• Published 7th Apr 2015
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Daughter of the Moon - CartoonNerd12

The sequel to The Midnight Dance and Sweet Pea. The sisters set out to break their cousin, Cadence's curse.

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Chapter 5

"Break a curse?" Discord questioned while rattling a rattle at Screw Ball on a blanket. "I may have extraordinary powers, but I am not a miracle worker." he baby-talked to his daughter, "Isn't that right, Screwy?" He gave her a tickle and she giggled.

"Are you serious? With all that mumbo-jumbo you have there, you can't break a single spell?!" yelled AJ.

"For starters, Honest Applejack, magic has rules even mine, not to mention that magic always comes with a price. For example, I was imprisoned in stone for a very long time for the use of my chaos magic. And let's not forget your daddy's curse. There was no way I would've been able to break that much darkness surrounding him. In fact, I think my powers cause curses instead of breaking them."

"So there really isn't anything you can do?" questioned Twilight.

"What I know is that a curse can only be undone by the person that cast the curse in the first place, or that the spell can be reversed through a powerful alternative."

"You mean like our act of true love to our father?" asked Twilight.


"So now what do we do?" Applejack questioned as they walked down the hallway after leaving Discord.

"Well…" Twilight thought it over, "…Cadence will be living with us for a while, so we best find a safe place for her to sleep until I can find a way to break her spell. Each of us will take a turn watching her."

"I reckon Fluttershy should be the first since she knows all about Breezies and with Cadence being one…"

"Actually, I was hoping I would get first watch, mainly so I can study her cursed form and find anything to help us out." Another reason that she wanted to watch Cadence was because she wanted to talk to her about Shining Armor and how he'd been looking for her ever since he came home. Twilight was the only one who knew about their relationship growing over the years and that she was Pinkie promised by Cadence not to tell the other girls or their parents about Shining Armor sneaking in to see Cadence.

"Whatever you think is best. You are, after all, the next queen." AJ winked.

Twilight shook her head, "I may be queen after Mother and Father have gone, but I couldn't rule the kingdom without all of you. But I tell you, sometimes I wonder if they made the right choice…"

"How so?"

"By birthright, Fluttershy and Rarity are the eldest, so the crown should have gone to them instead."

"Maybe, but Fluttershy would have gotten stressed from the constant attention, and Rarity, as organized as she is, would get stressed, too, if the demands were too much for her. As for me, I can keep a level head, but sitting around when things can get done already, I don't have the patience for that, you know that. Same can said for Rainbow, not to mention she's got a short fuse, and Pinkie… need I say more…?"

Twilight giggled.

"What I'm saying, sugar cube, is I can speak for the rest of us that we're glad that Mom and Dad chose you to take over for them… You may be our little sister, but you're what keeps us together and knows what to do if things take a turn for the worst. We need you."

Twilight was touched and wrapped her hoof around her older sis. "Thanks Applejack. That means a lot to me."

"Aw, shucks, twas nothing. Now, I believe we got a cousin that needs your help more than anything at this point."

Twilight nodded her head in determination.

Once she told the plan to the rest of her sisters, they agreed and Fluttershy quickly thought of using a birdhouse as Cadence's sleeping quarters. Cadence went into the house as Twilight took her back to her apartment. She showed her cousin where she and Flash slept and where their son slept. She also showed the kitchen and small dining area. Twilight then set the birdhouse on top of a small bookcase.

"This is such a nice place you have, Twilight."

"Thank you, but I have some great news to tell you!"

"Really?! What is it? Did you find a way to break the spell?!" she said with hopeful eyes.

"Uh, no, but it's just as great!" she smiled, "Shining Armor has returned!"

"Shiny?! My Shiny?! Here?"

"Well, he's back in Canterlot, but he's been wondering where you are and wants to find to you!"

"Oh…" tears started welling in her eyes, "Oh, my Shiny… I thought… he's forgotten all about me…"

"Are you kidding?! He couldn't stop thinking about you! It was always, 'Where's Cadence?' or 'How can I find her?'. It was enough to make your heart ache for the guy!"

At that point, Flash was about to go into the room when he overheard Twilight's voice.

"That Shining Armor… He always was a goofball, but for him to show pure devotion like that… I can't help but admire him…"

Flash stiffened.

"…Who knew he had such passion that makes your heart melt…?"

That did it for him as he slowly stepped away from the door and ran off.

Twilight pointed, "It's quite obvious how he feels for you…"

Cadence couldn't believe what she was hearing. It was amazing that her Shiny would care that much for her. She felt so much joy overwhelming her.

In a tree-hut of the Everfree Forest close to the castle, a pegasus was feeling dread.

A zebra watched him pace back and forth, telling her of his worries.

Zecora proclaimed, "Your tale of woe upsets me so. No wonder you are down. A new stallion has come to town."

"What am I going to do, Zecora? I'm going to lose her!"

"Not so, my worried friend. This relationship you can mend."

"How so? I'm really on edge here."

"Your wife has a past with this stallion. Of his intentions, it is uncertain. If he is a flirtatious sir, watch how he functions around her… At the first sign of trouble, be there on the double."

"You bet I will!"

"But you must have faith in your beloved miss. Trust is essential to marital bliss. If she truly loves you, nothing will come to pass. She'll never give up her marriage for something crass."

