• Published 7th Apr 2015
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Daughter of the Moon - CartoonNerd12

The sequel to The Midnight Dance and Sweet Pea. The sisters set out to break their cousin, Cadence's curse.

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Chapter 9

"I'm sorry, Twilight… It's my fault for not telling you sooner…"

"It was my fault, too… I knew something was wrong, but I didn't make it my top priority to figure it out…"

They embraced until they heard a chuckle. They turned to face Shining Armor, who was sitting at the dining table with them.

"I just can't believe you would be jealous of me! Sure, Twilight's a great mare and all, but honestly, she's like the little sister I couldn't have…"

Twilight giggled, "It's true, and he was like the big brother the girls and I didn't have…"

"Wow…" Flash hoof-palmed, "I really was being an idiot…"

"But you're right: I should have told you about Shining Armor before, then this all could have been easily avoided. I guess the reason I never said anything about him was mainly because there was nothing to tell. Since he was never around, I didn't have to explain." Then she smirked, "You know… despite the spying… I am quite flattered that you would be jealous over a stallion that you thought was an old flame…"

He blushed, "Well, um… it was more like there was someone before me who held your heart first… I had hoped it was me who you loved first…"

"Oh, Flash…" she nuzzled him, "Of course you were… And you had obviously forgotten that we are true loves, destined to be forever…"

"Forever and ever!" pointed Pinkie across the table.

"By the way…" he said to the guys, "Thanks for the help back there… This wouldn't have been possible without you…"

"Hey, we husbands got to stick together." said Discord, "If one of us makes a mistake, we all do."

"How noble of you!" said Rarity.

"Yeah… just don't expect it to happen all the time…" Soarin' pointed.

The group laughed.

Upstairs, Luna and Cadence had finished telling each other all that had happened while Cadence was away.

Luna took out a photo out that had her, Celestia, and her nieces in it, without Cadence and Sombra. She said, "Things certainly weren't the same without you and your uncle…"


"But I kept every item you owned by my side, so I would always remember you, my darling daughter… like this precious item…" She took out a drawing and showed it to Cadence.

She giggled, "I remember, but I also remember the comment Twilight made about it. She said how it looked like a pig riding a donkey… I was upset at her for a whole week, mainly because… she was right…"

Luna chuckled, "It truly is wonderful to have you here again… I've missed your presence, my darling…"

"I missed you too, Mother… Now that I'm back, nothing can ever separate us again."

"I believe you are right…" she smiled down at her Breezie daughter, unaware that they were being watched.

A weak Tirek looked through his magic mist, which created an image of both mother and daughter reuniting after all these years.

"So they think…" Then he turned to a portrait of him and his brother Scorpan, "You really shouldn't have given away the last magic seed…This is your fault that things came to be… They wouldn't have to suffer so much had you not interfered…" He started throwing darts at his brother's side of the portrait. "Oh, how you begged and pleaded with me how you were helping a poor princess who wasn't able to have children of her own… But you betrayed me… You knew I needed those seeds to keep myself strong. I can only do so much to drain a pony's magic to keep myself alive… Now the girl is the only thing that has the power of the seed to give me what I need…"

He looked around his underground lair, "Once I have her, I can rise to power just as I have long ago… And nothing will stand in my way!"

"Uh, Master?" said a voice.

"What?!" he yelled, looking at the three earth ponies, who had just arrived and cringed when they heard his tone. They were the same ponies that were selling merchandise on the streets of Canterlot. It was the grey pony named Silver Shill who had spoken.

"Um… We couldn't find anything that you requested… sir…"

"It doesn't matter. Just keep an eye out for anything that might hail my interest…"

"Like a bunch of princesses that were out shopping?" Suri Polomare pointed out.

"The daughters of Celestia and Sombra?" Tirek questioned.

"That's them. Apparently, they were shopping for gifts for their husbands."

"Hm, no doubt they are all useless colts…"

"Some of them are, but would it interest you if one of them married a dragon and the other a weird creature?"

"Weird? How weird?"

"He has the body of all kinds of different animals and the power to shift-shape, because he was a pony at first before I saw him turning into that thing."

"Interesting… What you have described is a creature I once thought was beaten and imprisoned… He could be quite useful in the near future…"

"But isn't he going to be working for the other side?" Silver Shill asked.

"Oh, I'm sure with a little persuasion… he'll come immediately to our side…" Tirek calculated, "And this could work very well with our plans…" He thought, Though it's really my plan… These ponies serve a purpose for now, but once I've gained back my full power, I will have no use for them anymore… He mentally chuckled to himself.

His first minion, Suri Polomare, sought him out to get on top and she was willing to hurt anyone who stood in the way. The second minion, Coco Pommel, was Suri's assistant. She had a bad life and Tirek promised to make that life better for her. And the third, Silver Shill, came to him by accident and he tried to trick Tirek, but couldn't get away with it. Now he had to offer servitude to repay for what he had done. The three of them were his eyes and ears in the above world and would perform errands at Tirek's bidding.

"What should we do now, Master?" questioned Suri.

"Wait. Wait and see what happens next. Then report to me what you've discovered."

The trio nodded and said, "Yes, Master…" They turned to go, leaving Tirek to watch the Princess of the Night and her cursed daughter.

