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Daughter of the Moon - CartoonNerd12

The sequel to The Midnight Dance and Sweet Pea. The sisters set out to break their cousin, Cadence's curse.

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Chapter 8

Soarin' was at the derby checking up on Spitfire and the other Wonderbolts.

"Back already?" Spitfire lifted her shades down in surprise, "Didn't we just see you a week ago?"

"You did, but I'm in a bind and so are my brothers-in-law. We need to find the right anniversary presents for our wives."

"Seriously? You've been married with Princess Rainbow Dash for nearly seven years and still you don't know what to get her?!"

"Hey, it's not as easy as you think it is! Rainbow always gets me these meaningful gifts that say I'm the best at everything, and what do I get her? Equipment to help her fly better… What does that say about what kind of husband I am?"

Fleetfoot flew in, "Hey, I wouldn't mind my husband giving me exercise equipment."

"That is, if you were actually married… Now, get back to your laps, commander!" the captain yelled.

Fleetfoot saluted and flew back to the derby course.

"Look, Soar, I don't think your princess is going care about what you get her. If you guys aren't having any problems, then why worry about it? Sounds like she's happy with whatever you do for her."

"I hope you're right… Still, I'm going to give 110% to find her the greatest present ever!"

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes. "It's coming out of your salary…"

On the streets, street vendors were selling all sorts of things: jewelry, stuff animals, books, etc.

The girls were hoping aimlessly for anything that might've struck them as the perfect gift for their husbands. They gave up looking in the Canterlot's department stores and began searching in the marketplace.

On the other side of the streets, the boys were hoping for the same thing.

Cheese was trying on a few wigs from a wig and hat stand. A grey earth pony with dark grey hair and wore square glasses stood behind the stand.

Discord, in his pony disguise, called out, "Hey, Cheese! Over here!"

Cheese called out, "Coming!" He turned to the stallion, "Pardon me, my good colt." He took his leave.

Rarity was admiring some of the dresses on display at a dress stand. She turned to the pony, who was cream-colored and had a light blue mane, and said to her, "Did you make these yourself?"

"Oh, yes…" the mare blushed.

"They're absolutely exquisite! Tell me, did you hoof-stitched them or used the sewing machine?"

"Oh, I-"

"Coco!" shouted a pink coated mare that had three buttons for a cutie mark. "What did I tell you about giving away our secrets?!"

The young mare winced and stuttered, "To not to…"

"Good, now get me some coffee!"

Coco quickly went to obey.

Rarity was sad for the filly, but then the mare shouted at her, "And what are you staring at?!"

Rarity huffed and lifted her head high, "Well, I never!" She trotted away, thinking, She's quite lucky that I'm gracious enough to not call the guards on her for being rude to royalty!

Back at the castle, Twilight and Flash walked down the hallway in silence. Then she broke it.

"Listen, about your present…"

"Don't worry about it…"

"Thanks, but it's just the girls were pretty worried they weren't going to get anything. That's why they came along on this trip other than offering support."

Flash laughed, "Them, too? The guys are freaking out because they don't know what to give!"

They both laughed.

Twilight suggested, "Should we tell them?"

"Nah, we'll let them figure out on their own."

She shook her head until a voice called out that made Flash froze.

"Twilight!" Shining Armor came up to them, "I'm so glad you're here! Can we talk?"

Twilight nervously chuckled, remembering that she promised Cadence that Shining couldn't see her as she was. "Of course. Let's go outside." She turned to her husband, "I won't be gone long."

"Oh, don't worry me, I've… got some things to do."

She kissed his cheek, "I love you." She went off with Shining Armor.

Flash touched his cheek and inner turmoil went through him. Come on, do you really feel you have to spy on them? She just kissed your cheek and told you 'I love you'. Why must you spy? I'm not spying. I'm… simply watching out for her, just like Zecora advised, you know that… I'm just making sure that no advances are being made on her that she doesn't want and I'll be able to come to her rescue! That settles it. I'm going to get my cloak!

He did just that.

Meanwhile in the streets, Fluttershy was looking over china plates.

No, Discord hates anything symmetrical…

She kept on looking until she bumped into a grey pony with jet black hair, "Oh, please excuse me."

"You're excused." the pony said without looking at her.

That voice… she thought, Where have I heard it before… She then asked the pony, "Um, I'm terribly sorry, but could you turn around for me?"

The pony sighed, "Oh, alright, what is it you…" his eyes widened from seeing the mare in front of him, "Fluttershy?"

"Discord?" she looked into his eyes.

"What are you doing out here?" they both asked.

"Aren't you supposed to be at the spa?"

"Well, I didn't expect for you to be shopping."

