie shouted as she grabs Naruto by the wrist dragging again.

Twilight and Flash watched the two run off into the distance.

"Well I gotta go Twilight, hope I bump into you again" Flash said waving her off with the lavender girl nodding. as he was no longer visible she lets out all of the compressed heat in her face.

"So where to now Pinkie?" Naruto asked as she finally slowed down.
"I know: the soccer field!!" the pink girl the tightened her grip on the blondes wrist as she dashes onward.

The two then arrived on the soccer field there stood a girl with cyan skin and long rainbow colored hair. she was wearing a white shirt with a primary colored lightning bolt with a dark blue short sleeved jacket, a pink skirt with white stripes with black shorts and blue boots.

She sees the two and waves at them as they approach her. "Hey Pinkie, who's this guy?" the cyan girl asked.

"This is Naruto Uzumaki! he's new here so I'm showing him around," Pinkie explained.

"I see, hey there the names Rainbow Dash the strongest and fastest!" she said holding up her fist.

"Nice to meet ya too!" the blonde replied as he bumps her fist.

"Hey you ever played soccer before?" Rainbow asked the blonde.

Naruto recalled back in the Academy he would join the other kids to play that game though he would usually loose maybe this time it would be different.

"Yeah I used to play that game when I was a kid," Naruto replied.

"Great! then I challenge you!" the cyan girl said to the blonde.

"Oh you're on!"

The two then began their match with Pinkie acting as referee. it lasted for a few minutes with the score tied from 10/10 though both were now exhausted.

"Guys that was sooo epic!!" Pinkie exclaimed as she ran towards the two.

"You're not that bad blondie," Rainbow said while panting.

"You too....Rainbow crash!" Naruto joked making Pinkie fall to the ground laughing but while it had a positive effect on her it wasn't so much for Rainbow Dash as she began cracking her knuckles while gritting her teeth.

"Rainbow-WHAT?! WHY YOU LITTLE!" Rainbow delivers a powerful punch onto Naruto's face sending him flying through the air.

As the blonde continues to gain altitude he remembers a certain pink haired girl that would also tend to do these kind of things to him.

"RAINBOW DASH IS THE SECOND SAKURAAAAAA!" the blond declared as he begins to descend back to the ground.

Author's Note:

Whew! despite the exhaustion I still had fun in making this chapter. but yeah even though the main pairing is Applejack and Naruto there is also gonna be a little Flash x Twilight in this story and the I'll try not to make the development too rushed. and yeah in the second part Naruto would be meeting the rest of the characters of the Equestria Girls series.

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