Flash gulped. It's not that he didn't trust Twilight. He trusted her for all their years of being married, but when he heard what she said about Shining Armor, it made him questioned her fidelity. But on the other hoof, Shining Armor was always the one who would come and talk to her. Perhaps he was the one who could not be trusted and cast a spell on his wife to make her think about those things towards Shining. Zecora had said to keep a close eye on him, but how could he do that? Unless he made himself invisible then- It hit him! He had almost forgotten all about the invisibility cloak that Zecora gave him seven years ago! It was the perfect way to keep an eye on the captain and Twilight if they went off somewhere together.

A smirk spread across his face, which Zecora gave a confused look to.

He said as he was backing towards the door, "Thanks for everything, Zecora, but I have to get back now."

"It was good to see you again, my heroic friend."

"And I can't thank you enough for the cloak. I really am grateful you gave it to me when you did. Well, see ya!" He bumped against the wall before running out the door.

Zecora had a concerned look on her face as she started mixing herbs in her cauldron, "One can hope that he will not make any mistakes or his heart won't be the only one that breaks…"

While Twilight was still busy with Cadence, the other girls were in the throne room busy planning to figure what the best anniversary surprise could be this year.

"They always give the better presents!" said Rainbow, "Soarin' gave me an exercise machine a couple of years ago to help me with my wing-ups, and all I gave him was a ribbon that said 'Best Wonderbolt' on it…" she slumped.

"I know," gestured Rarity. "Last year, I gave Fancy a new suit and he gave me this gorgeous diamond necklace and matching bracelet! I felt so ashamed for giving him something so little…"

"Oh… Discord gives me such lovely presents for me and the animals while I just let him use his chaotic powers because I don't know what else to give him…" Fluttershy gave a sad face.

"For our first anniversary, Spike went on a dangerous quest for me just to pick a golden apple he knew I would love and all I got for him were gems… It makes me feel rotten that he went through all the trouble for me and all I had to offer was something for him that he eats all the time…" Applejack sighed.

"Yeah! And Cheesy gives me a super-duper party while all I give him is treats! But not this year! I'm going to give him something extra special and as we all will!"

"Let's get right to it! As long as Cadence is taken care of, we can quickly figure out a surprise that will blow their horseshoes off!" exclaimed Rainbow.

The girls huddled as they put their heads together.

The boys, except Flash, were in Spike and Applejack's apartment. Screw Ball and Apple Jewel were in their cribs taking a nap while the guys were at the dining table playing cards.

"So, any ideas on what to get the girls?" asked Soarin', "Because I'm running out of ideas for what to get Rainbow for exercise equipment. She always gives me medals and ribbons, telling me I'm the best Wonderbolt or I'm the best husband or dad. I can't compete with that!"

"I hear you," said Spike, "AJ always gives me a bag full of gems or more. She always knows I need those gems and all I can get is gifts that aren't useful to her…"

"Rarity makes me things from her heart while I try endless to find a present to match her generous heart. I'm afraid I'll slip up someday." pointed Fancy.

"And Pinkie makes such yummy desserts that my parties aren't as good compared to her delicious goodies…"

"Fluttershy lets me use my chaotic powers to liven the day. No doubt she can't think of anything else to give me. That's not her fault; after all, I can summon anything I want with the snap of my fingers. But she allows me to be freer than the days after I was released from stone. All I can do is give her things she can use and for her pets, but I feel she deserves more than that…" Discord set the cards down and clapped his hands, "So boys, if you have any ideas, let's hear them!"

"Well, it seems that the girls give us gifts from the heart while we buy and get them things." said Spike.

"So, we need to give them something from our hearts!" said Cheese.

"The question is what?" pointed Fancy.

"Hmm…" they all pondered.

Discord then realized that some pony was missing, "Hey, where's Sentry? He usually has some good ideas."

"Don't know." Spike shrugged.

Soarin' said, "I went to go get him before meeting, but Twilight said he wasn't there."

Discord stroked his beard in thought, "Well then, we'll just have to bring him here…" he tapped his fingers and gave a mischievous grin.

Flash knew the cloak had to be kept safe from those who might use it for their own purposes like pranking, which Rainbow and Pinkie do, or if his son and his cousins got their hooves on it, then they could get in or cause trouble with it. Twilight and he kept it hidden in the castle where no one would find it. He went to the library and pulled back the chair, revealing the secret passage. He was about go in when he was suddenly poofed away and found himself in the presence of his brothers-in-law.

He glared at Discord, yelling, "You know you're not supposed to teleport any pony without permission!"

"Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, Flashy. We need your help in figuring out an anniversary surprise for the girls."

"Every year, the girls give us gifts that they give from the heart. We're trying to figure out how to do the same." explained Spike.

Flash thought how this was true, since Twilight always gave him a book that interested him while all he could give her was flowers… except this year, things may turn out differently if he didn't do something soon and that's why he had to get back to the library to get what he needed. He turned to the guys.

"Look, I would like to help out, really, but I got my own problems to deal with…"

"Like what?" Cheese asked.

"Let's just say…" he went to the door, "…that there might not be an anniversary for me to celebrate if I don't fix something…" He left, leaving the others confused.

Spike spoke, "What was that all about?"

Discord thought out loud, "Hmm, if I didn't know better, I would say that our next king and queen are having marital problems…"

The rest of the guys blinked before going, "Nah…"

Flash got back to where he started and looked around the secret room. Sometimes to hide something is to hide it in plain sight… Then, he bumped into the chair that was covered by the invisibility cloak. He took it off, revealing the chair, and he wrapped the cloak around himself, making him invisible. He took it off and sighed in relief, "It still works…"

Now all he had to do was wait for Shining Armor and Twilight to meet again and he would follow them, which may come sooner then he thought…