He started sweating, "Well, you see, I um…" he groaned, "Oh, there's no use hiding it any longer… We've been married for so long that you know when I'm telling a lie…"

She wore a small smile, being pleased with this fact.

"Darling, I've been trying to find the right anniversary present for you…"

"What? Discord, I've been trying to find the right anniversary present, too!"

"Say what?! But-but-but you don't have to get me anything! You letting me use my powers is more than enough!"

"But you deserve to have something like all those wonderful presents you give to me!"

"Wonderful?!" he said in disbelief, "But dearest, those gifts are hardly fit for a beautiful mare that has given me everything I need in life!"

There was awkward silence until they started laughing.

"All… this… time…" Fluttershy said between giggles.

Discord laughed, "If we had just told the other, the gifts we gave would be good enough!"

They laughed some more until it died down and they embraced each other.

"So… I take the boys…?"

"And… the girls…?"

"Let's go find them."

Moments later, they were at a café laughing off what had come to pass.

"Oh, Fancy… how foolish I was to think…"

"No, don't say another word. I know exactly what you mean…"

"Ohh…" she leaned on his shoulder.

Spike said, "But AJ, those gems you give me, they're all I need…"

"But you go through such extremes. I feel so bad for not getting anything better…"

"I go through extremes to prove that it's you I'll always love…"

She smirked, "You don't have to prove anything… just you being by my side is enough…" She moved him in for a smooch.

Pinkie pointed out, "But your parties are always the best!"

"Not when your delicious yummy treats always give a party in my stomach!"

"Oh, Cheesy!" She got him in a tight hug.

Rainbow gestured, "But how could you think that the lousy medals I give you are better than equipment?"

"Because they're so awesome like you are… And the best I can come up with is exercise stuff? No… I had to find something better for you."

She shook her head, "Soarin, Soarin, I should be the one finding something better for you… You hardly can perform in the Wonderbolts anymore because of me! You gave up so much just to be with me! I don't deserve that… I know how much you miss performing… I ruined your dream… I'm so sorry…" She released a few tears, only to feel her chin being lifted and found herself face-to-face with a smiling husband.

"My dream didn't get ruined… Yes, it was my dream to perform in the Wonderbolts, but you know what made that dream a reality?"

She shook her head, feeling confused.


She gaped.

"Yes, it was you. When we met, I was just a water boy working my way up, but when we met, you gave me the inspiration I needed to become a Wonderbolt… Remember that day you brought Blueblood to the derby? How I told you I lost the will to fly because I thought I had to let you go? You are my reason to fly, Rainbow Dash, and you always will be… It's because of you I became a Wonderbolt, and I'm even happier that we got married… I get to have this awesome mare as my wife. My inspiration, my love…"

She couldn't take it anymore as she grabbed him up to kiss him.

They broke apart when they heard crying and saw Pinkie having waterfall tears coming out. She shouted out, "That is so beautiful!"

Fancy nodded his head, "Reminds me why I worked hard became Head Butler…"

Rarity looked at him in confusion, "What do you mean?"

He smiled, "It was because of you, of course, so I can be near to you…"

She had her hooves to her mouth while tears were welling, and then she cried, "Oh, darling!" She snatched him up to kiss.

Spike smirked, "And I seem to recall some pony was jealous because she couldn't get my attention…"

"For the last time, I was not jealous! I was… just trying to help you out before you got hurt. That's all there is to it."

"Right…" Then out of nowhere, he stole a kiss, which she gladly returned.

"And I felt the most settled in Canterlot when I saw you throwing that party for all the townsfolk…" Cheese explained.

"I'm so glad you stayed!"

"So do I…" They moved in for a kiss.

Discord, being back to his old self, caressed Fluttershy's cheek, "And let's not forgot why I came to love you…"

"I couldn't help it. No pony deserves to live in stone."

"But no pony else would let a creature like me out. You are special that way. I remember it so well… You found my statue in the garden and you asked your mother why it was there until she admitted that I was flesh in the stone. You were appalled by the thought of a living creature being stuck in stone, so you begged for your mother for my release and that you could help me. She warned you that I couldn't be trusted and that if it didn't work, then I had to go back to being stone. But you were so determined that you didn't care, so your mother had no choice but to release me. When I was out, I naturally caused a few little problems…"

"Few?!" Rainbow yelled.

"A little?!" Applejack scowled.

"Okay, okay, a lot of problems! So I rained chocolate rain on a couple of parades and turned the roads to soap, no big deal…" The glances he received said otherwise, "Anyway," he turned back to his wife, "you were trying so hard to appeal to my better nature. Unfortunately, I was a force to be reckoned with. It wasn't until you suggested a dinner party for my improved behavior that your sisters still found me untrustworthy, but you stood up for me and you… called me your friend… I never had a friend before… but when you offered your friendship… I couldn't believe it… After that, with each passing day, I couldn't get you out of my mind. I didn't know it, but I was falling in love with you…" He used his tail to have her face him and she blushed. "Thank you, my love… for setting me free… and for making me into something better…"

"Oh, Discord…" She had tears gloss her eyes as she leaned forward and they both kissed.

