• Published 7th Apr 2015
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Daughter of the Moon - CartoonNerd12

The sequel to The Midnight Dance and Sweet Pea. The sisters set out to break their cousin, Cadence's curse.

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Chapter 17

They finally made it back to Canterlot, where they all met in the throne room. Twilight had finishing telling the story to their parents and presented them with the large red book. "And now we have to find a way for Shining Armor to make a vow of everlasting love while proving it to the world, as well as finding a new hiding place for this thing."

Celestia's yellow aura surrounded the book, taking it while she told her daughters, "Do not worry, just leave it to your father and me. We will find the proper place for this important item…"

Sombra nodded, "Yes, you can be sure of that."

"You can focus on breaking Cadence's spell by helping Shining Armor make his vow of everlasting love…" she smiled down at the Breezies, causing them to blush, and then she turned back to her daughters, "But for tonight, isn't there something you're supposed to be celebrating?" she winked.

Rarity piped up, "Quite right!" She started using her magic to grab a few of her sisters, being Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rainbow, who was glaring at her. "We must go get ready!"

Once Twilight had reverted Shining to his true form, she looked at her cousin, "But wait! What about Cadence?! It's almost sunset and I don't know where to find a large body of water to transform her!"

Rarity stopped dragging the sisters with her and dropped them, "Oh, dear… That is problematic…"

"Think every pony! Where in Canterlot has a large body of water?" Twilight questioned.

Pinkie came up to her, "Gosh, Twilight. All I can think about is the lake in the underground kingdom…"

She gasped, "That's it!" She started running for the door and using the same spell Rarity used, started dragging all of her sisters out. She shouted back, "We'll see you later!"

Flash called out, "We'll be there!"

Celestia gave her husband the book and she started heading out the door, "And now it is time for me to lower the sun to make way for my sister's moon…"

In minutes, the sun was down and the moon was rising high into the sky. In the magical underground kingdom, the moon's glow touched Cadence and she was transformed. She was astonished by the gold and silver castle and its surroundings.

"And you say my mother made all this?" she asked.

"Mm-hmm." Twilight nodded.

"Oh, I can't blame you for not wanting to leave during the times you came here…"

"Yeah… Well, I have to get back upstairs to get ready, but you're welcome to stick around."

"I would like that… Thank you…" she nuzzled her little cousin's head, which got a giggle out of her.

Twilight turned to go and walked up the cutie mark tile steps. When she reached the top, she had to duck to avoid getting hit by a dress and saw that Rarity was frantically searching for something.

"Oh, where is it…? Where is it?! Of all the worst things that could happen, this is the worst!"

"What's wrong?" Twilight went over to her.

"Someone took my makeup kit!"

"Now why in tarnation would someone want that big kit of yours?"

"I don't know… but some pony is going to pay for stealing my stuff! Line up, all of you!"

"WHAT?!" the five yelled out and each started protesting.

"The only one who could have taken my makeup had to be someone in this room! Now line up so I can inspect!"

They grumbled as they went in a straight line and she went down to check them all.

"You're just wasting your time, you know that?" AJ pointed.

"Quiet! I must have absolute concentration…" she eyed each of her sister's face until she got to Rainbow Dash and notice a smudge of red on her lips! "Ah-ha! Red lipstick! What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?!"

"What?! That's crazy! I don't even like rouge!"

"Oh…?" Rarity went near Rainbow Dash's bed, "Then how do you explain… this?!" She magically lifted up a large kit.

The girls gasped in shock while Rainbow's face was full of sweat until she blurted out, "Okay! I admit it! I was using your makeup kit!"

The girls gasped again and Pinkie said, "Wow! I never took you for the girly type, Dashie!"

"I'm not! I was just using to kit to make myself look good for tonight. Is that too much to ask?!"

"Awww…" the girls gushed.

"Why did you not say so?! If it's for hubby, I could easily help you out!" said Rarity. "But next time, make sure you ask, got it?"

"Yeah… I'm sorry, Rare. I will ask next time."

"Good! Now hold still!" she magically had eye-liner at the ready.

Twilight went up to Rarity's ear and whispered, "Hey, when you're done with Dash, think you can do me next?"

"Oh? And why's that?"

"I feel that tonight, I should be extra… you know…" she blushed.

"Ah… Gotcha…" she winked. "Of course, once I finish up here, you'll be next."

"Thanks." Twilight smiled.

While the girls were prepping up, the guys were making sure to look good, too, as Shining Armor watched them.

"You know, you've been standing there for a while," Discord turned to him, "Something troubling you, my boy?"

"No… Not really… Maybe… Yes…?" Shining shrugged.

"Then why don't you tell us?" Fancy asked.

"Well… it's this making a vow of everlasting love…"

Discord stopped him by putting a finger to his mouth, "Ah, don't say another word." The next thing Shining knew, he was on a psychiatrist's couch while Discord acted like a psychologist, wearing glasses and having a note pad out. "Now then, what sort of doubts are you experiencing?"

