• Published 7th Apr 2015
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Daughter of the Moon - CartoonNerd12

The sequel to The Midnight Dance and Sweet Pea. The sisters set out to break their cousin, Cadence's curse.

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Chapter 12

Fancy Pants paced back and forth in the parlor while the rest of the husbands sitting in chairs or couches looked at him.

Discord pointed, "What are you so nervous about? This is your second kid!"

"That doesn't stop me from worrying…"

"No kidding…" said Soarin'. "I remember the day Whirl Wind was born. When I heard Dash's screams, I blamed myself for what was happening…"

The others gave solemn nods.

Cheese said, "On the day Cotton was born, Pinkie was in labor for nearly a whole day."

"I was really worried for Twilight… Fire was taking longer than expected, but it worked out in the end when I saw that little bundle in her arms…" that made Flash shed some liquid pride.

Spike gestured to Discord, "It wasn't that long ago that our girls told us they were about to have the babies."

"Yeah. That was scary."

"We were both panicking because we didn't know if everything was going to be alright."

"But looking into Screwy's swirly eyes… I was entranced by that little cutie…" Discord smiled at the memory.

Spike smiled and said, "And Jewel sneezing fire at me… I was proud to be a dad right then and there."

Fancy grinned, "And that's the reason we gave our son the name 'Dignity', because Rarity and I were proud to be parents and we wanted our son to feel proud for being born…"

Cheese asked, "What are you going to name this one?"

"We're not sure, but once we know it's a boy or girl, we'll think of something."

Suddenly, they heard Rarity's screams, causing them to wince and Fancy to muster every fiber of his being to run to his poor wife's side. Then there was nothing but peaceful silence. Twilight came to them while smiling and shedding tears of joy.

"Congratulations, you have a daughter…"

Fancy gaped while his brothers-in-law gave him hearty congratulations.

"This is cause for celebration! Who wants lollypops?!" Discord conjured up a box filled of the sweet candies.

"I do!" Cheese, Soarin', and Spike raised their arms.

Discord handed them over while he sucked on a pink and white swirly lolly.

Fancy asked Twilight, "May I see her?"

"Certainly, she's waiting along with your wife…"

Fancy rushed over to his and Rarity's apartment, where he was greeted by a warm sight. His wife looked tired and her hair was a mess, but he didn't care. To him, she was the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria. Then he saw the bundle wrapped in a pink blanket in her arms. He slowly approached it and saw a little white unicorn with a bit of blue mane showing. He smiled at his little girl and then his wife, who smiled at him in return.

"She's wonderful… You're wonderful…" he nuzzled his beloved's head.

"Oh, darling…" she giggled, "Nevertheless, she is gorgeous, isn't she?"

"Very, just like her lovely mother."

"And her handsome father…"

A knock came at their door, and Cheerilee brought in Dignity. Once he was inside, Cheerilee smiled at the happy couple and left, closing the door behind her.

Dignity was confused and Rarity motioned him forward, "Come here, sweetheart, and meet your new baby sister.

"Sister?" he questioned as he came towards the bundle and looked at the baby unicorn.

"Well, what do you think?" his dad asked him.

"She's… cute, I guess."

Both his parents chuckled and Rarity said, "Don't worry. You'll get used to her in time."

Just then, the baby opened her eyes, which were like her mother's. Dignity was surprised that the baby started to babble at him.

"Aw, I think she wants you to hold her…" Rarity gushed.

"Are… are you sure? What if I drop her?" Dignity voiced in concern.

His father instructed, "Just sit down and relax, and hold your hooves out."

Dignity did as he said, and his mother carefully placed the baby in his arms. He felt like a nervous wreck at first, but the minute those baby blue eyes stared at him, he felt at ease. This little unicorn was counting on him. She needed to rely on him. He knew then he had a sense of duty to watch over his little sister.

"Don't worry," he told her. "I promise to be the best big brother there ever was…"

"Dignity…" said his mother, "would you like to name her?"


His father nodded, "Go ahead."

"Well… um…" he looked down at his sister and proclaimed, "Gemstone. Her name should be Gemstone. But for short, we'll call her Gem."

The baby babbled as if she agreed with him.

Their parents glanced at each other in pride. Suddenly, they heard sniffling and saw their family looking in by the doorway. All looked happy and were crying.

Two Breezies watched the scene from a table because Twilight and Flash were kind enough to bring them inside. They admired the heartwarming moment.

Once the event was settled by nightfall, Cadence and Shining Armor were back to being ponies and were talking to Rarity as she laid Gemstone in the crib.

"You are very lucky to be blessed with two children…" Cadence grinned.

"Thank you…" Rarity smiled.

"I hope someday, the same can be said for us." said Shining as he wrapped his hoof around his love.

"Oh, it's bound to!" said Rarity. "Any day now, Twilight will find a way to break the curse and you two can live happily ever after!"

"I hope so… I really hope so…" said Cadence.

"And even if there isn't… we will still have each other no matter what…" Shining pecked her cheek, causing Cadence to blush.