"Aww…" the group gushed.

Then Rainbow frowned and said, "So… what are we supposed to do for our anniversary now?"

"Hmmm…" they all pondered, trying to figure out the answer.

Rarity stood and proclaimed, "We can sort out later. Right now, let's enjoy each other's company and this gorgeous day here in Canterlot. In fact… there is an opera performing tonight!"

"Opera?" Rainbow and Applejack said and went, "Blech!"

Discord said, "I agree." He made a gag, "Blech!"

"Oh, come now! It'll be fun! But first, we must shop for the proper attire!" She took her husband's arm and shouted out, "Follow me!"

The others groaned behind her.

Twilight and Shining Armor sat by the roses. To him, it was a painful reminder of the mare he longed to see again.

He started, "Twilight… the reason I wanted to talk was because I can't hold it back anymore…"

"Oh, Shiny… it's not your fault… you can't help but feel this way… You're in love and it can't be returned to you… I know it's hard, but you've got to wait a little longer. It'll turn out all right in the end. Just like when we were kids…"

"Yeah… we sure had some great times together, didn't we?"

"The best times."

"Hey, remember 'Monster Trackers'?"

"Oh, I loved that game! We studied from the Monster Encyclopedia and then we would go looking for monsters that were from the book."

"I was trying so hard to beat you."

"No way! I was trying so hard to beat you!"

"Wow… all that time… You really have changed a lot since you were a filly. I can't believe you grew up into this amazing mare and I wasn't there to see it…"

"Stop being so hard on yourself. You had to go do your duty for Equestria. Sure, I wished you were around more, but I'm very proud of you of the things you've accomplished in the past."

They hugged, which caused a pegasus under an invisibility cloak to feel like it was hard to breath. He heard everything, and that made his heart hurt even more. He leaned back, unaware of the rose thorns until they poked him, causing him to scream out.

"What was that?" Twilight questioned as she looked behind the bush. She saw no one there until she heard someone griping in pain, "Who's there?! Show yourself!"

Uh-oh… Flash gulped.

"I mean it! Show yourself or else…" her horn glowed.

Flash knew then he had no choice but to reveal himself. Slowly, he took off the cloak and saw the hurt in his wife's eyes.

The opera house was jammed packed. The girls were wearing midnight blue dresses and had their manes either up or braided, and the boys wore black tuxedos with top hats and capes. They all sat in the royal box seats.

Rainbow said, "Remind me again how we got dragged into this?"

Discord pointed, "No kidding. Operas are long and boring." He faked a yawn.

Fluttershy said to her husband, "Now, Discord, at least try it. You might actually like it."

"I highly doubt that…" he grumbled.

Pinkie gestured, "Fluttershy's right! In operas, you get to hear all kinds of different languages singing!"

"You mean we wouldn't be able to understand any of it?!" spouted Rainbow.

"That settles it," Discord summoned a sleep mask. "Wake me when it's over."

"Same goes for me." AJ got comfortable in the seat and laid her head back.

"Now, really!" said Rarity, "This is the finest example of the performing arts! It has wonderful cultural value!"

But they weren't listening, for they pretended to sleep and snored away.

"Humph!" she pouted, but then smiled when she heard the music start, which sound like "Ride of the Valkyries", and the curtain went up.

When the opera was over, the group headed back to the castle.

"No more operas! I can't take ponies singing something I don't understand!" Rainbow said, "Though that sword fighting in the middle was pretty awesome."

"See, if we hadn't gone to the opera, you would have missed out on something exciting!" Rarity declared.

And when they entered the castle, they heard Twilight shouting, "…WHY DID YOU SPY ME?!"

Flash retorted, "I DIDN'T SPY!"

Discord pointed out, "Sounds like we were missing something exciting, anyway…" he grinned. They quickly found the room Twilight and Flash were in and watched the fight from the door.

"YES, YOU DID! You used the invisibility cloak to spy on me and Shining Armor!"

"I spied because I cared!"

"Ha! So you do admit you were spying!"

He sputtered, "Well, I was… Ugh!"

"So again I ask: why were you spying on me?!"

"To protect you!"

"Protect me? From what?!"

"From Shining Armor!"

"What?! Shining Armor would never hurt me! What in Equestria would make you think he ever would?!