"It's just… I'm questioning myself if I'm even worthy to say such a vow to a princess who deserves better… Cadence says I'm worthy and believes in me, but I'm afraid I'll fail her in the end…"

"Dude," Soarin' shook his head, "you're not the only one who's felt this way…"

"It's true," said Cheese. "When we were courting our girls, we weren't sure if we were worthy of them because they had to marry some rich count or other."

"But when they took us down to underground kingdom, they proved to us that we were worthy of them and that they wanted to love us without the feeling of hiding from anything." said Spike.

"And when they got kidnapped, we were more afraid of failing when trying to get them back." said Flash.

"I'm not going to lie," said Discord when taking off the glasses. "I don't envy that you have to confess your love for the whole world to hear."

"How is that helping?" Fancy glared.

"Yeah, don't make the poor guy more nervous than he already is!" Spike gestured.

"You didn't let me finish. I do not like the idea of proving my love to the whole world, but if it was for Fluttershy, I would do it in a heartbeat."

"Whoa…" gaped Flash.

"Yeah, 'whoa'. I know the rest of you are thinking, too, that as long as it's for the one you love, you'll do just about anything, like Spike nearly dying to save his girl or how Shiny turned himself into a Breezie. At this point, Shining Armor, you have two choices: remain as a Breezie or you can take the plunge and make that vow of everlasting love… So, what's it going to be?"

Shining sighed and stood up, "While it's easier to turn yourself into a Breezie than it is to confess your love out loud… but… it's more important to your love to make a vow that will give her true happiness…" he made a smile.

Discord smacked his back, causing him to fall over, "Atta boy!"

"So, do you need any help when making this vow of everlasting love?" Soarin' asked.

"That would be most appreciated…" Shiny said as he got back on his feet. "I could use all the help I can I get…"

"Hey," Flash took his hoof and shook it. "We're there for you."

Shining returned the shake until they heard an ahem and turned to see Princess Luna at the door.

"Lulu!" said Discord. "Don't you know you're supposed to knock before entering a stallion's dressing room?!"

Luna just rolled her eyes, as did so many of the other guys, before she addressed them, "Pardon my intrusion, but I request the captain."

Shining arched a brow, but gave a bow and said, "Of course, Your Majesty." He started leaving the room and turned back to the guys, saying, "Have a good time." He left, following after the princess.

They went to Princess Luna's chambers and Shining was surprised, for he was never invited into one of the higher members of the royal family's rooms before.

"You are probably wondering why I called you here." said Luna as she faced away from him.

This worried him a little and spoke, "If I had offended you in some way, Your Highness…"

"You have not offended me… yet. No, I just want to know where you stand… Shining Armor…" she faced him this time.

"Stand? I am not a traitor, if that's what you're asking!"

"I am not talking about being a traitor to your country, but rather being a traitor to the heart…"

"The… heart?"

"When you came back from your adventures across Equestria, I asked you if you had a marefriend or wife. You answered 'no', but there was someone you wanted for your special some pony. It was my daughter you were thinking about, wasn't it?"

Shining froze as to how the Princess of the Night managed to figure that out. He tried to read her face, but she wasn't giving off any hint of pleasure or displeasure. He took a breath and said firmly, "Yes." He braced himself for what would happen.

"How did you two meet?"

He kept a straight face when answering, "When we were young, we met in the gardens. I was watching the royal guard when I came across her. We became friends from that day forward."

Luna said nothing as she moved around him as if inspecting him. Shining didn't move a muscle and he didn't let the fear he was feeling inside come to the surface. Finally, she spoke, "I understand from my sister that you have been willing to turn into a Breezie for Cadence's sake and that only a vow of everlasting love can break my daughter's curse… You are the one chosen to make such a vow…"

"Your Majesty…" Shining quickly bowed, "…if you believe I am unworthy to make a vow like that to your daughter, then say the word. I shall not go against it…" Luna was about to say something when he kept speaking, "But I made a promise to her and myself that I will make the vow of everlasting love… And I that is something I intend to keep…"

He looked up and was surprised to see Luna smiling, "You almost had me fooled there, Captain… For a minute there, I thought I was going to be disappointed in you, but when you proclaimed about making the vow of everlasting love no matter what, it shows me how truly loyal you are to my daughter…"

He gaped at this statement.

She giggled, "Don't look so surprised, for this was a test to prove your reliability. One I am pleased to say you passed with flying colors."

He found himself beaming.

"But don't think this doesn't mean I'll stop worrying about my darling having heartbreak."

He shook his head, "No, madam. Every parent feels that way."

"But so far, you have provided the happiness my daughter has hadn't had in a long time. Therefore, you have my respect."

"I am honored…" he bowed his head.

She smiled, then cleared her throat, showing off her serious face. Shining stood in attention, both returning to their professional roles, "Thank you, Captain. You may retire to your quarters. It'd be best if you do, for Princess Cadence will be with me for the rest of the night. Is that understood?"