Luna said, "I have something for you…" She went to go retrieve a box and opened it, revealing a small golden crown with a purple jewel in the middle. Cadence gasped at the sight of it as Luna explained, "It was supposed to be a present for your sixteenth birthday… but because of, well… I couldn't give it to you. But maybe now, with your cousin figuring a way to break the spell, you can finally be able to wear it, as it is your birthright…"

"Oh, Mother… it's beautiful…"

"It is. I can't wait for the day I'll be able to place it upon your head."

She smiled as they kept talking.

The sisters and their husbands were making their way to their rooms just as they were walking up the steps.

Pinkie asked Twilight, "Well, what we do now for our anniversary?"

"Um… I'm not sure, since gift exchange doesn't work anymore."

They slowly passed the girls' old room. Rarity noticed and pointed out, "You know, being in our old room bought back such wonderful memories… My favorite is finding the underground kingdom…"

"Hey, mine, too." said Rainbow.

"I'll be, so do I." said Applejack.

"Me, too! Me, too!" bounced Pinkie.

"My goodness," said Fluttershy. "That goes for me, too."

Twilight smiled, "It's my favorite, as well…" She opened the doors. They stepped into the room and went towards the cutie mark tiles.

"Do you think it still works?" questioned Rainbow.

"We'll soon see…" Twilight then stepped on Fluttershy's tile and a glow happened, causing the group to smile. She then stepped on the others and more glows happen. When she stepped on her tile, the portal opened up and the stairs appeared.

They exchanged glances and nodded. Twilight led the way and the rest followed.

Everything was just as they had left it seven years ago. The boat was still there, the gold and silver castle was there, the gold flowers were there, and the golden ballroom was still shining and pristine as ever.

Rarity gleamed at the sight and squealed, "Oh, it's still gorgeous!"

"Just like you…" Fancy whispered in her ear, causing her face to light up and gave him a big wet kiss.

The couples looked around as they remembered that special night together.

Spike and Applejack went to the front steps. Spike pointed, "As I recall, I was asking you why you wanted me here with you while your sisters had dates…"

She blushed.

"And that we almost had our first kiss…" he smirked.

"Darn tootin'! I still wish we had it right then and there…" she winked.

"Well, then…" he took her hoof, "would you like a do-over?"

"You betcha I would!" She leaned closer to him and puckered her lips.

He puckered his as well and they kissed.

Rainbow went to Twilight, "You know, Twi, being down here again has brought back that old-time romance we haven't felt in a very long time."

"It certainly has…" agreed Fluttershy.

The other sisters, including their husbands, randomly agreed.

"I know what you mean…" Twilight looked around. "The same thing happened when we came down here for the very first time because we forgot about all about our troubles from above."

"Too bad we can't spend our anniversary here. We could have recreated our first date!" said Pinkie, but as soon as she said that, she realized as they all did that it was a great idea!

The sisters gathered around their hyper sister, thanked her for the idea, and started making plans right away.

Shining Armor walked onto a balcony attached to his quarters and looked up to Princess Luna's moon. It seemed to shine brighter that night. He was unaware that the Princess of the Night was above him on another balcony and holding her Breezie daughter in her hoof as they watched the moon.

Cadence smiled at her mother's moon. When she was living with the other Breezies, she couldn't bear to look at the moon because it reminded her of her mother and all she had to leave behind. But now that she was back and by her mother's side, she could enjoy it again. She then looked down and had to hold her breath. He was there… Her tiny heart pounded furiously. She could see he was so handsome now and was no longer the skinny colt she once knew, but because of years in training, he had become more robust and gained more muscle.

Cadence felt like she was going to swoon, but remembering her mother was still there, she managed to keep her cool. Instead, she requested to her mother.

"Why don't you go back inside and check to make the night stays peaceful?"

"As much as I rather stay with you, you are right. I must attend to my duties… Stay here until I get back."

"I will."

Once Luna was gone, Cadence landed on the balcony rail to get a closer look and overheard her childhood sweetheart.

"Twilight sure is lucky… Having a husband that cares that much about her… Had that been me, I would have done the same… I won't give up, Cadence… No other mare has ever caught my eye like you have… We've been through everything together and I hope we do more together in the future… That is… if we ever see each other again…" He took out a ribbon.

She gasped, recognizing it was hers, You… You kept it…? All this time?

"I know I should probably move on… but the thing is… I can't… When I see your face before going to sleep, I just know that somehow… somewhere… we will meet again and we'll know right there and then that we're meant to be…"

Tears dripped down her eyes, Oh, Shiny… I feel the same way…

"Wherever you are… I'm going to find you…" He started singing, "Because I love her… I need her like Equestria needs the sun… I need the one l love… To keep my hope bright… My head right… My heart fighting on… Until I am back in her arms… Because I love her, I need her like summer needs rain to grow and sustain each day… I hear her singing and bringing her strength to my soul… Until I am back in her arms! Miles apart yet still my heart can hear her melody… I'm more than sure that I can't endure without her love for me… Because l love her and need her like I need to breathe! Did Sombra need Celestia like this? Now I see clearly… I nearly gave up all I had… So whatever our repentances were… I'll bid them goodbye, I'll give love a try and all because I love her!"

He turned and walked back inside as a cursed Breezie was crying.

Author's Note:

Because I Love Her. This is by far the most beautiful song in the Swan Princess movies next to Far Longer than Forever. It's from the third movie, The Swan Princess and the Enchanted Treasure.