"You know perfectly well! You two always hang around each other, talking about how you knew each other! I heard the two of you! He's impressed by you and you are so pleased with his achievements that I can't help but feel that you care for him more than you do for me!"

"That is ridiculous! Shining Armor and I are friends!"

"Then why have you never told me about him before?! To me, it's obvious you two used to be a thing!"

"What?! That's not true!"

"What else could there be?!"

"I… Ugh! You know what? If you're not willing to listen to what I have to say, then maybe this was all a big mistake!" She ran to the door in tears and ran past her sisters.

"Twilight! Wait! That's not…" he moaned.

Applejack told her sisters, "Come on, y'all. We better go comfort our sister…"

They nodded as they went after Twilight.

Flash sighed to the guys, "I messed up big time, didn't I?"

Without hesitation, they said, "Yup."

Flash groaned, "I deserved that…"

"The best thing you can do right now is leave her alone until she calms down." said Spike.

"And it would be wise to reflect on your actions, too…" suggested Fancy Pants.

"Yeah, you're right…" Flash went out the door to the outside.

Once he was out of sight, Discord said, "So, who's up for playing matchmaker?"

"What are you…?" Soarin' started, but got hushed by the draconequus's finger.

"Just follow my lead…" He grinned mischievously, causing the guys to give worried looks.

Twilight and the girls were back in their old room from the time they were kids to the time they were supposed to meet suitors.

She cried in her pillow as Rarity rubbed her back and Fluttershy stroked her mane. Pinkie, Applejack, and Rainbow were by the bedside watching on in sympathy.

Discord then popped in and said, "Oh, come now, dry those tears… He's not worth it."

Fluttershy scolded, "Discord, this isn't the time…"

Spike came in, "Well, he's got a point. Any pony that willing to spy on their wife is not fit to be a husband."

"Spike…" AJ said under her breath.

"Quite so." agreed Fancy and Cheese and Soarin' nodded.

Their wives looked at them in confusion and Rarity thought, What are you boys up to?

Twilight yelled and faced them with teared-up eyes, "This isn't about spying! It's about him not trusting me enough!"

Discord popped at her side, "You are so right! So you know what you should do…?" Then, he began a song cue, "Forget about that guy… Forget about the way you fell into his eyes… Forget about his charms… Forget about the way he held you in his arms… Walking on air's obnoxious! The thrills, the chills, will make you nauseous… And you'll never get enough… Just forget about love!"

Twilight crossed her arms and turned away from him, going off the bed. He winked to the guys and Spike took over.

"Forget about romance… Forget about the way your heart begins to dance…" Discord pulled a fast one by giving her a rose and having Flash's reflection in a mirror softly calling her name.

Then, Soarin' flew to take the rose and sang while Twilight followed him to the balcony, "Then you feel the blush when he's spouting out some sentimental mush!"

She stopped to see Flash in despair over by the fountain. Slowly, she her heart went out to him. Cheese then sang, "Love really is revolting! It's even worst then when you're molting!"

The boys sang, "Enough of this fluff! Just forget about love!"

Twilight sang out, "I had almost forgotten the way it felt when he held his hoof for mine… My heart all a-flutter…"

Discord sang, "Oh, how I shudder!"

"The first time we kissed!"

Spike sang, "It won't be missed! Forget about his touch…"

"I can't forget about his touch!" she started going back inside.

Fancy sang, "In the scheme of things it doesn't matter much…"

"It matters so much!"

"You're better on your own…" Soarin' sang.

Cheese sang, "A meal becomes a banquet when you eat alone!"


They all sang together, "Love's filled with compromises!"

Making their way outside, Spike sang, "And don't you hate those big surprises?"

"A cozy rendezvous…"

"Oh, please!" Discord sang while creating fireflies around Twilight.

"Candlelight for two…"

"Oh, geez!" Cheese sang.

"Look you're calling my bluff! I can't…"

They sang, "Just forget about love!"

The fireflies went around Flash and he saw Twilight coming towards him. He quickly started to say, "Twilight, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen. I-" Twilight hushed him and started singing.

"I can't forget about my heart…"

He smiled and sang, "I can't forget about my heart…"

"And how it felt to fall for you right from the start…"

"I'm still falling…"

"Whatever we may do…"

"Whatever we may do…"

"You are here from me, and I'll be there for you!"

"I'll be there…"

They sang together, "To wish, to want, to wander… To find the sun through rain and thunder!"

Flash sang, "A cozy rendezvous…"

"Yes, please!"

"Candlelight for two…"

The crowd watching them smiled and sang, "Oh, geez! Enough is enough!"

The couple sang back, "We can't, forget about love…" They slowly went in for a kiss.

Author's Note:

Forget about Love, my favorite song from Aladdin and the Return of Jafar... Sighs...