"Perfectly, Your Highness."

"Then you may go." he started to turn when Luna said, "Oh, and once this curse business is over, I expect to see a ring on my daughter's horn…"

He turned back to her in shock and saw her winking. He gave a quick nod and rushed out, not noticing the princess's stifling laughter.

The golden ballroom shimmered as the couples danced on its floor. The girls wore the same dresses they wore the night they showed the guys their special magical world.

Rarity had her hooves around her lover's neck, "This brings back memories…"

"It most certainly does…" Fancy agreed and they kept twirling.

Flash was amazed how stunning his wife was looking, "I still can't get over the fact about how incredible you look…"

"You can thank Rarity for that… and you don't look so bad yourself…" she batted her eyes.

He gulped.

"You know, Flash… as long as everyone is busy dancing, we could sneak away…" she gave a flirtatious smile.

He stared into her violet eyes and immediately felt entranced. She had him.

He did a small nod and she led him out.

When the music came to a stop and everyone clapped, Pinkie jumped up, declaring, "Best anniversary ever!"

They gave out a great cheer until Rainbow realized, "Uh… Any pony seen Twilight?"

"Come to think of it… Where's Sentry?" Discord pointed.

Everyone just shrugged and gave unsure looks.

Cadence had been on the rooftop of the castle when she had seen Twilight and Flash leaving on the boat and going in the cave. All she could do was smile and think, Told ya you would find the right time… Now she was at the pavilion feeling her mother's magic all around her. It reminded her of her mother's warm embrace when she was very little.

"Do you like it?" a gentle voice said.

She turned around to see her mother coming down to her.

Cadence beamed and replied, "I love it. It warms my heart that you did this for them when they were about face a difficult choice…"

"Well, only at your aunt's request, but I was happy to offer my services."

Cadence sighed, "I wish I had been there to help them… Maybe I could have saved them from be taken…"

Luna wrapped her wing around her daughter, "Who knows for certain? Had you been here… Had I warned Celestia sooner…"

"We shall never know. The best thing we can do is keep moving forward…"

Luna chuckled, "You always were wise beyond your years, my darling…"

Cadence smiled, "Because of you…"

"Perhaps, but it makes me glad you were bright enough to choose a stallion that knew how to commit."

"Aw, Mom… Wait…" her eyes widened, "How did you…?"

"That the Captain of the Royal Guard is your very special some pony? I saw you two last night on Marendelle's beaches…"

"Oh, Mother…" she hung her head, "I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how you would have reacted."

"I suppose in truth, I would have overprotective, but since you two were friends first before falling in love, I am glad."

"Yes, it wasn't until recently I learned he loved me and I loved him."

"He does love you very much…"

"How… How would you know that?"

"I… may have had a chat with him before coming to see you…"

"Oh, Mother… please tell me you didn't…"

"If you're worried I scared him away, fret not. He put up a brave front and stood his ground like the good soldier that he is."

"He… He did…?"

"Yes, you would have been very proud. I only wanted to make sure that his heart to you was true."

"Oh, Mom, I could have I told you that."

"Nevertheless, I just wanted to be sure. The last thing I want is your unhappiness, since you've already been through so much…"

Cadence went in for a hug and Luna embraced it.

"He's a good stallion that one. Wouldn't surprise me if he presents you with a diamond ring after the spell has been broken."

Cadence blushed bright red, "M-Mother!"

"Well, that's what you want, isn't it?"

"Well, yes… but I can't force him!"

Luna smirked, "Which is why I took the liberty to 'hint' at him for a proposal soon."

"You didn't!" she groaned, "You did… Mom, why did you do that?!"

"Is it too much to say I want grandchildren?" Luna said innocently.

Cadence look at her in annoyance, "Must you have everything Auntie Celestia has?"

"But of course!"

Cadence could only shake her head.

"Now, let's figure out how your captain can make this vow of everlasting love to you."

"Oh, Mother, he has to prove it to the world! How can he do that?"

"Hmm… an interesting problem to be sure… What you need is a large gathering of sorts…"

"A large gathering?"

"A gathering of ponies that come far and wide from different parts of Equestria."

"But what could…" Suddenly, she realized, "The Grand Galloping Gala! Of course! It's a huge gathering and an important one at that! Oh, Mother, thank you!" she kissed her cheek.

Luna chuckled, "You're quite welcome, my darling."

"I have to tell Shiny and Twilight!"

"You can do all that tomorrow. Right now, let us enjoy our time together while there is still time."

"Aw, Mother, just because I love Shining Armor doesn't mean I love you any less…"

"I know… but it's feels I am about to lose you forever this time…" she said with a near tear in her eye.

"Never…" she wrapped her wing around her. "You will always be my mother."

"And you will always be my daughter, despite what others may think…"

"I may have been born differently from most ponies, but as long as I had some pony to take of care of me and love me, that's all that really counts."

Mother and daughter had another embrace.