Twilight was reading Fire's bedtime story when Fire suddenly asked, "Mommy? Think maybe I could have a sister like Dignity has?"

Twilight was taken aback by this and was amazed that Flash's prediction was correct after all. She had to answer without hesitation, "Well, yes, your father and I are hoping to have another little one soon. So chances are you'll get a little sister or brother."

"Really?!" his eyes gleamed in hope.

"Yes." she chuckled. "But it's going to take some time, okay?"

"But why?"

"Uh…" she thought miserably, Good one, Sparkle. You were supposed to wait until he was older to tell him that… "Um… We're just too busy at the moment, alright?" she forced a grin.

"Mom, I know where babies come from. You showed me when Aunt Applejack and Aunt Fluttershy were going to have babies."

"Yes, yes, I did. But let's just say your mother's isn't going to be that way for a while. You got that?"

"Oh, okay…"

She kissed his forehead and said 'good night'. He said 'good night', too, and she closed the door behind her. She sighed in relief and turned to the living room, where she saw her husband giving off a smug grin.

"Okay, okay," she said. "You were right about Fire wanting a sibling, too…" She went towards him, "But least I was prepared to tell him that he might get one pretty soon." She sat next to him as he wrapped his wings around her.

"Now we'll have to try even harder to find the right time."

"Exactly, but with Shining Armor willing to be a Breezie now, I'm working harder to find a counterspell more than ever…"

Flash thought this out loud, "Maybe… we haven't been looking in the right places… I mean books can only tell you so much… but what if we sought the help of some pony or zebra that has ways in magic that we know so little about…?"

"And you couldn't have told me this earlier?" she glared.

He gave a cheesy grin, "It must have slipped my mind when I was giving in to my petty jealously..."

She sighed.

Moments later, they arrived at Zecora's hut with Shining Armor and Cadence with them.

Zecora examined the both of them. She had Shining stick his tongue out. The couple gave each other a confused look while Zecora chatted in unfamiliar dialect.

Finally, she spoke up for them to understand, "Dark and light magic are both at conflict…Every day, you are small, but every night, you are tall."

"Do you know a way to get rid of this curse?" Twilight asked. "Because all the books I have don't seem to know."

"To break this strange and dark enchantment, you must find a book that deals with that predicament… This book holds many an ancient secret that no magical being has or will ever get. But be warned: it must stay away from any evil that may lay… But for now, it shall serve you well and help you break this wicked spell."

"And where is this book?" Cadence asked.

"In a place where ocean meets sky… an island not far from the naked eye…" Then, she went to a box and took out the Alicorn Amulet. "A place, if I am not mistaken, where a journey had been taken…"

Twilight and Flash gasped, "Marendelle!"

Cadence and Shining both said to them, "What?"

Meanwhile, someone had been listening in on them with his magic mist and gave out a chuckle, "So that's where it is…" He shouted out, "Servants! Come at once!"

The three minions scurried down and bowed before him. He said, "While you have failed to bring me what I need, I fortunately have managed to locate its whereabouts… The ancient spell book that shall increase my powers tenfold… Now, I want you to follow this pathetic group of royals to where they are going. Once they find the spell book, bring it to me…"

"Yes, Master." they replied.

"Now, go!" he ordered.

They scurried on out and went to do his bidding.

The next morning, Twilight and Flash were in Discord and Fluttershy's apartment. Cadence and Shining Armor, in Breezie form, dangled from a birdhouse that Flash carried in his mouth.

"Just so I get straight: I need to use the magic mirror to call up the girls in Marendelle about a magic book that can break the spell on Cadence?" Discord deduced.

"Yes." replied Twilight.

"Alrighty, then…" he took out the small hand mirror and said to it, "Breaker, breaker. This is Jumble 1000, requesting Red Bow, Daredevil, Little Diva, to pick up. Repeat, pick up!"

"What in the hay are you talking about?!" Apple Bloom's face appeared.

Discord laughed, "And hello to you, my wayward friend! How are things down under?"

"For your information, everything's going great! Pip and I are in charge of the archives here in the castle! I got my own workshop full of clay and paints!"

"Great! And what of Scootaloo and our beloved next queen?"

"Scootaloo, she's doing okay, but her mood swings range from happy to anger to sadness and back to happy. It's a mess of emotions."

He chuckled, "Don't I know it…" He looked at his wife and she glared at him.

"And Sweetie Belle is still taking queen lessons from Button. They're preparing themselves until the day the king and queen retire."

"Which will be when?"

AB shrugged, "Who knows? It's really all up to the king and queen to decide when they're ready to step down and for Button and Sweetie to take up the crown."

"Ah, I see."

Then Twilight cleared her throat.

"Oh, right! Apple Bloom, your sister, Twilight, needs to tell you something…" He handed over the mirror.

Twilight took it and says, "Apple Bloom, sweetie, you better get the rest of your sisters, cause it's going to be a long story…"

Author's Note:

Next up, we get see our favorite Crusaders back on Marendelle and how they're doing in their life! As for Gemstone, it was the only name I could think of, so I wasn't trying to copy off of DF's character in CMC: The Next Generation.